Pacdora Review 2024: The Ultimate Package Designing Tool

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Pacdora Pricing


Pacdora is a 3D packaging design resource platform. Its tools integrate template, dieline, and mockup editing, 3D preview, online rendering.

Out of 10


  • Despite having limited modes of support
  • It offers a huge template and mockup collection to choose from
  • It offers advanced and lucrative designs
  • It has an efficient and easy user interface
  • It offers smart suggestions with dimensions


  • They have limited payment options
  • Limited plans


Price: $ 5

Hey everyone! Today, I’m super excited to share my thoughts on Pacdora. If you’re like me, always on the lookout for cool new stuff, you might have heard about Pacdora.

It’s been buzzing a lot lately, and I finally got my hands on it. I’ve spent some time checking it out, and I’m here to tell you all about my experience.

Whether you’re a tech lover or just curious about what Pacdora has to offer, stick around. I’ll break it down in a simple and fun way so you can see if it’s something you’d like to try, too!

Pacdora Review 2024: About Pacdora

With over 1.5 million users on their platform and backed up by influential investors like Sequoia Capital, Hearst Ventures, and GGV Capital, Pacdora, a China-based company, is a powerful tool for all your package design mockup needs.

Pacdora is a website-based software that helps people build 3D mockups and custom dielines in a simplified manner.

Pacdora Review

Its interface has been engineered in a way that lets you create customized package designs with 4900+ templates and get an idea of how your dream package will look in reality.

To clarify further, Pacdora needs no expertise or persistent learning to deal with. It lets you design the logo, texture, text, and image of your package and preview it in 3D.

Visualize your dream packaging of drinking bottles, cans, cake boxes, shoe boxes, carry bags, envelope bags, and much more here. It has a lot of variations for you to choose from in different sizes.

Pacdora is an ideal choice for businesses from any industry, be it fashion, medical, food, drinks, personal, or anything else you’re looking for. Design your desired package mockup and download it in minutes.

Read more about Pacdora’s features, services, pros & cons, and pricing below.

Services offered by Pacdora

1. Packaging Mockups

The packaging mockup service offered by Pacdora is an essential tool for every business.

With more than 11000 packaging options and some customizable templates, it is extremely simple for an artist to create intuitive designs for their products and gain a 3D perspective.

This service offers you the freedom to edit, render, and export the web product in the form of a PNG.

Its mockups cover all your requirements for boxes, glasses, bags, cups, cans, tins, drop bottles, sleeves, tray boxes, jars, envelopes, wrappers, and a lot more.

Pacdora Packaging Mockups

2. Packaging Dielines

Packaging Dielines

Create mesmerizing and accurate packaging dielines by adding the dimensions, after which the software will automatically alter the dimensions precisely based on the industry standard for further procedures.

The user interface of this service is extremely swift and simple. Additionally, you do not have to start from zero, as the mockups are pre-designed.

With over 2,900+ designs, this tool definitely helps save time by at least 80% with perfect quality. Edit, render, and export your product in the form of a PNG.

More Services offered by Pacdora

3. Scenes Generator

In case you’re looking for something that offers you a realistic experience. Then, the 3D Design Tool service lets you design 3D scenes along with the package designs.

Scenes Generator

Create your customized designs by trying backgrounds, lighting, and texture variations to check if the end product is reliable for the real world.

The 3D Design Tool really helps save a lot of time by not spending it on multiple software packages offering individual solutions.

Not just with design, you also have the flexibility to collaborate with your team or clients, which makes your tasks much easier.

This generator also helps you with marketing campaigns, as the scenes can be used to advertise your products.

Scenes Generator Services

Why choose Pacdora?

1. All-in-one tool:

Why choose Pacdora

Pacdora as a whole is a one-stop solution for all your packaging design needs, from editing to rechecking, rendering, and exporting the designs. You can do it all under one roof.

2. Easy Collaboration:

Developed with CAD software, Pacdora lets you share your designs with your team members and clients. This certainly helps save a lot of time by letting you get quick feedback on the needed changes. Also, meet your unexpected deadlines or face time constraints.

3. Sales and marketing assistance:

Render a great pitch or promote your products with the help of the 3D models designed on Pacdora. Doing this gives real-time virtualization to your clients, audiences, or anyone else you’re looking forward to dealing with.

4. Cost-effective tool:

Pacdora helps you identify the right set of materials and units needed for packages, apart from just giving you the design perks. This unknowingly helps businesses save money on unnecessary resources and additional units.

5. Easy download:

With Pacdora, you can easily download your designs in PNG format. Not only this, you can also download templates with HD videos and images for your printing, production, manufacturing, or sales needs.

6. Designing inspiration:

Pacdora has a blog section that caters to the majority of the issues related to design that users face in their daily lives. Hence, you can quickly go through their blog section to gain ideas or learn how to make the best use of this software.

Pacdora Designing inspiration

7. Retain your package suppliers:

Multiple contracts are dissolved due to consumption loss-related issues. Pacdora assists the clients by minimizing the wastage of resources by suggesting the correct material needed.

8. Huge library of templates, dielines, and mockups:

Pandora offers a huge range of templates and mockups and declines to pick from them. As mentioned earlier, it offers more than 4900 items, and its collection covers multiple industries.

Huge library of templates

9. Customize the dimensions of your mockups:

While multiple software packages have their dimensions fixed for mockups, Pacdora, on the other hand, gives you exact dimensions, scale, flexibility, and additional details like cutlines, creases, bleed lines, and elements for your package.

Not only this, but it also lets you customize the package dimensions as needed.

10. Realistic Settings:

The 3D Design Tool service lets you visualize the packaging designs in real settings. This gives you an idea of how the model looks in real time.

11. User base and advancements:

Pacdora is consistently growing, and the team never stops working on its service enhancements to bring better features to its users.

Who can use Pacdora?

Pacdora is ideal for: 

  1. Graphic designing teams
  2. Solopreneurs
  3. Marketing teams 
  4. Small businesses 
  5. Large businesses
  6. Freelancers 
  7. Students 
  8. Manufacturers

Pros & Cons of Pacdora


  • Despite having limited modes of support, many customers have appreciated their on-time and genuine responses. 
  • It offers a huge template and mockup collection to choose from.
  • Their packages are extremely affordable for the features offered.
  • It offers advanced and lucrative designs.
  • It has an efficient and easy user interface.
  • It offers smart suggestions with dimensions and a lot of other elements to be considered while designing mockups for the products.


  • They have limited payment options 
  • Limited plans

Pacdora Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to the price plans offered by Pacdora, there are not many to choose from, as they have a single plan and a customizable plan only.

pacdora pricing

1. The Personal Pro Plan

There are no specific charges quoted for this plan. The prices vary from location to location.

Features included:

  • Unlimited export of die lines 
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Unlimited export of 4K Mockup rendering files
  • Unlimited export of 2K video rendering files
  • Access to the advanced features of 3D Design Tool, mockup generator, and dieline generator
  • Active customer support
  • Watermark removal flexibility

2. Team Version 

This package is ideal for teams that wish to use multiple hands on a project. If you’re looking forward to working as a pair or team, get in touch with Pacdora’s customer support to get the best deals for your customized plan.


  • Access to all the features available in the personal plan 
  • 24/7 prioritized customer  support assistance 
  • Massive discounts on subscription plans

Pacdora will soon be launching their printing business in the coming year, where you’ll not just be able to design your mockups but also print them in their production houses.

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❓What are payment methods available on Pacdora?

The platform accepts payments through credit and debit cards and PayPal only. However, you can connect with their team to check on other possible options. It is said that there will soon be more options available for users in several countries.

💁‍♀️ Does Pandora offer a refund policy?

Yes. Refunds are a possibility if you have exported not more than three files after making a purchase.

👀 Does Pacdora offer any customization as per a team’s needs?

Yes, Pacdora does not really offer customization as such. However, if you don’t see the model you’re looking for, they can customize a template/mockup of the same for you. You can build customized fields and workflows and add your personal touch to the interface.

🧐 Are there any free trials available on Pacdora?

Pacdora offers no free trials for its services. However, you can try their designs and features for free, but these can’t be downloaded.

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Conclusion: Pacdora Review 2024

In an era where packaging plays an extremely influential role in business growth, I believe Pacdora is an incredible choice for mastering the game of packaging.

With extending minimal yet advanced features in all three categories, it surely is a versatile solution for designers from any industry.

Plus, it points to its realistic settings, multiple suggestions, and cost-cutting solutions by suggesting the right units and resources for consumption loss issues.

Pacdora is not just designing software; if you look carefully, it can genuinely help you boost your sales and enhance your marketing pitches.

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