Best Anstrex Alternatives & Competitors 2022: Which One To Buy?

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Are you looking for the best Anstrex Alternatives? Find the list here.

What is Anstrex? 

Anstrex is a Native Ad Spy tool that is one of the most advanced and widely utilised on the market today. Websites and business owners who display push and native adverts on their sites frequently use it.

It allows you to track the affiliate campaigns of competitors in your niche using the Anstrex affiliates monitor, which includes 200 networks and allows you to spy on your competitors’ most effective campaign techniques.

With its innovative Affiliate Offers Wall, you can review whole campaigns from competitors in your niche and significantly enhance your ROI.

Users can have access to profitable competitor data from over 58000 advertisers across 27 native ad networks in fifteen countries using their solutions.

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Best Anstrex Alternatives & Competitors: 

If you are not sure of whether to get Anstrex or not, here are some of the best alternatives of Anstrex that you can try anyway.

1.   Anstrex vs Adplexity:

Anstrex vs Adplexity- anstrex alternatives

Affiliates and advertisers can use AdPlexity to have access to granular information on over 100,000 Shopify stores and 70,000,000 goods. It includes everything you’ll need to assess current market conditions and ensure that your e-commerce firm is on the right track.

If you truly want to make smarter judgments by simply discovering what goods are already profitable and providing a high return on investment, you should sign up with AdPlexity right now.

2. Anstrex vs PowerAdSpy:

PowerAdSpy is one of the legit and promising Ads spy tools and the best Anstrex alternatives that are available for you in the market.

Ansterx vs PowerAdspy- Anstrex alternatives

PowerAdSpy products primarily spy on all of your competitors’ most effective Facebook ad campaigns, which you can then quickly tweak and implement for your own business.

The most intriguing aspect of PowerAdSpy is that you can customise these advertisements to fit your business’s niche, then develop your own Facebook ads using all of your competitor’s ad data insights and dominate the market.

3. Anstrex vs WhatRunsWhere: 

whatrunswhere ad intelligence tool- anstrex review alternatives

WhatRunsWhere is an advertising espionage tool that allows you to see where your competitors are advertising and what types of ads they’re running.

You may also use keywords to see which sponsors and adverts are currently running on specific domains.

You may get statistics from 22 nations with this programme, and you can choose between multiple versions. You can also gain coverage from over 150 display networks and 140 mobile ad networks.


Are There Any Free Anstrex Alternative? 

There are few Anstrex free alternatives including AdsWiper, SocialPeta, TrackMaven and BigSpy. We can use them but the free Ad spy tools are not accurate ones.


Socialpeta- anstrex free alternatives

SocialPeta allows you to keep track of all of your social media ads. We give data and real-time updates for all mainstream channels, from Facebook to TikTok.

No more slaving over feeds or continually updating analytics – with SocialPeta, your dreams of a successful campaign are only a few clicks away!

Brands can reach 95 percent of consumers in 62 countries by using 150+ channels.
It offers a 5X greater conversion rate than impressions alone, allowing teams to find significant ROIs and actual conversions in their campaigns, allowing them to scale and raise expenditures efficiently.



AdSwiper saves you time by collecting Facebook advertising you’re most likely to be interested in. Adswiper will also keep note of the demographics you’re most likely to agree with, then group them into categories that are targeted to your unique needs.

The AdSwiper extension cycles its data through your Chrome extension, allowing it to automatically collect Facebook advertising for you.

You only need to download the app and then spend 15 minutes browsing pages on any site with contextual advertising to enable the brand new advertisement service.


Trackmaven- anstrexx free alternatives

TrackMaven is a marketing analytics platform that helps you set up your tools, get started on 18 integrated digital and social channels, verify ROI, and make better decisions with precision data-driven insights.

We combine marketing knowledge with cutting-edge technology to provide you with the data you need to succeed across all channels.

TrackMaven gives you insight into which channels are truly valuable and how much they’re worth to your business, allowing you to plan smarter and achieve greater outcomes.

Conclusion: Which is the best Anstrex Alternative?

For those that take the competition seriously, the Anstrex ad spy tool is extremely handy. It is simple to use thanks to the user-friendly UI. When you use this software, unlocking ad world secrets will be a breeze.

However, if you want to go for more advanced features, Adplexity is the best possible tool and Anstrex alternative.


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