SEOHost Coupon Codes & Review April2020 -50% Flat Off on Hosting Plans

seohost coupon codes

In this post, you will find the SEOHost coupon codes and descriptive review along with full features, pricing, etc.

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About SEOHost

Search engine optimisation is a pretty big deal for websites. It describes how well a website is suited to appear in search engine results and how high it appears on those results, and search engines is usually how a website gains traffic to each article and gains an audience to that website either through repeated exposure else by gaining traffic to an article where the user really likes the writing style of that article and checks the site for more of such well written content.


Google, Bing and other search engines use a variety of complex algorithms for displaying search results and optimising a website by the site developer can be a challenge. It takes effort and time to create a website, customise it, write content for it, maintenance and manage finances. This leaves no room for a site run by a singular person and a small group to optimise every article and page to appear on search engines. Its here that can be useful.

Hosting services are required for hosting the website on servers as the name suggests. Seo host is a good choice for hosting because it offers search engine optimisation through multiple IP hosting. It links several class C IPs to verify the link.


Multiple IP Hosting

Multiple IP hosting is hosting services and IP subnets on an account. It combines the two to boost the search engine optimisation of a user’s website. Modern search engines have advanced massively over the origins of search engines like Google which relied on a formula to verify the quality of a site. It now uses complex algorithms with multiple formulas which are not revealed to the public.

Google does provide some hints to make it possible for website owners to customize their site such that it would make it a better experience for users which will make it appear higher when searching appropriate terms. They don’t reveal the full extent of it as it would be incorporated by other companies but the information that was revealed is hugely helpful. A big reveal was that backlinking is a major component to optimization and search appearances.

These backlinks are links to a website from other class C IP’s that verify the link. The thought behind it is that if a website is reliable and has high quality content then articles from the website will be quoted by other websites and users on forums with a link to the source article. This creates a link juice and its a crucial tool for sites. is amazing in this regard as it provides multiple IP hosting as it allows websites to fully utilise the link juice as every website has its own nameserver and its own IP address. Regular hosting has thousands of websites on the same nameserver and IP address and it leads to negative seo. There isn’t such a problem with and that automatically puts a website ahead of the majority of sites.



Benefits of seo hosting are huge. Dedicated IP and private nameserver were already covered above. There are other benefits to seo hosting as well. provides a control panel to manage domains. An account having multiple domains can take advantage of this to make management more convenient. It functions similarly to the control panel on Windows. There are security options, presentation and user interface options, and a host of tools to customise domain setting.

The seo host also provides ways a user can manually make articles better optimised for search engines. There is a minimum word count for content related sites which makes Google prioritise such sites. There are some catch phrases and search related terms which will be suggested by seo host and can allow users to make content more suitable to appear when these phrases are searched and can massively increase traffic to a website. The other ways for businesses to increase it as well which are suggested by seo host and allows it to prosper. is made for WordPress sites and sites made from Javascript and HTML5. Most modern sites are hence covered by the service. It offers 2100 IPs, 1600 USA and 500 EU IPs. The servers have a massive uptime rate so users of the site can access it anytime they want and it also helps in making it more user friendly. The backup option to keep configured files saved is a useful safety measure available for users. There is support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and its a relief to anyone who has used another such product and had trouble with customer support.


There are affordable options for access to servers for various customers – individuals, small businesses and big corporations. The most affordable option is Class C seo hosting which costs a mere $2 a month and offers dedicated ip hosting plans to customers. It is recommended for bloggers and other content creators and writers who write articles and the product that they are selling is their content.

The Class A seo hosting costs $5 a month and offers customised class A hostings. Its important to mention that there are 255 of them in the world and offers 25 of them so for those looking for class A hostings it is the best service available.

The seo VPS service costs a significant amount. The $40 a month fees offers customers scalable IPs with seo VPS. VPS is a virtual private server and is offered by most internet hosting services. A VPS is expensive because it runs a copy of operating system and offers the user superuser access to the operating system so they can run any software which can run on it. They function like dedicated physical servers and are recommended for small businesses that want faster response and lower pings for users accessing their sites.

The dedicated server is the most expensive service at $99 a month but it offers physical servers to store data and information and a huge amount of them. Dedicated servers function on their own so no hardware is shared among them and so its faster than virtual private servers and hence more expensive. It is recommended for big business for the fastest response and ping and servers which can handle a huge amount of people visiting the site.

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Conclusion- SEOHost Coupon Codes & Review

These servers are hosted in United States of America and European Union. They will be fastest in these countries and slower the farther away a person is from these countries. It is recommended that users who use live in a country within the specified range and the clients they want also live in those areas. is a fantastic product for bloggers, writers and companies which operate in these regions.

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