Thinkific Review 2024: Best Course Creation Platform in 2024?

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Thinkific Review


Thinkific is a powerful online course builder that helps you create and sell your own courses. With Thinkific, you have complete control over your website layout, content, pricing, etc.

Out of 10


  • Thinkific is one of the few systems that offer telephone assistance
  • Thinkific offers custom domains
  • Thinkific does not impose extra transaction fees
  • Offers a free basic plan
  • No coding experience required
  • Offers complete control over your website layout


  • Thinkific does not have a marketplace for courses


Price: $ 39

Have you ever wondered about creating your own online course? Well, I did, too, and that’s why I tried Thinkific! It’s this cool platform where you can build and sell your online courses.

I know it might sound a bit tricky, but trust me, I’ll keep it super simple. In this review, I’m going to share my personal experience with Thinkific.

I’ll talk about how easy (or hard!) it was to use, what I loved about it, and any little hiccups I faced. Whether you’re a teacher, a hobbyist, or just curious about sharing your skills, this review is for you.

Let’s dive into the world of Thinkific together and see if it’s the right fit for your online course dreams!

Thinkific Review 2024

Overview of Thinkific 

  • Thinkific offers a user-friendly platform with an intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners to create and launch courses without the need for technical skills.
  • The step-by-step course creation process and drag-and-drop editor simplify the course-building experience.
  • It also Provides a wide range of tools for course creation, including quizzes, assignments, and content locking to enhance learning.
  • It also Supports multiple content types, such as videos, PDFs, and quizzes, allowing for varied and engaging course material.
  • Offers built-in marketing tools, such as email marketing integrations and affiliate tracking, to help users promote their courses.
  • Thinkific allows for significant customization of course pages and landing pages, enabling users to match the look and feel of their brand.
  • Offers a variety of themes and templates to get started, with the ability to edit HTML and CSS for deeper customization.
  • Thinkific is seen as a valuable platform for individuals and businesses looking to create and sell online courses, offering a balance of ease of use, features, and customization options.

Thinkific Features:

1. Intuitive Course Creation Tools

thinkific course creation feature

With Thinkific, assembling courses is a breeze, even for those with no prior experience in course design. The platform simplifies the creation process, allowing you to bring your educational content to life in just minutes.

2. Customizable Drag-and-Drop Web Page Designer

The platform’s drag-and-drop web page builder empowers you to craft custom landing pages that showcase your courses. Please select from a variety of templates and effortlessly tailor them to align with your branding and course theme.

3. Enhanced Promotion and Marketing Capabilities

Thinkific includes an array of marketing tools to help you spread the word about your courses. Utilize built-in email marketing, affiliate marketing strategies, sales widgets, and discount coupons to attract and retain students.

4. Diverse Payment Options for Course Enrollment

Flexibility in payment is key on Thinkific, offering you the liberty to choose how your students pay for their education. Options range from one-time payments to monthly installments and even membership models for ongoing access to your courses.

5. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Stay informed about the health of your online course business with Thinkific’s detailed reporting tools. Track revenue, monitor orders, and oversee enrollments. Plus, gain insights into student engagement to optimize your courses for success.

6. Supportive Student Communities and Engagement Tools

thinkific learning feature

Enhance the learning experience by providing students with an online community for peer-to-peer learning. Engage your audience with interactive assessments and reward their achievements with digital certificates.

7. Educational Resources for Course Creators

Thinkific is committed to your growth as an educator. Access a wealth of resources, including free courses on course creation and selling, an extensive online knowledge base, and a feature to connect with industry experts.

8. Innovative Thinkific App Store

Elevate your courses with specialized apps available through the Thinkific App Store. This unique marketplace links course creators with developers, offering tools designed to enhance the online learning experience and take your courses to new heights.

 Is Thinkific the Best Platform To Create Online Courses? 

Thinkific is a powerful online course builder that helps you create and sell your own courses. With Thinkific, you have complete control over your website layout, content, pricing, and information shared with students.

Plus, because it’s trusted by more than 25,000 course creators and many students worldwide, you know that it’s a tool that will help you grow professionally.

Thinkific Review

One of the best things about Thinkific is that it’s so easy to use. You don’t need any coding experience or design skills to create a beautiful online course.

In just a few minutes, you can have your course up and running. Plus, because Thinkific is so popular, you’ll have no trouble finding students who are interested in your courses.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create and sell online courses, then I recommend giving Thinkific a try. With this platform, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business and reach new students worldwide.

How do you create an Online Course with Thinkific? 

Creating an online course with Thinkific is simple. You don’t need any coding experience or design skills to get started. In just a few minutes, you can have your course up and running.

Create Course with Thinkific

Here are the simple steps to creating your own online course with Thinkific:

Step 1 : Sign up for a free account

Step 2: Choose a template for your course

Step 3: Upload your content

Step 4: Set your pricing and enrollment options

Step 5: Publish your course and start selling!

It’s that easy!

Top 3 Best Thinkific Examples: 

Some of the best examples of Thinkific are – 

1. Dunbar Academy: 

Occasionally, Fido does what Fido wants. That is when dog trainers enter the picture.

By enrolling your dog in a training program, you can protect your shoes from future chew sessions and prevent awkward encounters at the dog park. And the structure and a transparent chain of command make dogs happier—after all, they are pack animals.

2. GuitarZero2Hero: 

Although the guitar has six strings, it can have hundreds of melodic variations—from classical (Bach) to classic rock (Tom Petty). It may be difficult for beginning guitarists to know where to begin with so many choices.

Paul Tran’s approach to guitar instruction is lighthearted and natural. Students begin by learning, playing, and practicing the music they love by choosing classes that match their preferences.

3. Paul Lam Tai Chi Lessons: 

Tai Chi may assist you in regaining your balance, calming your mind, and treating various chronic illnesses. Dr. Paul Lam is an accomplished Tai Chi practitioner devoted to bringing the art’s “near-magical” advantages to the general public.

Perhaps you’ve seen groups of tai chi students practicing in parks or classes advertised at your neighborhood community center.

However, online courses offer students complete control over their schedules, allowing them to practice Tai Chi anywhere and whenever they choose. And for Dr. Lam, specialization is the name of the game.

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Thinkific Integrations:

Thinkific has (so far) concentrated its integration efforts on six critical areas: e-commerce, automation tools, analytics, email marketing, student success, and growth tools.

Thinkific Integrations

Your Thinkific plan level determines your degree of integration access. The following chart summarizes which Thinkific plans contain which integrations.

1. Marketing through email:

This is a significant issue for online course vendors. Through years of working with customers and doing research, I’ve learned that nothing is more successful than email for selling online courses.

Thinkific, fortunately, integrates with four big-league systems: MailChimp (which I use), AWeberConvertKit, and Active Campaign. There is no formal Constant Contact connection — for whatever reason – but this could potentially be accomplished using Zapier.

2.  Tools for automation:

You may link Thinkific to Zapier and Infusionsoft using the appropriate premium plan level. Zapier is a Web platform created with the express purpose of connecting (i.e., integrating) other systems.

Thus, you may theoretically utilize Zapier to connect Thinkific with a wide variety of platforms in addition to those supported by the administration panel.

3.  E-commerce:

To handle credit card orders for your courses, you may link your Thinkific account to your Stripe or Paypal account.

Additionally, you may link to Stunning, a service that assists in preventing rejected Stripe payments, and Quaderno, a tax management tool that helps in handling taxes, including EU VAT taxes.

Thinkific Customer Support

The pre-sale assistance seems to be adequate since the website is educational, and you can read through case studies and real-world clients who have used Thinkific to create online courses.

The Resource page contains product demonstrations that will walk you through the process of getting started with Thinkific without having to sign up for a plan.

Additionally, you’ll discover a comprehensive blog with many lessons to assist you along the way. Further, the Thinkific website includes free video training and connections to the company’s social media channels.

Thinkific offers direct assistance through a Help Center that includes a getting started guide, training, and community area. The community forums are brimming with real-world user discussions, and the help manuals are your best option for comprehensive technical assistance.

Finally, Thinkific has a contact form that automatically adds you to the queue for ticketing.

There is no opportunity to contact a direct support number or communicate with someone through a chatbox. However, several of the plans provide onboarding assistance, and the Business plan includes priority support.

While the online resources are excellent in general, it would be wonderful to have some phone assistance for individuals who like to communicate with real people.

Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does Thinkific Cost? 

thinkific pricing

1. Free Plan

Cost: Free

Key Features:

  • Create 1 course and 1 community with 2 spaces per community.
  • Additional features: 100% content ownership, drag-and-drop course builder, user-friendly website themes, integrated e-1 administrator account, and unlimited student enrollment.
  • 0% transaction fee.
  • Email support and a chatbot for 30 days.

2. Basic Plan

Pricing: $36 per month

Enhancements from the Free Plan:

  • Access to Thinkific’s Accelerator Program.
  • Unlimited courses, 1 community with 5 spaces.
  • Continuous email and live chat support.
  • Branded mobile app as an add-on.
  • Custom domain, coupons & discounts, affiliate selling.
  • Includes all features of the Free Plan.

3. Start and Grow Plans

Start Plan:

Cost: $74 per month.

Features: Includes everything in the Basic Plan plus assignments, bundles, and add-on packages, memberships & payment plans, live lessons, advanced course-building options, and advanced website code editing.

Grow Plan:

Pricing: $149 per month.

Thinkific Discount 

Thinkific offers a 25% discount if you pay for a year. This means that you can save a good amount of money on start and grow plans.. 

Advanced Features: Everything in the Start Plan, plus 3 communities with 20 spaces each, 2 administrator accounts, phone and priority email support, Thinkific branding removal, bulk student emailer, bulk enrollments, and API access.

Thinkific Pros & Cons:


  • You don’t need any coding experience or design skills to get started. In just a few minutes, you can have your course up and running.
  • Thinkific is popular, so there will be many students who are interested in your courses.
  • With Thinkific, you have complete control over your website layout, content, pricing, and information shared with students.
  • You can create courses on any topic that you’re interested in.
  • Thinkific offers a wide range of features, so you can create a course that meets your specific needs.
  • You can track your progress and see how your courses are performing.
  • The support team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have.


  • Thinkific does not have a marketplace for courses, which may be a significant disadvantage for its free users.
  • Thinkific’s two-step checkout procedure may increase educators’ cart abandonment rate.
  • While Thinific scores well on most metrics, navigation is not one of them.

Thinkific Testimonials & User Reviews

Here are some testimonials from Thinkific users:

Thinkific Testimonials Thinkific User review


❓Can I use Thinkific without any technical skills?

Yes, Thinkific is designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to create and launch courses without the need for technical skills. The platform offers an intuitive course builder, drag-and-drop web page editor, and easy-to-use marketing tools that make it accessible for beginners.

👀What types of courses can I create on Thinkific?

Thinkific supports a wide variety of course types, including video courses, quizzes, assignments, and PDF lectures. You can create courses on any topic, ranging from academic subjects to creative arts and professional development.

🧐Does Thinkific provide any marketing tools?

Yes, Thinkific includes built-in marketing tools to help you promote your courses. These tools include email marketing integrations, affiliate marketing capabilities, sales widgets, and the ability to offer coupons and discounts to attract students.

👉Is there a free version of Thinkific?

Yes, Thinkific offers a free plan with basic features, allowing you to create and sell online courses with limited capabilities. This plan is a great way to get started and test the platform before committing to a paid subscription.


Thinkific Review Conclusion: Should You Try It? 

Thinkific stands out as an exceptional online course platform, offering an impressive blend of user-friendly course creation tools, customizable web page design, and robust marketing and sales features.

Its flexibility in payment options caters to a variety of business models, while comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights into course performance and student engagement.

For those of you who are looking for an easy way to create and sell online courses, I recommend giving Thinkific a try. With this platform, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business and reach new students worldwide.

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