10+ Best Online Typing Courses 2023 (Touch+Keyboard)

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In this article, I am going to discuss the Top 10+ Best Online Typing Courses and a few courses that are available free of cost which will help you to develop your typing skills and make you an above-average typist.

The parameters that I will be discussing are the features, the pricing, and the advantages and disadvantages of the typing course. So let’s get started.

Are you a Touch-typer or a Keyboard-Typer?

Before proceeding to know the Best Typing Course, have you identified whether you are Touch-typer or a Keyboard Typer? Do you know the exact difference? No?

Worry not! I am here to help you. This blog will give you a complete insight into what you’re looking for.

Best online typing courses

10+ Best Online Typing Courses 2023 (Touch+Keyboard)

Overview of Best Online Typing Courses

There are many ways of learning a course if the person has the will and as a strong determination towards learning it.

The learner can gain information from another person or book through any guidance or learn everything online in this internet generation.

There are uncountable courses that are available over the net that would help the user or a learner to develop a skill of typing that too at a negligible price or nominal rates.

Here is the list of best online typing courses that one could apply to if they wished to learn.

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List of Best Online Typing Courses

The list for learning online typing courses are listed below:

  • Typesy.
  • KAZ Typing Tutor.
  • Ultra Key Six.
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches typing.
  • Typing Tournament online Tutor.
  • Typing Instructor Platinum.
  • Typing Instructor Web.
  • GS Typing Tutor.
  • Edu Typing.
  • Rapid Typing
  • RataType.
  • Speed Typing Online.
  • GCF Learn Free.

Which are 5 Best Online Typing Courses?

1. Typesy 

Features and Characteristics

There are various levels for typing and the user needs to clear all the levels one by one so that he can be a master in typing.

Typesy’s program is eligible for all the levels and is rated best by various websites and the reviews that this online course has is more towards the positive side as compared to the mixed and the negative reviews.

This online course keeps the track record of the proficiency of the user and accordingly suggests the courses and chapters. 

This online course teaches with the help of videos as they are a strong believer in memory retention with the help of an audio-video format of learning.

This online course is most suitable for ages ranging from 25 to 60. This online platform comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee and with one premium subscription, the email login can be operated in 5 devices simultaneously.

The basic system requirements for this online platform are similar to most other platforms that is it is compatible with all operating systems and does not cost you much as compared to other online learning and typing courses.

Typesy- Best Online Typing Course


To enjoy all the services and courses provided by this platform the learner needs to pay an amount of $30 per month which comes around 350 dollars per year and the most amazing part about this online learning course is that it gives 12-month money-back guarantee if the student fails or loses interest towards the course.

Advantage of Typesy

The most important advantage of learning with this online platform is that it makes you more efficient.

Several companies hire employees who are efficient and dedicated to the work that is provided to them. Working efficiently not only helps a person in his job but also helps him in his day-to-day activities.

2. KAZ Typing Tutor

Features and Characteristics

KAZ typing tutor is totally different from other online typing courses. This course holds its specialty in teaching in such a way that there are no games or other entertainment sources, unlike other online courses that use such parameters to teach.

Still learning with this online course is fun. The learning process with this online course is very simple and it is target-oriented.

According to the learning capability of the student, tailor-made courses are suggested to the learners. This online course lacks in proficiency and entertainment but makes it up in the section of efficiency. 

There are graduates to teach you to type from A to Z in just 90 minutes and you can learn with this online course the complete keyboard in less than 6 hours. This online course believes in rapid learning and focuses on an accelerated learning process.

There are different courses for different age ranges. To name a few these courses have adult programs, junior additions, and a family program, and more specific programs for classrooms as well as businesses. 

There are special courses for people with disabilities and learning deficiencies.

KAZ- learn to type in 90 minutes


To enjoy all the services and courses provided by this platform the learner needs to pay an amount of $24.99 for the license and for an annual course the user will have to pay an amount of 39.99$ for the span of twelve months.

In the case of this online course, there is no money-back guarantee. Once the payment is done, it’s up to the user whether to make the most of these services or not.

Advantages of KAZ Typing Tutor

The most important advantage that this online course offers is that it lets you focus on things. Typing skills let you improve on any given specific task.

As you develop the skill of focusing you tend to type without looking at the keyboard which ensures that your mind is full of thoughts and your hands are up to the task of noting it down in PC with the help of a keyboard-typing or a touch typing.

3. UltraKey 6

Features and Characteristics

UltraKey 6 is an online typing course that is for professionals and is very expensive as compared to other mainstream or online typing courses that are available over the net.

UltraKey 6 allows 8 users to work simultaneously with one subscription under the family plan and each and everyone has a customizable path for learning with ultra key 6.

Right from the hand posture to the finger movement, placement of fingers to the movement of fingers each and everything is taught under an ultra key 6 online typing course that helps you to maximize the keyboard capability and make the most of the services that are available by working with the keyboard. 

The Student of the learner has the liberty of changing the levels according to his convenience and can easily learn at his own pace.

With the great user interface and a sleek design accompanied by early updates, it is sure that professionals will get success using this program.

Ultrakey Online


To learn with ultra key 6 there are two plans that a student or a learner can opt for. based on the needs and requirements of the user there are two plans named professional license and the family license.

The professional license will cost around 19.95 dollars whereas the family license cost around 29.95 dollars.

In the personal license, the user is allowed to log in with eight different devices and in case of a family license, the user can learn with ultra key 6 with the complete family.

This not only helps an individual but also believes in the growth of the family at the same time.

Advantage of UltraKey 6

The most significant advantage of using ultra key 6 is a professional image boost. A person who you can type with great efficiency and speed can be more confident and knowledgeable in terms of any business idea.

With great typing skills, an employee can boost his official status and at the same time, a professional image is enough to make your career.

If the advantage is brought to the positive side it can make your career else it becomes very difficult to maintain your image if it goes on the negative side.

4. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Features and Characteristics

The smartest way to learn online typing right from childhood to the age of 60 it is possible with Mavis Beacon typing courses online.

The specialty of this course is that this online course has designed typing courses for students as young as 8 years and as old as 60 years.

There are three versions that users can apply for or based on their age and the level from which they wish to start learning.

Kids edition personal edition and family edition are the plans that you will find under Mavis Beacon on teaching online courses. 

The kid’s version is made up of games and engaging study material is uploaded making learning fun for students of younger generations.

The next being the personal edition where the user can learn at his own pace and decide the level of typing according to his convenience. 

The last one is the family addition where the user or the learner has the liberty to share the login with his family members and the complete family can learn at the same time.

The only downfall with this online platform or the typing course online is that if you wish to learn fast typing with your family you need to buy multiple editions to enjoy the services with the entire family.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing


The premium licenses that are offered by mavis beacon are the kid’s edition, the second one being the personal edition and the final one being the family edition.

for enjoying the services under the kid’s section the user or the learner needs to pay an amount of 19.99 dollars in which he will get interactive as well as engaging videos with the help of which the kid in the family can learn.

The second plan to be the personal plan where the user or the learner again needs to pay 19.99 dollars to enjoy the services.

The final plan is the family addition plan where the user needs to pay 29.99 dollars to enjoy the services but in the case of multiple generations in the family, the user needs to compromise by opting for more than one plan to learn fast typing.


The main advantage that the learner can get by opting for this platform is related to biological aspects.

This online course not only speeds up your typing but also helps you to maintain a proper posture in which you should sit in a proper way of keeping your wrist over the keyboard and the proper movement of fingers which will help you biologically to maintain a good help as well as a smooth blood flow in veins.

As this online typing course has kids as well as family plans it becomes very important that right from childhood the younger generation should be made aware of the problems that they will be facing in the near future.

This online course helps you with making you as well as your family members aware of future problems to come.

5. Typing Instructor Platinum

Features and Characteristics

Online premium plans with typing instructor platinum are designed majorly for kids and students from a younger generation.

Learning with typing instructor platinum is done through lessons and a variety of games are added to make it fun-loving and engaging as well as impressive for students that are young and also typing structure platinum have maintained there are standards for professional businessmen as well.

The complete learning process is really flexible and totally depends upon the user.

Typing instructor platinum follows the rule of anytime anywhere learning because they are of the strong belief that if a person is busy during the daytime and wishes to learn at night should be given complete liberty to do so. 

Typing structure platinum comes with multiple languages and this is the feature that stands out for or the course.

Most commonly spoken languages in foreign countries such as English or Spanish are available with typing structure platinum and the user learning with typing instructor platinum has the freedom to learn English and Spanish simultaneously as they are available for typing.

Another unique feature that stands out for typing inspector platinum online typing courses is that there is a Jew box full of music that children love and genres like pop music, jazz music, classical music, and rock music.

Best Online Typing Courses- Typing Instructor Platinum


For enjoying the features and characteristics offered by typing inspector platinum the user needs to pay an amount of 29.99 dollars annually.

There are also various price ranges according to the packages that the user wants to opt for starting from 3.95 dollars and might go up to 29.95 dollars.

Again for kids Typing Inspector platinum and Typing inspector web charge less as compared to other typing courses online and get price gradually increases as the age of the candidate increases with the others plan of 29.95 dollars as the maximum plan.

There are no family plans as such in case of typing structure platinum and piping inspector web but they have plans starting from a young age to adulthood and the price varies accordingly.


The main advantage that the user of the learner gets after working with typing structure platinum or typing inspector web is that keyboarding nowadays is becoming a very important parameter in central education as well as marketplaces and common lifestyle of people.

Typing generates a sense of responsibility as well as self-confidence. Learning keyboard scales can not only have a great impact on your academic as well as prove a boon in your career as well.

Typing not only acts as a supporting parameter to develop your personal development but also protect your health by asking you to sit in a proper posture maintainer wrist positions and finger movements.

What is Typing?

Typing is a process or methodology that is followed by a person to note down his thoughts, actions, words, and feelings in a computer with the help of a keyboard by means of alphabets and numbers.

Expressing yourself to pen down all the positive as well as negative prospects that are running in your mind regarding a topic or a business can be termed as typing.

Typing helps you and develops qualities like effective time use, focus, professional image boosting, the protection of your health, and is also essential for the development of other skills such as communication, vocabulary, speaking, skills, etc.

Types of Typing:

Typing is an art which can be done in the following ways:

  • Keyboarding
  • Touch Typing


As we all know that typing is noting down the thoughts over a computer there are two ways of doing so.

The two ways can be called the traditional method of typing and the second one being the modern method of typing.

The traditional method includes keyboarding where the user is the person who can express his thoughts and note down using a basic keyboard that has the alphabets from A to z and numbers from 1 to 0.

Touch Typing

The second method also known as the modern method of typing is called the touch typing method.

This methodology of touch typing can be seen in the age of students between 18 to around 50.

Touch typing means that a person can type everything he wishes to pen down using just one finger and also without looking at the keys.

Developing a skill of typing without looking at the keys takes a lot of practice but once mastered the individual can type in any given circumstances.

Benefits of Typing

Learning never goes in vain. Knowledge increases when you spread it. Typing is a process that benefits a person a lot.

Keyboarding or touch typing is an art that is developed in students right from their childhood. More than 95% of people know how to type fluently but they lack the average speed of typing.

This is because they fail to express their thoughts in the most appropriate way and tend to fail at doing the task.

Listed below are the benefits of typing which will help the learner in the most appropriate way.

Typing develops qualities like accuracy, vocabulary, understanding of the topic and also increases your knowledge about what you are typing.

For example, if you are typing a mythological story you totally feel the story and the context, the meaning behind the mythological story, and live each character that is in the play.

Developing speed of above-average word per limit can save months. Situation handling becomes very easy for people who are good at typing and computer-based works.

If a user who is good at typing is asked to conduct a task he would be more efficient than the people who don’t possess such skills.

Typing can also become a career and in this generation of digital marketing if a person wishes to work by his own and not take work pressure, wishes to you enjoy the work that he is doing, and no pressure from the senior authorities, typing can be the best job a person can get.

A person can also start his own business using typing as a medium to teach students to become above-average typers and start his own coaching to remold all the students right from their initial stages and with time, making them experts.

Developing a skill of typing right from standard 5th and 6th can prove a real boon. Right from childhood, they get an alternate career option because in the future days to come typing will definitely be the best career option for students who don’t wish to work under any senior or a company.

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FAQs | Best Online Typing Courses

🤨What are the benefits of learning Online typing?

The benefits of online typing are it saves time and effective time use focus professional image boost protection of your health and it is very essential for the development of other skills as well.

🙋‍♀️Which are 5 best online typing courses?

Some of the best online typing courses that help you increase your typing speed and WPM speed. They are Typesy, Ultrakeyc6, KAZ Typing Tutor, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Typing Instructor Platinum

🤷‍♂️ What is the best website to learn typing?

Some of the best websites to learn typing and increasing typing speed are: 1.Dance Mat Typing, Typing Instructor for Kids ,Typeracer Typing ,Club Datatype

❓ What is the best app to learn typing?

Some apps to learn typing are: Animal Typing , Typing Fingers , Typing Master , Tap Typing Typesy

Conclusion of Best Online Typing Courses 2023

Typing makes sure that there is a generation of self-confidence, gets you away from controversy, helps you maintain a proper posture, and several uncountable benefits.

There are various job opportunities based on the typing abilities as you can work for the hierarchy, which can be a senior typist in a firm, and many more.

Again, talking about the benefits of, Typing helps you gradually in developing your career as it along with typing teaches you various life qualities such as focus towards work, dedication towards the task, and work orientation.

The best online typing courses and platforms are mentioned above and described for references.

Be wise and choose a course that will be most suitable for you as well as your family. There are various plans that start right from the age of six to sixty.

As it is said that there is no age limit to learn a new thing makes great sense when it comes to learning fast typing.

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