Moosend Review 2024: Is This The Email Tool For You?

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Moosend Review


Moosend is an email campaign management solution that helps you efficiently manage your email campaigns. The email campaign tools are the most significant tools for any marketers since they enable them to quickly contact a big number of students at the same time and make the selling of various items simpler for the marketers.

Out of 10


  • Powerful Real-time Analytics
  • Advanced List Segmentation
  • User-friendly Campaign Editor
  • User-friendly Campaign Editor
  • It has a very wide range of the Image Library
  • It has all the database in the Contact Database
  • It allows you to manage your mailing list with efficiency


  • On sometimes, Moosend takes a while to load.
  • Unfortunately, there are several limitations to free trials.


Price: $ 9

Are you considering Moosend Email Marketing for your web business? In this thorough and unbiased Moosend Review, I will explain why Moosend is the best and most affordable bulk email marketing service for you.

No matter how the marketing environment evolves, email advertising will always rank first for lead nurturing. There are a few other options on the market that provide you with the same level of consumer access.

Email enables businesses to strengthen relationships with customers one message at a time. That is difficult to disregard as a remedy.

Choosing the right email marketing provider is undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing access. There is a multitude of email marketing services available.

There are solutions designed exclusively for developers, as well as simple marketing automation systems that come pre-loaded with workflow templates and configuration options.

Today, we will examine one of the most straightforward email marketing services, designed for individuals that wish to build their lead nurturing approach rapidly.

Moosend Review 2024: What Is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing automation software. There are further features to investigate, and we will get back to you shortly.

Moosend automates monotonous marketing campaign chores so that you may focus on building new products or growing client relationships.

Moosend’s UI is incredibly intuitive, making it ideal for those who have never used a similar service previously.

Moosend Review

Aside from that, Moosend also offers a free plan so that you can easily create your first email campaign. This is great for those who wish to test out the features before committing.

With Moosend’s straightforward email marketing solution, you can construct full email marketing campaigns within moments.

It is quick and easy to locate a template and customize it to your specifications. Additionally, there are numerous connectors with your existing tools.

Moosend Features

This email marketing strategy is focused on helping you stand out online for the time being. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you have access to incredible features.

A drag-and-drop email editor, data analytics, and several segmentation options are also available.

Unlike other basic email marketing systems, Moosend allows you to construct whole sales funnels using triggers to decide what should occur when specific campaign activities occur.

Moosend Features

Among the characteristics you might anticipate are:

  • Email marketing interface that is intuitive
  • Landing pages and sign-up forms customized
  • Segmentation for advanced personalization
  • Weather-based recommendations
  • Export reports
  • Workflows and funnels for email marketing
  • Product recommendations
  • Various integration options
  • Intelligent email list segmentation
  • Responsive templates of the highest quality
  • Analytics and reports
  • Ultra-fast loading pages
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Anti-bot protection
  • A/B testing
  • SMP service

Numerous companies around the world trust Moosend, including Gucci, Dominos, and Dixons.

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User Interface

Among the most essential aspects of any email marketing solution, Moosend’s UI is intuitive and easy to utilize. There is a list of links on the left side of the homepage where you may find things such as templates for your first email account.

You may also filter your available designs according to certain purposes, such as when advertising a sale or sending out news about articles, on the template page.

You can also utilize the dashboard to review all of your client lists and active marketing initiatives. When you click on a campaign, you can access a variety of valuable metrics and set up A/B testing tactics.

Moosend User Interface

You can initiate four different types of campaigns in Moosend, beginning with a standard broadcast campaign, a split test campaign, and various RSS or updated feeds from URL emails.

Your mailing lists are also beautifully organized, with options such as list duplication and subscriber importation from an external provider.

You can also view color-coded subscriber and unsubscribe counts to determine the success of your campaigns.

Under your automation tab, you can find the email sequences and tags that have been established for each of your lists.

Depending on your demands, there are a variety of sequences and triggers available. You can also find quite a few eCommerce choices on this website.


A strong email marketing campaign requires a visually appealing template. If you have HTML coding ability, you can certainly design your own emails.

However, the majority of clients choose to opt for the simpler premade option. If you’re seeking simplicity and professionalism, Moosend templates are an excellent alternative.

There are numerous templates to pick from, all of which are neatly organized in a gallery.

You can search through templates according to your industry or the type of campaign you intend to deploy. Additionally, it is simple to modify your templates as you see fit.

Moosend, like many of the major email marketing tools on the market today, simplifies the process of developing email campaigns by providing a drag-and-drop system that allows you to simply drag the campaign elements you desire onto the email page.

Moosend Templates

There is also a multitude of methods to customize your templates before they reach your audience, including the addition of subscriber-specific information and product suggestions.

After developing your newsletter templates, you can set them to deliver automatically as part of a campaign. Notably, Moosend does not only offer email marketing campaign templates.

The company can also assist with lead creation by providing you with a plethora of amazing landing pages and form designs.

You can create pages for eBooks, product launches, webinar signups, and more. The templates are incredibly contemporary and responsive.

Templates for sign-up forms include pop-ups for your website, floating bars that adhere to your page, and full-page forms that are certain to attract customers’ attention.

Email Automation

The ability to automate your campaign is arguably the most significant feature of any email marketing platform.

As a business owner, you lack the time to send emails manually, thus you need a solution that can handle the task for you. Thus, Moosend comes into play.

Moosend simplifies and expedites the configuration of automation workflows. After configuring your campaign by selecting the desired templates, you can utilize a flow builder to select the desired triggers and sequences.

When someone submits a form, for instance, you may configure the service to wait a specified amount of time before sending an email reminder.

Moosend Email Automation

There are procedures for user onboarding where you may send welcome emails and educate clients on the services you provide.

Alternatively, you might develop a plan for abandoned carts that allows you to promptly encourage customers to return to your website if they have not completed their purchase.

When you select the abandoned cart template, you are provided with pre-designed automation steps to assist you.

If you have never used email automation before, Moosend ensures that the process will be quite intuitive. You can select abandoned cart email templates and create a daily maximum number of emails based on your sequences.

Notably, you can also build up automation campaigns and triggers for numerous websites, so long as they are connected to your Moosend account.

Lead scoring is also one of Moosend’s automated tasks. You can create various campaigns based on the type of lead you have.

For example, if a user placed an order, their lead score will be far higher than if they simply clicked a link on your website. It is essential to be able to alter your campaign based on the lead score.

Additionally, you can create your own personalized automation method. For example, you may establish a process in which, when a consumer adds an item to their cart, you wait a day and then check for purchases.

If someone has made a purchase, you can enhance their lead score; if they haven’t, you may send them a promotional offer to increase your chances.

Alternatively, you might make a “VIP” offer to consumers who spend a particular amount with your business, increasing your chances of establishing relationships with loyal customers.

Landing Pages and Forms

Moosend is provided with features that facilitate the collection of leads, which is one of its many benefits. With the landing page builder’s drag-and-drop feature, it’s simple to create an experience that you know your clients will enjoy.

A variety of attractive landing page designs and customization options are available, including moving, resizing, cropping, and grouping elements. Pages that load incredibly quickly are an added plus, as are SEO options such as Google ranking guidance.

All of Moosend’s landing pages look fantastic on all platforms, making them ideal for mobile customers.

There are countdown timers for creating a sense of urgency, as well as “success boosters” modules, such as Facebook Pixel monitoring, custom JavaScript, custom fonts, anti-bot protection, Google Analytics pixel tracking, and GDPR compliance.

Moosend Landing Pages and Forms

Additionally, Moosend supports page versioning, SSL encryption, labeling, WordPress plugins, and integrated forms.

Particularly noteworthy are the subscription forms, which feature modal pop-up designs, floating bars, boxes,  inline forms, and full-page pop-ups. You can choose from a vast selection of current templates, and there are also several rule alternatives.

Users can display a certain URL, choose between mobile and desktop users, and select forms based on their location in a given country or city.

Additionally, you will be able to add specific cookies to dynamic forms and construct a fully automated system for sales nurturing.

Additional features

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, Moosend offers a multitude of other capabilities, including a comprehensive eCommerce AI solution.

The AI solution makes it simple to track and manage contacts from a central location. Cart abandonment triggers and email automation can help you win back abandoned clients.

Additionally, Moosend can personalize recommendations that promote upsells and cross-sells. The AI tool provides products that match the preferences of your customers.

Alternatively, there is potential for cross-selling when recommending complementary products. You can also anticipate when they may require more of a particular product.

You can also track your customers’ progression through the buying cycle. Other abilities comprise:

1. Personalization: Ensure that you deliver your consumers the most pertinent messages depending on their specific needs. Configure automation routines that highlight previously viewed products.

You can also send recommendations based on the weather, making your emails as timely as feasible. Robot capabilities allow you to display related products to those previously viewed by a consumer, or even alert you when to refill.

2. Tracking: Obtain a complete picture by observing how your clients utilize your website. You can comprehend every consumer behavior and optimize your store’s sales promotion.

Integrations are also available to assist with this process, such as linkages to CRM and eCommerce platforms that do not require HTML expertise. There are other automation features depending on triggers.

3. Analytics: Reporting and analytics are crucial for fostering the finest customer experiences. Moosend includes a data translation solution that enables you to comprehend your customers’ activity.

You may have comprehensive control over the backend environment, where you can monitor click-through rates, bounce rates, and more.

With map pinning, it is also feasible to track where your clients come from throughout the world. Alternatively, examine which devices they’re using and share your reports with stakeholders with a single click.

Moosend is also distinguished by its white labeling of other agency elements. You may brand the entire dashboard and login page with your company’s colors and logo via white labeling.

It is also possible to configure CNAME records for your DNS, allowing you to access your account via your own domain name. This entirely conceals the allusion to Moosend.

If you own a firm that provides marketing services to clients, it is simple to create a memorable experience.

You can also create sub-accounts for clients that wish to log in and check the statistics and reports of your email marketing campaigns. Create a username and password specific to the account.

You can remove billing information so that your customers are unaware of the amount you pay. It is also possible to disable Moosend’s assistance chat if you wish to provide your own guidance.

None of the sub-accounts you create will directly receive emails from Moosend.

Let’s Have A Look:

Moosend Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Moosend is so confident in its pricing system that it allows you to compare its costs to those of other industry-standard solutions.

On the pricing page, you’ll find a graph that allows you to compare the price per number of subscribers for Moosend to Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and Constant Contact, among others.

Compared to other market-leading solutions, Moosend’s pricing structure is quite competitive. Real-time pricing is available based on the number of members, and a free 30-day trial allows you to test out all of the features without cost.

Moosend Pricing Plans

The Pro package includes limitless email support for each contact, allowing you to construct campaigns without difficulty. You also receive unlimited email lists and access to all new platform features as they become available.

Compared to other firms, Moosend provides superior customer service and more marketing opportunities at a lesser cost than the majority of SaaS solutions.

Monthly costs start at $9 depending on the number of subscribers. There is also an Enterprise bespoke plan that allows you to support up to 10 team members, SSO and SAML, as well as an SLA.

Dedicated account managers are available along with onboarding and migration support.


You can use Moosend to send unlimited emails from your Salesforce shop to create relationships with your subscribers, whether you need an email marketing solution to send transactional or SMTP emails.

As with the majority of email automation software, Moosend supports Zapier integration to link your favorite applications.

Additionally, there are numerous native connectors with products such as Constant Contact and PieSync, allowing you to connect to even more automation tools and marketing solutions.

This means that you may create the campaign editor experience that best suits your needs by combining the drag-and-drop editor of a regular email newsletter creation with any number of unique capabilities.

Moosend Integrations

You also receive an official Mailchimp connection and WordPress integration via the WordPress plugin repository, allowing you to increase the number of opt-in subscribers on your WordPress website.

It is great to be able to access automated sign-up synchronization, exit intent solutions, and pop-up forms.

Moosend can be used as an SMTP to integrate with your existing application or website for transactional emails only, which is an additional benefit from a synchronizing perspective.

If you have development skills and desire more extensive customization possibilities, you’re in luck.

In addition to the integration tools discussed above, Moosend also has a respectable API access solution, allowing you to make changes in your own method.

The API comes with extensive documentation, however, there is no developer-specific direct support team.

Moosend Support

Whether you choose Mailchimp, SendinBlue, or Moosend, you will always need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of support.

There is always a chance that anything could go awry, despite the fact that tools like Moosend generally perform effectively on their own. If an issue does arise, your small business must have access to an exceptional team.

Support-wise, the good news is that Moosend provides a fantastic return on investment. You can access live chat regardless of the number of emails you pay for.

Moosend Support

When you upgrade your service, you also receive a dedicated account manager to assist you in resolving any issues.

When you are in need of assistance, Moosnd makes it quick and simple to obtain it. You shouldn’t have to wait too long for assistance in Moosend.

Keep in mind that you may require a different type of assistance if you’re using API technologies to link your account to specific social media or woocommerce settings.

Try exploring online for communities geared to assist startups in developing custom applications.

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Conclusion: Moosend Review 2024

From its excellent deliverability to its extensive customization possibilities, it’s difficult to find a flaw in Moosend.

Despite the fact that no email marketing service can be perfect, Moosend offers a multitude of advantages at a reasonable price.

The plans are generous, so you should have no trouble gaining access to the desired capabilities.

Although this may not be the most well-known email marketing software on the market, it is certainly worth a try.

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