Top 12 Kajabi Sales Page Template 2024: How Do I Create a Sales Page? Does Kajabi Have Sales Page Templates?

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Looking for a Kajabi Sales Page Template that is Structured, Beautiful & Easy to Use?

Are you seeking templates that will make it simpler and more effective to build your Kajabi website, product, and/or sales page? If you answered yes, you’ve arrived in the correct spot!

Although Kajabi has templates, they may not be precisely what you’re searching for, you don’t want your site to appear the same as everyone else’s, you want particular functionality that Kajabi templates do not provide, and so on.

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite (paid) Kajabi template resources for you.

I designed an “at-a-glance” resource that allows you to quickly determine if each firm provides a Website, Product, Sales Page, or other template options, as well as whether they offer any “done for you” service.

What Is Kajabi?

Additionally, Kajabi is a comprehensive website builder. The platform manages all aspects of hosting and comes pre-loaded with a choice of various themes.

Kajabi enables you to create mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and completely customizable websites. My favorite thing is that you don’t need to know how to code to modify any component!

Kajabi Support is one of the platform’s unsung gems. You may chat, email, or phone and get your questions addressed in real time by a genuine human being.

Kajabi Sales Page Template Kajabi

Because I prefer books to computers, if I can create a website that I am happy with, you can as well!

Another advantage of adopting an all-in-one system is that integrations are never an issue. My website, courses, email, plug-ins, and everything else Always function properly because they all operate in unison.

Seriously, I recall receiving many emails from WordPress or Squarespace informing me that some function was always failing. Then I’d have to take 20 minutes away from writing to explore forums for information on how to solve it.

What Is Kajabi Pages?

Kajabi Pages is a comprehensive landing page and lead-generating solution for creative professionals, businesses, and others.

Naturally, the number of accessible templates for Kajabi Pages is enormous and continues to increase as they add new templates to the collection.

Kajabi pages provide you with complete control over their appearance. They may be combined with any promotion or product. Additionally, they are incredibly adaptable and rapidly modifiable.

While creating a piece of word count monitoring, I had an idea for a simple application that would simplify my life (and likely help other writers in the process).

However, one thing I’ve learned the hard way is that before building a product, you should first determine whether there is even an audience for it.

Rather than immediately creating the product, I hopped on Kajabi, quickly created a Page with some information about the possible offering, put an opt-in box, and then directed some traffic to it.

Within 48 hours, I realized I needed to construct the product since the response was overwhelming.

Then, with a few easy modifications, I sold that product on the exact landing page within two weeks. I’ve earned almost $700 passively from just one page too far.

What Are Sales Page Templates?

A sales page is a self-contained page developed with the sole intention of generating revenue for your product. Your page’s product or service offering may vary according to your industry or specialization.

The objective of your sales page, on the other hand, stays consistent – converting visitors to clients. 

A sales landing page is a page on a website that is specifically designed to promote an offer and to which visitors are directed.

Particularly in sales, a page that drives customers to precisely what they want is better than one that has an abundance of information on the product you want them to purchase.

Importance of Sales Pages

When it comes to the sales page, the name speaks for itself. And it is not limited to online course sales; many of your favorite e-commerce sites use similar strategies to increase product sales.

A course sales page is a page that provides more information to learners about the course or mock exam being given. In other words, it would explain why learners should purchase this course from your online web or mobile learning application.

Thus, this is your opportunity to demonstrate the value propositions of the course you’re offering to prospective students. The following are some sample course sales pages from online educational and non-educational markets.

Now, to emphasize and summarize the sales page’s significance,

  • It assists you in capturing prospective leads and following up with them in the future.
  • The sales page enables you to persuade learners to buy courses or mock examinations.
  • It enables you to explain your course offerings and establish your knowledge and authority on the topic.
  • Your sales page will assist you in securing sales of your online courses.

Now that you understand why you should have an ideal sales page for your courses let’s look at some of the best practices for creating one.

Tips For Creating a Sales Page

You may construct your sales page in an infinite number of ways. However, there are a few industry best practices that you may follow to expedite the setup process. Therefore, let us take a brief look at the best practices for creating the ideal sales page.

1. Recognize your audience. This does not have a direct connection to your sales page, but it is the key to creating the ideal sales page. When you cater to a particular set of learners, you may tailor the course description, visuals, and context to their preferences. Another critical factor to consider is economic price.

2. Establish trust and demonstrate your ability to be relied upon. If possible, demonstrate how prior students evaluated the course or what they had to say about it. Having candid learner feedback on your website helps you convert more than you would imagine.

3. Inform your prospective consumers of the advantages they will get if they buy the course via your online website or mobile application. By including perks or an index for the courses, you may increase the likelihood of conversion over a blank or badly written one.

4. A succinct and succinct course description is what makes your taste stand out. Consider for a moment that we are on the Amazon product page, and this product fits your search. However, there is no description or information about the product. How secure would we feel if we purchased the item? Similarly, a course sales page that is missing critical information can reduce your conversion rate.

5. A graphical depiction of the course cover and the inclusion of a brief promotional film about the course may significantly improve your course sales. These aspects are, without a doubt, the most effective methods for capturing your pupils’ interest.

6. A succinct headline that includes the course’s name and a brief description of the course or mock exam being sold.

7. In the sphere of online education, a brief sales page is optimal. You may be thinking about what a short sales page might be. A concise sales page enables you to promote your product to prospective students without becoming bogged down in unimportant information.

A brief and succinct product description, strong visual components, and an obvious call-to-action (CTA) button are just a few of the characteristics of a minimalistic sales page.

Top 12 Kajabi Templates Pages:

Here are the12 template pages of Kajabi:

1. Neurogym- Brainathon:

Create an intriguing subject or headline, and you won’t need much text. You just need to demonstrate that you are capable of delivering on your promises.

Here, Neurogym provides free training to assist their audience in increasing their revenue, accomplishing their objectives, and doing it more quickly and easily than ever before.

Kajabi Sales Page Template Neurogyn - Brainathon

Credibility derives from the speakers’ titles, all of whom are brain specialists and physicians. This deal is complete with a few testimonials from previous presentations.

2. Magnetic Marketing- Free Masterclass:

By incorporating numerous high-profile speakers, you may transform your masterclass into an event.

Magnetic Marketing is offering a full day of training led by famous speakers as part of this offer. While the subject is important, it takes a second seat to the names on the agenda.

Magnetic Marketing

TIP: Inviting famous speakers to speak at your event is an excellent approach to increase engagement and attract your core audience.

This is a series of webinars featuring prominent speakers. The landing page has detailed biographies of the speakers, allowing visitors to learn more about who they are and what they will be presenting.

3. Jay Abraham- Preeminence Challenge:

This is the landing page for a five-day challenge organized by marketing veteran Jay Abraham. It’s a $997 value that’s being given away for free.

Due to the event’s free nature, the landing page should be brief. However, in this scenario, it is necessary to justify Jay’s willingness to provide this much value for free.

As with Moms Into Fitness (above), you may need to persuade your prospect that accepting the offer is accepted. They do this above the fold in this example. Jay describes this as “part of a daring once-in-a-lifetime test.”

Not only does this address the prospect’s inquiry, but it also piques their interest and instills a sense of urgency. Do you dare to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

4. Molly Mahoney – Live Video Masterclass (launch):

Molly Mahoney created this website to promote the Masterclass she delivers numerous times a year. It’s been fine-tuned to perfection and converts at a rate of 10% or higher.

Kajabi Sales Page Template Molly Mahoney

Perhaps you’ve developed a masterclass or webinar over time. You understand your value offer and the important aspects on which your audience focuses.

As with Molly, you don’t need a lengthy, in-depth landing page if you understand what your audience wants to hear.

5. Allie Bjerk- Playing Big With Tiny Offers:

A free masterclass landing page must be just as enticing as a premium one. Why?

Because time is money, individuals want to know their time will not be squandered and that they will not be exposed to a lengthy sales pitch.

Explain everything you’ll be teaching on your masterclass landing page. Ascertain that your subject and title address a well-known issue. Then, provide your solution.

Allie Bjerk

If you are unfamiliar with your industry, add a module explaining who you are and why you are a reputable source for this knowledge. This is true for both free and paid offers.

6. Titans Mastermind:

Brian Kurtz’s landing page for his Titans Mastermind Membership defies all conventional wisdom about page length.

As previously stated, the “rule” says that more costly items need more language to explain the advantages and dispel concerns.

However, Brian promotes a $20,000 mastermind program that includes a brief list of bullet points. Additionally, he makes it hard to purchase without first completing an application.

The key to this sales page is the offer’s exclusivity. The underlying message is that access is not open to everyone. Only those who have been authorized are granted access.

Consider trying a short, straightforward landing page like this if you have a unique, high-dollar offer. Make it difficult for prospects to purchase. Rather than that, require them to complete an application and participate in an interview process.

7. Pure Barre Go:

Pure Barre’s landing page earns scores for its clean design and professional visuals.

The headline states unequivocally that this is their best choice for a studio barre exercise. Pure Barre then provides four pieces of text and pictures to substantiate that assertion.

The arrangement is straightforward, and each aspect reinforces their claim to fame. How are you going to do this?

Kajabi Sales Page Template Pure Barre Go

Determine what you do that no one else can. Then, make your claim as the preferred choice.

TIP: Ensure that your consumers care about your unique selling point. Then, choose how to substantiate your allegation. With high-quality graphics and concise, customer-oriented writing, you can’t go wrong.

8. Brendon Burchard – HPX Courses:

Selling gets simpler when your sector is mature, and you are well-established inside it. As proof, have a look at this landing page created by Kajabi Hero Brendan Burchard.

Brendan is the leader of a large, active group and so does not need an introduction. He does, however, include self-portraits that serve to cement his famous position.

Kajabi Sales Page Template Brendon Burchard

Credibility is critical. If you are not currently seen as a leader in your field, seek measures to increase your exposure.

Additionally, keep in mind that your face is your brand. Allowing others to see you educating, speaking, and connecting with other industry experts can help you establish credibility more quickly.

9. Perry Marshall – Google Ads Immersion:

In this landing page example, Perry Marshall uses reverse psychology to achieve success.

Consider the headline’s heinous admission: “You may withdraw from the Team Action Call after the first!”

This is a nod to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s now-famous advertisement.

“Men sought for a perilous expedition. Pay is low, the weather is very cold, and the hours are long and completely dark. Return is quite improbable. In the case of achievement, you will get honor and distinction.” ‍

Kajabi Sales Page Template Perry Marshall

In essence, Perry is posing a challenge to his audience. His ideal candidates will see this headline and will want to demonstrate that they possess the skills necessary to face the challenge.

TIP: Avoid attempting to appeal to everyone. Choose your adversary and extend the gauntlet to them. They will react.

10. Dean Graziosi – The Knowledge Broker Blueprint:

Dean Graziosi’s offer is unusual in that it places the registration form at the top of the page, right below the fold. While it has occurred on lower-cost offerings, it is uncommon for a $1,997 offer.

The majority of high-dollar proposals begin with the value and proof aspects. They are just offered at the bottom of the page. Dean is free to deviate from precedent on this landing page for many reasons.

The title for this landing page is so compelling that it nearly completely summarizes the sales presentation. Additionally, it touches every point necessary to pique the prospect’s interest and elicit instant desire.

Kajabi Sales Page Template Dean Graziosi

To begin, this title acknowledges a frightening truth about which we are all concerned: “The economy has already transformed.”

Following that, it instills a sense of urgency: “The time to catch up is now…”

The passage then implies that inactivity is perilous: “…or else we risk being left behind.”This is an excellent landing page example since such a strong headline and deck combo is uncommon.

It condenses the whole message—the issue, why it’s essential, and the solution—and delivers it all at once to the prospect.

As a result, by the time visitors begin reading this page, they are already persuaded they must act.

11. Everything I’ve Ever Created: Billy Gene Is Marketing

Are you concerned about your copywriting abilities?

As shown by Billy Gene Is Marketing’s epic-length sales page, you don’t need a lot of sales text. All you need to do is write succinct, convincing descriptions of the things you’re selling.

Billy Gene doesn’t do a lot of selling on this landing page. He explains what he’s providing and why he’s offering it. Then he hands you the purchase paperwork.

Billy Gene Is Marketing

The remainder of the page has a list of the items you’re receiving, along with a brief explanation of each.

Billy Gene categorizes his training in this section. Each group concludes with a purchase button. As with Ted McGrath, he makes it simple to purchase. When the prospect is ready, they may click a button.

12. Ted McGrath – Recurring Fast Online Revenue:

Ted McGrath’s offer is unusually long for a $19.95 offer. However, he is giving a package of three items, not just one.

Ted has to discuss each course and the value it provides in detail, as well as each product and its perks.

The area of this page above the fold has a strong resemblance to a short-form landing page. If your product is priced under $20, this may be sufficient to generate sales.

So why does Ted take such a long-winded approach here? ‍


Does Kajabi have sales page templates?

Yes, they do. Create sales pages for your Offers and services with Kajabi's carefully picked collection of Sales Page Templates.

Can you create forms in Kajabi?

In Kajabi, a form is a flexible tool for collecting information from your connections. Forms may be used in a variety of ways, such as an opt-in, survey, or questionnaire. Learn how to develop and build Forms to collect data and grow your list.

Why do you need Sales Page Templates?

Sales landing pages can be an invaluable tool for expressing your narrative, honing your pitch, and laying the groundwork for conversion. Utilize these sales page templates to generate an influx of new leads, purchases, and sign-ups for almost any product or service.

Does Kajabi have website templates?

There are two sorts of templates available in Kajabi: page templates and product themes. Page templates are used to create standalone pages like an opt-in page, a sales page, or a webinar registration page, among others.

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Conclusion: Kajabi Sales Page Template 2024

In this article, I have mentioned some of the best sales page templates created using Kajabi. As you can already see, some of the very famous and successful websites have been trusting Kajabi.

You can, too. We sincerely hope this article helps. Please let us know in the comment section whether you liked it or not.

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