Funnel Genie Review 2024 | Best Sales Funnel For Drop shipping

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Today we will take you through the best way to make some extra cash through our Funnel Genie Review 2024.

During COVID-19 crisis and the ongoing recession all across the world, making money has become a priority for people to earn bread and butter. What if I lose my job and there are no companies who are hiring? What if I have to earn money through Drop shipping? What all can I do to use this platform in the most effective manner?

The answers to all your questions are mentioned below in the detailed review of Funnel Genie.

What Is Funnel Genie?

Funnel Genieย is one of the most effective platforms that will help you earn money through leads. However, before we start with the details, pros, cons, benefits, and other aspects of Funnel Genie, we will talk about a funnel website.

Funnel Genie Product Review

A Funnel website is the one that deals with directing customers in the right direction. It solely depends upon the eCommerce business that you run.

Some require a funnel that aims at receiving emails, others want it for buying a product or service, a few for contacting a business, and so on.

A funnel website helps to create a filter for your business that aims at attracting genuine customers to connect with you on your website.

Now, sales and web funnels are the most effective way to convert real website visitors into efficient converting customers. Here, Funnel Genie will take up the path to guide the customers through a funnel keeping in mind the end goal of conversion.

The dedicated team will analyze the business requirements and create a step-by-step path for the visitors. For example, if the end goal of the business is sales, the funnel will make sure that the visitors become genuine customers with minimal input of efforts.

Mostly, the funnel websites have a single page that makes it easy for visitors. Now that we are talking about sales when the visitor comes to the end of the page, he will get a โ€˜Buy Nowโ€™ option to make the purchase directly from the site along with a buying guide.

Once you start using Funnel Genie, you will realize that these websites are proven to be highly effective for eCommerce businesses.

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Funnel Genie Features:

  • Automated Dropshipping Tool
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Scalable for traffic fluctuations
  • Order metrics
  • Funnel templates
  • Product research
  • Web app
  • Merchant integration
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Funnel leads
  • Mobile app
  • Email campaigns
  • Facebook Pixel & Google Ads Integration
  • Abandoned Cart Email Recovery

Why Is Funnel Genie A Better Platform?

There are many funnel builders available online. However, you need to choose the most efficient one that will help you grow your eCom business. Now you must be wondering why is Funnel Genie the platform you must select?

The answer lies below in the features that you will get after registering as a Funnel Genie member:

  • The platform provides specialized services for eCommerce.
  • Funnel Genie will provide you with value for money services and is more affordable as compared to other platforms.
  • You need not worry once you select Funnel Genie. It provides you with readily available high converting Funnel Templates.
  • Other templates that you get with Funnel Genie include up-sell/down-sell.
  • You will experience refined merchant integration with High-Risk Merchants.
  • As compared to other alternative software available in the market, Funnel Genie has a faster funnel builder.
  • You can also get ready to launch an eCommerce brand funnel.
  • Lastly, Funnel Genie has a dedicated customer service team that is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

At a much lower price, you will be able to enjoy many more benefits and discounts when you choose Funnel Genie. There is no other service provider having such efficient and effective services.

What Can You Do With Funnel Genie?

To help you focus on the better side of the business, Funnel Genie takes the initiative to make things easy for you.

  • Ad Copy
  • Video Ads
  • Product Copy
  • Demographics and Targeting
  • One-click Push Funnel to your Dashboard

The list mentioned above is the requirements of any eCommerce business. Funnel Genie is the genie you need to make your strategies and remove hassles.

Funnel Genie Review

You will come across recent digital currencies like cryptocurrency and bitcoins. These terms are quite common to hear these days but some people might be unaware of the functioning of Digi-currency. Unlike any other platform, Funnel Genie helps to do Dropshipping.

It means you can market your product and distribute it through the right platform to the customers. The best part will be that you need not have an actual inventory or channel of your own.

Doesnโ€™t it sound fascinating? Well, for beginners we would like to take you through the easy process to get registered as a member on Funnel Genie.

Funnel Genie Review

  • Currently, Funnel Genie is offering a free trial that anyone can opt for and get started. You need to visit the official website of Funnel Genie and click on โ€˜Start your free trial now.โ€™ You need to add your name and email to start the process.

funnel genie online COD

  • Once you get started, you will get access to all the features that we have mentioned above. After you log in to your account, you need to click on the brandable option that you will see on the top left corner.
  • Now, you will find a list of the products from which you need to choose the product you want to sell.
  • As soon as you select the product, Funnel Genie will display all the necessary information on the screen related to the product.

Funnel Genie Review

  • Now, the Funnel Genie will create a funnel for you that will give you genuine customers. Firstly, it will include your homepage, then checkout page, Upsell 1 and 2, Downsell 1 and 2, and a thank you page. Once you follow the points mentioned above, you have the privilege to preview or edit any page you desire.
  • Now, you need to press on the publish option and the funnel will get uploaded to the funnel genie cloud.
  • It would be best if you can further publish the link by promoting it on social media pages you use.

Additional Benefits of Using Funnel Genie:

  • There is no requirement of a merchant.
  • eCommerce COD
  • Weekly payout options
  • Hassle-free deliveries and fulfillment

Funnel Genie Pricing: Is It Affordable?

As we have mentioned before, Funnel Genie will be the right choice for you due to its affordability. At first, the seven-days free trial is available and after that, the rate goes to $297.97.

A basic plan is also available for which you need to pay a monthly payment of $97.97. It might seem a little expensive, but it will be a worthwhile investment that you will see sooner.

product-list-genie-coupon-code-discount- Funnel Genie Review

Pros and Cons of Funnel Genie:

  1. Limited product: Funnel Genie gives you the opportunity to sell products that have listed in the funnel list. The reason behind this restriction is the main focus of Funnel Genie on winning products. It enables you to focus on the right products that will yield money.
  2. Restriction within the country: As you have cash on delivery services there are country restrictions. COD works in specific countries due to security reasons.
  3. Hosting the page: You have access to host the pages by yourself. However, when you use Funnel Genie, the team will take the responsibility of hosting the page for you. You will get constant updates on the same from the team.

FAQs | Funnel Genie Review

๐Ÿคซ How Much Does Funnel Genie Cost?

Funnel Genie has a seven-day free trial and after that, the basic plan starts from a monthly payment of $97.97.

๐Ÿ’ฅ Is Funnel Genie Actually Good?

Funnel Genie is so far the most efficient and affordable cash on the delivery platform that anyone can use. Through this software, you can build incredible sales funnel within a few seconds.

๐Ÿ™„ What Are The Benefits Of Funnel Genie?

Funnel Genie comes with many benefits and some of which are specialized services for eCommerce, affordable, high converting Funnel Templates, refined merchant integration, and more.

๐Ÿ’ฒ What Can You Do with Funnel Genie?

Various things are there to do with Funnel Genie. You can search for the products you want to buy from twelve different categories of the products. You can easily create your funnels, customize them as per your desires. It offers payouts through TransferWise where customers can transfer money from over 30 countries. You will get the best training sessions where you will know more about Funnel Genie and how to use it.

๐Ÿค‘ What is the Funnel Genie?

It is an exceptional sales funnel platform that can be used for eCommerce as well as dropshipping. You can create a website on which they can make sales of their products and increase their business all over the world. In this type of funnel, users have first to select the product and then launch it on the funnel. After that, you can start promoting them and increase your sales.

โšก How Does Funnel Genie Work?

The Funnel Genie provides a free trial for one week. A notifying message you will get several times for the upgradation of your account. You have to click on that small box, and then you will be directed to a page to create your password and can have control over your dashboard features. There are beneficial and helpful videos on the dashboard to guide the application and its functionalities.

๐Ÿค™ Who is FunnelGenie For?

If you need to use the dropshipping feature, then you should opt for Funnel Genie. It is quite challenging to deal with it. Sometimes, it feels like a scam, but in reality, it is the actual business where you will receive what you invest. In this Funnel Genie review, you can understand how it is affordable and useful for your company.

๐Ÿ’ฅ What is Product List Genie Anyway?

It is a software that is developed by Giancarlo Barraza that can help in setting up an eCommerce business for every drop shipper. It can help you in managing your business in just five days. Product List Genie works by identifying the popular products in the market and adds them automatically in your eShop. It makes visitors view the products and can make purchases from your site. Product List Genie advocates for all those items that are US-based.

๐Ÿคท Is Funnel Genie Worth It?

Dropshipping is very difficult and challenging for every business person. It is necessary to have a platform that can handle all the tasks related to dropshipping. And see, here is Funnel Genie. It is a real Genie for eCommerce business persons that are managing all the complications of drop shipping. It will curate the selected products on your site. You can push the data to Shopify, track the sales, and many more.

๐Ÿ˜ฒ What Can Product List Genie Do for Me?

๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธ There are several things that Funnel Genie can do for their users. It provides you with the best testing facility so that you can first test its services and then decide to join them. There are good training sessions with videos to guide you about the software. They can guide you and show the right path. You can also get suggestions from experienced minds. It is also possible to access various online courses to handle everything.

๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™€๏ธ Why this Funnel Genie Review?

Funnel Genie is a leading platform when it comes to deal with drop shipping. It is an amazing software that manages all the challenges of drop shipping. It will provide you with every feature and tool that can help you to develop a sales funnel. You can start selling your products and earn money. Funnel Genie is introduced to ease the work of its users. It is a great platform that is used to build a sales funnel for dropshipping as well as for eCommerce.

๐ŸคŸ Why Product List Genie?

It provides an easy way to process the details, tracks the sales with order summary, and analyzes the profits. You can select only those products that are getting popular among buyers. The Product List Genie is loaded with features that make it special, unique, and user-friendly. From a dashboard, a user can also access all the possible features and controls.

๐Ÿง Why the List of Genius Products? Is Product List Genie Legit?

Genius products are made with science concepts with lots of profit margins. Genius products have great competition in the market among other companies. Yes, Product List Genie is legit. You may be watching different reviews about this platform. The reviews are of both positive and negative types for this product. But you must know the truth about it, and Product List Genie is created for Shopify.

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ”ง What are Funnel Genie PlgBrands?

FunnelGenie PlgBrands is a type of software that can help you in building a sales funnel to market your products and sell them over the internet. In the sales funnel, there are the following things that are included: One-page checkout, Cross-sell, Down sell and Upsell. It supports Cash on Delivery service. These sessions can help you to understand the platform. It encourages you to market your products to increase your sales.

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Conclusion: Funnel Genie Review 2024

Conclusively, Funnel Genie is so far the most efficient and affordable cash on the delivery platform that anyone can use. Through this software, you can build incredible sales funnel within a few seconds.

Funnel Genie is a complete all-in-one solution for your Dropshipping business. You can create your business from scratch without the need for optimizing the site.

Hope you have liked our Funnel Genie Review 2024. Do not forget to get a free trial by clicking the link below.

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