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Hey there, wondering what precisely are HostArmada Coupon and what do they do? You are in the right place. But, before getting started, let us get to know more about the service they provide.

So what is a Website Hosting Provider? It basically supplies the necessary technologies and solutions the websites call for, to be seen by the users of the internet. 

What they do is they keep these websites in a server and when a user searches for it, it gets connected to the server and shows the web pages through the web portal.

Now, they don’t just provide the hosting providers. They offer help with any technical difficulties such as slow loading, website malfunction, access issues, server outages, and much more.

Now, selecting a good hosting service and getting a good scheme is very important if you want your websites to get more traffic and reel in possible clients.

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Get 70% Off Cloud Shared Hosting On HostArmada

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Get 75% Off Shared Hosting On HostArmada


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Get Managed WordPress Hosting At $7.99/mo

FAQs | HostArmada Coupon Codes

😧 Is HostArmada worth the price?

Yes, it is definitely worth the price as it provides hosting plans with great security, speed, and support at reasonable prices. It is armed with great features and provides online tutorials for beginners. The immediate responses in customer support are impressive.

😎 Is HostArmada coupon codes available only for new users?

The majority of the coupons available on HostArmada are for users signing up for new plans. If you are on a free trial then you are eligible to use HostArmada coupons.

🤓 How often does HostArmada release coupons?

It releases multiple coupons almost every month so make sure you choose the right one which suits your needs perfectly.

HostArmada Coupon

How to Redeem the HostAramada Coupon Codes?

  1. Click on the plan, which is provided below the coupon codes.
  2. Select the apt plan and click on the order now.
  3. Register a new domain name or enter your existing domain.
  4. Choose the billing package: 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months.
  5. Click on the preview order and look in the details and edit if it is incorrect.
  6. Click continue and you will find the coupon code already added. If, for any reason, you can’t find it, please add the coupon code to avail the offer.
  7. Click on Checkout. You will be led to the payment page. Fill out the information and after the payment is done, your order is placed and you are part of HostArmada.  

Pricing Plans at HostArmada

Pricing of Shared Hosting

Plans Regular Price Discount Price Details
Start Dock $8.95 $2.69  (1 website, 15 GB cloud storage, 2 GB RAM, 7 Daily backups, 10,000 unique visitors).
Web Warp $14.95 $4.49 (Unlimited websites, 30 GB cloud storage, 4 GB RAM, 14 Daily backups, 60,000 unique visitors).
Speed Reaper $18.95 $5.69 (Unlimited websites, 40 GB cloud storage, 6 GB RAM, 21 Daily backups, 120,000 unique visitors).

You can get a secured, cloud VPS hosting service with a starting discount of 45%, provided with free goodies as well.

Now, you can get this discount with any 1 of its 4 packages: Web Shuttle, Web Voyager, web Raider, and Site Carrier. 

Pricing of VPS Hosting

Plan Regular Price Discount Price Details
Web Shuttle $54.95 $30.22 (50 GB SSD storage, 1 cores CPU, 2 GB RAM)
Web Voyager $64.95 $35.72 (80 GB SSD storage, 2 cores CPU, 4 GB RAM)
Web Raider $84.95 $46.72 (160 GB SSD storage, 4 cores CPU, 8 GB RAM)
Site Carrier $134.95 $76.22 (320 GB SSD storage, 6 cores CPU, 16 GB RAM)

You can get a cloud, web hosting packages with a discount of 70%, with free goodies added to its features.

You can avail of this discount on any of its 3 plans, the same as the packages in the first promo code. The difference between these 3 is the price and the number of features it is loaded with.

Pricing of Dedicated Server Hosting

Plan Discount Price Details
Armada DS- Lift Off $149 (160 GB SSD storage, 4 cores CPU, 8 GB RAM)
Armada DS- Low Orbit $209 (320 GB SSD storage, 8 cores CPU, 16 GB RAM)
Armada DS- High Orbit $329 (640 GB SSD storage, 16 cores CPU, 32 GB RAM)

You can access all these HostArmada Coupon codes on the main website itself. Many sites claim to provide you with different coupons but seem to be invalid. The valid one can only be found at the main site.


HostArmada Coupon- HostArmada pricing plans

Types of Hostings at HostArmada

There are many types of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting, the website will be saved and be part of a server that already contains several websites. Since it is shared amongst many sites, it is relatively cheap and a better option for people starting a business. 

  • VPS Hosting 

In this, the server is surely shared with other users, but the websites are allocated with large spaces so as to make it less crowded and to handle traffic effectively. 

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

In this, the server is all yours, and your website is the only one residing in it. With a large space and an efficient handling of the website traffic flow, this plan serves its purpose.

This is a good option if you are willing to spend quite a lot of money.

In this, the hosting is done with the help of the network. Computers work together and they use shared resources to build and run their website.

  • Managed Hosting

In this, all the operations and technical difficulties are managed daily. This maintains a proper balance and ensures that the website doesn’t crash or go through any difficulties. This is a very good option for high-traffic websites.

hosting services

About HostArmada

Now that we know a little about what web hosting is let us shift the focus to HostArmada. It is one of the latest web hosting service providers, which gives you with most inventive solutions for your website-building needs.

They come up with the most rapid, secure, genuine, and high-standard services for their clients.

As it is new in the market, it makes up for all the features that the existing services lack to provide. They also provide you with all the hosting plans discussed above.

It tries to keep a transparent relationship with its customers so as to answer all their queries regarding the services provided by the company.

They update to new and latest trends and services to provide good customer satisfaction and not make them use old business models and outdated services.

They also have a solution for their disrespectful and insulting users. They try to communicate the problem with them properly, and if they don’t answer well, they decide to suspend the user’s account. 

They also have good responses if you don’t like the service and wish to discontinue it. They don’t ask for any cancellation fee.

You need to pay for what you used. They give free website transfer services.

You can explore the service, and if it is not up to your expectations, you get your money back. Now, all of these come with terms and conditions, which you will see further in this article.

HostArmada Web hosting

Features of HostArmada

  • Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website plays a significant role in making a website successful because who doesn’t want speed, right?

Compromising, in this case, is now not required as HostArmada now powers every fast website they host. HostArmada has revolutionary technology that outperforms other web servers, such as Apache, in terms of speed. \

It uses intelligent cloud architecture and a Web server caching plugin to deliver lighting speed. It offers a free CDN service that will help you boost the static content delivery of a website.

All Host Armada infrastructures are connected to a 7000Mbps network, which helps to ensure zero delays in network connectivity.

Benefits of Fast Loading Websites

  • Fast websites make all of us happy, and that increases their conversion by 15%.
  • Speed is always an advantage to the customers; this is taken into account by Google to give a better SEO ranking.
  • The loading speed of your website increases the amount of time each user spends on each page of your website.
  • Fast loading of your website reduces the user’s Bounce Rate significantly, resulting in more page views.


  • Security

Websites get hacked every single day, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Hence it is important to be secure in the online world to protect your website and the data it contains.


If your site is hosted on HostArmada, then you need not worry about the security of your website.


HostArmada provides an all-around security solution in the form of two major fleets-

1. Web Server Security Fleet 

  • Connection Limit

This feature limits the number of requests per second from a single IP address in order to eliminate the risk of a DoS attack.

  • Requests Checking Service

This feature enables you to limit the number of connections and request parameters in order to prevent server overload. It also disables all directory listings to prevent malicious requests.

  • Web Application Firewall

Web Application Farewell solutions help to prevent an XSS attack or SQL injection by blocking the IP address and sending repeated requests.

  • DDoS Protection Service

This feature helps scan web requests, block malicious comments, limit the bandwidth of a single IP, differentiate legitimate users from bots, help in human verification, etc.

2. Environment Security Fleet

  • Live Security Events Monitoring

This helps them monitor all our servers to avoid security incidents or lessen the impact of already occurring incidents.

  • Advanced Network Firewall and WAF

This feature uses AI to defend customers against the DoS attack and to lower the risk of False-Positive Results using the reCAPTCHA method.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

This system constantly monitors the server logs for suspicious activities. If detected, the source is immediately banned, thus providing high security.

  • Malware scanning-

This feature performs an automated scan on all the websites hosted. The client can also initiate it himself via the control panel. 

HostArmada ensures 24/7 support to all the customers and provides 10 10-minute response time to provide detailed information/answers to the questions asked by the users.

All you have to do is raise the ticket or ask questions in the Customer Chat Support section. You can also prefer to ask your questions over the phone.

HostArmada offers multiple server locations. It has 9 data centers located around the globe.

Pros and Cons of HostArmada


  • HostArmada offers a free c-panel with all its plans.
  • It offers 9 server locations across the globe (West Fremont, Toronto, London, Central Dallas, East Newark, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore, and Australia).
  • It offers daily backup services.
  • Host Armada provides its customers with one free domain name.
  • The price of this particular website is affordable and is worth the price with the number of features it has to offer.
  • It provides constant customer support no matter what the time of the question asked is.
  • Free website migration.
  • It provides tutorials on its official website to help beginners.


  • It does not provide a monthly subscription.
  • HostArmada’s initial prices are discounted, but the renewal prices are relatively higher.

HostArmada Pricing Plans

Since HostArmada is a brand new company, they are providing their users with very enticing offers on their services. HostArmada Coupon!!!

These HostArmada coupon codes come with a free set of goodies so that the customers get to explore all its features at a discounted price.

They always take the customer satisfaction part of their service very seriously, so why not take advantage of it? So, be an early bird and grab these offers before they go away!

  • LIFTOFF70 –

You can get a cloud-shared hosting service with an initial discount of 70%. HostArmada also provides free goodies along with the offer. Awesome, right?

You can avail of this discount on any of its 3 plans: Start Dock, Web Wrap, and Speed Reaper. The difference between these 3 is the price and the number of features it is loaded with.

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Conclusion | HostArmada Coupon Codes 2024

I hope you had detailed insight into this amazing product. Make sure you buy this product to have an easy and amazing experience like me.

Don’t forget to use the HostArmada coupon given above to buy the item at a discounted price and save a great deal on the quantity. Do not regret not using this because I think it is the best when compared, so don’t miss it.

70% Off

Get 70% Off Cloud Shared Hosting On HostArmada

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