SixLeaf Review (Formerly Zonblast) 2024– Is It Legit Amazon listing promotion service?

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Zonblast Review


SixLeaf is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers aiming to improve their product's visibility, manage feedback, and conduct effective market research. Its comprehensive features, centered around Amazon's ecosystem, make it a worthy consideration for sellers looking to enhance their e-commerce strategy and overall performance on the platform.

Out of 10


  • It is backed by SixLeaf
  • Allows Excellent analysis of long-tail keyword
  • Can sync with the Amazon algorithm changes.
  • Extremely responsive customer support.
  • Variable code distribution enables swift, effective campaigns


  • The interface can intimidate new users
  • Quite expensive


Price: $ 47

Are you thinking about boosting your Amazon sales in 2024? Let’s talk about sixleaf (formerly Zonblast)! I recently explored this tool, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you.

It promises to help Amazon sellers increase their visibility and sales, and I wanted to see if it lives up to the hype.

In this Sixleaf review, I’ll take you through what Sixleaf offers, how it works, and whether it’s the right choice for your business. Whether you’re just starting on Amazon or you’re looking to give your sales a boost, this review will give you the lowdown on what Zonblast can do for you.

So, let’s dive in and discover if Sixleaf is the game-changer for Amazon sellers in 2024! 🚀

Bottom Line Up Front-

ZonBlast, now part of SixLeaf, is a powerful tool designed to enhance product visibility and sales on Amazon. It specializes in driving traffic and improving product rankings through strategic promotional campaigns.

We recommend SixLeaf (formerly ZonBlast) for several key reasons, particularly for Amazon sellers looking to enhance their product visibility and sales performance. It’s especially beneficial for those who are willing to invest in promotional activities to gain quick and effective results in terms of product visibility and sales performance on Amazon.

Zonblast review

I highly recommended, Sixleaf check out now

About SixLeaf (Formerly Zonblast )

Aspect Details about SixLeaf
Brand Name SixLeaf
Formerly Known As ZonBlast
Primary Focus Tools and services for Amazon sellers
Services Offered Product launch strategies, Keyword ranking improvement, Market research,Review and feedback management
Target Users Amazon sellers are looking to improve product visibility, sales, and customer engagement.
Specialization E-commerce, specifically Amazon Marketplace
Key Features Data-driven insights, User-friendly tools for product promotion and analysis, and Services tailored to Amazon’s algorithms.
Notable Benefits It can help increase product rankings on Amazon, aid in optimizing product listings, and Provide market insights for better decision-making.
Company Evolution The transition from ZonBlast to SixLeaf signifies a broadening of services beyond just product launches.

Launched in 2014 and, in 2016, was rebranded as Sixleaf. Sixleaf 3.0 was launched as an automated tool and platform to help numerous Amazon sellers launch and manage the promotion of their products.

Zonblast review

It is not just about launching the Amazon product; Sixleaf is a tool that can help you find strategies to make your brand an e-commerce empire. 

It Was born to fulfill the needs of a set of Amazon sellers who struggled to address critical issues like launching new brands and scaling up sales on the marketplace effectively. These sellers came together to discuss various ideas, case studies, and theories that can leverage the brand to its fullest and implement the outcome only to see positive results.

From there, Zonblast never really looked back, and today, it continues to serve countless brands in finding a safe place in the highly dynamic e-commerce marketplace.

Features Of SixLeaf

Zonblast review

1. Keyword Tool

Irrespective of the platform of your business, all online business campaigns heavily depend on the right keywords.

In Amazon, the Amazon product listing is ranked using the A9 algorithm based on the relevance of the keywords searched.

Hence, to be ranked at the top when a prospective customer searches on Amazon, you should ensure the best keywords are used for your product listing. 

Sixleaf has a feature keyword tool that provides suitable keyword suggestions based on Amazon data.

These keywords have a history of the highest search and minimum competition.

2. Keyword Cluster

Zonblast review - keyword cluster

The study says long-tail keywords usually have less search volume than head-term (shorter) ones.

However, long-tail keywords enjoy higher conversion rates and are considered best for your product listing. 

These keywords can optimize your product listing and put your product on top of Amazon search as the search phrase includes exact specifications, thus resulting in higher sales.

Sixleaf’s feature keyword cluster helps you conveniently find the relevant long-tail keywords.

It helps you find keywords with the least competition while allowing you to get up to 50 keywords per blast.

3. Blasts

Sixleaf uses the term’ blast’ for promotion.

It is one of the most prominent features of Sixleaf that aims to bring higher traction for your brand. 

When you blast your product using Sixleaf, you introduce it and offer it to countless Amazon customers who aim to get the best deal.

You can use any of the five types of blasts that Sixleaf (zonblast) offers to you, which are:

1. Solo blast:

It is that blast feature that aims to give your product listing a boost for one time.

Sellers with many inventories who want to test Sixleaf on niche product listings can use this feature.

2. Wave4:

This type of blast boosts your product listing for four days continuously. It can help the seller get some long-term benefits.

3. Wave7:

With a wave7 blast, you can boost your product listing for seven consecutive days, gaining traction for even your old listing.

It works best for niche sellers who can dominate the marketplace for a week to gain good traction.

4. Pulse:

It is a blast type that provides the Amazon algorithm with keywords that can put your product listing on the top.

All you need to do is set your parameters right, and the rest will be handled by the Sixleaf tool.

5. Custom:

This blast type helps you customize your blast depending on your exact goals.

If you want to enjoy flexibility in blasting your product listing, this is the blast type you should use.

4. Variable Code Distribution

Variable Code Distribution, or VCD, is a feature of Sixleaf that allows a seller to distribute claim codes to prospective customers without any limit on any of the days of the multi-day promotion event. 

Zonblast review - variable code distribution

Distributing coupon codes to the target buyers results in a higher conversion rate.Sixleaf ensures you get the maximum benefit by handing out the claim codes to the extent you want without any limitations. 

With VCD, you don’t have to limit yourself to a set amount per day but can decide how you would want to have varied code distribution on different days according to the pulse of the buyers, thus resulting in organic growth.

5. Heatseeker

Heatseeker feature is a potent tool for Amazon sellers looking to enhance product visibility, improve search rankings, and increase sales velocity.

It’s especially useful for product launches and competitive positioning, making it a valuable asset in an Amazon seller’s toolkit.


As an Amazon vendor, you can couple the VCD feature with Heatseeker for the best results.

6. Sidewinder

Sidewinder is another important feature that adds up to the benefits of the Amazon seller.

With this feature, you can allow the blasts to spear the ranking of a specific keyword that you feel is relevant.

Every blast can result in the upward movement of the ranking of your product listing, thus generating more and more sales for your brand.


ZonBlast Classic has been responsible for ranking tens of thousands of products and putting thousands of Brands on the map.

💰  Price

$ 47

😍  Pros

There is no limit on the number of inventories that can be put for promotion. 

😩  Cons

You may face some occasionally with the software.


Zonblast was launched in 2014 and in 2016 got rebranded as Sixleaf. Zonblast 3.0 got launched as an automated tool and platform to help the numerous Amazon sellers to launch and manage the promotion of their products.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

SixLeaf Pricing 

Zonblast pricing


1. Acorn Plan:

This plan offers a free 7-day trial, and it costs $47/mo and $470 Annually.

  • Full Access to Phoenix 2.0, powered by RISE Sales Estimation
  • Complete automation of your review-getting process with Auto Review
  • Grow your product catalog and monitor competition with Seeds
  • Limited access to Lynx
  • Protect your inventory with Guard. 

2. Oak Plan:

This plan offers a free 7-day trial, and it costs $97/mo and $970 Annually.

  • Everything in Acorn PLUS.
  • Up to 50,000 clicks per month in Lynx.
  • Access to custom domains and slugs in Lynx.

3. Redwood Plan:

This plan offers a free 7-day trial, and it costs $147/mo and $1470 Annually.

  • Everything in Oak, PLUS.
  • Full access to Lynx with up to 500,000 clicks per month.
  • Early access to new SixLeaf innovations

Pros and Cons of SixLeaf (zonblast)

sixleaf tool



✅The six-leaf tool gives access to the SixLeaf Suite. ❌Bit expensive for small business owners.
✅The platform’s time-tested features work seamlessly with Amazon’s algorithm changes.
✅There is no limit on the number of inventories that can be put for promotion.
✅Highly responsive customer support.
✅It helps you find the right strategy for your unique business.

Why Use SixLeaf?

For any Amazon vendor, it is tough to build an empire alone.

You may have the knowledge and intelligence required to plan the promotion campaigns. However, it would help if you still executed it, which demands much time and energy.

As an entrepreneur, you have thousands of other things to concentrate on and may not want to exhaust your energy on just launching the product listing.

Sixleaf is still assisting companies in navigating the ever-changing E-commerce market. Each SixLeaf tool and service is intended to meet the demands of Amazon merchants.

Their objective is to automate the launch process, improve brand visibility, and reduce the learning curve significantly.

The Sixleaf platform can assist you in creating promos and blasts that are tailored to your business and product.

There is no issue because it entirely complies with Amazon’s Terms of Service, and anytime there are revisions, they ensure that they quickly comply with it. As a result, there is no problem.

It is essential to keep in mind that this is not a review service; instead, it is a promotional service. They will ensure that you have a fruitful outcome for both your product and your brand.

ZonBlast Review - Minimize - Risk Of Hijackers

SixLeaf Alternatives

1. Helium 10

Helium-10 review

Our first company on the list of alternatives is Helium 10. This is one of the leading apps for optimizing promotional campaigns and strategy-making. They offer helpful software for Amazon sellers.

Their ads manager and follow-up email automation make this app more accessible for businesses to organize and manage their campaigns.

Helium 10 lacks only daily analytics reports and sometimes slows down data processing.

Helium 10 is a good software provider with a solid client base of over seven lakhs. Clients are from small businesses, global brands, and agencies.


  • Starter pack – $29/m
  • Platinum pack – $79/m
  • Diamond pack – $ 229/m

2. Price Intelligence

priceintelligence review

Price Intelligence is another competitor of Sixleaf. Their forte is Retail management and Price optimization services.

You can sign up with Price Intelligence for a comprehensive package to analyze your focus market data and services regarding pricing. They also help you with information about competitor’s activities,

So, whether you are a small business owner, an agency, or a big enterprise, Price Intelligence can provide you with all the required information about the market.

Price Intelligence offers secured, innovative technology and professional customer support. So, if you have high expectations, they are reliable partners to achieve them together.

Numerous clients, including renowned retailers and manufacturers, entrust us with their company.

We satisfy your demands for reliability, data quality, and protection – regardless of how big they are – with PriceIntelligence. With a free, personalized 30-45 minute online tutorial, learn about the advantages of PriceIntelligence.


Price Intelligence offers a free version for beginners or someone who wants to try it before going for a quotation.

They customize pricing as per the client’s requirements. If you want pricing, please use the price inquiry form on their website.

Pricing depends on the number of target countries, crawling intervals, articles, etc.

They will respond to you with all the details.

3. Viral Launch

Viral launch review

Increase your sales and revenue on Amazon with this excellent software. Viral Launch has helped hundreds of clients over the years, generating over 8 billion dollars of business on Amazon.

Their services suite includes software for product discovery, market intelligence, competitor intelligence, keyword manager, listing building, kinetic PPC, listing analyzer, and split testing.

Viral Launch is your reliable partner for launches and promotional campaigns.

Monitor and analyze your competitors. Learn from their achievements and mistakes and apply them to your business strategy.

It equips the brand with the resources necessary to succeed as an Amazon seller. Through our simple-to-use product suite (which has contributed to over $ 8 billion in Amazon sales), you own the strategic edge.

Investigate the Amazon vendor tools available via our optimized network. With realistic revenue forecasts, patterns, and observations, you will discover reliable product concepts more quickly than ever.


Viral Launch offers monthly and annual plans for their clients.

Monthly Plans

  • Essentials plan – $69/m
  • Pro plan – $99/m
  • Pro Plus plan – $199/m

Annual plans

  • Essentials plan – $690
  • Pro plan – $990
  • Pro Plus plan – $1995

4. Quartile


Our last software provider is Quartile. They manage around two percent of advertising on Amazon globally with their cutting-edge PPC services.

They are servicing clients across eleven countries with state-of-the-art technology such as machine learning, PPC software, smart advertisement, automated software for optimizing campaigns, etc.

They assist you in planning, optimizing, and growing your Amazon rankings.

A Sophisticated Pay-Per-Click Platform That Dynamically Manages Campaigns for Maximum Performance. Establish Your Objectives and Allow the System to Optimize Your Campaigns.

Quartile allows brands and agencies to expand their Amazon Advertising promotions. A quartile is a world pioneer, managing about 2% of all Amazon ads spent across 11 countries.

They assist brands in maximizing their position on the world’s biggest e-commerce website by using cutting-edge machine learning.

Their intelligent advertisements have a better conversion rate, which boosts revenues and scores. A self-contained network that automatically adjusts and optimizes campaigns.

With expertise in 11 distinct Amazon countries, they will assist you in establishing an immediate global footprint.


For pricing, Quartile offers customized packages for clients.

Pricing depends upon the type of services and the location you intend to target.

Fill in the form on their website; they will contact you to understand the requirements.

Quartile will send you pricing offers accordingly.

Refer to the article, review the web, do the comparative analysis, and decide upon your business’s best software on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To SixLeaf Review

❓What is sixleaf?

Zonblast was launched in 2014 and 2016 got rebranded as Sixleaf. Sixleaf 3.0 got launched as an automated tool and platform to help numerous Amazon sellers to launch and manage the promotion of their products.

👏 What kind of help/guidance can I expect from SixLeaf?

They have full-time support and a staff that is here to answer any questions, make recommendations, and walk you through the process from start to finish.

🤟 Is it possible to connect multiple Seller Central accounts to my SixLeaf account?

Of course! They can handle many accounts for you, whether you have a few brands across numerous Seller Central accounts or manage client accounts. They can integrate many Seller Central accounts to your single SixLeaf account.

✌️ Is it necessary for me to link my Seller Central account to SixLeaf?

No. A bypass option is available in the integration menu, allowing you to manually upload all of your listings and their details.

Conclusion: SixLeaf (Zonblast ) Review 

When you consider the features and benefits of Sixleaf, one can say that it works well for both veteran sellers and novice Amazon vendors.

Because it is part of the SixLeaf brand, the sellers can also access the other tools and strategies that the SixLeaf brand offers, thus giving more opportunities to grow the brand. 

It is a tool that was developed by the Amazon sellers themselves. So, if you want to learn from the other sellers’ experience, Sixleaf is the perfect tool to accelerate your sales and rank your products at the top of Amazon search.

Their effort and years of experience can help you gain a competitive advantage and build an audience base without too much effort.  I hope you enjoy this Sixleaf Review 2024.

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