10 Best Vegan Affiliate Programs in 2024 : To Help You Make More “Green”

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In this review, we take a look at a few of the Best Vegan Affiliate Programs 2024 available right here on the internet.

These are great for anyone who maintains a vegan lifestyle website.

So what is this? You are not totally sure if your subject matter has a huge market?

Veganism is now practiced by around 6% of the people in the United States. Within only five years, that would be a 6x rise.

Vegan Food

In simple English, there seem to be 19.74 million vegans to whom you may market your goods.

By 2026, the worldwide economy for plant – based foods is expected to be worth$24.6 billion. North America is responsible for $4.5 billion of that total.

To cut a long story short, caring about animal protection and personal wellness can pay you handsomely.

That’s why we have compiled a list of carefully selected vegan affiliate programs for you.

10 Best Vegan Affiliate Programs in 2024

This post examines 10 of the best vegan affiliate programs for you 

  1. Clean Affiliate Program
  2. All Around Vegan Box Affiliate Program
  3. Vitacost Affiliate Program
  4. Zatik Affiliate Program
  5. Green Chef Affiliate Program
  6. 100% Pure Affiliate Program
  7. Thrive Market Affiliate Program
  8. St. Tropica Affiliate Program
  9. Sunburst Superfoods Affiliate Program
  10. RAD Soap Co. Affiliate Program

Let’s find about more detail:

1. Clean Affiliate Program

Clean is a detoxification programs for people who wish not only to consume a healthy balanced diet and also feel much better thereafter.

If you are unsure, try to eat takeaway food for a while and see how you feel.

This approach is the outcome of combining East and West’s greatest dietary and medical techniques.

After that, they will be used to create a holistic detox regimen.

Clean - Vegan Affiliate Programs

The Clean Daily Shake, particularly includes their proprietary protein blend, is a significant component of the program.

This protein powder can also be used to make soups, shakes, and desserts for your vegan friends. In reality,

I have seen diets that call for protein powder to be used as the backbone for a deep – frying batter.

As a result, you might concentrate all of your promotional attempts on the protein powder alone.

Clean Affiliate Program Stats

Vegan affiliates receive a 5% base commission rate, but after the first 30 days of engagement, newer affiliates receive a 10% commission rate.

You will also get $10 extra if you spend more than $200, which is great since their usual order size is $310.

All of the aforementioned are excellent reasons to devote a significant amount of time and effort to marketing Clean.

  • Commission rate:  5%
  • EPC: $771.88
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

2. All Around Vegan Box Affiliate Program

All Around Vegan is a monthly subscription box company that makes living a vegan lifestyle more simpler and more playful.

One of the most difficult things for novice vegans to do is stay on the track throughout the first few weeks.

All Around Vegan Affiliate Program

That’s why receiving a monthly package of vegan goodies can keep your journey a little simpler.

You can opt for a 1 – month recurrent box or a 3 – month or 6 – month prepaid membership if you are really committed.

Your customers will receive a variety of vegan goods each month, including munchies, candies, beverages, and even vegan apparel.

T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Cleansers, posters, and other items are available at the All Around Vegan shop.

You could also try out the services with a “starter kit,” which will cost you roughly $40.

All Around Affiliate Stats

This product’s EPC is significantly lower than what we’d generally mention, but it ‘s one of just two successful vegan subscription box providers we could discover.

Furthermore, it can only be used as an add – on program for your website, not as a major source of revenue.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • EPC: $12.41
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

3. Vitacost Affiliate Program

Since 1994, Vitacost has sold almost everything you could want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Meals, beverages, and food supplements are all included, as are infant items, cleansers, and perhaps even pet products.

Vitacost - Vegan Affiliate Programs

They do, however, have a portion of their website devoted to vegan items from Lakanto, Acure, and Navitas, among others.

In reality, they have over 8,600 vegan – friendly products in their inventory.

You could leverage their frequent promotions, offers, and coupons to encourage your customers to check them out at least once.

Vitacost Affiliate Stats

Affiliates are given a 4% commission on all existing client transactions and a 6% commission on all fresh customer sales.

Their 7 day cookie isn’t perfect, but a simple glance at their 7 – day EPC reveals just how much money they’re making.

There are enough items to make comparison reviewers busy for long.

  • Commission rate:  Up to 6%
  • EPC: $142.88
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

4. Zatik Affiliate Program

Zatik provides a variety of non – GMO, organic, as well as regenerative health, skin, body, and hair care products.

It’s strange that people are concerned about just what they put into their systems but not about what they do on their hair or skin.

Zatik - Vegan Affiliate Programs

Even though their personal hygiene items contain substances that are possibly dangerous.

As a result, the Zatik collection contains no artificial chemicals of any type, as well as being alcohol-free and vegan – friendly.

Each of their goods is handcrafted in the United States using ingredients from USDA – certified organic farms.

This gives your guests the extra assurance they require before leaving with their money.

Zatik Affiliate Stats

A hefty 15% compensation rate is offered to affiliates.

The only major drawback is that the average order quantity is only $35, which means you will only make about $5 each referred transaction.

With that stated, they promise to provide an 8% conversion rate, which means that your visitors should turn into sales very quickly.

  • Commission rate:  15%
  • EPC: $33.48
  • Cookie duration: 15 days

5. Green Chef Affiliate Program

Green Chef is a subscription based meal kit provider.

The difference is that Green Chef dishes are created for people who take care about what they eat.

But who has the time to go to the grocery store and prepare meals for themselves every day?

Green Chef - Vegan Affiliate Programs

Yes, eating properly demands more effort than consuming unhealthy food.

So, with this meal program, you just choose your program and receive all the ingredients you require for the preparation of your dinner each and every week.

There are also step by step directions for preparing them.

Each dish has over 100 percent organic ingredients as well as distinctive sauces, seasonings, or a marinade.

Literally everything your guests will need to whip up a delectable vegan supper in no time.

Eating is among the few things in life that will not go out of style at any point.

Green Chef could be a foreshadowing about what the future holds for us, as even more individuals choose to operate remotely or from home.

Green Chef Affiliate Stats

The EPC for this affiliate program is $226, which is significantly higher than the average for any subscription box product.

Instead of a % commission on the whole order, you are simply paid a reasonable fee of $15 each sale.

However if you manage your cards well, all those $15 profits pile up.

  • Commission rate:  $15
  • EPC: $226.67
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

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6. 100% Pure Affiliate Program

You don’t have to give up your excellent looks just because you have gone vegan.

There are several vegan clothing lines available, and now you can utilize a completely animal – friendly variety of cosmetics with 100% Pure.

100% Pure - Vegan Affiliate Programs

Natural sources, such as seashells, were used to create the first pigments and colours.

Fabric dyed with the dye Tyrian Purple used to be of more worth than gold.

Pigments and colours used in 100 percent Pure goods are also obtained from natural resources, including fruits and veggies.

Furthermore, they guarantee that none of the components are derived from animals, and also neither of their goods are experimented on animals.

So you have got a one – of – a – kind, award – winning line of 100 percent natural cosmetics to promote to your target market.

100% Pure Affiliate Stats

Affiliates can earn up to 8% commission on every sale they recommend.

For every 100 qualifying visitors you bring their way through your affiliate links, you will earn roughly $27.

Because their ‘Network Earnings’ numbers are low, don’t construct a full specialty site around this one line of products.

Or, when you do, don’t think it would be possible to retire on your earnings.

  • Commission rate:  8%
  • EPC: $27.36
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

7. Thrive Market Affiliate Program [ Best Vegan Affiliate Programs ]

Thrive Market is an online store that sells organic as well as non – vegan products, supplements, children’s and pet items, and homecare products.

However, you can have them for up to 50% less than you would ordinarily pay.

Thrive Market

In addition, instead of spending hours in crowded stores and malls, you may have them delivered right to your door.

To shop at Thrive Market, you will have to sign up for a subscription, but the first 30 – days are complimentary.

Then after, $59.95 gives you access to over 6,000 various products at wholesale pricing, including hundreds of vegan – friendly items.

A portion of your yearly membership fee goes toward providing nutritious and healthful meals to low-income families.

As a result, you are not only receiving what you desire, but you are also assisting those in need.

Thrive Market Affiliate Stats

Before customers actually can begin purchasing, they must complete a quiz, which is quite irritating.

Irrespective of our feelings, the achievement of Thrive Market on Commission Junction stands for itself.

Just keep in mind that you will only be paid a flat $20 fee if a fresh customer makes their first transaction.

However, you will not be compensated for any further sales you recommend.

  • Commission rate:  Up to US$20
  • EPC: $30.61
  • Cookie duration: 14 days

8. St. Tropica Affiliate Program

The St Tropica branding is the title of a line of all – natural hair care items.

These are made to make your hair grow not only considerably longer and stronger, but also faster.

St. Tropica - Best Vegan Affiliate Programs

Alternatively, you can use it to restore existing hair damage, such as split ends and a loss of volume.

If you are curious why their hair products are superior to store – bought alternatives, the solution is pure coconut oil.

Another advantage of utilizing St. Tropica products are that they are neither experimented on animals nor derived from them, making them great for vegans.

St Tropica Affiliate Stats

Every sale you generate through your affiliate links earns you a 15% fee in this program.

As a result, each average consumer sale, you will earn $7.

With an EPC of over $170, though, you should really be able to make a lot of individual sales every month.

  • Commission rate:  15%
  • EPC: $168.47
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

9. Sunburst Superfoods Affiliate Program

Sunburst Superfoods carries a wide variety of obviously superfoods! 

A superfood is a nutrient – dense source of food, such as some nuts, fruits, and green leafy veggies.

Sunburst Superfoods

Sunburst Superfoods is a company that makes these goods available to the general population.

So powders, nut butters, munchies, seeds, berries and bars, fruit juices, and vitamins can provide a health benefit to your vegan customers.

It is as simple as changing the meals you eat to improve your health. Alternatively, you may simply substitute a bottle of cola for a bottle of water.

Their raw components are dehydrated at cold temperatures to preserve the micronutrients, vitamins, and enzymes in each item.

Shoppers who are vegan will find a lot of things to like here.

Sunburst Superfoods Affiliate Stats

The average transaction amount each transaction is about $90, and it’s becoming bigger every year.

Affiliates are given a 15% commission on every sale they suggest, resulting in a net profit of roughly $15 each transaction for you.

  • Commission rate:  10%
  • EPC: $33.43
  • Cookie duration:  60 days

10, RAD Soap Co. Affiliate Program

The RAD Soap Company makes a wide range of natural soaps as well as many other personal hygiene as well as skincare items.

Not only are their soaps safe for vegans, but they are also pet – friendly.

RAD Soap - Best Vegan Affiliate Programs

Each bar is assured to be cruelty – free and devoid of GMOs, so you can rest assured that you are using a better option to store – bought soaps. What is the quality of their goods?

“If my family won’t use it, we won’t be selling it,” says the business motto.

RAD Soap Co Affiliate Stats

Natural soaps hit us as a potential sub – niche or specialized category for an authoritative website while exploring this program.

You will earn around 10% from anything you purchase if you choose to advertise this programs.

And based on their conversion rate, you don’t need to work too hard to achieve it.

  • Commission rate:  10%
  • EPC: $38.90
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

Best Vegan Affiliate Programs in 2024 : Honorable Mentions

We have some more vegan affiliate program for you :

1. Vegin’ Out Vegan Affiliate Program

Vegin’ Out is a subscription service that provides vegan, plant – based food. Citizens of the Los Angeles Area receive regular meals from the company.

This vegan food delivery company has a large vegan as well as vegetarian customer base throughout the United States, particularly in Los Angeles.

Their meal is said to be both tasty and healthful.

Vegin Out - Vegan Affiliate Programs

As a result, you may say bye to the bloating and fatigue that comes with eating fast food. Vegin’ Out ensures that your body receives the most nutrients possible without using preservatives or hazardous substances.

Vegan out is highly popular with its consumers, and its audience is on the rise.

This is a fantastic opportunity for affiliate marketers that have a vegan – related food blog.

It is not only a high quality product to market, but it also rewards generously.

Vegin’ Out has a cookie duration of roughly 15 – days and provides commissions varying from 15% to 20%.

The typical sales for the company range from $99 to $619.99.

To administer its affiliate programs, the company has collaborated with ShareASale, so if you are interested in becoming a Vegin’ Out affiliate marketer, check their site to sign up!

The organization provides its affiliate marketers with a wide range of marketing resources, including emails, banner advertisements, and text links.

Affiliates may use Vegin’ Out’s reporting equipment to keep record of their commissions as well as sales.

Affiliates with a large email subscription customer base will be in for a treat, as their emails get a high opening rate of 18% to 30%.

  • Cookie Duration: 15 Days
  • Commission rate : 20%

2. Future Kind Vegan Affiliate Program

Future Kind is among the industry’s best known vegan companies.

The business sells a multivitamin that includes three important nutrients:  Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and Omega 3.

The company has a large fanbase and is sponsored by a number of celebrities, including Whitney English, a famous dietician, Joel Kahn, a celebrity cardiologist, and a professional athlete Natalie Mathews.

Future Kind - Vegan Affiliate Programs

All of their goods are plant – based and sustainably sourced. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly!

The company’s philanthropic attitude to veganism is yet another cause for its reputation.

Future Kind is famous for donating a portion of their sales to wildlife sanctuaries in order to encourage animal welfare.

As a result, the brand has a huge and loyal fan base and is extremely simple to advertise.

Refersion has teamed up with the company to offer one of several best – paying vegan affiliate programs on the market.

To join Future Kinds as an affiliate marketer, simply sign up on Refersion and wait for your registration to be confirmed. With the service, you may begin your affiliate marketing career.

The greatest feature is still to come – the commission! All affiliate marketers that promote Future Kind earn a 40% commission!

  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Commission rate: 40%

3. Veestro Vegan Affiliate Program

Veestro is the invention of Mark, an ex – banker who struggled to devote enough focus towards his dietary habits. As is the case with the majority of business employees.

This, in fact, made it very difficult to ensure a healthy vegan lifestyle which led to some bad eating habits.

Mark learned the value of eating fresh fruits and vegetables as a child in Costa Rica. However, maintaining the same eating habits in America proved tough.

Veestro - Vegan Affiliate Programs

Veestro was established by Mark. A vegan gourmet food service with a high – end product.

Veestro provides consumers with the choice of eating a healthy, enjoyable, and nutritional dinner rather than unhealthy snacking.

Customers can also choose a number of different categories for their meals.

A la carte, weight loss solutions, detox diets, and their most famous gourmet meal boxes are among these.

To maintain the quality and hygiene, Veestro’s dishes are produced in – house by a trained chef.

The company prepares its meals with fresh, all – natural products, which would then be packaged in eco – friendly packaging and even delivered to your door.

ShareASale manages Veestro’s affiliate programs. With a power of ranking of over 1000, it’s among the most renowned affiliate programs on the market!

Their commission rate is only 5%, which is reasonably low. Their typical orders, on the other hand, are up to $215, and their revenues per click are $13.55!

Increased sales volume is how most affiliate marketers increase their sales.

This is fairly simple to achieve, given their large quantity of items and popularity.

Aside from that, ShareASale’s affiliate dashboard provides a plethora of marketing and reporting options that you may use to enhance and monitor your commissions.

  • Cookie Duration: 15 Days
  • Commission: 5%

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Conclusion : Best Vegan Affiliate Programs in 2024

We went across hundreds of vegan affiliate programs to offer you the pick of the bunch, as usual.

However, the reality that the digital marketing for vegan items is still very much in its development stage, raised an eyebrow.

Even though it’s a huge industry, there is lots of room for early adopter affiliates to cut out their own piece of the vegan pie.

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