Amazing Selling Machine Review 2024: Is This Course Legit?

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have decided to reopen the Amazing Selling Machine course due to big demand from the public audience.

The Amazing Selling Machine is considered to be the most effective strategy/ways to start an online business.

The main focus of the entire course is dedicated to building own, long-term, and profitable Amazon eCommerce Business. It’s been a time for letting the dream come through.

Aamzing selling machine coupon discount

Amazing Selling Machine course or also called ASM is an unusually successful online business course to learn how to profitably sell on Amazon and build a successful and real business that will secure personal and financial freedom for the rest of the life.

Amazing Selling Machine Review 2024 with Pros and Cons:


  • You won’t need your own website or blog
  • You have access to community support
  • The training program is thorough and easy to follow step by step
  • A real business model that is proven to work


  • The price might be high for many people to afford

ASM is a solid and proven system on how to sell and maximize your profits leveraging the power of Amazon.

And when it comes down to there is no better opportunity in the eCommerce business industry than it is now.

Amazon company is one of the fastest-growing and innovating companies on the market and it’s expected to grow in the future exponentially.

Amazon is a $170 billion market full of new and new ready-to-buy customers waiting to buy the product.

Now, think for yourself, On which side YOU Are? 🙂

Some Interesting Points about Amazon and Why It’s So Big Business Opportunity Now

  • Amazon’s revenue is at an all-time high
  • Amazon’s market cap is at an all-time high, with estimates to double in the next 2-3 years!
  • Amazon just had its biggest sales day EVER (Prime Day 2017 = $1 BILLION in sales)
  • Jeff Bezos became this richest person IN HISTORY.
  • Members becoming multi-millionaires every month by building and selling their businesses
  • Brand new opportunities on Amazon to beat established brands
  • New strategies and software tools for finding product opportunities nobody else is looking at (bigger, heavier, and higher profit margin products)
  • International opportunities hotter than ever (literally just throwing products up and making money)

Based on Amazon’s current growth rate, it’s safe to assume that in just a few years, Amazon will be selling $300-$400 billion every single year. To do that, it needs more and more third-party sellers.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM8) is a course created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark and taught by two instructors, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

You can learn in this ASM on how to make money using amazon. If you ever thought of starting ana amazon Absa business, ASM can be a great opportunity to learn.

Amazing Selling Machine courses result

The course has been regularly updated over the years and has evolved along with Amazon. I first heard about ASM5 way back in 2015, while ASM8 launched in October of 2017.

ASM 9 will likely be launching sometime in April of 2018, and I will create a fully updated Amazing Selling Machine 9 review once it comes out.

The current course consists of 8 different modules. Each module is broken down into easy to digest lessons (132 in all) and there are over 10 hours of content to go through. There’s also a weekly coaching call at the end of each module, although at this time the recording are already out.

Each of the video lessons is typically a mix of PowerPoint presentations and screen sharing live demos.

You also get access to the very active ASM community forum that’s inside the site and an external Facebook group as well.

In the forum, you can get help from both regular ASM members and the ASM mentors, who are volunteer members who have done over $1 million in Amazon FBA sales.

The course starts from the very beginning, so even if you don’t know the first thing about selling on Amazon, you will eventually learn everything you need to create a successful Amazon FBA brand from the course.

Amazon Selling Machine Review: Honest Opinion

To be clear, my Amazon FBA business was already quite successful before I ever signed up for ASM8. I remember hearing about it in the early days, but it was closed at the time. Plus the high sticker price turned me off at the time.

Amazing selling machine customer reviews


But I finally ended up signing up for ASM8 during the October 2017 launch.

By then our business was making enough money that the price of the course seemed like a reasonable investment. If I could just learn a few new strategies or tactics that could take our business to the next level, then the course would be worth it.

I’ve been through all the materials now, and I’m super impressed by the content.

I especially found the sections on optimizing our Amazon listings and Sponsored ads to be really helpful in our business.

We spent over $50k in sponsored ads in 2017 and the improvements I’ve been able to make to the way we handle our ads, and improving the conversion rate of our listing has made a huge difference in ROI.

But I think the greatest value of ASM8 is getting to be part of the community. It’s so incredibly helpful to be a member of a forum that’s made up of people just starting out along with other successful sellers. Being able to get feedback, help, and tips in near whenever you need it is so invaluable.

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Also hearing the stories of other successful sellers is incredibly motivating. And it gives new sellers the confidence that they can and will eventually succeed.

What’s Inside Amazing Selling Machine?

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset


The welcome module is all about getting you set up to succeed in the course. You’ll learn the mindset you need to have, and get introduced to all the benefits and features that the course has to offer.

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

ASM Module 1 Finding the product

Here you learn how to set up your Amazon seller account, find out what makes a good product to sell on Amazon, and pick the product you should sell.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers

This module teaches you how to source your product from both China and the US. You’ll also learn how to get samples so you can evaluate your potential product better and decide whether or not to move forward with it.

Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory & Creating Your Brand

Order inventory and creating brand- Amazing Selling Machine

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a great brand name, how to design your packaging, and how to get your inventory into Amazon itself so you can start selling.

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

This module is all about building your brand’s website and setting up all your social media profiles for success.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

A great Amazon listing is so important in making your product a success. Here you’ll be introduced to the 8 components of the perfect product page.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

Once your product goes live, you want to get as much traffic as possible to your listing. In this module, you’ll learn the ASM product launch ranking strategy that will help you make your first sales and get some initial reviews.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

Here you’ll learn how to use Amazon sponsored ads to get more traffic and learn how to create a raving customer service system to keep your customers happy.

Module 8: Taking your Business to the Next Level

This is the last module, and it’s where you’ll learn to scale your business and increase revenues. This includes learning how to build a team to help you grow.

Supplementary Lessons

There are 9 different videos in the Supplementary Lessons area.  They consist of interviews with some successful ASM members, a couple of other miscellaneous videos, and a final coaching call video.

Private Resource Vault

The private resource vault is where you can download PDFs related to each video lesson of the course.  After you’ve watched a particular lesson, it’s helpful to download the associated PDF and keep it as a reference as you try to implement what you learned.

Besides the PDFs, you’ll also find other relevant downloads that may have been mentioned in a particular lesson, like the various templates that they talk about.

The vault also contains Resource Links to the best services and tools, the ASM team has found useful in their businesses.

There are some good tools here, but I wasn’t too impressed by this area because it seems like some of the companies mentioned here are only listed because they are offering a special deal for members.

Amazing Selling Machine Pricing

Amazing Selling Machine 8 will cost you a $3997 one time fee. Although there is also a payment plan option which is 5 payments of $999 each.

There are no ASM discounts or coupon codes available as far as I can tell.  But they do have special members-only deals for some of the services you need like JungleScout and ManageByStats.

Amazing selling machine cost

Keep in mind that if you lock your price in now, you’ll also get access to the updated ASM 9 when it comes out very soon.

The price of each version of the Amazing Selling Machine increases every launch as they add more value to the course, so if you’re interested you should get in soon.

Amazing selling machine bonuses and pricing

Also key is that ASM offers a full 30-day guarantee. That’s more than enough time to go through the first couple of modules, select a product and try to source it from a supplier.

If you don’t feel like you can make it work, then no problem. Just request your money back.

Will the ASM Work for me?

Amazing Selling Machine Magic Software

That depends. The Amazing Selling Machine is definitely not for everyone.

First of all, it requires someone who is willing to take action. You need to dedicate the time to watch all the videos, and then do the steps outlined in each one.

Each module in the course is designed to be completed and acted upon before moving on to the next one.

If you’re not ready to invest a chunk of money in the next couple of months to purchase samples and buy inventory, then I would definitely hold off buying the course. It’s very important to make sure you’re ready to get started before jumping in.

To make the most out of the course, I can’t stress the importance of becoming part of the community and ask questions!

Selling on Amazon will bring its own set of challenges. You will definitely hit some roadblocks along the way.  And asking for (and getting) help is the best way to mitigate this.

The mentors and members of the community are great, and you’ll build some solid relationships along the way. This is the key reason why the Amazing Selling Machine has been such a popular course for a long time.

Finally, a big sticking point for some people will be the price. Yes, $3997 is a lot of money. And if that’s beyond your budget, then don’t get the course.

You’ll need additional money just to get started and if you don’t have that, then you probably won’t succeed anyway.

But otherwise, think of the cost as an investment in yourself and your business. If the course leads you to create your own successful Amazon FBA business then this money is just a drop in the bucket.

Is Jason’s & Matt’s ASM Course Worth It?

This is something that I could decide for everybody or anybody, because this truly comes down to the personal belief system, with commitment and determination to succeed no matter the situation might be.

Amazing Selling Machine Key Components

Some people say there are cheaper alternatives to ASM and that they are exactly the same or better, but again, this is really about personal perspective and opinion.

All I can say is that the Amazing Selling Machine created more success within the thousands of people’s lives than any other Amazon business course in history. From

From that, we can deduce that the price isn’t the issue and doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the quality content material, ability to learn, and dedication to making things work.

The online selling platform such as Amazon is one of the greatest opportunities to start an online business by marketing and selling popular products to the customers online, and it will be for the next upcoming years.

More and more people are buying physical products online every year.

The biggest advantage of starting an Amazon FBA business is initial costs, which are very low and everyone can afford that.

Amazing Selling Machine video lessons

So the only thing that might be missing in the perfect Amazon Selling Machine formula is a personal commitment and absolute determination to become another successful Entrepreneur.

Amazing Selling Machine will be opened for the registrations until the 31st of January 2018, so anyone willing to really learn how to leverage the power of Amazon, go ahead and watch the FREE Training that Matt and Jason put up, before it’s down for another year.

Amazing Selling Machine Courses & Modules

  • Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process & Mindset
  • Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List
  • Module 2: Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers
  • Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory & Creating Your Brand
  • Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets
  • Module 5: The Perfect Product Page
  • Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch
  • Module 7: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools
  • Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

I have purchased this program and quite amazed by the level of training – which is super easy and detailed.

They really want people to succeed and tell others about this amazing opportunity because it helps them to make more money with every successful ASM launch. It is that simple. With their last launch, they made more than 11 million dollars.

Most of the training is covered in 8 weeks online video courses which literally go into every aspect of Amazon business. These are the primary steps of what you are going to learn:

  1. Select the right product
  2. Find supplier
  3. Use FBA to automate business
  4. Launch product on Amazon

Training is very detailed and guided with a ton of support by ASM mentors and the private community of successful members.



Support is offered by a private community and mentors who can answer any question. The best part is that you will receive support from many experienced members (mentors) of ASM who average $1 million in sales a year.

And trust me you want this support when you spent $4K and really trying to get the best out of your investment


👉How much does amazing selling machine cost?

Amazing Selling Machine 11 costs $4997, for 6 months plan it costs you $997 per month. In addition, it provides 100% 30 days risk-free services as well.

🔥How long does it take Amazon to pay you?

You may expect 30 days before you receive your first payment from Amazon.Amazon directly transfers your money to your bank account once in 2 weeks. It takes 3-5 business days to reflect on your account.

✅Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth It?

Amazing Selling Machine courses are amazing for learning the Amazon FBA businesses and modules. You can learn how to use amazon as a business.

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Conclusion: Is ASM Scam? Amazing Selling Machine Review

No, the Amazing Selling Machine is not a scam. IT IS SUPER BEST COURSE ON AMAZON 🙂 

ASM owners claim to give you a full refund within 30 days in case if you didn’t like the product.

When I first heard that I was thinking: “Is 30 days really enough to understand this business when their course is at least 8 weeks”?

Well within those 30 days you can pretty much get familiar with the program and get as far as setting up your Amazon Sellers account, contact suppliers, and even order some sample products. However…

The best part is that there are 6 Months Buy Back Guarantee which is offered with this latest launch. ASM owners are so confident that you will be successful that they will buy your business if you did not succeed within the first 6 months.

Isn’t that cool? After hearing this I decided to buy this program despite its hefty price tag.