LearnWorlds vs Thinkific 2023: Which Is The Best Course Platform? Ultimate Comparison

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Are you confused between LearnWorlds vs Thinkific? Struggling to know that which one is better and why? 

If yes then stay tuned with us and find your idol one which fulfills all your requirements in one go. Let’s start with the basic comparison!


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Best for

LearnWorlds is a comprehensive platform for creating, managing, and selling online courses using digital media. For clients, it is a cost-effective, easy, and efficient method of professional growth.

Thinkific is a complete online software platform that enables you to create, market, and deliver courses and training programmes with simple and informative designs, allowing you to better your interactions with audiences.

  • It is easy to use & has most of the features you want
  • Custom domain of their individual
  • Many customisable options
  • White-label platform
  • You can create an infinite number of course
  • Thinkific's software is extremely user-friendly.
  • Integration using Zapier is a possibility
  • There's a helpful earnings calculator on Thinkific's website
  • There is a freemium package available
  • It's simple to personalize your online school.
  • The interactive content is very impressive
  • Prices that are reasonable
  • You can create an infinite number of course
  • You can build the landing and marketing pages.
  • Courses are delivered very systematically.
  • Thinkific's software is extremely user-friendly.
  • Integration with Zapier is a possibility.
  • It's simple to personalise your online school.
  • There is a freemium package available.
  • A useful wages calculator may be found on Thinkific website
  • Customer help may not be available right away.
  • No Free Trial.
  • There isn't any live chat support accessible.
  • In contrast, Thinkific marketing abilities are quite limited
Ease of Use

LearnWorlds is a complete platform that allows businesses to create, market, and sell online courses utilizing marketing tools.

Thinkific makes it simple to promote and sell your online courses by bringing together all of the resources you'll need in one place.

Value For Money

LearnWorlds is an excellent platform for developing and marketing online courses. You will not be disappointed with your decision to use this platform.

Thinkific is an excellent platform with several options for creating online courses. Although it is somewhat more expensive than LearnWorlds, you will not be dissatisfied with your decision to utilize this platform because it gives excellent value for money.

Customer Support

Customers of Learnworlds get access to a 24/7 support desk, it's not good as Thinkfic.

Thinkific's Help Center, blog, training site, expert marketplace, and status page all provide customer care. There's also a FAQ if none of these are helpful.

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This article is all about LearnWorlds vs Thinkific 2023 so stay tuned to know everything about this.

Online courses are created and sold by course creators on LearnWorlds and Thinkific. What’s the best option for you? Check out this comparison between LearnWorlds vs Thinkific to learn more.

To start off, it is important that I point out that these platforms target slightly different audiences. Thinkific is an ideal solution for first-time course sellers who don’t require advanced features.

Businesses, corporations, and larger course providers benefit most from LearnWorlds. What you need will depend on what you need.

It’s obvious that the comparison is very close. These two platforms are both very good at what they do, so it is impossible to call a clear winner. What matters is what you are looking for.

With LearnWorlds, large course creators with advanced needs will have a premium platform at their fingertips. For beginners and single-course creators, Thinkific might be easier to use.

If I were you, I’d sign up for both Thinkific and LearnWorlds and try them both out to find out which one you prefer.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Product Backgrounds

Let’s have a look at the backgrounds of both platforms from scratch so that an individual can make their choice more easily.

What Is LearnWorlds?

Educators started using LearnWorlds in 2014 as a platform for providing courses. The funding helped it grow rapidly and it gained traction over the following years.

When it comes to creating intricate and detailed courses, LearnWorlds is one of the best around.

LearnWorlds Overview - LearnWorlds vs Thinkific

Among its users are small, independent creators as well as large, multi-million dollar companies. Although its advanced features are more suited to larger course providers than beginners.

What Is Thinkific?

As a small platform for businesses and individuals to create courses, Thinkific was created in 2012. It currently has around 100 employees and generates an estimated $15M in revenue each year.

Thinkific’s easy-to-use interface is a big selling point. Even beginners can use this platform because of the drag-and-drop course builder.

Thinkific Main - LearnWorlds vs Thinkific

While LearnWorlds and LearnWorlds share some similarities, their target audiences differ greatly. Thinkific is a better choice for individuals than LearnWorlds, which aims to be a premium course builder.

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LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Course Creation

It’s high time to explore the field of course creations of both platforms. Let’s dive into this now.


LearnWorlds offers a great course creation process. Many platforms exist for creating courses, but few offer the level of detail you can have with this one.

While the interface is somewhat confusing at first, once you get into the course creation process, it becomes relatively simple.

LearnWorlds Course Creation - LearnWorlds vs Thinkific

The ability to add a video to your course, making the student experience unforgettable, is one of the big selling points. You have total control over how detailed you want to make your course.

Creating a relatively simple course can be accomplished quickly, or you can go deep and make the most detailed course available.


Thinkific’s course creation has been talked about a lot, but I didn’t believe it until I tried it for myself. The course creator is so easy to use that I was shocked!

It is easy to drag and drop files into the course using the drag-and-drop builder. Adding multimedia to the course is easy since it’s very intuitive.

Thinkific Course Creation - LearnWorlds vs Thinkific

Also, drip content can be added, or you can make certain parts of the course mandatory before they can move on to the next chapter. You have full control over how you build your course.

Winner: LearnWorlds. Both platforms have very good course builders, so it’s a close call. With its interactive videos, SCORM files, and gamification, LearnWorlds’ course builder is a bit more powerful.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Ease of Use

Let’s know about the user-friendly environment the platforms provide to their users for smooth access, understanding as well as installation.


It may be intimidating for beginners at first to use LearnWorlds’ interface. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information on the starting page.

You’ll quickly discover that it’s really quite easy to use once you begin creating your course. You may find the analytics confusing at first. It won’t take long for you to understand it, though.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no customer support or tutorial, which makes it a bit more difficult.


The Thinkific course builder is one of the best I’ve seen. Its drag-and-drop capability makes it easy to use.

Your content only needs to be uploaded and then dragged into place. It really couldn’t be simpler. In addition, there are various documentation files and instructions available to aid you in your journey.

Winner: This one goes to Thinkific, without a doubt. In my opinion, Thinkific’s course creation is the easiest of the bunch to use, and LearnWorlds’ interface can be intimidating to beginners.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Integrations & Features

Below is a brief comparison of both the platforms on the basis of their features and integrations which apparently make any software ace.


You’re going to need some extra integrations even if your platform is premium like LearnWorlds.

Some of these features are already available in their Basic plan. While a higher-priced plan might offer better integrations and features.

LearnWorlds Integrations

Many integrations including Google Analytics, Zapier and Google Tag Manager, SumoMe, Hubspot, Intercom, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, and more, are supported.

Compared to other course creation platforms, LearnWorlds is a better choice – SCORM files, Interactive Videos,  SSO, no transaction fees, 20+ administrators, and so on.


You can integrate Thinkific with email marketing platforms, such as ConvertKit, AWeber, Mailchimp, and ConstantContact.

Zapier is also available, enabling 1000+ additional integrations. ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft are also notable integrations.

It depends on the plan you choose which features you will have access to. Although Thinkific has a number of nice features with the Basic plan, LearnWorlds is clearly superior at higher echelons.

Winner: LearnWorlds, but only due to its higher levels of features.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Educational Benefits

Let’s dive into the educational benefits these awesome platforms provide to the users.


Throughout the process, quizzes, assignments, tests, and exams can be added. The course also allows you to add certifications, and you can do so for every section if desired.

Furthermore, drip content is also available, as well as a built-in community that comes at the lowest pricing level.


Even the free plan of Thinkific allows ungraded quizzes and assignments. Although you’ll be able to issue certifications only with more expensive plans.

As well as advanced features, graded and timed tests are only available with the Growth Plan. Building a community is only possible with the Pro Plan.

Winner: Tie. Educational benefits are similar on both platforms.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Marketing Tools

Let’s have a look at the marketing tools both the platforms give:


Integrations will be necessary for both platforms, especially for email marketing. A few basic tools are available, however.

Customize your sales page or landing page with LearnWorlds. Additionally, you can manage your affiliates and create 1-click funnels.


Additionally, Thinkific offers some basic marketing tools, but you will need emailing tools for a more thorough promotion.

There are similar tools to manage affiliates and sales pages here. In addition to managing your mailing list, you can do so with the Growth plan, but you’ll be better off with one of the integrated tools.

Winner: Tie. There is a need for integrations between these two marketing tools for more comprehensive marketing.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: How Much Does It Cost?

Now comes the most important thing which is pricing. So below are a brief description of all the plan and processes.


Let’s know about the various plans of Learnworlds:

LearnWorlds Pricing

  • The Starter Plan: You can choose this plan for $24 a month or $29 a month if you wish to pay annually (plus $5 for every course you trade). With this plan, you get one admin account, a personalized domain, a 3-page builder, 4 payment options, a free SSL certificate, and access to 24×7 customer support.
  • Pro-Trainer Plan: When you upgrade to the pro-trainer plan, which costs $79 per month, you will see many advantages. There are no exchange expenses, unlimited courses and landing pages, a complete website builder with web journals, memberships and participation, installment compensations, and more. Zapier and another premium integration tool are available as well.
  • Learning Center Plan: There are a few extra highlights in the learning center, which costs $249 per month. You can have up to 20 administrators or teachers. In addition, you can upload abundant learners with this plan. This plan offers complete white-label options as well. A custom iOS or Android app can be created for an extra fee, as well as interactive video.
  • Other Plans: It also offers corporate plans that include extra admins, branded corporate institutes, and dedicated account managers.

Let’s know about the various plans of Thinkfic:


They have 4 different enrolling programs:

Thinkific Pricing

  • A free plan provides you with three-course limits and the basic features you need to build your course module, making it a convenient and reliable option for a startup. 
  • In my opinion, a $49 plan is best since it offers affiliate reporting, email integration, Zapier, and other features. 
  • They have pro-growth packages with heavy programming tools starting at $99 and $499 for massive courses and multiple admins. 
  • The option for one-time payment with a customized enrollment duration allows students a 30-day trial period to try out their courses. 
  • The subscription and membership options allow users to customize their first payment and free trial period for students’ recurring monthly fees. 
  • Additional pricing can also be set up so that users can pay for courses monthly or once.

Winner: Thinkific since it offers a free plan and cheaper pricing.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Support

Let’s have a look at the customer support of both platforms:


With the basic plan, you’ll receive 24/5 support, and with more advanced plans, you’ll get 24/7 support. There is, however, no live chat or phone support.

LearnWorlds Support

LearnWorlds has fantastic support, however. Support agents are very responsive and friendly, and they are clearly concerned about your experience.


Even on the free plan, Thinkific provides friendly and accommodating customer service. If you have a question, they respond quickly.

Thinkific Support

Send them an email, give them a call, or chat with them. However, they aren’t available 24 hours a day.

Winner: It’s a tie since both of these platforms provide outstanding customer support, no matter which plans you choose.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Pros & cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of both platforms:

LearnWorlds Pros:

  • A single platform can be used to create a variety of courses.
  • You can create marketing and landing pages.
  • A new user will find the interface easy to use.
  • The students can download files online through LearnWorlds.
  • To assist the clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they provide customer support.
  • On Thinkific’s free plan, it is very simple to create a seven-week course, as well as manage the cash flow.
  • Mobile and tablet templates that are easily accessible assist in creating the video quickly and easily.
  • You can customize your dialect.
  • The free trial lasts for 30 days.
  • It is possible to create an infinite number of courses. 
  • The courses are regularly updated to keep them up-to-date.
  • Audiences engage with interactive content more effectively.
  • A flexible and reasonable platform.
  • Free trials require no credit card information.
  • Students can easily grasp a topic when they watch an interesting video tutorial.

LearnWorlds Cons:

  • With a free trial or starter plan, you may not get instant customer service. You need to purchase a pro or premium plan in order to obtain an all-time customer service facility.
  • The website builder feature may contain a few bugs or glitches.
  • Users who do not use the payment gateways face problems because payment options are limited.
  • It is time-consuming to upload bulk data, which can be frustrating at times.

Thinkfic Pros:

  • The only startup platform with zero transaction fees. 
  • You can sell your courses using its basic and affordable option.
  • Phone support is available with this software.
  • Thinkific makes it much easier to create a course, with tools like presentation tools, surveys, and assignments. Create a custom domain and host your courses there. 
  • Both parties benefit from Thinkific’s secure administrative features.
  • Having a track of assignments and core chapters is a good experience for students.
  • The coupon codes, email affiliates, and other paid plans with unlimited options will easily increase your conversion rate a bit more
  • Tests and quizzes in Thinkific are designed for students’ testing and learning and allow for explanations. 
  • As you move to the pro+ growth plan, you can send emails to multiple students at once. With the basic plan, it can be difficult to send an email to one student at a time.

Thinkfic Cons:

  •  Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks, including a lack of marketplace support for content promotion. 
  • Helpful, but a bit slow is a support system.
  • One can only add a link to a pdf in Thinkific, however, there’s some limitation in terms of interactive pdf lessons being embedded in a text or video lesson. 
  • Contrary to other checkout pages, this one doesn’t offer much customization.

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Final Verdict: LearnWorlds vs Thinkific 2023

The scores are very tight. The platforms are both great, even though they cater to different audiences.

Thinkific caters to beginners and individuals who are looking to create courses easily, whereas LearningWorlds caters to large organizations seeking more features.

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