CamelCamelCamel Review 2022 – Is It Worth Or Not?

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Today we have featured camelcamelcamel review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started CamelCamelCamel is an interesting pricing tool, which keeps you updated on the price alerts of your favorite products.

The product came into the picture in 2008 and in 2015 obtained an award of being the leader in the price tracking tool for the shoppers.

I have written this review to help the users understand how they can use this tool and benefit from it.

Amazon price tracker - Amazon price history - camelcamelcamel
Amazon price tracker – Amazon price history – camelcamelcamel

What Is CamelCamelCamel?

CamelCamelCamel is an app which is amazing as it gives you price alerts on your phone for the products you wish to buy. Online shoppers will benefit a lot from this tool as it is reliable, and makes shopping pretty easy and quick.

I remember getting sick of seeing the fluctuations in the price of my favorite things. And, many times after buying the product I used to find out that its price has become almost 20-3-% cheaper.

But, not anymore because I have CamelCamelCamel. This price tracking tool makes sure I get the best deals in any product I wish to buy. 

camelcamelcamel - Review - Products

You just need an Amazon account, where you can track all the fascinating products you want to purchase, at the same time not wanting to spend over your budget. You can create a Wishlist and it will track the price list of those products and send alerts.

The moment you see the product is in your range, you can buy it. I also like to call it a ‘money-saving machine [1]’.

It does a lot of research, like a monitor and keeps the old prices for products, maps out the trends of those products, and figure out the ideal time to buy.

I have benefitted a lot from this app, and have almost saved more than a thousand dollars. 

This app will be extremely helpful if you buy some regular products online, Like, I am a regular buyer of the books by Nora Roberts, but I only make a purchase when CamelCamelCamel tells me to do. 

The tool is accessible only on the net and not on the mobile, but you can access the website from the mobile.

I do that always! CamelCamelCamel presently works on Amazon sites accessed in Canada, Great Britain, United States, Spain, France, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

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Features Of CamelCamelCamel

1. Set Alerts

This amazing tool allows you to set alerts so that when your desired product is being sold at your desired price, you will get an alert. You will receive an email when the product is being sold at your price.

To set an alert, you should enter the price you want to pay for the product, then this tool will track Amazon prices, third-seller prices, and even third-party used prices.

The latter two costs will exclude the shipping costs, but the Amazon price will include this. camel camel camel extension - online price tracker

In this case, not only you, even CamelCamelCamel gets money because on clicking on the product link sent to you in the alert email, the company will get an affiliate payout from Amazon.

2. Browser Add-ons (The Camelizer)

The Camelizer is a superb feature and an extension of CamelCamelCamel, which is also available on Firefox as an add-on. With a single click of a button, it will provide you with all the price alerts.

To get it working, simply visit the product page on Amazon. If the retailer supports CamelCamelCamel, then click on the extension button located at the top corner of the screen.

Browser Add-ons (The Camelizer)

You will be able to see the prices and changes in it if happened. It will also let you judge the price changing pattern so that you can see what will be the next right time to buy your product.

This tool will also work on Mac or Chrome Browser. 

3. Integration with other apps

CamelCamelCamel is a free app and available only on the web, but you can integrate it with other apps used by Amazon sellers, like AMZScout.

I tried using this tool along with CamelCamelCamel and it spied on the competitor’s data and provided me with the future forecast of my product.

Using these products together helped me stay ahead of the curve and buy my favorite product at a much lesser price.  

app to track amazon prices

4. Bookmarklets (Camelot)

The bookmarklets feature is also called Camelot. This feature enables you to drag the CamelCamelCamel logo on the page and put it above the bar where you have stored your bookmarks.

For Microsoft Edge users, simply right-click on the three camels and save them to your reading list. In other words, when you are on the product page, the Camelot feature will help you go to the CamelCamelCamel version of the page for that product.

app to track amazon prices
app to track amazon prices

This page will show you the various listings of the product at different prices, plus inform which ones are on third party sites and which are on Amazon. 

Another version of this feature is called the Camelmark, which can be used using a JavaScript code that works on Amazon as well as on NewEgg. It works the same way as Camelot. 

5. Wishlist Synchronization

CamelCamelCamel will help you import your Wishlist if you have one. With this, you will be able to keep a check on the cost of each item on the list.

You just have to plug the URL of the product into the Wishlist and CamelCamelCamel will suck out all the data and import it for you to monitor and track.

camelcamelcamel amazon

To use this feature, there is no need to logon to Amazon again and again. It synchronizes the Wishlist, which means once you add a product to the Wishlist you will be able to see it even on the app. 

6. Price Drop Alerts

This is a very interesting feature of the tool because it will provide you instant alerts when the price of your favorite product comes down or if some sale is going on.

I have benefited from this feature when I had to buy a microwave oven for baking cakes and pizzas. I literally pounced on the lucrative deal it informed me via the alert. 

Price Drop Alerts

In case you are a seller on Amazon, you have the right to trigger such alerts irrespective if the buyer wishes to buy your product or not.

But as a buyer, you will have to explicitly set this option if you are looking for price drop alerts. 

7. Amazon Price History Chart

The Price History Chart is a helpful feature of CamelCamelCamel, as it displays the average price of your favorite product.

It shows the lowest and highest price point and everything in between. This chart is regularly updated by the tool to give you exact and proper readings.

Top Amazon - Price Drops - camelcamelcamel - Review

This graph actually helped me in checking out the price ranges of the toaster I wanted to purchase.

To clarify, you can also visit the product page on Amazon and check if the price matches. 

8. Language Support

The amazing part about CamelCamelCamel is that it supports five languages, i.e. English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

It makes it very easy for people of several nationalities to use this tool.

Amazon Price Drops -camelcamelcamel - Languages

If you are using Chrome, it gives you the option to translate from English to Japanese, in case you are from Japan. 


Honestly, CamelCamelCamel is free of cost, while other similar software costs in the range of $20 to over $200.

You simply have to sign up as a seller or a buyer and then can sell or buy products at affordable prices. It does not require you to pay extra for add-ons or subscriptions. 

Top Amazon Price Drops camelcamelcamel

If you have the capability to afford, you can use other apps with CamelCamelCamel, which will let you research products and manage them accordingly.

Try using this tool with AMZScout or Sellics to have an amazing selling experience on Amazon.

Pros And Cons Of CamelCamelCamel


  • The app is non-downloadable, which makes it the most minimalistic app and very easy to use, especially when you have just started as an Amazon seller.
  • The website is easily accessible via the website or the mobile site. Thus, it makes the website mobile-responsive.
  • The sign-up is very simple and uncomplicated. To receive alerts, signup is required. The process is easy and does not fire you with questions.
  • The price history is very expansive, which means you can go back to see the price on the first day the product was listed, up till today’s price. 
  • A bookmarklet is a fantastic feature in case you are facing issues with using the Camelizer. 


  • Sometimes the price alerts are actually false alarms, so it is advised to double-check the price before considering to buy the product.


🏷️ Q1. How to create a “price watch”?

Ans - It is a very simple thing to create a price watch. For this, find the product’s listing on Amazon, then copy the URL of the product and paste it on the search box. From the product listing page go to the price tag option and click on -$0.01 option. Thereafter start tracking and get the price alerts if the price becomes less than one percent.

💰 Q2. How does the price checking happen?

Ans - It depends on the retailer as some may check the price drops after every few hours. It all depends on the price fluctuation. CamelCamelCamel checks the prices from several different locales and for over millions of products in the whole checking process.

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Conclusion: CamelCamelCamel review 2022 

CamelCamelCamel is a truly wonderful tool that provides correct and reliable data on the prices of Amazon products. It is free of cost and does not require a long signup process. You can monitor and see the price trends that it maps and keeps you ahead in the competition.

It is a fantastic tool for buyers and sellers, both and lets you play around it easily.

The sellers will get an idea of the desires and needs of the ideal customers and it is very essential to understand the customers to achieve success in the online selling business

Overall, it is a perfect solution for online shoppers, as it helps them in saving money.

It literally helped me save a lot of money and helped me buy my favorite products with ease.

It helped me in tracking the prices and getting alerts of price drops of my favorite products. So, do not wait and sign up right now to avail of the benefits of this price-tracking tool.

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