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The ABBYY Company is world-leading in producing software technologies optical character recognition, document capture & form processing, linguistic technologies, & translation services.

We are in the era of digital. Most of the documents we work on today are digital on the soft copy, and over time, we have minimized the use of hard copies a lot, and this trend is not going to move backward ever. Not at least shortly.

This transformation is happening because it is easier and advantageous. However, there are a few disadvantages of digital copies too, that must be rectified if we are going to use them daily.

To rectify these disadvantages or cons of digital documents, ABBYY comes into play. ABBYY will provide you with translation services, linguistic technologies, form processing, document capture, OCR or Optical Character Recognition, and many more that will ease your work.

Here, we have mentioned some of the essential aspects of ABBYY, and since it is a paid service, some exciting coupon codes, using which you can get heavy discounts.

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FAQs | Abbyy Coupon Codes

🧐Can I clone an operating system that has ABBYY FineReader installed?

Yes, you can deploy ABBYY FineReader by cloning your Microsoft Windows 7/8/10. After cloning your OS, you will need to activate ABBYY FineReader.

🙆‍♀️ Can I change the network connection settings?

You can change the connection settings used for communication among the License Server, the License Manager, and the workstations.

💁‍♂️ Can I repair ABBYY FineReader 15 on the workstations?

An access to the installation distribution may be required for the program recovery.

👉 Is ABBYY a Russian company?

Developed software ABBYY is a Russian organization specializing in text recognition (OCR) and linguistics. ABBYY's most well-known devices include the text recognition app ABBYY FineReader, the streaming data input device ABBYY FlexiCapture, and the electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo.

🧏‍♂️ What exactly is ABBYY?

Commercially available software that is patented (Retail or volume licensing) website. ABBYY FineReader PDF is an optical character recognition (OCR) program created by ABBYY. Since version 15, it has included support for editing PDF files.

💁‍♂️Who makes use of ABBYY?

It currently has a global consumer base of more than 100 million. ABBYY OCR systems are used by leading application firms, scanner, and MFP suppliers, and document capture vendors to reliably digitize records. Some of them are Xerox, RICOH, HP Enterprise, Epson, Fujitsu, Siemens, etc.

🙋 What is ABBYY Automation?

The ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector for Automation Anywhere is a MetaBot that connects the FlexiCapture enterprise framework to Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA, automating unstructured information processing (documents, photographs, and text) and converting it to organized, actionable data.

About ABBYY Company:

The ABBYY Company was established in 1989 in Moscow & it was named BIT Software till the year 1997.

ABBYY Company has 14 offices all over the globe five offices are in Russia and Russia ABBYY companies Headquarters are located in the United States of America, Germany, UK, Japan, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Cyprus & Taiwan are other countries where these companies’ offices are placed.Abby-Recognized at first sight - Coupon Discount Codes

The company’s ABBYY 3A office stands for Asia, Africa & Latin America. India is one of the primary markets & ABBYY 3A helps them in the distribution of ABBYY products & improvement of the business in the nation.

Today more than 30 million people in 150 nations use ABBYY company’s software products, solutions & services.

In the past 12 years, ABBYY products achieved more than 220 awards from leading international magazines & testing labs for quality, ease of use & value for money.

Products Of ABBYY Software Company 

This ABBYY software understands text characters & document formatting attributes in images.

ABBYY also makes data & document capture applications, software development kits, linguistic software & other programs. Following are the products of this software


ABBY products for busniess
ABBY products for business

1-ABBYY FineReader:

The FineReader application changed scanned images to editable file formats & has gained an Excellent rating from PC Magazine.

2-ABBYY FlexiCapture:

The application ABBYY FlexiCapture is a data & document capture system that directly extracts information from forms & semi-structured documents such as invoices.

3-ABBYY PDF Transformer:

The software ABBYY PDF Transformer is an application used for changing PDF documents, which contents opening, editing, commenting, converting PDF files, etc.

The new advanced version is ABBYY PDF Transformer+ released in the year 2014 and updated in the year 2015.

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 Why we use ABBYY?

With the help of this software we can Convert PDF to Searchable and Editable Formats:

  • PDF to Word:

This software is the correct choice when we need to access data locked in a PDF file. & edit/change it into a Microsoft Word document without retyping & reformatting the data.

  • PDF to Excel:

In the ABBYY software, during PDF conversion, it retains the real table’s row & column structure permits us to format easily & change numerical data from a price-list, analytical report into Excel.

If there is a large PDF file & we are interested only in tables, then we have to select the Ignore text outside tables function for changing to Excel information contained within tables cells.

  • PDF to RTF:

With the help of ABBYY Software Company’s this software, we can convert PDF into the latest environments like MAC, LINUX, and WINDOWS.

Once we convert the PDF file into RTF, that converted document can be opened in any text processing software.

  • PDF to TEXT:

With the help of PDF to TXT Transformer, we can easily convert PDF-to-TEXT at high quality.

This is extremely useful to us who like to read e-books on a cell phone or in the pocket computer.

Abbyy Pricing Plans

Price of FineReader 15

abbyy pricing

ABBYY Coupon Codes- finereader for mac

Pros And Cons Of ABBYY Software

Pros of ABBYY Software:

  • This software helps us in Digitalizing Paper Documents with great Accuracy.
  • The function FineReader enables us to use standalone/networked scanners & MFPs to scan & instantly change documents to editable Text & searchable PDFs.
  • It gives us to benefit of Faster Document Processing & Custom One-click Tasks.
  • Because of this ABBYY software we can make the Conversion of documents up to 40% faster which gives us fast results.
  • This is an important feature of this software that it gives us Cost-Effective Network Licensing
  • This application helps us in Pulling Quotes and Extracting Data
  • This software gives us Advanced PDF Conversion and Security

Cons Of ABBYY:

  •  Lack of a versioning function.

5  Best Alternatives to ABBYY

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

adobe pdf

Should you want to use a reputable brand other than ABBYY Finereader for ScanSnap? When it comes to that, Adobe Acrobat for PC suits in well.

The app integrates seamlessly with Adobe’s cloud storage services, so you won’t have to think about document encryption.

Additionally, the tool integrates well with the other applications built by Adobe developers. Photoshop is one of these instruments.

The premium edition includes a slew of functionality, including the option to search tables, document analysis methods, and all the fundamentals of optical character recognition.

It accommodates Adobe’s services and products and is very good for customizing documents and editing. However, its subscription plans are comprehensive, and as compared to ABBY, the quality of canning is low.

2. PDFElement:

pdf element

After ABBYY FineReader, PDFelement is strongly recommended. This tool’s optical character recognition capability is comparable to that of ABBYY Finereader, which places it at the top of this chart.

Though there are numerous online OCR resources, it is strongly advised that you stay with high-quality applications such as PDFelement because it performs scanning without sacrificing quality.

Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software has some unique functions for converting scanned documents and photographs to editable content.

Powerful editing feature enables users to modify texts, images, pages, headers, and footers, etc. The annotation tools help users add a note, highlight area, stamps, etc.

Convert PDF from/to MS Office, Text, Images, HTML, and other file formats. Great encryption tools to help you protect your document and sensitive information.

3. OCRKit:

ocrkit review

This is another well-priced alternative to ABBYY Finereader 11 and subsequent models. OCRKit is an open-source platform that enables users to customize and modify functionality to meet their unique requirements.

This commercial program is easy to use, quick, and capable of processing several files simultaneously.

This one has a quality OCR or Optical Character Recognition tool, and it also accommodates batch processing of files. However, its display is fundamental, and its files cannot be integrated with MS Office.

4. Prizmo:

prizmo review

Despite its minimal functionality, Prizmo has earned a respectable reputation in the OCR scanning industry.

The tool is multilingual and capable of performing tasks on photos if available in high resolution. Additionally, although the program supports several languages, users are limited to scanning files in a single language at a time.

This one has some excellent abilities like it can scan very high-quality images and has an in-built voice recognition feature. However, it cannot export its files to MS Office, and in terms of accuracy, it is not consistent.

5. Readiris:

iris review

This program has a plethora of useful functions. It supports various file formats, like Microsoft Word, and simplifies document security through the use of watermarks and digital signatures, among other features. Readers are primarily associated with developing paperless papers.

The method does not provide for text retyping. As a result, it benefits people who want to see their articles digitized.

The best part of this tool is that it scans accurately and maintains the quality of formats. Also, using this, you can share and store documents across many platforms.

However, to enjoy all its business features, you will have to pay for the subscription, and it does not support editing in PDFs.

Abbyy Customer Reviews

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Conclusion: ABBYY Coupon Codes 2022

The ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate is a talented OCR answer for document conversion from the workgroups in business, government & academic environments.

This software will reduce our time in converting data into another form. This ABBYY software also reduces our time and money for converting data into another form,

so it is a very useful application for us. I hope you enjoy these.

Get Best ABBYY software discount codes, ABBYY software coupon codes, ABBYY software discount codes free 2022.

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The ABBYY Company is world-leading in producing software technologies optical character recognition, document capture & form processing, linguistic technologies, & translation services.

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