VoiPo Review 2024: How is VoiPo Customer Service? Is VoiPo a Good Provider? VoiPo International Calling

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VoiPo Review


VoIPo offers good unlimited calling plans along with reasonable international call rates that suit both home and business users. It is the cheapest VoIP provider currently available in the USA and Canada.

Out of 10


  • Cheapest VoIP service
  • Save 75% of the phone bill
  • Free adapter and installation
  • 40+ features
  • 30-day full refund period
  • 711 calling ability
  • No cancellation charges
  • Unlimited calls
  • Amazing customer service
  • Works with existing phone number


  • No call queuing options
  • No mobile apps


Price: $ 15

If you’re looking for an honest VoiPo Review, you are at the right place.

VoIP is a great way to save money on your phone bill, but it’s hard to know which service will give you the best deal.

You need a good unlimited calling plan and low international call rates that are available across all carriers. This makes finding the right provider really difficult.

Solution: VoiPo offers an affordable solution for both home and business users with its simple pricing plans. They offer unlimited calling in USA & Canada along with reasonable international call rates at just $15 per month for residential customers and $25 per month for commercial ones. Their plans come with advanced features like voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding etc., making them one of the best options out there!

In this post, we have shared the VoiPo Review 2024 as one of the best VOIP service providers in the US and Canada. Get up to 75% Off on Phone Bill with VoiPo.

Today, I am going to share a reasonable residential VoIP service in the US and Canada. VoIPo is an amazing choice for hosting the VoIPo service on your own.

Bottom Line Upfront

VoiPo is the cheapest VoIP provider in the USA and Canada. They offer unlimited calling plans with reasonable international call rates that suit both home and business users. Their service is perfect for those who are looking for a cheap alternative to their current phone plan or just want to try something new.

You can enjoy all of our great features, like free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, conference calling and more! Plus the customer service team is available 24/7 so you can reach them anytime if there’s an issue with your account or device. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Click this right now and sign up for a free trial of VoiPo!

VoiPo Review 2024: Are They Best VOIP In The US?

VoiPo is the least expensive VoIP service provider that offers all the great features that you can find in internet phone services.

Voice over Internet Protocol has become a popular mode of communication wherein people have started to connect with others through the internet.

VoiPo homepage overview- Voipo Review

Analog calls from a basic phone are converted into digital through the internet which makes contacting others – simple and easy – on the go.

VoIPo advertises itself as a product that can save up to 75% of your phone bill. It allows users to make international calls at cheaper rates than many of its competitors.

In this review, I will also be answering the most commonly asked questions about VoIPo. You might have questions like:

– What is the VoiPo?
– Is there a free trial for VoiPo?
– How does VoiPo work?
– How much does VoiPo cost to use monthly?
– What are the features that are included in VoiPo?

How To Use VoIPo Phone Service at Home? 

VoIPo international calls work with your existing home or office telephone. You receive the VoIPo phone adapter for free after signing up on the VOIPO website.

VOIPO Working and installation tips- Voipo reviews

Plug-in the adapter to a broadband internet connection via a cable and then to your phone to activate it.

The installation is easy and the user guide gives clear instructions on how to use the product. The service comes with a softphone which helps you to use your computer as your phone.

You can immediately start making unlimited voice calls over the internet connection instead of the regular phone. In this way, you can save a lot of money every month.

VoIPo allows you to retain your existing phone number or create a new number to initiate contact with others. In this VoiPo review, you will get to know the most advanced features of using the Voip phone services.

Features of VoIPo:

Voip phone services- VoiPo Review

VoIPo comes with 40 different features that can benefit both business and residential customers. Some of its best features include-

  • Free ATA to connect your phone to the internet. Most of the companies do not offer their phone adapter for free which is the biggest advantage of getting VoIPo service.
  • Call waiting with ID feature allows users to know if someone is trying to connect with them when they are busy with work.
  • Call forwarding option helps users to forward their calls to another number when they are busy with work.
  • When users are unable to take calls, they can simply activate the do not disturb option on their phone.
  • Users can send voicemails and manage a separate contact list on the VoIPo phone service.
  • Three-way calling feature enables users to add a third person to their VoIPo call or simply make conference calls.
  • Users can choose their own area code to make calls to their friends, family, near, and dear ones easily.
  • If you want to stop receiving calls from unwanted persons, you can activate call blocking
  • In conjunction with Cloud VoIP service starting $3 a month, users can transfer their number to another service which may be a great advantage for people who do not require a full-fledged phone service for a particular number.
  • For business people, VoIPo will host an online PBX with SIP capabilities that have an interactive voice response system and auto-attendant features. It costs $20 a month.
  • VoIPo softphone is available for connecting through smartphones, tablets, and computers. But the company does not have an Android or iPhone app. Therefore, you need a third party application(X-lite) to connect VoIPo to your phone.

VoIPo Pricing:

VoIPo international calls have one of the cheapest prices among all my reviews on VOIP service providers.

The normal VoIPo pricing is $15/month. However, if you wish to subscribe for 2-years, you will get a 75% discount monthly.

VOIPO residential service pricing- Voipo discount coupon

Let’s check out the VoIPo monthly plans and its features:

Residential VoIP ($15/month):

  • Unlimited calls to US/Canada
  • 60 Min Free International Calls monthly
  • Send/Receive text messages
  • Free Rollover lines
  • VoIP Adapter
  • 30 Day guarantee

Business VoIP ($15/Month):

  • Unlimited calls to US/Canada
  • 60 Min Free International Calls monthly
  • Send/Receive text messages
  • Free Rollover lines
  • VoIP Adapter
  • 30 Day guarantee

Cloud VoIP ($3/month):

  • Incoming Minutes
  • Overage Incoming minutes
  • Forwarding to SIP
  • Forwarding to US/Can Number
  • VoIPo SMS texting

Reseller VoIP ($24.95/month):

  • Wholesale Phone numbers
  • Wholesale minutes
  • Create Your own plans
  • No Contracts or Minimums
  • Branded Control Panel
  • Reseller Plan Cost

VoIPo Good Customer Service & Support Review

VoIPo gives out the amazing customer service with a manageable control panel. The service which VoIPo gives at just $6 is way too affordable.

You would get over 40 features at just $6 per month with features like outbound calling, international calling, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


You can reach out to the VoIPo customer service number as they have a detailed knowledge base and a discussion forum for the customers.

VoIPo Refund Policy:

When it comes to money, VoIPo offers a 30-days refund policy, where you can get your money back if you are not anyhow satisfied with their services.

You can easily get a 100% refund on your money within 30-days of purchase. This makes VoIPo a risk-free choice, where you get to try their service for one month before spending any of your money.

Do You Require Any Extra Hardware To Use VoIPo?

With VoIPo, you also get a free phone adapter that works with your regular phone, without having to install any additional software or tools.

Once you order VoIPo you will receive a phone adapter that you can simply plugin in your telephone and into the broadband internet and start to enjoy their services without any issues. Various VoiPo reviews say that you might need a hardware for it but you have got the phone adapter that works well with the services.

The good thing about VoIPo is that you can continue to use your telephone like a regular telephone even after installing the phone adapter. All your calls will be carried via the internet giving you a better and more reliable communication line.

Pros of VoIPo:

  • Cheapest VoIP service.
  • Save 75% of the phone bill.
  • US-based company.
  • Good for both residential and business purposes.
  • Free adapter and installation.
  • Provides 40 features.
  • 30-day full refund.
  • 711 calling ability for people with impaired hearing.
  • No cancellation charges.
  • Unlimited calls within the USA and Canada.
  • Works with existing phone and number.
  • Amazing customer service.

Cons of VoIPo:

  • No call queuing options.
  • Call quality issues.
  • No mobile apps.

My Personal VoiPo Review:

voipo features and services- VoiPO reviews

So, I tried the VoIPo phone service for a month and this is what I observed.

VoIPo’s service plans are cheaper with greater coverage and its services are designed on a very powerful internet platform.

I was impressed with its unlimited calling feature to US/Canada and 60 minutes of international calling to selected destinations each month.

When I purchased the monthly subscription for VoIPo, I got a VoIPo adapter with that subscription.

You can return the adapter if you wish and if you prefer not to return the adapter, you will be charged $49.95 for it.

FAQ About VoiPo Review 

👉 Can I use VoiPo when I am overseas?

No. VoiPo only provides the services in the US. So, it cannot operate overseas.

✅ What is the pricing of VOIPo’s services?

The services provided by VOIPo can be put in three broad categories: Home, Cloud VoIP, and Hosted PBX. Home VoIP services cost $6.21/month, Cloud VoIP costs $3.00/month, and Hosted PBX costs $20.00/month.

⚡ What all can I do with the Cloud VOIP?

Using Cloud VoIP, you can use online call logs, voicemail boxes, and control panels. It allows you to change the routing in an instant and send faxes online. Via Cloud, you can forward to any SIP address or to any number in North America.

🔥 Does VoiPo have any free trial?

VoiPo does not have any free trial. They do give a satisfied 30-day money back guarantee.

💥 Is VoiPo compatible with my home alarm or fax machine?

VoiPo is not compatible with the home alarm at the moment. This is due to the inconsistent analog signals by them.

🏆 Does VOIPo offer services for businesses?

Yes, VOIPo caters to both residential and business needs. Pricing and features are almost the same for both. You can pay for your businesses’ VoIP services on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis or on an advance 2-year basis.

⚡ What makes VOIPo special?

VOIPo ensures that every call that reaches you is sent using ‘Network Failover Forwarding’. In case of ISP or power outages, their system automatically forwards the call to the number assigned. With VOIPo, you will never miss a call, which is a great feature for $6 per month. With VOIPo, you can save your monthly phone bill by 75%. And as a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund if you are unhappy with their services.

💥 Can I Use my cell phone number in VoiPo?

Yes. You can port the existing number within 1-2 working weeks.

🏆 Are there any discounts on VOIPo’s services?

VOIPo is currently offering a big discount if you take up the 2-year subscription. This offer lasts for a limited period. The 2-year subscription costs $149, that is, $6.21 per month. On the other hand, if you go paying on a monthly basis, it will cost you $15 per month. So we have a real deal here. You can also apply promo codes for free one month services.

👉 Will I incur additional charges for the extra hardware?

No, VOIPo will send you their phone adapter and it’s free. The adapter works smoothly with your regular telephone. All you have to do is plug the adapter into your telephone and into the broadband internet, and you are good to go!

😲 Is VoiPo compatible with Soft Phone?

Yes. VoiPO works well with soft phones as well. You must have a microphone and speaker.

⚡ Is an efficient customer service offered for $6?

Yes, customer support iAdds efficient regardless of the price you pay. You can contact them via their toll-free number, email, fax, or via the live chat feature on their website.

🎉 What are the internet requirements for VOIPo services?

To opt for VOIPo services, you will need a DSL, cable internet, or fiber-optic connection. The minimum internet speed required for uploading and downloading is 256kbps.

🏆 Is the process of transferring in the current number hassle-free?

Absolutely! Transferring in your current number is a free and hassle-free process which takes not more than 1-2 weeks. If you desire, you can choose your own area code, maintain your old number even when you move your home or business, and if you are on the go, you can also access a portable VoIP device.

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Conclusion: Is VoiPo The Right Service For You? VoiPo Review

Most of the reviews on VoiPo that you will read online will have a common issue that they lack a good analog transmission and thus the call quality suffered a bit. VoiPo has the cheapest Voip service in the US and it is equipped with 40+ features of a different types.

Besides this, VoIPo offers good unlimited calling plans along with reasonable international call rates that suit both home and business users. It is the cheapest VoIP provider currently available in the USA and Canada.

It provides its ATA device for free which is a great boon for new users as most of the other companies do not offer their products without a price tag. The 711 calling feature is a great option for speech or hearing impaired customers since it allows them to connect with others easily.

The customer care is top-notch with the phone, email, and live chat facilities to assist all their users.

At the start of my review I mentioned that since the company is based out in California, there are no language barriers or connectivity problems in regard to helping their customers from the US and Canada.

I was pretty satisfied with the services and features of VoIPo. I have read various VoIPo reviews before purchasing and undoubtedly, they were better than its rivals.



Although it lacks call queuing and mobile apps, it still could be the best investment for people with simple needs. VoIPo’s low priced services add exceptional value to both consumers and business people seeking a VoIP phone service.

Want to know more about VoIPo? Check out VoIPo’s about us page. If you want more updates about VoIPO, you can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

Overall, VoIPo is a leading VoIP service provider in the USA and Canada currently. Also, I am fond of discounts and deals with VoIPo.

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  1. VoIPo is cheap and it works. It has more resources than a person who knows what to do, but it is good to have it. The price is very good and I save a lot of money.

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    I can not visualize being with any other company. You can trust them! The sounds are clear, the expense is so budget-friendly and it was really easy to get going.

  3. I have now been with VoiPo for 2 years and also while they had their issues at the beginning, you just can not beat the cost for the number of attributes you obtain. Ooma and Vonage are of no comparison.

    The support provided me a mindset about utilizing my very own VOIP phone that they “do not support” however still gave me the required setups to allow my system to be utilized with their system. You have to understand what and also just how to use the control panel if you desire an effective phone system.

    Plugging it in and also leaving isn’t the means to approach this service at all. I believed I would be smart as well as switch to the Ooma business and I swiftly figured out that the VOIPO had many more functions readily available which if you wanted anything done at Ooma you needed to utilize the equipment that you needed to buy from them.

    I quickly switched over back and also VOIPO gave me no mindset concerning my F-up. Lesson Learned– Good Service!!

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