5+ Best P2P Proxy Providers 2024: [Fast, Safe & Private]

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It can be so frustrating when your internet connection cuts off just as you are about to submit your assignment. Furthermore, if this was all because of blocked websites or services, the added stress is simply too much to handle!

To prevent such scenarios from occurring ever again, I’m here today to talk about the best P2P proxy providers that will keep you connected – no matter what you do online.

What is a P2P Proxy Network?

If you know a lot about the web, you probably know a few things about how information moves around, but you probably don’t know the whole story.

You can protect yourself better in the future if you know how data moves from one PC to the next over the World Wide Web.

That starts with knowing why a reverse proxy service like this one is so amazing and how it gives you the highest level of security.

A proxy server is a computer that connects to the Internet on your behalf without your IP address being involved in the process.

Because of how most people connect to the Internet, your IP address is written down on almost every page you visit and when you download or send data.

Basically, any site you visit will know that you went there, which pages you looked at, and how long you were there.

7 Best P2P Proxy Servers 2024

In this article, we review the best P2P proxy providers on the market if this is what you’re looking for.

1) Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

Hola’s P2P arrangement is offered by Luminati. Luminati is a popular business proxy service that gives shared (P2P) proxy service that has more than 16 million private IPs.

Also, Luminati screws up most HTTP/HTTPS requests by sending them through a huge number of IPs. You can also use the free VPN service Hola from Luminati.

Bright Data Main

Hola works the same way as Tor, which sends your traffic to the computers or servers of other Tor clients. In the same way, in this world, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Most of the time, Luminati.io users can use the Free Hola client as a proxy hub. This tells us how many people are using Hola and how many IPs Luminati has.

Hola’s P2P network is very big, and unlike other proxies, it has millions of private IPs from people’s homes. Hola’s IPs are private, and it’s not likely that they will be blocked or given out.


  • Shared Proxies: $0.50/per GB
  • Private Proxies: $0.60/Month per IP
  • Residential and Mobile IPs: $12.5/per GB


2) MarsProxies

Imagine you’re playing your favorite P2P game, but suddenly you get blocked or slowed down. It’s frustrating, right? Well, MarsProxies comes to the rescue! These proxies help you stay hidden and keep the game running smoothly, like magic.


And guess what? MarsProxies has a lot of options to choose from! It’s like having a big buffet of proxies. You can switch between them easily and keep your gaming adventure going strong.

Setting up MarsProxies is a piece of cake, even if you’re not a tech expert. It’s super simple, and you’ll be ready to rock the P2P world in no time.

The best part is that MarsProxies supports both HTTP and SOCKS5, which means you get to play with no worries. Laggy gameplay? Not with MarsProxies! Your connection will be smooth like butter.

So, if you want to level up your P2P gaming experience and avoid any roadblocks, go for MarsProxies. It’s like having a trusty sidekick on your gaming journey. Game on, and have a blast!


3. IPRoyal Proxy

They offer solutions for data centers that have unlimited bandwidth, lightning-fast speeds, and are easy to set up. You can choose from different places around the world.

With this service, you can surf the internet anonymously from anywhere in the world without having to worry about being blocked by your location or having your private information stolen.

Get help from IPRoyal to make data extraction easy. It helps you stay safe and anonymous.

You can easily use it to learn more about your market, protect your brand, or give your infrastructure more security.

IPRoyal Proxy

IPRoyal is committed to providing its clients with a wide range of IP address solutions.

IP networking can be confusing and scary. With so many options, you need a business that you can depend on and that has a great name.

IPRoyal’s goal is to provide a long-term, reliable solution that is tailored to your business’s specific IP address needs.

Their solutions are reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective, giving you a great experience that changes as you do. They know a lot about how IP networks work.

They have millions of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges all over the world, which means they can meet all of your IPv4 and IPv6 needs.


They have 4 major services and a pricing plan for each.

Residential Proxies (Starts from $ 0.80 per GB): They come with flexible rotation options, sticky sessions, API access, and a cancelation option.

Datacenter Proxies (Starts from $ 1.30 per proxy): Allows you to have an unlimited amount of bandwidth and threads, along with 10 GBPS speed.

Sneaker Proxies (Starts from $ 0.80 per proxy): Unlimited bandwidth, instant delivery, and user authentication by IP or Pass.

4G Mobile Proxy (Starts from $ 90 per proxy): Includes unlimited bandwidth, a pool of 100 K residential IP addresses, an auto-rotate toggle, and API access.

4. Squid Proxies

Squid is a full-featured web proxy store server application that provides proxy and storage services for HTTP, FTP, and other common system protocols.

Simple booking can be done with Squid, as well as proxying HTTPS requests and storing DNS queries.

With the Squid cache, you can support multiple protocols, such as the Internet Cache Protocol (ICP), the Web Cache Coordination Protocol (WCCP), the Hypertext Caching Protocol (HTCP), and the Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP).

 The Squid proxy store server is a great solution for a variety of proxy and reservation server needs.

It can be scaled from small branch offices to large business systems, and it has tools for controlling access that is both broad and granular. It also uses the Simple Network Management Protocol to check basic parameters (SNMP).

When choosing a PC system to use as a dedicated Squid storage proxy server, some clients make sure it has a lot of physical memory because Squid keeps a reserve in memory to improve performance.

SquidProxies - Best P2P Proxy

Squid is an intermediary server that runs on Unix and stores Internet content more like a requestor than its original purpose, which was to be the starting point.

Squid makes it possible to store many different kinds of Web objects, including those that can be reached through HTTP and FTP.

By saving often-mentioned Web pages, media reports, and other content, response time is sped up and transmission capacity is less likely to be blocked.

Most of the time, a Squid proxy server is set up on a different server than the Web server that has the first records. Squid works by keeping track of how items are used on the system.

At first, Squid will act as a delegate, which means it will send the customer’s request to the server and save a copy of the mentioned item.

If the same customer or multiple customers request the same item before Squid’s reserve runs out, Squid can quickly serve it, speeding up the download and saving transfer speed.

Since the mid-1990s, Internet service providers (ISPs) have used Squid intermediary servers to speed up downloads and cut down on lag, especially when sending rich media or streaming video.

Most of the time, site administrators will use a Squid proxy server to speed up content. This saves a lot of the time it takes to see content and makes it easier for Web servers to handle loads.

Content delivery systems and media companies use Squid intermediary servers and send them through their networks to improve the experience of people watching programming, especially when it comes to balancing the load and handling traffic spikes for popular content.

Squid is free, open-source software that can be used with the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License (GPL). The Squid was originally designed to run on Unix-based systems, but it can also run on Windows computers.

The Squid grew out of the ARPA-funded Harvest Project, which was an open-source data gathering and capacity-building tool. If you want some discount on Squid Proxies check out the latest Squid Proxies coupon & discount.


  • Basic – $24/month
  • Silver – $45/month
  • Gold – $87/month
  • Platinum – $160/month
  • Free – $0

5. Microleaves

Microleaves is another proxy network that has a lot of users. The Private IP can be bought in Microleaves. All proxies come right out of the box and have a 99.99% uptime.

They were able to handle the hardest problems of middle management. With Microleaves, you can transfer data quickly and without limits.

There are also good support groups for all kinds of proxies. Shared Proxy and Backconnect Proxies are both available from Microleaves.

Overview Of Microleaves - Best P2P Proxy

Microleaves’ dashboard is not the easiest in the industry, but it is also not the most complicated. Things are easy to do, so you should get going right away.

To make things easier for you, the only way to prove who you are is to add your computer’s IP address to a “whitelist.”

This will get rid of any stress that might come from using a username and password to log in.

There are four services to choose from: a disconnect proxy, dedicated HTTP proxies, shared HTTP proxies, and automatic captcha resolution.

Each service has its own plans and costs. Without geo-containment, all places are effectively open. Customer service is done all the time, which is a very good thing.

Pricing Plans:

  • Backconnect Proxies ($124.99)
  • Dedicated HTTP Proxies ($12.5)
  • Shared HTTP Proxies ($15)

6. OxyLabs.io

Oxylabs is one of the oldest and most reputable proxy server-specialized technology companies. Oxylabs assists businesses in obtaining vital business information.

The best feature of Oxylabs is its collection of 1 million IP data centers and 10 million private IP proxy networks in over 180 countries.

Oxylabs Main

Oxylabs provides IP addresses to data centers and residences that support HTTP/HTTP and SOCKS® protocols. Determine the IP addresses of the data center and the private proxy.

Datacenter IP: An IP address that belongs to a secondary company rather than to an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Residential Proxy: Residential Proxy is a type of IP address that is assigned to one of the home owner’s standard Internet service providers (ISPs).

Pricing Plans:


  • $1.80 per IP
  • $180/month
  • 100 IPs included


  • $1.60 per IP
  • $800/month
  • 500 IPs included


  • $1.50 per IP
  • $1500/month
  • 1K IPs included


  • $1.20 per IP
  • $6000/month
  • 5K IPs included

7. My IP Hide

My IP Hide is a lightning-fast proxy service for unblocking sites and concealing your IP address with encrypted traffic. Easy to use, reliable, and quick.

Using My IP Hide is significantly faster than using VPNs, SSH proxies, and web proxies to conceal IP addresses.

Due to its scrambled traffic, it is more secure than a standard proxy in the interim.

Using My IP Hide, you can access any website (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer) at any time and from any location.

Hide My IP Overview - Best P2P Proxy

Your account is compatible with the Windows, Mac, and Android versions of My IP Hide.

Free proxy servers are typically slow, unstable, and short-lived. Sometimes it takes too much time each day to discover new working proxies.

My IP Hide is able to save you time (life). The system employs private proxy servers. They supervise and tune them to ensure that they are always operational and quick.

  • Security: Free proxy servers are available for public use. It causes insecurity and is short-lived. In contrast, My IP Hide is always quick and dependable.
  • Encryption: Normal proxy servers do not encrypt their traffic. My IP Hide, on the other hand, scrambles its traffic to bypass even the most advanced firewalls.

The VPN is also several times slower than My IP Hide. In 24 countries, 70 private proxies change their IP every minute.


  • 1 Month – $8.52/month
  • 6 Months – $6.98/month
  • 12 Months – $5.63/month

8. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is one of the best companies in the industry of residential rotating proxies right now.

They offer unlimited connections and have more than 10 million residential IP addresses that go through real mobile and desktop proxy networks all over the world.

Smartproxy Residential Proxies is one of the best proxy products on the market for one simple reason: they look exactly like real IP addresses that belong to real internet service providers.

Because these proxies do not share any subnetworks, they cannot be blocked or banned in large groups.

Smartproxy Overview

With Smartproxy, you can connect to more than 10 million IPs from more than 195 different places and send as many different connection requests as you want.

You can use a random proxy that changes your IP address every time you make a request, or you can use a sticky session that changes your IP address every 10 minutes.

Smartproxy has 23% better proxy performance than other residential proxy providers when it comes to all major data sources, such as Amazon and Google.

Residential Proxies Pricing Plans

Smartproxy has seven different plans based on how much traffic you use. The Micro plan with 5GB of traffic costs $75 and is the least expensive.

The cheapest price for the biggest plans is $3/Gb. There is a 3-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

Datacenter Proxies Pricing Plans

Smartproxy is the only major shared proxy service that lets you use all 40,000 shared data center proxies at any price.

Smartproxy has four different plans, with the least expensive one costing $50 per month. The cheapest price for the biggest plans is $0.5/Gb.

Benefits of Using a P2P Proxy Service

A reverse proxy service provides you with an additional layer of security when browsing the web. It is an untraceable way to browse any part of the Internet, and it is significantly more advantageous than traditional proxy transferring.

In a conventional proxy server configuration, information would flow as follows:

YOUR COMPUTER communicates with the PROXY SERVER, which then communicates with the WEBSITE you are attempting to access.

A PROXY SERVER acts as a “middleman” between YOUR COMPUTER and the website so that they can communicate.

The disadvantage is that you can still follow the trail of information back to your original computer if you really wanted to.

With a reverse proxy, communication occurs as follows.

YOUR COMPUTER communicates with the PROXY SERVER, which then communicates with a mysterious, constantly-changing SECOND PROXY SERVER, which then communicates with the website you are attempting to access.

YOUR COMPUTER and the PROXY SERVER are in communication, as are the PROXY SERVER and the SECOND PROXY SERVER, but the second proxy server is unaware of what is on the other side of the first proxy server. That implies that you are totally untraceable.

There are a number of advantages to surfing the Internet anonymously, but the greatest is the ability to reclaim your right to privacy.

You probably won’t have a major need for security when you’re doing standard web surfing, viewing Netflix, or checking your email, yet P2P Proxy has one of the least expensive pricing structures available, so you could use it to browse the web full-time.

Instructions to Protect Your Internet Privacy

Obviously, this information is covered by a large number of clients, and it is typically not an issue because it would require a great deal of effort to uncover everything from underneath there, and it would be for nothing if you weren’t doing anything online that you wouldn’t want others to see.

Yet, consider for a moment: despite the fact that the likelihood that someone will actually recover your logs is infinitesimally small and that you are not doing anything wrong, it still violates your privacy.

It does not matter where you go on the Internet; you have the right to surf without anyone being able to see where you go. This is where a proxy server such as P2P Proxies Network comes into play.

Whether you need to conceal your online activities for business or personal reasons, the switch proxy method is the most effective method.

All of the servers that we provide are equipped with industry-leading technology and are suitable for home or business use.

A proxy server is comparable to a mask for your computer. Nobody knows that you are visiting any of the websites that you are visiting because all they can see is the proxy server.

However, this is how a typical proxy server operates. The reverse proxy service offered by P2P Proxies takes it a step further.

To complete the request, the proxy server you are utilizing sends the data to a different intermediary server, chosen completely at random. This means that you are truly browsing the Internet in complete secrecy.

It means that each time you send a request for data, it will originate from a different, randomly selected IP address from our pool of between 1,000 and 2,000 IP addresses that change at random.

We have approximately one million proxy servers and are constantly switching things up.

Attempting to seize your data trail when you use their service is akin to “trying to catch smoke with your bare hands,” a quote from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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Conclusion: Best P2P Proxy 2024

The P2P Proxy Network possesses a plethora of remarkable characteristics.

The one we have been examining the most is gaining access to the servers to which they have access so that you are always mysterious.

You send information to one of their proxy servers, and it exits through a completely different proxy server with a completely different IP address.

That suggests that you typically have a different IP address.

Remember that they have between 1,000 and 2,000 dynamic proxy servers running at any given time, as well as a pool of 10,000 intermediary servers they can utilize as needed.

This is why the P2P Proxy Network is the most popular anonymizer on the web.

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