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This is an article on myTEFL Discount Code & Coupon Codes 2020 where I would be discussing what the company is all about as well the coupon/discount codes that are active on their products and services.

There would also be a kind of myTEFL review where you would be able to weigh the pros and cons and decide which one you want to go for (in case you have other options too). I hope the article helps you in many ways.

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  • Save 35% when you sign up with your buddy

  • Save 30% on all courses

  • Get TEFL Placements for TEFL graduates

  • TEFL Internships for all TEFL students

How to avail myTEFL Discount Codes?

myTEFL copupon codes

Once you have a look at the given steps, you will know it is super easy to avail these coupon codes. There is no rocket science behind this.

You only need to go through the following steps, and your coupon codes or discount codes that you want to use will be applied.

  1. When you tap the coupon code that you want to make use of, you will be automatically directed to the official site of myTEFL.
  2. Visiting the site, you can go through all the courses available and decide which one you want for yourself.
  3. Once you have decided you can finally add it to your cart or whatever mode of ordering they offer, and check out.
  4. Now, at this point, you need to provide with all the necessary information regarding placing the order, like your name, contact details, address, etc.
  5. Once, all this is done, you can check out and pay as per your convenience.
  6. Now, there is nothing in between you and the course that you have always wanted to do, so enjoy and have a great learning experience at myTEFL, and open new gates of opportunities for yourself.

What is TEFL?

Let us start from the basics. So, what actually TEFL is?

Some of us might know this, while others would be completely new to the concept. No worries, I’m here to help with that. Basically, TEFL, which is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

This field is one of the fastest-growing educational fields these days as the demand of this is really high, as it offers thousands of excellent professional opportunities if you are willing to teach English abroad, and that too in all corners of the world.

Basically, in a gist, this course would help you teach the English language to non-native speakers of the language.

To teach English as a Foreign Language in a foreign country, or any non-native English speaking country, this kind of certification, or any of such kind, is typically needed as schools and language institutes want to hire such teachers with proper training.

The biggest perk being, with TEFL certificate, you can teach in more than 40 countries, I think this is the most exotic option. Isn’t it?

myTEFL Discount Codes & Coupon Codes 2020

 Mytefl Discount Coupon Codes- Mytelf Pricing Plan

About myTEFL

myTEFL is a training center for TEFL courses that trains you and prepares you best for English learning and teaching.

 Mytefl Discount Coupon

It is located in different locations and is also one of the most prominent names in the field of TEFL learning. You can take the myTEFL quiz and start training for English learning with experienced teachers and get resources for TEFL.

Online and Onsite courses at myTEFL

Since different people need different training systems, as all of us are designed differently, the myTEFL knows it and understands it too. And therefore, online TEFL is the smart choice for you.

 Mytefl Discount with Review

It doesn’t matter anymore if you are busy with some work, school, socializing or you live away from major urban centers, no big deal, online courses are there for the rescue!! Or need a classroom with a bunch of students by your side to make that mood right? No worries, myTEFL has got your back, you can choose from a range of onsite programs too.

Online TEFL Classes:

Testers –

This is a basic program that would be of 40 hours and would be about Fundamental Classroom Management. So, if you are interested, you may visit the site and get yourself enrolled.

Refresher –

This is a standard 60-hour lasting program that covers the teaching techniques and methodologies that you can employ in your classrooms to make learning even more efficient for your students.

Upgrade –

This course is considered an advanced course, and would last for around 80 hours, and involves advanced approaches to teaching as well as the grammar portions to cover.

Best Value –

This is their most popular professional course that lasts for 120 hours and is really great for the people on the go, who wish to excel in this TEFL too. It would cover the topics so as to help you master TEFL Expert teaching.

Online training programs are good for you, if:

  • You have other commitments and stuff to do such as work, school, etc.
  • You do not wish to have a fixed schedule and want more of some flexible study hours.
  • You are willing to get started right away and do not wish to waste any more time.
  • If you are preferring job placement flexibility along with.
  • And if you are already on the road.

 Mytefl Discount Coupon Codes- Make a Difference

Then trust me, the online training option is the best for you. Worry no more, just opt for it, without any second thoughts, and I assure you, you are not going to have any second thoughts.

Onsite TEFL courses:

If you prefer the experience of a real classroom over the online platform, then this kind of program is the best suited for you. These courses are fully accredited as well as they also provide local job placement assistance once the course is completed.

Some of the exciting onsite courses offered by myTEFL are:

 Mytefl internship coupons

Thailand –

Under this course, you will get the opportunity to learn about the teaching technicalities by actually living in the city. The course includes 120 hours of onsite and offsite instruction and work, as well as specially designed 40 hours of Thailand orientation week.

You will also be provided with full accommodations, along with cultural excursions, and activities, with job placement assistance. Plus, memories that are going to last your entire lifetime. Enrol now!

Argentina –

With 120 hours of onsite instruction, as well as training, you also get to study in the beautiful campus located in Buenos Aires, which would also include accommodations for you.

Under this course, you will also get a high quality, hands-on teaching practice, and not just this, you will also be assisted with your job placement and will get memories that would last for a lifetime.

 Mytefl coupon code Program Argentina

Spain –

Under this location, you will get a four-week intensive program in Barcelona along with accommodation assistance. If you enrol under this course, you will also get job placement workshops and assistance with the placements too.

The course will also provide you with the opportunity to meet a great community sharing the same interest as well as great locations to study at. The start date of the course is quarterly available.

Onsite training programs are good for you, if:

  • You are willing to study in a full time, traditional classroom-based scenario.
  • You are more comfortable in learning with a bunch of same interest-sharing people.
  • You are willing to learn overseas.
  • If you are thinking to grab a placement in the same country where you have been taking the training.
  • You lack stable internet connection and so think onsite would be a better option.

myTEFL Pricing

The courses at myTEFL are affordable as the starting rate is $139, along with great reviews of the courses. One more very amazing thing about the myTEFL membership is that it does not expire and will last lifelong.

And, when it comes to giving back to society, they make a donation for every course enrollment.

So, when you enrol for a course at myTEFL, you not only benefit yourself but are also making a contribution to the well-being of the society around you.

 Mytefl Discount Coupon Codes- Mytelf Pricing Plan

The 120-hour course is designed for the people on the go, as the team at myself understands that we all have busy lives these days, so there will be no set schedules, no cumbersome commutes, learn whenever and wherever you need as per your convenience, all you need is an internet connection and a computer.

This 120-hour course costs under $300 and also includes free job placement services, and you will be certified in four to six months.

The four top courses are:


  • Starts at $139
  • 40 hours of TEFL
  • Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificates
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support
  • Free TEFL Job Placement
  • Lengthy Courses


  • Starts at $189
  • 60 hours of TEFL
  • Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificates
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support
  • Free TEFL Job Placement
  • Lengthy Courses


  • Starts at $249
  • 80 hours of TEFL
  • Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificates
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support
  • Free TEFL Job Placement
  • Lengthy Courses

Professional Courses

  • Starts at $299
  • 120 hours of TEFL
  • Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificates
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support
  • Free TEFL Job Placement

Why Choose myTEFL?

With more than 35 years of experience in combined TEFL, the team of myTEFL, as well as their partners, make myTEFL a whole different experience, and they make sure that you do not get disappointed in any way.

discount for myTEFL Coupon Codes

The team members at myTEFL are all from different streams themselves, be it teacher, or a training manager, or a writer, or an editor, publisher, consultant, just like every other person, but what they have common in them is that they all are travelers and adventurers by heart, which makes the experience even better.

The courses offered at myTEFL are of high-quality, and are an ideal blend of theory and practicality, and not just this, these courses are accredited and accepted by employers and professionals all around the world.

Plus, these courses are taught online, so they are convenient too, and you don’t have to worry about your busy schedule, anymore. The customer support at myTEFL is outstanding plus the dedicated tutors that you will get there, are also unparalleled.

And along with all these amazing features, you will also get great placement opportunities lined up for you.

Quick Links:


⏰How long does it take to complete myTEFL course?

The course duration is separately given with all the courses’ list so that you do not have to worry about the duration for which the course would last. This article too has the duration of specific courses mentioned along with other details of the course. And if you want more details, about this or any other issue, similar to this, you may visit their official site and get updated.

✅Can one apply for a job before the completion of the course?

Yes, of course, you may be surprised to hear that some apply even before they start learning for the course, as some of the employers do not have an issue with that and they are happy to offer the positions with the understanding that you will arrive once the course is completed. However, a letter of enrollment is needed in such cases by your employer, you can freely contact the myTEFL team, and they will surely provide you with that, without any questions asked.

⚡️Does this TEFL Certificate expire?

Well, this question has a logical answer which I guess all of us would agree upon. Although this certification never expires, if you are or have been away from teaching for a long time, then it gets to have lesser impacts or it gets less attractive for employers. You can, however, take a course to refresh your knowledge and I think that is not a bad idea.

👉Is a myTEFL course eligible for the CLAIR grant (JET program)?

Yes, it absolutely is. The 120-hour course which is available at Mytefl is accredited and recognized, as well as very popular among the teachers in the JET program. Many teachers in this program choose the Mytefl course of 120 hours as their TEFL provider and then successfully receive the CLAIR Grant after that. The team at Mytefl also offers the support that you need to receive the Grant throughout as well as after the completion of your course.

👍Does taking a TEFL requires fluency in a second, non-English language?

Absolutely not. When you will be teaching English, you would not be using any other language but English in your entire class, not even the native language of the place where you would be teaching English. Your entire class will be in English only.

🔢What is the minimum passing score at myTEFL?

If you want to successfully pass the course at myTEFL, you need to score a minimum of 65% in each unit. It is OK if you have scored below this line in any of your sections or individual assignments, but your average must be 65% or above it anyhow. Then only you would be able to clear the certification.

Conclusion | myTEFL Discount Code & Coupon Codes 2020

myTEFL has been contributing their part in making the dreams of a lot of people to teach in their dream nation come true with the TEFL courses that open new gates of opportunities for a lot of them.

And they have been doing this for the last 35 years, incessantly and perfectly, and with such long tenure in this field, we can understand how good their courses would be. The certification that you obtain here, will undoubtedly take you miles.

Teaching English at one of your dream locations abroad is no more a dream now, just enrol yourself and within few weeks, you would be able to realize your dream, as well as live it to the fullest.

Be it the reviews of their courses, or the features that are mentioned with each course, everything speaks for itself, and for the quality of learning that they are offering. No second thoughts, myTEFL is one of the best platforms that are offering such courses, and even if you doubt me, feel free to visit their site and know by yourself.

Plus, myTEFL has given some really great coupon/discount codes here that you can use to save yourself a few bucks while taking a step ahead in realizing your dream. Enjoy!



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