10 Best NFT Marketplace for Photographers In 2023

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In 2021, the NFT photography business exploded, and much more are projected in 2022. With millions of dollars worth of artwork handled, it’s no surprise that this digital market is attracting an increasing number of people (both photographers and collectors/investors).

The NFT craze is genuine, and it’s sweeping the Internet. Tokens that are not fungible are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It’s similar to a trading card in that it can be traded but not replaced. The industry has embraced NFTs in a variety of applications since their development. It is currently being adopted on a regular basis.

Photographs taken from your hardcopy photos can be used by anyone, but the images remain your property. With the advancement of technology, photo ownership has become more competitive.

Photographers who took or owned the images were given little or no credit. NFT’s photography marketplace tries to address this issue. Because of its interconnectivity, blockchains provide authenticity and transparency.

What is Photography NFT?

NFT photography can be seen of as a one-of-a-kind, verified asset that can be sold on the blockchain. Photographers can sell their images to investors on the blockchain by simply submitting them to an NFT photography marketplace.

Investing in photography NFTs, on the other hand, can allow investors to keep their assets in a virtual gallery and resell them later for a profit.

NFT photography works in a similar way to stock photography, with the exception that both the author and the investors can make money.

Best NFT Marketplaces To Sell Your Creation In 2023

1. Nifty Gateway

Nifty gateway- best NFT marketplace for photographers

If you’re just getting started with photography, Nifty Gateway is one of the greatest NFT marketplaces to look into. The site has a few celebrities on it, but it isn’t as well-known as OpenSea or Foundation.

Many musicians, such as deadmau5 and Carl Cox, promote their investments on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Gramatik.

Beeple’s NFTs, which cost over $6 million, are among the most well-known NFTs on the platform. One of the most significant advantages of Nifty Gateway is that it covers gas costs, leaving no money on the table for creators and collectors.

2. OpenSea

OpenSea bills itself as the largest NFT marketplace for photography, with over four million pieces and 200 categories.

In addition to a quick onboarding procedure, the marketplace offers new customers tutorials on how to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet, navigate the market, and other topics.

Sellers on OpenSea can establish their own storefront to display their wares, which is a feature not found on any other non-traditional trade site. It may be challenging for you to stand out in OpenSea due to the large number of rivals.

3. Rarible 

The ERC-20 token RARI is used by Rarible’s NFT marketplace owners to conduct transactions. Rarible compensates users who buy and sell on the NFT marketplace with RARI tokens.

It gives out 7.5K tokens to the general public every week. The platform places a heavy emphasis on art materials. Creators can use Rarible to make and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as music, books, digital art, and movies.

Visitors to Rarible will get a sneak glimpse at the creator’s work, but only the buyer will get to see the finished product.

4. Mintable

Mintable’s marketplace has a higher percentage of photos than the other NFT markets. This low-cost solution goes above and beyond the photographer’s store.

This means there are no gas fees, which leads to sluggish minting. “MINT” is its governance token. MINT can be earned by Mintable users as part of their earnings.

It may be difficult for new users, but novices will enjoy it. The ERC-721 token is used. The majority of images are bought via auctions, mainly through “buy now” options.

5. Zora

For photographers in the NFT market, Zora selection offers a lot of flexibility. It allows them to go further into the market.

Because other NFT photographers can be contacted, this platform is a touch too broad. The photographers might like the minimal UI used on their site because of its ease of use.

6. Makersplace

MakersPlace is an Ethereum-based NFT platform that has been operational since 2018. Since then, thousands of artists have contributed their work in limited editions of one or more.

Photographs and tokens have been created by both unknown and well-known artists. Dreamonaut, Dmitri Cherniak, Frenetik Void, and Yura Miron are among the Makersplace residents.

Makersplace has a significantly higher fee than comparable marketplaces. On the site, there is a 15% service fee and a 12.5 percent fee for each type of sale.

These fees are levied by the platform, and the Ethereum network levies a transaction processing fee. If you spend $1,000 on an NFT, you should budget for an additional $150 or more in petrol costs.

7. Portion

Artists can sell their work on this section of the NFT Marketplace For Photography and keep 100% of the profit. Ethereum’s Blockchain keeps track of ownership, and automated ownership transfers are handled without the use of an intermediary.

Portion’s established community of collectors is bound to be interested by the number of creators and their works offered on the platform. To demonstrate their portfolio, creators must go through an application process with Portion.

You can obtain equivalent exposure to collectors over a longer length of time through Portion than the rest of the site’s approved creators.

8. Origin Story

Origin Protocol is an ERC20 protocol developed on Ethereum’s blockchain and hosted there. It is an ecosystem that enables the creation of various blockchain-based decentralized markets. It lets buyers and sellers trade over peer-to-peer networks.

Origin Story

The protocol aims to eliminate intermediaries via Ethereum’s Blockchain and an Interplanetary File System.

Using the Origin protocol, individuals, developers, and companies may join the Ethereum main net and construct their markets. The protocol allows users to examine the listing of a collection of products or services. Then, place orders evaluate, and evaluate the listings.

The system uses its token to incentivize either negative or positive payments. These awards secure the platform and function as the governance token.

9. SuperRare

SuperRare’s main goal is to act as a form of NFT Marketplace For Photography, allowing users to buy and sell one-of-a-kind and limited-edition digital artworks.

Each member of the community creates real tokenized artwork, which can be owned and traded by other members of the community.

You can construct a digital collectible or an object with SuperRare that can be encrypted and tracked using Blockchain technology.

SuperRare’s marketplace is supported by a user-created social network. Because of the transparency of ownership, digital collectibles are excellent social commodities.

All transactions on the Ethereum network are conducted in Ether, the network’s native coin.

10. Obscura

Obscura is another another gem in the NFT photography market that has yet to be uncovered. Despite the fact that only a few hundred NFTs are sold on this platform each year, they’ve produced something truly unique.

They run on a four-month cycle, and, like Quantum Art, they handpick the photographers and photos that will be available for purchase on the platform each month.

Artistic and dramatic shots of the ruins of Kabul, Afghanistan, and beautiful photographs of the Salar de Uyuni and the Coca fields in Colombia, among other things, are among the works offered.


The NFT Marketplaces appear to be a viable option for photographers looking to make a name for themselves and succeed in their areas.

Any of these platforms can be chosen, and they’ve all shown to be extremely profitable. The NFT trend has taken over the Internet and is fast-growing, as its name suggests. Tokens that are non-fungible cannot be swapped for other tokens.

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