Odys Global Review 2024: Is It The Best Marketplace for Aged Domains?

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Odys Global Review


Odys Global is a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade old domains. They provide many services to assist you in locating a domain name that will give your online company a competitive advantage.

Out of 10


  • Customer service that is outstanding
  • Niche & affiliate marketing expertise
  • Willingness to search for the best domain for your needs
  • There is a great selection of expired premium domains available
  • Easy sign-up process for accessing premium domains.


  • Beginners and novices can use limited services


Price: $

You know, there’s one thing about this business that really gets on my nerves – building links. It can be a real headache, especially when you’ve paid for those links only to have them removed later. It’s not just time-consuming; it can also be quite expensive.

But you see, I’ve found a solution to this problem. I rely on high DA (Domain Authority) and high DR (Domain Rating) domains because I know they’re less likely to be taken down by shady webmasters.

And where do I get these premium domains? Well, it’s none other than Odys, and let me tell you, they’re the best. Seriously.

Now, let me explain why I say that in my detailed Odys Global review.

Odys Global Review 2024: What Is Odys Global?

You can purchase a free logo with Odys Global if you wish to buy premium-aged domains. There are no trademark issues with these domains, so you can buy one and build your site without any problems.

So rather than having us spend time looking for domain names, they spend their time finding and securing them.

Odys Global Review

You can then search through the listings in their marketplace, which is really user-friendly, to find a site that fits your niche (or the niche you want to enter).

They are my go-to source for premium-aged domains since I don’t have time to track them down myself.

Benefits and Features of Odys Global

Odys Global has the following features:

Why I Totally Love Odys Global

1. Support:

A great aspect of Odys Global is that they also offer in-house SEO expertise and technical support for matters such as web hosting and redirects. This is available to every member, regardless of whether they own a domain.

I was amazed at how quickly they responded to my inquiries. Once I purchase a domain, they send me an email with instructions on how to secure and transfer it into my name. In addition, I’d like to point out that all Odys members now have an account manager on hand to assist them as needed.

2. Pre-orders:

Pre-orders allow you to order specific domain names and evaluate them before everyone else.

The benefit of pre-ordering is that it allows you to review rare domains before they are made available to the public.

You will not only be the first to secure any domain that meets your specifications, but you will also receive a 10% discount on any domain. No matter what.

Money-back guarantees are offered on pre-order packages for a period of 30 days. If you cannot locate a domain you need, Odys Global will credit your account with the monthly membership fee.

3. Market research: 

On the market insights tab, you can learn more about the domain’s specialty and the industry. By using this data, you can estimate market growth and decide what services to add to your website to maximize profits.

4. SEO specifics:

The next tabs provide details about your site’s SEO, including its age, its backlinks, and its SEO metrics. In the graphic below, you can see some amazing backlinks the site has received from VentureBeat, AvantBrowser, and other authoritative websites.

5. Monetization Angles:

Many methods for monetizing the domain name through affiliate websites are described on the monetization aspects page. Once you have reviewed it, you should consider the suggestions of their team.

They are trustworthy, and their comments are usually valid. Taking the advice and suggestions of their team could be beneficial and help you avoid costly mistakes. Furthermore, it can help to speed up the process.

6. Domain Details:

Another fantastic feature of Odys is the domain information page. Their research will help you uncover the domain’s key facts and stats, as well as its niche and monetization opportunities.

This information is essential for making informed decisions about buying or selling a domain. You can also use it to identify potential competitors and gain insight into the domain’s potential. Odys also provides useful tools for evaluating a domain’s value.

7. Searching and Ordering Capabilities:

Using the domain name search feature, you can locate a specific term quickly. Also, you can sort the domains alphabetically or by price using the sorting option. You can also refine your search by using the advanced search option.

This will help you find an exact match or the closest available domain name. Lastly, you can preview domain names before you decide to buy them.

8. Odys Filtering capabilities: 

As Odys Global holds a large portfolio of domain names, it will be difficult to identify a name that meets your needs without effective filtering tools. Odys Global offers two tools to help you find a suitable domain name.

The first is Domain Search, which allows you to enter the desired keywords and receive a list of available domain names. The second is the Domain Checker, which lets you quickly check the availability and ownership of a domain name.

How Does Odys Global Work?

You can search, browse, and purchase with Odys! Search for the qualities you want in your next company and your target niche. Domains matching your requirements will appear following that.

You can explore the list of shortlisted results and choose the best domain for your needs.

They accept all major credit and debit cards, including PayPal, Wise.com, and bank transfers. To pay with cryptocurrency, members need to request an invoice manually. Bitcoin and other most popular cryptocurrencies are accepted.

Why Use Odys Global

It’s a huge time saver for me to use Odys to find aged domains, as I mentioned above.

My experience with Odys Global

It used to take me forever to find all of these aged, premium domains for my PBN network, which included over 200 domains.

Trying to vet domains at GoDaddy Auctions and Namejet took me countless hours, only to be outbid by someone else. I lost both the domain and my time.

To use Odys, I just search for products that meet my needs on their marketplace.

I spent a few months watching Odys marketplace for the perfect domain for my niche before I wrote this review; thus, I am able to tell you all about my experience here.

In addition, Odys provides you with a logo you can use for your new website. That’s just another time-saving tip.


When it comes to expired domains, anyone who has tried to navigate the waters knows that you need experts to handle the legwork on your behalf.

It takes a lot of research to make sure you aren’t getting taken advantage of.

In order to make your efforts more effective, it makes sense to purchase a good-used domain name. Do not complicate matters further by starting from scratch.


The in-depth research is done by a team of researchers. 

If not, they can hire an entire team of experienced professionals to find one. You can only learn the warning signs from years of experience when you have a team that knows all the red flags and potential warning signs.

By going with ODYS Global, you can be sure you’ll get really good SEO-friendly domains, even if they’ve expired, without having to put in the work yourself. When searching for options on the market, you will not have access to these domains.


I am impressed with how many really good expired domain names ODYS Global already owns. Without constantly scouring the web for potential domains that are about to expire, you can’t provide good domain names to multiple niches.

The ODYS global marketplace currently has 1,043 domain names.

Being able to choose from a large selection is extremely helpful.

The market for already available domain names can be casually browsed. In the event that nothing there suits your needs, they can search auction domain options on your behalf.

Why Use An Aged Domain?

I firmly believe that using an old domain saves you tons of time!

Steps To Find The Perfect Domain On Odys

  • Link building is not necessary
  • You don’t have to wait to get out of the sandbox
  • You won’t have to wonder when those first rankings will appear

As a result, you rank faster, allowing you to scale up more quickly and shrink the timeline between site creation and site flipping (if that’s what you want).

You save both time and money by not creating backlinks, which means you can invest it in new content for your site.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Even though I don’t intend to bully you, you should be aware of a few possible disadvantages –

  • You may have a harder time branding
  • Even for a single domain, costs can reach five figures

There are some really great old premium domains that are terrible for branding.

You have two options when that happens:

  1. You should still put a site on it
  2. The site/domain will eventually be 301-ed to a new domain with better branding

It costs less than $10 to purchase a new domain – but this is not true for older premium domains.

A few hundred or a few thousand dollars is what you should expect to spend on one of these domain names, which I realize is not feasible for everybody.

You will find that it will save you so much time that it is more than worth the cost if you can afford it.

Pros and Cons Of Odys Global


  • There is a great selection of expired premium domains available
  • There are many domain names that have just been auctioned or are on auction
  • Willingness to search for the best domain for your needs
  • Niche & affiliate marketing expertise
  • Customer service that is outstanding


  • High starting prices are indicative of premium pricing
  • Beginners and novices can use limited services

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Final Thoughts: Odys Global Review 2024

First off, a big thank you for reading my complete ODYS review. Now, you’ve got the details on why premium domains are super important for SEO, how to spot a great one, and how ODYS.global can help you snag an awesome domain.

Now, it’s your turn. What do you think about their service? Are you planning to give it a go? If you’ve got any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

I really believe in ODYS and the quality of what they offer, and I’m here to assist you every step of the way.

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