11 Best Speed Reading Courses 2024– Which is Best For You?

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In this post, you will find the 11 Best Online Speed Reading Courses of 2024.

Speed reading teaches us how to read faster with different techniques and developing skills. The following are the best speed reading courses, which are paid and free both included. Also, these are suitable for both experts, intermediates, and beginners.

I have compiled these numbers of courses on the basis of their level of difficulties, instructor, and how much time of content is available, duration, etc. I hope you find this useful.

11 Best Speed Reading Courses

11 Best Speed Reading Courses 2024– Which is Best For You?

Overview of Speed Reading Courses

Speed reading has the most impact on your memorization, analytical capabilities, and learning. Though it has so many features yet people argue that they don’t want to absorb the information quickly they read, relax and chill.

I think speed reading has many benefits and slow reading isn’t very helpful. Earlier you start to learn speed reading and start practicing it. You get to learn so much in less span of time and absorb a lot of information too.

  1. Online speed reading course 
  2. Effective 10X speed learning 
  3. Become a speed reading machine
  4. Learn speed reading to boost memory 
  5. Discover super reading
  6. Rev it up to Reading 
  7. Iris Speed Reading Course
  8. The 7-Speed-Reading course
  9. SuperLearner 2.5
  10. EyeQ Advantage
  11. Kwik Reading course

11 Best Speed Reading Courses 2024

1. Online Speed Reading Course

Online Speed Reading course is from Skillshare and Skillshare offers various courses from well-learned instructors from reputed institutions and universities.

Skillshare Speed Reading Courses

It includes many courses like read faster and learn faster, how to read 10+ books every month and such many more courses. You can choose any course according to your needs and requirements that fit in.

You will gain the utmost knowledge after these courses. These courses are mostly included with a certification program that will be given to you after the finishing of the course.


  • It has advanced speed reading courses with a good introduction and it also provides you with multiple tips and tricks to make you faster than others.
  • It provides you with notes, quizzes, and video content, assessments to practice your reading and skill of observance. You can even download these files.
  • It also provides knowledge of how to train your mind about success and think like a successful person. It also gives you secret tips and tricks to become a memory champion.
  • It also gives you continued assistance from the top instructors.


As skillshare is an app that offers different types of speed reading courses from different instructors the pricing varies from course to course.

2. Effective 10X Speed Learning 

 If you are struggling to Memorize, speed read this is the right course for you, As its  Name suggests This course is designed to teach how to in speed read memorize and learn from 10X speed.

This course gives you the best strategies that really boost your memory and learning. It also helps you to speed read. This course basically teaches you how not to forget things easily.

 Effective 10X Learning

This course has multiple video lectures, assignments, and quizzes. It also aims to make your memory sharp and strong.


  • This course also teaches how to be focused and motivated about things in life and it also focuses on how to learn without procrastinating.
  • It also teaches how to find Time reading no matter how busy your day is.
  • It provides you with video lectures with a duration of 13-14 hours.
  • Help from an instructor is always available if you don’t find anything easy at the course.


Effective 10x speed learning course is priced for 420 rupees with lifetime access to the course.

3. Become a Speed Reading Machine

Become a speed reading machine course is offered to you by activity Reading master classes. This course mainly aims at speed reading and also focuses on how to Read 100, 200, 300 or even 400 books per year.

Become a speed reading machine

This course teaches you how to absorb all the information you gain from the books you read, it also teaches you how to read with a purpose. It also aims to teach you to implement the knowledge that is absorbed from the book to real life.

This course had full training to train your mind for speed reading and absorbing the knowledge from what you read. I believe once you complete this course you will be a completely new person with a better mindset, changed habits, and much more.


  • It will guide you to choose the right book that will help you gain knowledge.
  • It also focuses on making reading your priority.
  • It aims to maintain focus while reading that will eventually also help you in other factors of life too.
  • It teaches you how to read with the double speed than the average speed of a student.
  • It also teaches more creative things And focuses on being successful.


Become a speed reading machine course is also priced as rupees 420. 

4. Learn Speed Reading to Boost Memory 

Learn Speed reading to boost memory, is one of the best courses on the list according to me it teaches you how to improve your learning and adapting skills and it also teaches you how to learn quickly and effectively.

Learn speed reading to boost memory

It mainly focuses on how to speed read with high comprehension, improve your memory and techniques on storing and recalling much amount of information.

These all are such skills that will always help us in life and it can be applied in many aspects of daily life. 


  • It teaches you how to learn roughly 3× speed of an average student.
  • It also teaches you how to absorb and adapt the information gained.
  • It provides you with interesting interactive worksheets which can be printed and completed.

  • One of the best features that it has is it includes video content of 1.5 hours from TED, YouTube, and other resources to the curriculum. Which helps us to know more from the expertise.
  • It also provides demonstration videos with great audio quality to make concepts more understandable.


Learn speed reading to boost memory is priced for $149.

5. Discover the Super Reading

Discover the super reading brought to you by Mindvalley. This course is for someone who really believes in self-growth then this app will help you learn more about processing the information more fast and efficiently, retaining more knowledge and remarkable growth on a personal level too.

Super Reading

All the skills that you learn for personal growth will help you to enable success in life in areas that you really want to. A special thing about this course that I would like you to know is that this course is designed by Jim Kwik, who is a great Hollywood brain coach.

He helps individuals to absorb the knowledge of anything they learn. So one that is sure is once you complete this course you will surely grow personally and will be able to absorb and read things quickly.


  • It teaches you how fast you can read comprehension to your current reading speed.
  • The flexibility of learning the course with the freedom to learn from your pace. 
  • Teaches how to understand more and gain more knowledge in less amount of time.
  • You get a chance to learn from best and more expert from Hollywood and top instructors.
  • It is a 3-week course that has speed reading introduction, scientific tips, and tricks to improve your speed And various techniques for advanced comprehension.


Digital access: $349 a year with digital access to the entire program on all your devices like Desktop, Laptop, IOS, Android, etc

Or you can go for the most popular one.

Mindvalley Quest All Access: You get to unlock everything that is on the Mindvalley app with 40+ programs to access on.

6. Rev It Up To Reading

Mrs. Abby Mark Beale has developed this speed reading course. She is the most renowned speed reading expert in the USA. The duration of this course is 5 hours. According to me, it is perfect for beginners.

Rev It Up Reading

This Rev It Up Reading course has the inclusion of a free ebook on the subjects and The team also keeps in touch with the students Via email reminding them of the benefits and tips and tricks about speed reading.

I personally feel it is a really nice gesture to be in touch with students even after completion of the course. You can expect to read 3 times faster than your current writing speed after this course.

In all, I personally think this course is good for beginners to read and it also gives you your own pace of learning. Also if you are someone who wants to know more About the more efficient way to absorb the knowledge this course is perfect for you.


It has different types of plans available like:

  • One day free pass
  • 7 days access at $49
  • 90-day access value at $149
  • A year of access value at $249

7. Iris Speed Reading Course 

Iris Speed Reading Course is a very formed course in the field. It is for in-person or classroom studies and is established for anyone who wants to improve their speed and memory.

Iris Speed Reading Course

Features of Iris speed reading : 

  • Attend lectures in the US, Canada, Europe or you can even take online classes.
  • Content video learning available.
  • This course has ‘core online course’ which allows you to choose the course according to your need an preferences

1. Foundation course: According to me this is an ideal course for beginners, it teaches you how to speed read with drills of speed boasting and techniques about how to read chunks of words together. It also provides you with 5+ hours of content.

It also gives access to “30 tips to improve your” and also to an ebook about how to increase your focus.

2. Mastery course: This is an advanced level course. It will teach you the final steps to become a speed reader. This course teaches advanced techniques like subvocalization, spaced learning, and eye techniques.

It provides you with 12 seminar videos, each video tells you more about whilst giving you an urge to test your new knowledge. This course is most suitable for SAT/ACT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and GRE tests preparing students.

3. Advanced Comprehension & Memory Course: This course is the next step for improving your reading.

It provides you with 30 seminar videos with around 14 hours of content that’ll teach you some advanced reading techniques and will further help you with comprehension and memory skills.

This course will also provide you with exercises and activities that will help you in exams. This course is most suitable for students.


For the fondant course, the price is $50.

Mastery course is costed for the same $50. 

And the same pricing for the Advanced Comprehension & Memory Course.

8. The 7-Speed-Reading course

The 7-Speed-Reading course is suitable for any age and level. It is fully loaded with activities and video content. Anyone anywhere around the globe can learn this course online.

 7 Speed Reading course


  • It course offers expert video tutorials That are fully loaded with different types of exercises, training guides, and fun games. It also has drills for all levels.
  • It also provides tracking graphics and monitoring for advanced levels.
  • It has a library, with more than 20,000 ebooks.
  • You can log in with your Facebook to learn with your family and friends.


This course is for USD $79.95 for a year.

9. SuperLearner 2.5

SuperLearner 2.5 is developed by Jonathan Levi, Dr. Lev Goldentouch, and Prof. Anna Golden touch. This course is available on Udemy and is also quite popular there. The first edition of the course made a good impact on more 50,000 students.

SuperLearner 2.5

2.5 is a major update to the course. This course mainly focuses to make their students read three times faster than their current reading speed, to make this happen they teach students innovative memory techniques to retain and recall all the information.

This course also provides 5 hours of video content which has fun worksheets too.


  • This course teaches students reading skills that are applied by the worlds fastest reader.
  • Simple techniques to help you memorize quickly and to take hold of the knowledge for a long time.
  • They also learn techniques that help to learn efficiently.
  • They provide 60 video content lectures of 5 hours. 
  • Once you book yourself for this course you have lifetime access to all the video and material provided.

 These types of courses are most suitable for students, entrepreneurs, and managers.


This course is priced for rupees 526.

10. EyeQ Advantage

This speed reading course is suitable for all levels and ages even this course can be done by the ones you have a disability in learning.

eyeQ Advantage

This course provides three types of course-

  • Activity-based flexible course 

It is suggested in this course to spend 7 minutes a day on the activities, games, and drills given. This course teaches you everything about speed reading like how it is done. Training your eyes to scan faster and some additional parts of the brain.

  • Training & progress:

It provides games that help the brain to stretch and helps your body to improve eye reading speeds as well as focus on learning and adapting the knowledge gained. This app also has a feature that shows you your progress.

The user is accordingly guided then.


This course has three plans:

  • The monthly plan: This plan will cost you $19.99. You can cancel the plan anytime you wish to do so.
  • The annual plan: This plan costs you for $99.
  • The quarterly plan: This plan will cost you $39.99.

11. Kwik Reading Course

Kwik Reading course is an online course from California. It teaches us speed learning also, it has impacted students over 150 countries around the globe.

This course is most suitable for adults, professionals, and corporate businesses too.

Kwik Reading


  1. It gives us access to 21 days of online sessions of which has sessions about principles, techniques, and strategies which is by Jim’s work.
  2. This 21-day courses can be even repeated even after the completion of the course.
  3. It aims to improve mainly four elements:
  • Speed
  • Focus 
  • Retention
  • Comprehension


This course is for $497/year.

My Opinion 

So, what are the best courses in your opinion? Let me tell you what I think,

I think “Become a speed reading machine” and “Effective 10x learning” are some of the great courses according to me from the above-given list. As both of the courses have a common aim which is to make reading a priority and it also teaches you how to stay focused.

Staying focused and developing a peaceful mindset not only helps you during reading it also helps you in other factors of life. Both of the courses not only teach you about speed reading but it also gives knowledge about how to memorize and absorb knowledge quickly.

Also, Discover the super Reading course allows you to learn from the best expertise and Hollywood brain coach Mr. Jim Kwik. He also helps students in personal growth too from his speed reading programs.

So these were some of the best speed reading courses available online. I hope you found this blog helpful.

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FAQs | Speed Reading Courses 2024

🤓 Do speed reading courses really work?

Taking a good speed reading course can actually help you. They improve your speed of reading by one, two, three, or even sometimes four times.

🧐 How long does it take to learn speed reading?

These tricks and strategies can be learned even in a day but however, the regular practice is required to maintain these techniques. So this process is continuity and long term learning.

💁‍♀️ Does reading improve reading speed?

The more you read, the more you will be good at this. The more you read, the better you read this will increase your speed.

🙇‍♂️ How can I learn something fast?

These are some tricks used that you can apply:

  1. Teach someone else or if you don't have some just pretend to teach someone. This trick personally helps me so much to learn faster.
  2. Take a study nap.

🤷‍♂️ How can I read without reading it in my head?

You can try these tricks to avoid reading in your head.

  • Use your hand to guide your eyes
  • Listen to music while reading
  • Try reading aloud

🙆‍♀️ Is it better to read it aloud or silently?

Reading it aloud is better as the dual effect of speaking and hearing helps to memorize it more efficiently.

❓ Is reading too much harmful?

Though reading is a very healthy and beneficial activity, reading too much can harm your brain by killing productivity when no new meaning is created.

🙋‍♀️ How can I increase focus while reading?

These are some of the tricks that might help you increase focus while reading:

  1. Use your hand to guide your eyes while reading
  2. Try listening to music
  3. Avoid distraction: If you are someone who gets very easily distracted, try reading at a quiet place with no distractions.
So these were some tricks to stay focused while reading.

👍 How can I improve my memory?

These are a few strategies that can help you strengthen your memory

  • Try to focus your attention
  • Visualize the concepts
  • Try making flow charts
  • Read it out loud
  • Elaborate and rehearse the topic.

🤘 What is the difference between speed reading and photo reading?

Speed reading is just sequential reading but faster by one, two, three, or even ten times faster. You can read faster by applying some strategies and tricks and the most important regularity in reading.
The PhotoReading whole mind system by Paul R Scheele mentions that you can read a page by a second. It claims to read 25,000 words per minute and that is something which is not average which means a fully written page within seconds.

Conclusion | Best Speed Reading Courses 2024

As you have witnessed the journey so far for selecting the speed reading courses, I hope you have chosen the one for you.

These were some of the best speed reading courses according to me.

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