AdPlexity Review 2024: A Game Changing Spying Tool For Affiliate Marketers

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AdPlexity Review


If you really want to make better decisions simply by learning what products are already successful and giving high ROI then you need to get started with AdPlexity now.

Out of 10


  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Easily find out the products that are hot
  • Analyze historical price change of any product
  • Get successful products from similar products category
  • Product actually added date along with description


  • It doesn’t offer any free trial.


Price: $ 129

Have you heard of AdPlexity, the popular ad spy tool, and are wondering how it can boost your marketing? You’re not alone!

In this article, We’ll explore what AdPlexity is all about and how it can maximize your advertising performance. Whether you’re a marketing pro or just starting, this review will give you a clear, straightforward look at AdPlexity.

Let’s dive in and see if this tool is your key to advertising success! 🌟🔍

Adplexity review

If you really want to make better decisions simply by learning what products are already successful and giving high ROI, then you need to get started with AdPlexity now.

This tool, AdPlexity, helps you spy on your competitor’s successful products so that you can easily find a high ROI, giving products that may generally help you get tons of sales and profit. You can check out a list of the latest Adplexity Coupons here.

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What Is AdPlexity?

Adplexity is a comprehensive tool designed for media buyers to navigate the complex world of digital advertising effectively.

In the past, media buying was a time-consuming process involving several steps: finding relevant websites, using proxies or VPNs to simulate different user segments, and employing tools to mimic mobile device access.

Media buyers would have to repeatedly refresh pages and take screenshots of creatives for analysis and comparison. The goal was to create high-conversion banners or landing pages based on thorough research.

AdPlexity provides affiliates and advertisers with access to unique detailed data on over 100,000 Shopify stores and 70,000,000 products.

It gives you everything you need to analyze current market trends and ensure that your business is heading in the right direction.

Features Of Adplexity

1. Comprehensive Ad Intelligence:

AdPlexity offers detailed insights into a wide range of digital ads, including banners, pop-ups, and video ads, across various platforms. This allows users to see what kind of ads are trending, how they are performing, and which ones are generating the most engagement.

2. Real-Time Data Monitoring:

The tool provides real-time data tracking, enabling users to monitor current advertising trends and performance metrics. This feature is crucial for making timely decisions and adjustments to campaigns.

3. Competitor Analysis:

AdPlexity allows users to analyze their competitors’ advertising strategies. This includes viewing competitors’ most successful ads, the traffic sources they are using, and the performance of their campaigns, giving users a competitive edge.

4. Device and Platform-Specific Insights:

It offers specialized tools for different devices (like mobile and desktop) and platforms (like eCommerce and affiliate networks), ensuring that users get the most relevant data for their specific needs.

5. Extensive Filter Options:

The platform provides a range of filtering options, such as by keyword, advertiser, affiliate network, or geographic location. This helps users narrow down the vast amount of data to what is most pertinent to their particular campaigns or research needs.

AdPlexity Pricing Plans

Just keep track of all your competitors along with the most profitable products and stores all over the world. Let’s find out how much you have to pay in order to use AdPlexity.

1. AdPlexity Push

Adplexity pushh

  • Regular Price: $149 per month per user
  • Discounted Price: $134.10 per month per user (10% discount)
  • Features: This plan focuses on tracking and analyzing push advertisement campaigns, offering insights into the most successful push ads, their performance, and strategies used by competitors.

2. AdPlexity Mobile

Addplexity mobile

  • Regular Price: $199 per month per user
  • Discounted Price: $149.25 per month per user (25% discount)
  • Features: Specialized in mobile advertising, this plan provides comprehensive data on mobile ad campaigns, including types of ads, performance metrics, and competitor strategies in the mobile space.

3. AdPlexity Desktop

Adplexity desktop

  • Regular Price: $199 per month per user
  • Discounted Price: $149.25 per month per user (25% discount)
  • Features: Focused on desktop advertising, this plan offers insights into desktop ad campaigns, tracking trends, ad effectiveness, and competitor analysis in the desktop advertising domain.

4. AdPlexity Native

Adplexity native

  • Regular Price: $249 per month per user
  • Discounted Price: $174.30 per month per user (30% discount)
  • Features: Dedicated to native advertising, it provides detailed analysis of native ad campaigns, including performance tracking, trend analysis, and insights into successful native advertising strategies.

5. AdPlexity Adult

adplexity adult

  • Regular Price: $199 per month per user
  • Discounted Price: $149.25 per month per user (25% discount)
  • Features: This plan is designed for adult advertising campaigns, offering specialized tracking and analysis of ads in the adult industry, including competitor analysis and performance metrics.

How To Use the AdPlexity Tool?

Using AdPlexity effectively involves a series of steps that leverage its powerful features for insightful ad campaign analysis, particularly in niches like cryptocurrency. Here’s a guide on how to use AdPlexity based on the provided example:

1. Keyword Searches: Begin by running searches using relevant keywords related to your niche, such as “crypto,” “cryptocurrency,” “bitcoin,” and “bitcoin tutorial.” This helps in filtering the vast amount of data to focus on your specific area of interest.

2. Focus on Fresh Prelanders: To ensure you’re getting the latest trends, set your preferences to show only recent prelanders. This can be done by filtering campaigns that have been running for a minimum of 7-10 days and sorting them by the newest first.

3. Analyze Trends and Long-Running Campaigns: Look at the trends and understand what has been effective over time. This helps in identifying promising strategies and tactics that have shown consistent results.

4. Filter for Affiliate Campaigns: While there isn’t a direct filter for ‘affiliate campaign: yes or no’, you can use the tracking tool filter. Most affiliates use a tracking tool for their campaigns, so by unselecting “none” in this filter, you can more likely focus on affiliate-run campaigns.

5. Identify Branded Campaigns: To distinguish branded campaigns that you might want to avoid, examine the ad page. Clues like a campaign being run almost worldwide, a link path going directly to a domain, and no information on the tracking tool or affiliate network can indicate a branded campaign.

6. Utilize Tutorials and Learning Resources: AdPlexity offers tutorials and resources that are crucial in understanding how to maximize its potential. Engaging with these materials can help you avoid common pitfalls in affiliate marketing and sharpen your skills.

7. Engage in Continuous Learning: Always be in the mode of learning, researching, and asking questions. Staying updated with the latest trends and strategies in affiliate marketing and regularly consulting AdPlexity’s resources will help you stay ahead in the game.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize AdPlexity to analyze ad campaigns, particularly in specialized niches, and make informed decisions for your marketing strategies.

Adplexity Pros & Cons


1. Global Ad Data: Access advertising data from over 75 countries for a comprehensive understanding of global trends.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate ad data effortlessly with an intuitive and easy-to-use filter system.

3. Cost-Effective Campaign Identification: Quickly find and implement efficient ad campaigns to optimize advertising strategies.

4. Authentic Insights: Receive 100% genuine and accurate insights for informed decision-making.

5. Landing Page Downloads: Easily download and replicate successful landing pages, streamlining strategy implementation.


1. AdPlexity does not offer a free trial, limiting users’ ability to test the platform before committing.

2. Customer Support Improvement Needed.

Why Should You Use AdPlexity?

The products that you find will be great, and that actually can be sold. Let’s find the benefits that you will find with this amazing product spy tool.

1. Product Strength: You will find out which products are hot or just dying out. You will come to know the product strength of any product. You will get to know the product strength that is completely based on the visitors/buyers’ data.

2. Historical Price Changes: With the help of this feature, you can easily find the historical price change of any product, which is an important element of any e-commerce store. See all that they have tested and avoid all the costly mistakes.

3. Exact Product Information: See when the product was added along with the product description, information such as when it was last promoted, and many other things in a row.

4. Similar Products: See the successful products from similar product categories and many more things. 

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Conclusion: AdPlexity Review 2024

In summary, AdPlexity is a highly effective and trusted ad spying tool, widely recommended for affiliate marketers.

It consistently updates with new features and trends, enabling users to efficiently search for ads, analyze competitors, and track industry trends.

It’s straightforward and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees and monthly billing, along with multiple payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin, makes it user-friendly and accessible. AdPlexity stands as a top choice for those seeking to enhance their digital marketing strategies.

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