ElephantDrive Coupon Codes May 2023– Save 33% Off!

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There is always a fear of computer failure and loss of important data in our minds but here is the solution- ELEPHANTDRIVE. For those who are new this world (computers) or the word (ELEPHANTDRIVE) here is the answer- elephant drive is a service that is generally provided online for storing information. Hence, it is an online backup tool which runs on both windows and mac platforms. So, the files will always be protected and will be available whenever needed.


ElephantDrive Coupon Codes
The multiple computer users also get an extra benefit that is cloud backups and file synchronization. These can be done in combination which can help the user in getting rid of sending emails to different computers. One service does this for all and things become quite easy to handle.Check best Elephantdrive Coupons


Best ElephantDrive Coupon Codes  May 2023


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Why you shall select ElephantDrive?


Elephantdrive has an easy access. It can be operated either through software or one can directly login into the web portal. Use of software is recommended as it becomes simpler to backup files and other data as things can be quickly and easily stored and added to the drive just like we do in a hard drive. Automatic updating of the files is yet another feature of the Elephant Drive. The desktop and system tray gets the ElephantDrive icon to make the access even more conveniently. Access from your Andriod and iOS including iPhone and iPad both!

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Recovering and Restoring the Files

The simple procedure one must follow to restore the files is as below:
1 ) One can either download it manually from the online account or search it through the downloaded software.
2) One can now do the versioning that is deciding the history of files that needs to be stored.
3) It also provides with an option of ‘restore job’ that fully restores the system. Even if the computer switches off in the midway it will pick up from where it left.


ElephantDrive Coupon Codes

Alternates And Back Ups

Backups provide many options of handling it that is either manually updating a file or by choosing a backup category, generally ‘MS DOCUMENTS’ which automatically updates and monitors the changes. Windows, Linux, NAS drives, Mac OS X and Java Runtime Engines can be easily backed up with the services provided to us. File size and type is not an issue when using ElephantDrive. It doesn’t deal in operating systems and local backups. Speeding up the backup process is directly proportional to bandwidth one uses.

Plans And Pricing

There are three plans available:
Free: Where you get 2 GB of free storage space and many other features.


Personal: Where you get 100 GB of space and goes up to 2 TB. To know more about pricing of Personal Plans
Business: Where you get 50 GB of space and goes up to unlimited. To know more about the pricing of Business Plans

Sharing the Files

Though the drive provides sharing of the files but there are only limited options available for example the latest folder collaboration which allows the user to add people to one’s folder. To share multiple files copying and pasting of share link is done whereas a single file is shared easily through a share link. Security issues are dealt by providing the user with the password facility. For the ones who have shared files conflicted copies are also stored.

Syncing the Files

What actually is syncing??? Well, it is a simple process of taking the files to the folder and making it available whenever one signs in his account. As laptops are bulky to carry, therefore mobile devices can also access our important files. File sharing and addition of people can also be done through these tiny yet powerful devices. Once a file has been saved the user can work on it uninterrupted.

Data Encryption

ElephantDrive comes with the data encryption feature wherein AES 256-bit encryption is used before transferring a file to a cloud and afterwards a 128-bit SSL secured channel is used. As the data is secured and protected fully, thus, you can trust Elephant Drive completely with your data.

The Online Guide

A lot of online support through videos is provided to the users but for the ones who are not comfortable with the online teaching can call at 1-800 or send emails.
ElephantDrive is a simple yet powerful online backup service. With an easy interface and power-packed features, this company has surely won the hearts of many users.

Thus, overall I can say that ElephantDrive is surely a DEAL OFFER with such powerful features. Avail the coupons and get further discounts!

Discount Coupons

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