Kartra vs Thinkific 2024: Which Is The Best For Your Business? (Ultimate Comparison)

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Are you confused between Kartra and Thinkific? Struggling to know that which one is better and why?

If yes then read this full article and find your idol one. Let’s start with the basic comparison !


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Kartra is a marketing automation software for internet enterprises that handles website hosting, page creation, and sales funnels. Kartra differs from other platforms in that it offers a full solution.

Thinkific is a complete online software platform that enables you to create, market, and deliver courses and training programmes with simple and informative designs, allowing you to better your interactions with audiences.

  • Offers Best optimized templates .
  • It has Split Testing Features .
  • The best page editor in the world.
  • Easiest for every type of user.
  • You can create an infinite number of course
  • Thinkific's software is extremely user-friendly.
  • Integration using Zapier is a possibility
  • There's a helpful earnings calculator on Thinkific's website
  • There is a freemium package available
  • It's simple to personalize your online school.
  • Kartra has a built-in help desk and scheduling functionality
  • Kartra is equipped with sophisticated Affiliate Management
  • Kartra includes additional checkout and funnel features.
  • Kartra is a feature-rich email automation platform
  • Offers the most advanced features and tools in this field.
  • Thinkific offers a fully free lifetime plan.
  • Thinkific's software is extremely user-friendly.
  • Integration using Zapier is a possibility
  • Does not provide a free plan.
  • Thinkific marketing abilities are quite limited
Ease of Use

It is a complete platform that allows businesses to create, market, and sell online courses utilizing marketing tools. It is very user friendly and quick to access. It is an all-in-one app that is handy.

Thinkific makes it simple to promote and sell your online courses by bringing together all of the resources you'll need in one place.

Value For Money

Kartra likewise has a drag-and-drop course builder and performs the same functions as Thinkific, but it also offers far more in terms of sales, marketing, and overall convenience. These additional features and conveniences are reflected in the higher price tag, which is almost twice that of a Thinkific membership.

Thinkific is an excellent platform with several options for creating online courses. You will not be dissatisfied with your decision to utilize this platform because it gives excellent value for money.

Customer Support

Customers of Kartra get access to a 24/7 support desk. There's also a FAQ for users as well as call and groups are available to help anytime.

Thinkific's Help Center, blog, training site, expert marketplace, and status page all provide customer care. Thinkific does not provide real-time assistance, you may contact the support staff on any day of the week by filling out a form on the website.

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Kartra & Thinkific are both wonderful online platforms for you, particularly if you are an online entrepreneur who wants to concentrate on monetizing your knowledge, skills, goods & services.

However, both technologies come with comparable features, common purposes, distinctions, & drawbacks. Due to this, it may be fairly tough to pick which one is preferable for your online company.

So, in this piece, I will offer you an in-depth evaluation of Kartra vs Thinkific so that you know which is the best for your company.

Kartra Vs Thinkific Quick Overview Comparison

Feature/Aspect Kartra Thinkific
Primary Focus All-in-one marketing platform with integrated tools for sales funnels, email marketing, etc. Dedicated online course platform focused on course creation and delivery.
Course Creation It is not primarily designed for course creation but offers membership sites for content delivery. Robust course creation tools, including quizzes, assignments, and interactive content.
Ease of Use Comprehensive yet might require a learning curve due to its vast array of features. User-friendly interface specifically designed for course creators of all skill levels.
Pricing Structure Multiple tiered plans based on the range of marketing tools and features needed. Plans range from a basic free option to more advanced paid tiers for extensive features.
Marketing Tools Extensive in-built marketing tools, including email campaigns, automation, and sales funnels. Basic marketing tools are available, but they are more focused on course delivery than marketing.
Customization High level of customization for sales pages, funnels, and email marketing campaigns. Customizable course pages and website themes tailored to educational content.
Integrations Integrates with numerous third-party apps for extended functionality. Offers various integrations, especially focused on e-commerce and student management tools.
Support Comprehensive support through documentation, videos, and customer service. Strong support with resources like a knowledge base, community forums, and direct support.
Target Audience Suitable for marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses needing a comprehensive toolset. Ideal for educators, trainers, and organizations focused on online learning and courses.
Scalability Scalable for growing businesses with expanding marketing needs. Scalable for educators and institutions expanding their online course offerings.

Major Differences Between Kartra vs Thinkific:

The primary distinctions between Thinkific and Kartra are:

  • Thinkific is primarily used for creating, marketing, and delivering courses, while Kartra is a more comprehensive solution.
  • Thinkific’s marketing possibilities are fairly restricted, but Kartra offers more.
  • Kartra has robust email marketing functionality, but Thinkific does not.
  • Thinkific allows students to write comments, while Kartra has a built-in support desk.

Kartra vs Thinkific: Detailed Features Comparison

Let’s have a brief description of the features of both platforms:

1. Security:

Another critical thing to consider while selecting the finest online course platform is the security of your course.

With the development of cybersecurity risks, teachers and students must choose a platform that has built-in security, SSL, and other features to safeguard their peace of mind. Thinkific uses safe cloud hosting and monitors your data 24 hours a day.

The course platform provides you with complete control and ownership of your data, and the platform’s security staff monitors activity 24/7 to guarantee that any security breaches are addressed promptly.

Additionally, Thinkific has built-in SSL certificates, ensuring that your material is safely kept on their servers. Security updates are released regularly and are automatically applied, ensuring that you never miss a critical update.

Kartra Overview - Kartra vs Thinkific

Additionally, there are scheduled automated backups, ensuring that you will never lose your data, regardless of what happens. Kartra takes security very seriously, particularly when it comes to accepting payments online.

Comprehensive security procedures are in place to guarantee that your data and financial transactions are always safe. As is the case with Thinkific, you retain complete control and ownership of your data.

The platform is maintained 24 hours a day and includes SSL certificates as well as automatic security updates. Both systems outperform in terms of data security and payment security choices.

However, if I had to choose a winner, it would be Thinkific since it offers the highest level of uptime while also including additional security measures to safeguard your data and online financial activities.

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2. Advanced Tools & Developer Features:

If you’re a power user, you’ll want complete control over the creation of your online school or course. You want a platform that enables HTML/CSS editing so that you can fully use the course-building software’s capabilities.

Thinkific provides SSO (single sign-on) and a robust theme importer, as well as a web developer-specific API.

Additionally, you receive comprehensive customization through the theme import/export function, which allows you to alter, import, or export whole themes across multiple websites, including all content assets like photos, videos, and forms.

Additionally, Thinkific enables sophisticated customization through HTML/Liquid/CSS, and you have complete access to any website theme code, allowing you to add your layouts, sections, snippets, styles, and custom materials.

As with Thinkific, Kartra gives you the tools you need to construct and launch an online company without having to engage a staff of web developers, designers, or system integrators.

You can use the API, IPN, and custom app tools to create your bespoke integrations on the platform — another reason developers like this platform.

Kartra is the winner in this case. It’s the ideal solution for developers who desire complete control over their website design. Therefore, if you’re looking for extensive site management and robust developer tools, this is the platform for you.

3. Data Analytics:

Course makers must be able to examine data to understand how their courses are functioning and make more educated business choices to increase conversions and revenues.

Here is what the data analytics course platforms have to offer. As an online course designer, being able to track certain data can help you remain ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, Thinkific has a powerful data analytics capability that enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your course and make required modifications.

You can see all of the information you need immediately on your dashboard, allowing you to harness your data to achieve better outcomes.

At a glance, you’ll be able to view (and make sense of) all of your visitor and online course marketing campaign statistics.

There are advanced segmentation and data export capabilities, as well as the option to combine your account with other data analysis and remarketing platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook.

Kartra simplifies the process of establishing an online company by giving strong data analytics tools that assist you in determining the optimal strategy to sell your goods and services for maximum conversions.

Lead segmentation and analytics may help you determine the most effective methods to meet the unique demands of each consumer.

Additionally, you get lifetime revenue analytics, which allows you to track the source of income for your online course company – not only the first purchase but every purchase during the customer’s lifetime.

4. Instruments for Enhancing the Student Experience & Retention:

If your students are happy with your course, they are likely to sign up for further material from you and recommend it to others, assisting you in meeting your marketing and sales objectives.

That is why it is critical to deliver an exceptional learning experience that enables people to retain knowledge and accomplish their goals after your course.

Consider the student experience and retention elements offered by Thinkific and Kartra. You may design evaluations, detailed quizzes, and engagement surveys, among other things.

Following the tests, Thinkific enables you to provide your students with course completion certificates to commemorate their accomplishments.

Students have the option of learning in a variety of ways, including live courses, on-demand classes, or blended programs.

Additionally, you may set up automatic check-ins to verify that your students are receiving the information they want from your course.

Additionally, you may develop memberships and communities to encourage student engagement with you and one another while also earning recurring money from your subscriptions.

Kartra enables you to create an amazing learning experience by using tools such as membership portals, surveys and quizzes, embedded videos, calendars, and forms, as well as a variety of connectors and APIs.

This means you may design your learning environment precisely as you want it to be to provide the greatest possible experience for your pupils.

Thinkific offers an unmatched learning experience that enables you to realize your unique vision with adaptable material such as infinite video, live courses, exams, and communities.

Additionally, you get powerful progress monitoring with detailed reports that enable you to monitor your student’s progress throughout the course.

5. School & Course Customization:

If you want your online course or school to stand out from the crowd, you must be able to personalize the course pages and website completely.

Let’s have a look at how these two platforms compare in this aspect. On Thinkific, customizing your course is a snap.

There are several choices, including different layouts for effectively showing material, private or secret courses, and connectivity with membership websites.

Additionally, you may provide completion certificates to your pupils and set up a drip schedule for your material.

Additionally, the platform enables you to collaborate with numerous teachers in real time, and there is a prerequisite lessons tool that enables students to request lessons or courses in advance.

Whether you’re developing an online course or a school, customization is critical and will determine your success in developing and marketing a good learning experience.

Kartra enables you to provide your students with an engaging and straightforward online learning environment. Among other advantages, you receive single sign-on credentials, numerous membership levels, and completely personalized welcome emails.

Although Kartra offers a plethora of attractive themes that need no prior knowledge of web design, Thinkific is the obvious victor here due to its more robust customization capabilities and extensive built-in connectors for marketing tools and applications.

6. Instructor Support:

When producing an online course, it’s critical to have help and advice available at all times; otherwise, you risk being stuck and unable to progress with the course creation/marketing/selling process.

Fortunately, both systems provide excellent teacher assistance. While Thinkific does not provide real-time assistance, you may contact the support staff on any day of the week by filling out a form on the website.

Kartra Support - Kartra vs Thinkific

You will get a prompt answer that is relevant and customized to your specific requirements. Support for Kartra includes technical documentation and platform training, as well as an extensive FAQ area on the support website.

You may contact the customer support staff by live chat Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. PST. Thinkific provides weekend help, although Kartra does not.

Additionally, their customer support team seems to be more experienced and adept at resolving difficulties quickly and efficiently, making this platform the undisputed leader in teacher support.

7. School & Course Marketing:

Here’s an in-depth look at each platform’s school and course marketing tools.

Thinkific provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools to assist you in marketing your online course or school, including email connectivity with several providers that enable you to construct highly tailored email marketing campaigns right from your dashboard.

The data-tracking function enables you to monitor and adjust your email, ad, and other marketing initiatives to maximize your efforts and profits.

Additionally, there is an affiliate center where you may manage and reward individuals who sell your courses online.

Additionally, you have great control over how you compensate your affiliates, with the flexibility to assign multiple compensation rates to individual affiliates.

Additionally, you may connect your learning website to hundreds of other marketing applications and tools to boost your marketing outcomes.

Kartra leverages innovative BAM (behavioral adaptive marketing) to increase course sales by increasing conversions.

Additionally, the platform supports dynamic OTOs (one-time offers) for upsells, Downsells, and order bumps, among other functions.

You can host your eCommerce site and email marketing in the same location, making it very simple to manage the commercial processes necessary to sell your school or online course successfully.

Both systems are robust, but Kartra offers more extensive marketing options than Thinkific, making it the better choice for those looking to get the most out of their online course platform.

8. Course Creation:

Both systems have robust course design tools. Here’s a brief overview of how to develop an online course for each of them.

Thinkific is a popular platform for developing online courses. It’s simple to use and includes a slew of options for marketing and selling your course when it’s produced.

The platform needs no technological expertise, and it has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that enables you to create great courses just by clicking and dragging the things you want onto a page.

You may use the platform to host movies for free, and you can use any multimedia material you like. You may either utilize one of the several pre-designed online course templates or develop your own.

Thinkific Course Creation

Integrate other marketing tools, like email marketing and automation software, to manage your complete course company in a centralized location. Both platforms have a lot to offer in terms of creating visually appealing courses.

The membership websites, on the other hand, are a significant distinction between the course-building tools. This is a critical aspect for course authors, and Kartra addresses it well with a distinct membership portal builder equipped with strong capabilities.

However, Thinkific has robust design and customization tools that enable you to create a genuinely unique course.

You may give coaching services to your students and even build a classroom training experience for them, all while tracking their activity from the moment they buy your course until they finish it.

Kartra vs Thinkific: How Much Does It Cost?

Both Kartra and Thinkfic have competitive pricing. However, what I like the most about Thinkific is that they offer a free plan as well, while Kartra doesn’t.

Kartra Pricing:

kartra pricing plans

1. Starter Plan – $119/mo

The Starter Plan offers comprehensive features for content creation and marketing. It includes unlimited websites, pages, videos, and products, along with memberships, courses, and funnel mapping.

Interactive tools like forms, surveys, quizzes, and webinars are part of the package.

The marketing suite comes with unlimited email & SMS, funnels, campaigns, checkouts, lead capture, and management tools. It also includes calendars, funnel simulation, and real-time funnel analytics.

The plan scales up with advanced analytics, automated sequences, affiliate management, helpdesk support, and live chat. Additional advanced features include agency capacity, API access, a custom code page, and advanced automation.

2. Growth Plan – $229/mo (Most Popular)

The Growth Plan builds upon the Starter Plan, offering enhanced webinar capabilities with support for up to 300 attendees and 6 presenters.

It retains all features of the Starter Plan, including unlimited creative assets, comprehensive marketing and sales tools, and advanced scaling options.

It’s a great fit for businesses seeking to expand their reach and streamline their marketing and sales processes.

3. Professional Plan – $549/mo

Designed for large-scale operations, the Professional Plan extends the Growth Plan’s offerings. It significantly increases the webinar capacity to 1000 attendees.

This plan is ideal for large businesses and agencies requiring extensive webinar facilities, advanced marketing automation, and significant agency capacity, along with robust support options and sophisticated analytical tools for in-depth business insights.

Thinkific Pricing :

thinkific pricing

1. Free Plan

Cost: Free

Key Features:

  • Create 1 course and 1 community with 2 spaces per community.
  • Additional features: 100% content ownership, drag-and-drop course builder, user-friendly website themes, integrated e-1 administrator account, and unlimited student enrollment.
  • 0% transaction fee.
  • Email support and a chatbot for 30 days.

2. Basic Plan

Pricing: $36 per month

Enhancements from the Free Plan:

  • Access to Thinkific’s Accelerator Program.
  • Unlimited courses, 1 community with 5 spaces.
  • Continuous email and live chat support.
  • Branded mobile app as an add-on.
  • Custom domain, coupons & discounts, affiliate selling.
  • Includes all features of the Free Plan.

3. Start and Grow Plans

Start Plan:

Cost: $74 per month.

Features: Includes everything in the Basic Plan plus assignments, bundles and add-on packages, memberships & payment plans, live lessons, advanced course-building options, and advanced website code editing.

Grow Plan:

Pricing: $149 per month.

Advanced Features: Everything in the Start Plan, plus 3 communities with 20 spaces each, 2 administrator accounts, phone and priority email support, Thinkific branding removal, bulk student emailer, bulk enrollments, and API access.

Kartra vs Thinkific: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Katra vs Thinkific:

Thinkific Pros:

  • It is dedicated only to the creation and sale of online courses and hence offers the most advanced features and tools in this field.
  • Thinkific’s student management and engagement capabilities are more sophisticated and thorough.
  • Thinkific offers a fully free lifetime plan.

Thinkific Cons:

  • Because Thinkific is not a complete platform, you will need to incorporate third-party plugins, which will incur additional costs.

Kartra Pros:

  • Kartra has a built-in help desk and scheduling functionality.
  • Kartra is equipped with sophisticated Affiliate Management and Marketing tools.
  • It includes additional checkout and funnel features.
  • It is a feature-rich email automation platform that is very simple to use.
  • It provides full tools for creating any form of a digital product.

Kartra Cons:

  • It does not, like Thinkiic, provide a free plan; instead, it costs a $1 trial.

FAQs On Kartra vs Thinkific:

❓Can you Build a Course on Kartra?

Yes, you very certainly can. To begin, you'll need to create a sales page. After that, you'll be able to build and tailor the whole client experience associated with the course or digital product you're offering. Kartra's drag-and-drop editor enables you to create and design any page you like.

👀What is the primary focus of Kartra and Thinkific?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform offering a wide range of tools for sales funnels, email marketing, and more. Thinkific focuses on being a dedicated online course platform, emphasizing course creation and delivery.

✅Which platform is better for marketing and sales?

Kartra excels in marketing and sales with its integrated tools for funnels, email campaigns, and lead management. Thinkific has basic marketing tools but is more focused on course delivery.

👍What kind of support do Kartra and Thinkific offer?

Both offer strong support with resources like documentation, videos, and direct customer service. However, the nature of support might vary depending on the plan you choose.

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Conclusion: Kartra vs Thinkific 2024

Both of these platforms are ideal for selling online courses and digital items. On the one hand, one might argue that Thinkific places a higher premium on the student experience.

On the other side, Kartra simplifies your life as an online merchant.

Thinkific provides some very impressive tools for creating and delivering interesting and compelling courses, and the drag-and-drop course builder is extremely user-friendly.

Kartra likewise has a drag-and-drop course builder and performs the same functions as Thinkific, but it also offers far more in terms of sales, marketing, and overall convenience.

These additional features and conveniences are reflected in the higher price tag, which is almost twice that of a Thinkific membership.

In general, Thinkific is more concerned with developing and delivering quality courses, while Kartra is more concerned with the “commercial side of things.

Kartra is a clear winner if you are an entrepreneur since it is an all-in-one app that is handy.

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