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If you are looking for a language course online, then Fluent City is one of the most amazing language training organization which offers the courses in different languages. In this article, we have featured the Fluent City Coupon & Promo Codes 2020.

Here, you would come to know about their services and also get a detailed review of them, so that you know better about them before opting for them, from those who have prior used it and know how it actually is.

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How to use Fluent City Coupon Codes?

There is no rocket science behind the usage of these coupon codes/discount codes. You only need to follow the following simple steps to use these discount codes:

  1.  Click the discount button to directly head to Fluent City’s website.
  2.  Select the language courses of your choice and requirements, and add them to your cart.
  3.  Apply the promo codes/ coupons/ discount codes if any, on check out, otherwise if not needed, then simply just check out.
  4.  You are needed to provide all the necessary information regarding finally making the purchase.
  5.  Wait for the enrollment and then enjoy the experience of learning a new language.

Fluent City Discount Coupon- Pricing Plan
Fluent City Discount Coupon- Pricing Plan


Fluent City Discounts & Offers

Click Here To Get the Latest Fluent City Discount Coupons & Latest Offers. Get Up To 50% Off by using Fluent City Active Coupons 

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About Fluent City

Fluent City is an innovative language training organization, which was founded in 2011, with the intention to provide a better platform for learning various languages and offering instructions to groups, individuals and businesses in 11 different languages.

All of this is done through in-person classes, corporate training, and online tools, all of which are super easy to reach and use.

Fluent City has become country’s one of the fastest-growing language companies, and all of this is because the company provides its customers with a curriculum that is contemporary, and a highly-interactive approach is used to do all of it.

Learn Language With Fluent City- Fluent City Coupon Codes

The company is made up of some of the best, ambitious, and passionate language and travel lovers, who love their jobs and give the best to it. All of them combined, speak 20 languages.

Speaking another language was never this easy, but the company makes it as easy as it sounds. Their team would help you learn your dream language in a very easy way.

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What Classes Are Offered At Fluent City?

They offer private lessons, group classes, online lessons, and also for corporates to learn a foreign language.

Group Classes at Fluent City

Like all other group classes, you will be learning with people who are as curious and insatiably excited about learning the new language as you.

In a typical group class, each student feeds off at the energy of the other, you all need to take each other together forward and learn new things together.

Level Up With Fluent City Group Classes- Fluent City Promo codes
Level Up With Fluent City – Group Classes

Your instructors would lead you through a variety of engaging and exciting activities, which would reinforce the objective for the week. They focus more on real-world needs and the practical use of knowledge.

The teachers at Fluent City prioritize on the conversation, and being in a group class would be a perk in that case, as you would be able to talk within a class with each other.

 Fluent City Live Classes- Fluent city discount coupon codes

If you miss a class, or two, there is nothing to worry the teachers and instructors at Fluent City are always there to help you out and they ensure that you do not fall behind despite any missed class.

The curriculum at Fluent City is designed in such a way that it is easy to follow even outside the class, and the teachers even reach out to the group each week, with the summary and list of all the notes, topics, and study materials…

Private lessons

Fluent City Private classes are the most affordable when compared to others. With Flexible formats and deep knowledge, you can make use of these courses.

You can switch your language teacher anytime. If it happens that you do not find your teacher to be the best fit for your needs and requirements and expectations, which rarely happens, then you can contact the Private Lessons Advisor, and they would help you out with your issue.

Get Private Language lessons- Fluent City Student Discounts

You can also cancel the Fluent City Private subscription anytime. You can give a 24-hour notice to your teacher, as well as the Private Lessons Advisor.

Pricing for Private Lesson:

Teachers at Fluent City

The trainers and language instructors at Fluent City are from different parts of the world, from Paris to Tokyo to Buenos Aires, and everywhere in-between. While Fluent City hires both native and non-native teachers, all the teachers speak with native-level fluency.

Fluent City Discount Coupons- Teacher

Once you visit the site, select your language course, and the level at which you are, and where you want to attend the class, you will be able to see who will be your instructor, if any assigned for that class.

Learn With Fluent City Best Teacher

And it is also possible, that, you may find a teacher who has not been yet assigned to the class, but does not worry. Fluent City hires the most passionate teachers who are equally willing to share the love for the language with you all.

Fluent City would love to connect with the one who is interested and see if they have the zest for teaching and know the language well.

Love To Connet With Best Teacher

Why Should You Choose Fluent City?

Fluent City is certainly one of the best when it comes to linguistic training. It is primarily available in the USA but if you are situated outside of the USA, you can still get the benefits.

Speak Like A Local Learn Anywhere - Flunet City Discounts

  •  Languages: Fluent City gives quality training and best classes for almost 10 languages. These include Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew. Fluent City offers the best German Classes and Best Spanish classes.
  •  Online Classes: Besides the class program in the USA centers of Fluent City, it gives the best online classes for languages. It offers languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English. Fluent City gives various packages for different sessions of online classes.
  •  Fluent City Discounts: Fluent City gives attractive discount offers and deals on any course. You can also get Gift cards and get benefits.

Gift Cards: You may use these gift cards to get some exciting offers and discounts while opting for any language courses at Fluent City. Check them out:
• $100 – This gift card is perfect for someone who is starting live online classes, or can also be used for a group class.
• $250 – The card can offer a great kick start for your online classes, or any popular group class, by offering a big discount.
• $450 – This includes a whole 10-week group language classes, along with the book, and is valid in all 11 languages.
• $800 – The card includes intensive group classes, or you may also use them for private lesson packages.

Pricing: Fluent City Coupon Codes

There are a whole range of beginners, intermediate, and advanced level courses for those who want to learn foreign languages depending upon their level of prior knowledge of the language or the understanding in it. Also, under each category, there are subprograms that you can go through and buy as per your needs and requirements, they are:

Fluent City Language Pricing Plan- Fluent City Coupon Codes


$50 OFF Fluent City Promo Code

Get $50 Discount on applying the latest Fluent City promo code and coupons.  Save huge on Fluent City courses with special offers and deals on Fluent City. 

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The beginner’s program too has different programs such as essentials- if you want to know the basics and be conversational quick in any language, and costs $699, then comes level 1, which is good for you if you haven’t spoken the language before or took some time off, and costs $399, then is crash course 1.

This course meets twice a week to fit your schedule and would cost you $399, and then is level 2, which is good for you if you know the basics of the language, and can say simple things in the present tense, and would cost you $399, next is beginner’s, which would be curated for you only personally, according to your needs.


Under the intermediate program, you get a list of sub-courses and are ideal for those who have some prior knowledge about the language. Or had a break in between from the course and want to re-continue.

The sub-courses are level 3, which would take you beyond the present tense and would learn to talk in past tense too, costing $399, then comes the level 4, this level would teach you to talk in future tense too, and not-to-forget the subjunctive, which may cost you $399, and the next is level 5, where you will learn about the conditionals and would surely gain confidence in all major tenses and forms, and costs $399.

You also have a private course option here, where a learning course will be built according to your specific needs and would cost you $65/hour.


The advanced courses would offer you curriculums of advanced levels, in case you have prior knowledge of the languages.

The private courses are offered under this to get courses built on your specific needs and would cost you $65/hour, then comes level 6 which would offer real-world scenarios and media to build confidence in the language that you are learning, and would cost you $399.

Next is level 7, which trains you to speak the language fluently in any situation and that too with confidence, which costs $399.

And if you are not sure of your level, then you can also take a free language assessment by visiting the official site of Fluent City, which is fluentcity.com. You can also find your level by taking a fun quiz or by talking to the advisor who is there to help you out with your doubts.

How To Earn with Fluent City Offers?

If you think that you are good in any language and you want others to learn from you, then you are the right person, just join hands with the team and get your passion and energy for the language be used with some really outstanding team.

They are diverse, dynamic, and curious in every intellectual way and also hold a global perspective that gives them a vision that no other team holds.

You can teach with them, be their marketing manager, or senior full-stack developer, or student success advisor, and take the experience of a team that is different and outstanding in every way.

Apart from all this, you also get the following perks that are hard to miss:

  • High impact – This field is really a meaningful one, and help others grow and learn.
  • Get to work with the Best – The company hires, and rewards the best and top talented employees.
  • Community – The community at Fluent City is highly passionate and positive about the job that they do, and are highly intellectual people.
  • Prime location to work at – The company is based in Brooklyn, and also where you will find their HQ. They are also located in D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago.
  • Do not stop to learn – At Fluent City, they offer unlimited free foreign language classes and immersions for the staff and teachers.

All in all, the company is not only good for the students, but also for the teachers and instructors who work there.

Contact Fluent City

If you have any query and doubts or issues regarding your classes or lessons, then you may just fill out the form that is available at the official site of Fluent City that would require you to provide your name, email address, phone number, your issue, location, class and level and send, and they revert back as soon as they can.

Or you may also give them a call at 8772845122. If you have any doubt that you feel like a frequently asked variety, you may also check the detailed FAQ section.

FAQs: Fluent City Coupon

🏆 How does one know which language level to choose?

You can find a detail of each level on the language class page, and along with this, you can also take the assessment quiz, and if you still have some queries, you can give a quick call. If you realize while doing a class, that it is not going good for you, you can ask for a class change, and that would be done free of cost.

💥 What is the difference between a group, private, and online classes?

Fluent City runs small, immersive and social group classes, which are very different from the traditional ones, where only focus was on the grammar. Group classes help you t cope up with your hesitations by creating conversations within group members and be good with the fluency. As a group, classes at Fluent City focuses more on the confidence of individuals as well as the conversation skills you need to connect to the real world. Whereas, private lessons are held one on one kind of environment, with a Fluent City trainer where you will get curriculums based on your specific needs. In a private course, the student gets to decide, what, where and how he or she wants to learn and that too with flexible schooling hours. It is the best option for those who are busy and need to get fluency fast, and also to cover off some specific learning goals, which might not be covered elsewhere. On the other hand, one-on-one from anywhere with an internet connection is what called as online classes, where you learn over video chat, and with online lessons. You can have a monthly subscription to the online classes, plus, no matter which level student you are, you will surely be benefitted from the expert teachers.

🔥 Where can one take a Fluent City class?

Fluent City group classes are available in multiple locations, like in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago. Fluent City also offers online and private classes, in cities where the group classes are mentioned. You cannot apply Fluent City Coupons on offline classes.

🎉 Is There Any Refund Policy for Fluent City?

Yes, you have until 7 days prior to the start of the course to make any last-minute changes to your plans or admissions, you can cancel before that time if you think you would not be able to make it. And, after that, you would not be entertained with any refunds, of any kind, under any circumstances.

💰 How do I get the latest coupon codes from Fluent City?

Click on the Fluent City Discount links and coupons. Enter the Fluent City promo code and apply them on checkout.

⏰ Can students get a Fluent City discount?

Yes, students can get student discounts by searching for students discounts on Fluent City websites. The student’s discounts ask for specific valid credentials for the discounts.

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Conclusion | Fluent City Coupon & Promo Code 2020

Fluent City has more than 25000 students whom they have taught languages for their interest, or work need, travel, personal or professional requirements.

The company does not believe in mugging up the books or get sucked into grammar, rather they focus on hands-on learning so that it is more effective.

The classes at Fluent City are small, social and full of interaction, so that you are always ready to strike a conversation, and do not hesitate and get fluent with your team members, along with the real world.

Not just this, the teachers and instructors, who belong to and come from different parts of the world are fully dedicated and eager to share their knowledge with the students.

40% OFF

40% Off on Fluent City

Grab Fluent City Coupons & Discount codes and save up to 40% Off on all language courses. Don't miss out. Limited Time Offer on all languages. 

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You also get different level training suiting your level of knowledge so that you do not feel either lagged behind or very advanced, just of your level. The teachers and instructors would not let you down anywhere, they have a passion that they want to share with each one of you.

And when along with all this, you also get some discounts and offers on your language cases, it all gets better. So, do not wait any more, go and check their site and find what you want to learn next?

Grab the Fluent City Discount Coupon and Promo Codes 2020 and get the best out of these courses.

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