WebinarKit Review 2024: Is This Platform Worth Using? (Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons)

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WebinarKit Review


WebinarKit is the first all-in-one auto-webinar solution, combining the building of a high-converting marketing funnel, the broadcasting of a fake live webinar, and the upselling of attendees into a single potent application.

Out of 10


  • User-friendly interface
  • Zero learning curve
  • Fully mobile friendly
  • Detailed metrics
  • videos are hosted on WebinarKit’s server
  • You can build unlimited webinars


  • Basic automated email system


Price: $ 38

Are you looking for an in-depth WebinarKit review? Then you are certainly in the right spot. We’ve got a great platform to review so let’s get started as soon as possible.

You want to run webinars but don’t have the time or money to invest in expensive software or services.

Most webinar software and services are expensive, and they can be difficult to use. You also need to have a lot of technical expertise to run a successful webinar.

WebinarKit is the perfect solution for you. Their easy-to-use software makes it simple to create and manage your webinars without the high price tag. Plus, their expert team is available 24/7 to help you every step of the way.

Let us check out WebinarKit Review in a little more detail.

WebinarKit Review 2024: What is WebinarKit?

WebinarKit is SaaS (software as a service) that enables the creation of an infinite number of webinars, as well as the construction of webinars in a few seconds, allowing you to reach your target audience and enhance lead conversion rates without having to go live.

WebinarKit Review

WebinarKit enables you to start any webinar continuously, allowing you to establish a stronger relationship with your audience.

During your webinar, you will be able to effortlessly configure chat messages to imitate participation and establish social proof.

Schedule your videos with ease and transform your WebinarKit account into a marketing machine. Receive outstanding perks, such as built-in registration forms.

WebinarKit has made all of these advantages more accessible than ever before. There are other webinar systems available, however, this one is now offering a lifetime discount.

Yes, there is just a one-time cost for the webinar platform. The pro edition of WebinarKit is an upsell, but more on that later.

Major Features & Benefits of WebinarKit:

1. Limited-time offer of a one-time price:

WebinarKit will cost $99 a month in the future. However, for a limited time, WebinarKit is available for a one-time fee that includes lifetime upgrades. Act now to prevent ever paying monthly or annual fees.

Other webinar software charges hundreds to thousands of dollars ANNUALLY for access to the same capabilities as WebinarKit.

With WebinarKit, you can avoid paying monthly or annual fees for top-tier webinar software and save thousands of dollars literally over time.

2. Simple conversion monitoring:

Have scripts for conversion monitoring and analytics? Add them in a flash!

Easy Tracking- WebinarKit

Optimize your revenues by adding your scripts to all of your pages in a few simple clicks. Gain peace of mind by observing precisely what works and what doesn’t.

3. Organize multi-day events using webinar series:

With the webinar series, you may do 5-day challenges, multi-day training courses, group coaching calls over time, and much more!

Your registrants will automatically be enrolled in a series of webinar sessions after registering only once.

For each webinar session, easily configure reminder emails, SMS messages, and integration automation. Never before has managing a webinar series been this simple!

4. Advanced segmentation for remarketing:

Numerous sales now occur outside of the webinar event itself.

Advanced Remarketing Segmentation- WebinarKit

WebinarKit have you prepared for post-webinar sales with robust advanced segmentation that allows you to target customers based on whether they watched, saw your offer, or how much of the webinar they viewed.

This enables you to optimize income by targeting these subgroups with more targeted messages.

5. Text message notifications:

Send registrants and attendees SMS messages that may be completely personalized! WebinarKit now allows users to add SMS text message credits to their accounts.

Text Message Notifications WebinarKit

This implies that you may automatically send text message reminders to significantly enhance attendance and bottom-line profitability!

6. Effective email notification:

Send registrants and attendees completely personalized emails to increase attendance and participation! Send registrants automatic email reminders so that they never lose track of or forget about your webinar!

Or ensure that guests notice your offer by following up with them to optimize sales! Plus, much more Thanks to WebinarKit’s robust built-in email alerts, the decision is yours!

7. Receive and answer questions from attendees with ease:

Permit your participants to connect with you or your staff during your webinar through an email inquiry box.

Receive and Answer Attendee Questions Easily- WebinarKit

Messages and inquiries from attendees are delivered immediately to your email, enabling you to react from any device.

This means that you do not need to continually oversee and monitor your webinars; you can just answer incoming messages and queries from any location.

8. Simple and straightforward reporting:

View all of your most crucial webinar analytics with ease.

Registration page conversion rates, webinar dropout times, average attendance rates, clicks to your offers, and much more are just some of the metrics that may be tracked.

WebinarKit provides this information in a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing interface.

9. Interact with viewers in real-time through chat:

Live chat enables you to connect with webinar guests as if it were a live webinar. Your guests may see your taped webinar video while interacting with you and other participants via a live chat window.

With real-time live chat, you can boost webinar participation like never before!

10. Simple webinar planning:

WebinarKit enables you to arrange all of your webinars with relative ease. Schedule your webinar for a certain day and time.

Scheduling- WebinarKit

Or plan your webinar for certain hours and days on an ongoing basis. WebinarKit now offers “Just-in-time” and quick watch scheduling, enabling registrants to immediately join your webinar and increasing event participation!

11. Serve material to your team, students, and customers:

In addition to holding sales webinars, WebinarKit is an ideal platform for sharing content updates with your team, clients, customers, and prospects without the need to go live.

Host For Everyone - WebinarKit

You could connect them directly to your watch room so they can see an update from you whenever it is convenient for them while also enabling them to ask questions that you or a team member may respond to at any time, even from your phone, and all of this would be done in real-time.

12. Unlimited webinars, attendees, and registrants:

WebinarKit enables the creation of an infinite number of webinars, webinar funnels, registrations, and attendance.

Other systems restrict the number of webinar events, registrations, and participants. With WebinarKit, you never need to be concerned about exceeding any constraints.

13. Browser-based HD quality with flawless pixels:

Deliver flawless presentations with audio and video in high definition. No matter what you’re presenting, WebinarKit will ensure that it looks fantastic.

Browers Quality- WebinarKit

Regardless of the operating system, all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, are supported.

No cumbersome plugin or app installation is necessary! WebinarKit is built to seem beautiful on all platforms, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

14. Every page hosted on their servers:

WebinarKit hosts not only your webinar viewing rooms but also your landing sites!

Therefore, neither external website hosting nor cumbersome page builder connections are required. Nothing could be simpler than this.

15. Customize with ease any aspect of the webinar funnel:

No more dull registration pages that reduce conversions, impede originality, and prohibit you from communicating effectively.

Customize webinar funnel- WebinarKit

WebinarKit enables you to quickly and simply personalize every page of your webinar within seconds to increase registrations, attendance, and conversions.

Using their very easy page builder, you may modify any portion of the website, even to any language, in a jiffy.

16. Create live-like webinars with ease:

Utilize a robust but user-friendly webinar platform to conduct automatic, evergreen, like-live, just-in-time, and immediate watch webinars.

Using webinars to automate your company and sales has never been easier.

WebinarKit Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

In terms of WebinarKit pricing, the platform offers a comprehensive solution for automated webinars that includes all necessary page hosting and creation, brandable webinar funnels, live chat and questions box, conversion boosting offers, and powerful analytics.

Pricing Of WebinarKit

The platform also provides automatic email reminders, advanced remarketing segmentation, and autoresponder integrations. 

For a limited time, there are no recurring fees, and WebinarKit offers a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.

The platform is accessible from any device with an internet connection and does not require any technical expertise to use.

In addition, WebinarKit supports custom text in any language across all webinars and offers a white-label solution for both automated and live webinar software solutions.

WebinarKit Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of WebinarKit.

WebinarKit Pros

  • Internalization with Zapier: WebinarKit interacts with Zapier and leading autoresponders, and it transmits all data. Earlier WebinarKit wasn’t sending vital info in Zapier.
  • Detailed metrics: WebinarKit offers comprehensive information on the number of people that saw your webinar, the average viewing time, etc. With the proper data, you can optimize your webinar for maximum sales and profitability.
  • Calendarize your webinars: WebinarKit enables the scheduling of webinars. Suppose you want to host webinars every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Time is set and saved.
  • Your videos are hosted on WebinarKit’s server: Yes, you heard correctly. WebinarKit supports third-party video hosting providers such as YouTube and Vimeo Plus (but not Vimeo Pro). This functionality is not included in the standard plan. WebinarKit Pro is required to host your videos on their server.
  • Registration form embeddable on third-party websites: Not interested in using the WebinarKit page editor? This function enables you to integrate registration forms on your website, similar to EverWebinar. Nonetheless, they just launched this functionality. So I tried, but I didn’t like it. They may improve the shape somewhat.
  • User-friendly interface: The WebinarKit UI/UX is very intuitive and straightforward. In contrast to other automated webinar systems, the user interface seems chaotic. With WebinarKit, however, you can set up your webinars in less than ten minutes, provided you have your marketing materials prepared. Can’t believe me? Stay in touch with me.

WebinarKit Cons

  • Standard page editor: WebinarKit has a basic page editor. It permits the creation of Registration, Thank You, and Webinar Replay pages.

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Conclusion: WebinarKit Review 2024

In conclusion, WebinarKit is a powerful and user-friendly tool that can transform the way you run your business.

With its ease of setup and intuitive interface, all it takes is a few clicks to get started.

The variety of features available allows you to customize the look of your webinars and host engaging conversations with your clients. 

Given the many benefits WebinarKit offers, it can be an invaluable asset for businesses of any size.

As I have found in my own experience, it’s well worth exploring what this platform has to offer you as well.

With that said, I highly recommend WebinarKit as a reliable option for connecting with your clients more effectively and making sure that their needs are met.

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