H1 Base Coupon Codes With Review 2020: Get US Work Visa At $2000

h1 base review

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Detailed H1 Base Coupon Codes & Review April 2020: Is It Legit? Get US Work Visa at $2000

H1 Base was founded in 2000 to teach, support and provide professional advice to international workers and students from around the world or the US to obtain a work and sponsorship visa in the US. The smartest talent in the world thanks to the official work visa programs of the United States.

Our immigration visas and visa guides, information, resources, and services are used and helped by thousands of foreigners from over 130 countries and thousands of US sponsor companies. UU And many The best centers for careers of universities and colleges of the EE. UU And the US Immigration Companies UU

h1 base review

What began almost two decades ago with the first community-based H1B work visa website has quickly become one of the world’s most recognized and respected work solutions and sponsors and sponsors of Visa. This has now been extended to all important US visa projects. UU in our resources and solutions.

Over the years, our company has become aware of our viewers and customers and has consistently developed the best quality and best solutions to succeed in the highly competitive and ever-changing markets of visa sponsorship.

We have received excellent reviews and success stories from our private and corporate clients, helping thousands of people around the world (more than 130 countries) achieve their goals and fulfill their dream of living and working in Canada. Latina


We have been recommended, referenced, and collaborated with some of the most reputable companies and agencies around the world, including Associated Press, CNN World Business, Monster, Emigrate the USA, the MBA Career Services Council, the National Association of Colleges, and employers. , Market Place Radio Stations, Monster.com, H1Bvisa.info, Prentice Hall Publishing, Job Bank USA, Exchanges for Expats, Foreign Students, Immigration Top 100, Voice for Immigration, Global Passports and Thousands More

How Does H1 Base Coupon Codes Work?

For Jobseekers

Over the years, H1 Base has helped more than 100,000 people find jobs to sponsor visas in the United States. Benefit from our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the field of work visas and immigration in the United States.

The job offer must come from a US registered company. UU Ready to sponsor him for a job, submit a work visa for you and pay.
This is the biggest challenge for international and foreign workers when trying to get a work visa.
Our specialized job search services and work visas offer you this challenge.

coupon codes for H1B


H1B visa

The H1B Visa Sponsorship Program has been our main and main specialty for over 15 years. If you’re looking for your first H1B or visa transfer, we can help you reach your goal.

Green card

Green cards are the ultimate dream for visas to permanently migrate to the US. We’ve helped thousands of people find and get Jobs as a Green Card sponsor to live and work in the United States.

H2B visa

If you do not have a college degree or a high-skilled job and still want to work in the US at short notice, H2B offers you this opportunity.

TN1 visa

For Canadian and Mexican citizens, TN1 is often the fastest way to the United States. In addition, most candidates have the dual option and the option to receive a TN1 or H1B visa.

E3 visa

E3 for Australian nationals also offers two similar options, such as the TN1 visa under the NAFTA agreement, and it is excellent immigration in the short term.

Visa OPT-a-H1B

Over the years, we’ve provided hundreds of career centers with packages and worked with thousands of graduates and F1 and OPT students in person.

For employer

Base H1 helps thousands of American companies find and recruit the best talent for their business every year. From beginners to experienced professionals and executives, we help you find the best international employees.

H1 base services review

We make it fast, easy and profitable.

I attract, market you to, and connect you with top-tier candidates you can hire for your jobs in:

  • Management
  • Sciences
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • IT / Technology
  • Teaching
  • Business

We have thousands of highly qualified candidates in the United States and more than 100 countries around the world.
We also work with many of Canada’s top universities and colleges and have thousands of doctoral students.

For universities

Hundreds of university and college career centers rely on H1 purchasing services to help international students obtain OPT and H1B visas upon graduation, To help them start great careers in the United States.

H1 Base sponsor visa coupons

Includes all the following services:

Employee Search System H1B of recommended correspondence

Search for career level, job title, skills or industry and in “any” place with zoom in any favorite city

  •  Students can now search for career level (entry, second cycle, beginner, trainee)
  •  Immediately adopt the H1B employer companies to the best opportunities

The results show the companies classified according to the priority of sponsorship H1B

Sponsoring H1B Best Locations / Main Sponsor Companies

Search for a city or state to see the best sponsors:

  •  Includes built-in links to find available jobs posted on the web at any sponsoring company
  •  Includes built-in links to find internal connections on LinkedIn in each sponsoring company
  •  Allows you to quickly and easily reach the right companies and find jobs and contacts in one place


Types of visas and permits.

Find out quickly and easily about US visas and work permits. Guides, information, and free advice to help you compare visas and permits to find out which one is right for you. Know the visa/permits you are entitled to, the steps and procedures to apply for and receive a visa. We help you find everything you need to know and the latest updates in a convenient location

  • work visas
  • study Visa
  • Visa travel
  • All visa options

H1 Base Coupon code - step to guide

Immigration is generally quite complicated and it is important to know the right methods at each step of the process. We help you to learn the best methods for a smooth, reliable and successful journey.

Employment and employment for the sponsorship of work visa.

Finding suitable jobs and companies offering visa sponsorship opportunities can be very difficult and time-consuming for international professionals and students (especially overseas). With more than 14 years of experience in the visa sponsorship market, we have developed all the most effective and reliable methods, techniques and strategies to achieve the fastest and best results.

  • Look for solutions for H1B visa sponsorship
  • Look for solutions for sponsoring H2B visas
  • TN1 visa search solutions
  • Look for solutions for E3 visa sponsorship
  • Green Card Sponsorship Search Solutions

h1base coupon and review


Job seekers around the world use our solutions regularly to save months of research and improve their chances of finding and maintaining dream job opportunities with the best job in the country. Employer sponsorship visa


  •  Choose between our product links, text links or banners, each with their unique identifier.
  •  Publish it on your website, in the newsletter or by e-mail with a link to H1Base.com
  •  Visitors click on their link to H1Base.com and buy services/products. You earn 15% commissions on every sale you make.

Real-time reports and real-time tracking with online reports, you can check your earnings and traffic reports at any time of day or night anywhere in the world.

Pros and Cons


  • American dream
  • International recruiting solutions.
  • latest updates
  • enjoy a sweetie
  • the most effective
  • reliable methods
  • successful journey


  • migration information
  • Visa learning center for work

Price and cost of the H1B Base

Structure of the processing fee for the H1B visa:

H1base discount with reviuew



Standard Payment Rate H1B:
The standard application fee H1B applies to petition 1-129. These H1B rates are also paid for H1B extensions, transfers, and H1B changes. Almost everyone has to pay the fees. The US Consulate may incur additional fees for H1B visas. UU When applying abroad.

Prices of ACWIA (Training) H1B:
The employer must pay training fees to finance the training of American workers. However, if the employer has fewer than 25 full-time employees, he will only have to pay half of the required fees

Fraud costs H1B:
Fraud and detection of $ 500 are required for the first H-1B petition or change of employer. Extensions with the same employer do not require fraud fees.

Optional fees H1B:
Premium Treatment: These prices are almost always worth every penny. Decisions are made within 15 working days by USCIS. Your lawyer will receive a direct telephone number and e-mail address for the office and the case handler (if there is a problem that requires your attention).
If necessary, requests from your H4 family will be processed with the Visa H1B visa application at no additional cost. Family members can apply to be the main applicant for H1B. The current rates can be found in Form I-539.

H1B Attorney / Attorney’s fees:
It is strongly recommended that an experienced and qualified H1B immigration attorney be available to assist with the preparation and submission of H1B visa application forms and forms. The lawyer fees vary depending on the lawyer you choose. As a guideline, however, you can expect to pay anywhere in the region between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000.

  • Regular H1B treatment (there is no set treatment time – it can take months)
  • Visa fees are paid to USCIS if the company has less than 25 employees = approximately $ 2,000
  • Fees to pay to USCIS if the company employs more than 25 people = approximately $ 2,750
  • Premium H1B treatment (accelerated treatment in just 15 days)
  • Add another $ 1,225 to the usual H1B processing fee


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Conclusion: H1 Base Reviews With Discount Coupons April 2020 (Get US Work Visa at $2000)

H1 Base has received many positive recommendations and references from industry leaders over the last 15 years.

Our company is also very proud of the thousands of success stories we have received from our customers around the world. Customers we helped to ensure successful sponsorship of work visas in the United States.

H1 Base not only helps foreigners realize their dream of living and working in the United States but also has business units offering services and support to many of the United States’ most prestigious colleges and universities, thousands of companies. Immigration authorities and states of the United States. Government authorities.

Read the links below and read more about the H1Base Coupon Code to get a better idea of how our business has been adopted by the media, universities, and customers.


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