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At pCloud, you will be given the world with a complete easy-to-use cloud storage solution for people and businesses identical. It can store any type of file without any fluxes. The approach integrates the technical point-of-view with the ultimate user in mind. So, let’s first check the pCloud discount coupons and then explore the software in detail.

Other cloud services are either too technical and are not accessible with ease, or they are not comprehensive enough for handlers to get all they want out of cloud storage. So, let’s first check the pCloud discount coupons and then explore the software in detail.

pcloud discount coupons - Login Page

How To Use The pCloud Discount Coupons?

  • Get to the pCLoud website by clicking the discount icon
  • Go thru all the features and functioning and go to the pricing
  • Check out the plans and click to Get the Plan
  • Create your account and then complete other formalities
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the pCloud discount coupons.
How To Use The pCloud Discount Coupons
How To Use The pCloud Discount Coupons

About pCloud

You can access pCloud on all the devices by just saving them and getting them on your desktop, phone or tablet with pCloud Drive. pCloud gives you full liberty to send, receive, and work together with your friends on every file.

It offers strong safety by retaining your file confidential with the maximum level of encryption with pCloud Crypto. Yiou would want to read a detailed pCloud review for this.

Key pCloud Features:

File Management

Irrespective of how many documents and folders you stock in the pCloud, all of your information will be at your fingertips. Despite how you use your place in the cloud – thru the web, desktop or mobile – your files are truthfully easy to control.


A search field is accessible at the top part of the pCloud web interface and mobile apps. Just enter the name of the file or folder you are considering for, and it will obtain immediately.


You can screen your archives by their file set-up. The pCloud filters are the rapid search images on the left-hand side list of options (for web and mobile): Records, Pictures, Audio, Video, and Archives. Clicking on them unlocks a list of your sifted records.


The files you have removed from your pCloud account will reside in your Trash folder for a precise number of days, contingent on the plot you are utilizing. For Free plans, this phase is 15 days. Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime clients get 30 days. You can clear your Trash file any time you enjoy it.

Important: Existing Premium operators, which have promoted their pCloud accounts before 12/09/2017 can reinstate records from the Trash folder up to the following period, until their time of re-billing:

pCloud Premium – 90 days

pCloud Premium Plus – 180 days

pCloud - File Security Made Simple pCloud
pCloud – File Security Made Simple pCloud

File Sharing

Get several file distributing choices through the pCloud apps and the web interface. Whether you work together with pCloud manipulators or not, your records can be directed to anybody you like.

Invite To Folder

By the pCloud specific Invite to Folder highlight, you can distribute folders with your groups, family, and contemporaries and set whether they can see or edit the matter. Once handlers consent to your invite, they can use your records conferring to the approvals you have given them.

You can supervise your current allocates throughout the pCloud web platform or any of pCloud’s apply. You can postpone such a file association or adjust its consents any time you like.

Download and Upload Links

Via pCloud, you can produce download and upload links, which you can offer to anyone. By making Download Links, operators can easily download your information to their processers or mobile gadgets. By providing an Upload Link, your colleagues can upload files straight to your pCloud account.

Direct links

The Public Folder is unusual in your pCloud’s file put together, which lets you generate Direct links to records and folders. Utilize your pCloud as a hosting service to make still HTML websites, implant imageries, or just share your files the way you need.

All the documents you place in the Public Folder will be available in an index directory.


To assure your files’ security, pCloud utilises TLS/SSL encryption-related when info is transferred from your manoeuvre to the pCloud servers. At pCloud data, safety is our top significance, and we do their best to put-on first-class security processes.

With pCloud, your files are kept at a minimum of three server places on a piece of extremely safe information storing area. Not obligatory, you can contribute to pCloud Crypto and have your most important files encrypted, and password shielded.

They offer the so-called client-side encryption, which, disparate server-side encryption, means that no one, excluding you, will, have the solutions for folder decryption.

File Versioning

pCloud keeps editions of your records for an exact period of time, so don’t worry if you want to find another translation of your work. It is all accessible to you. Poke into the activities you have achieved and simply keep a trail of all your doings in the cloud.


Utilising this highlight, you can keep an eye on the variations made to accurate records and reestablish previous forms if needed.

You can retrieve File Revisions by snapping the gear button and selecting the Revisions choice. File translations are saved for 15 days for Free and 30 days for Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime consumers.


pCloud Rewind supports you to go back in time and see the all previous descriptions of your digital compilation from 15 days (Free) to 30 days (Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime) days back in the past.

Surf through your account at an exact time and day in the past and reinstate or download all of your non-encrypted files or unintentionally detached shared subject matter.

Important: Present Premium customers, which have promoted their pCloud accounts before 12/09/2017 can take benefit of the following time periods for File Revisions and pCloud Rewind, until their time of rebilling:

File Revisions – 90 days (pCloud Premium); 180 days (pCloud Premium Plus)

pCloud Rewind – 90 days (pCloud Premium); 180 days (pCloud Premium Plus)

Extended File History

pCloud retains previous editions and cancelled records for up to 30 days in the past. With the Extended File History (EFH) add-on, you can increase this period and recuperate content within a month or a year* from removing or altering your records.


If you are indeterminate about the safety of your pictures on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Picassa, pCloud gives a countless facility for you. You can begin backing up your valued memoirs to pCloud by just ticking a key, and you can stopover and continue it any time you like.

Correspondingly, pCloud is emerging numerous plugins in order to facilitate your work with other platforms. You can hold-up your WordPress website with all documents, media and folder to pCloud.

Plans and Features - pCloud
Plans and Features – pCloud


Choose your project as per your requirement and secure your payment with ten days money-back guarantee. Don’t miss the above pCloud discount coupons to get the best deal on the plans.

Price and Plan Offered - Premium - Premium Plus
Price and Plan Offered – Premium – Premium Plus

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Conclusion- pCloud Discount Coupons 2022

Therefore, pCLoud is a very innovative way to save your work with cloud storage. You can protect all your essential stuff as and when you like with pCloud Crypto.

The kind of security offered by pCloud is unbreakable, and your data are being always in safe hands. So, if you want to have such robust security, then pCloud storage is the best choice for such types of files.

Hope the pCloud discount coupons will be advantageous for your highly sensitive files and offer you the best price on the subscriptions. Don’t forget to share your pCloud discount coupons with your friends and on social media channels.

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