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Online shopping is easy and convenient. You won’t have to deal with the nuisances of actually visiting a store to buy something. You won’t have to worry about standing in that endless line by the counter or enduring heavy traffic. If you need to buy something, you just visit a website, place your order, and wait for the delivery.

You can order just about anything—from pepperoni pizza to organic fertilizers. For these reasons, more and more people have opted for online shopping. Year by year, the trend of worldwide e-commerce sales has been rapidly increasing.It’s a growing industry, and it’s a very good business to invest in.

If you are planning to join the e-commerce industry, then you’re going to need a website where you can sell your products. As you progress you will realize that you have to optimize this website to increase your sales. You will need data and analytics to find out how your visitors use your website.

This is where HumCommerce comes in. First let’s check the Humcommerce discount and then explore its overall functionality.

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What is HumCommerce?

HumCommerce is a Conversion Rate Optimisation Tool. It’s software created to convert the visitors of your website into buyers. Essentially, it tracks movement on your website.It then analyses it, and gives you reports and suggestions.It’s an effective tool with a plethora of features that would definitely boost the sales of your e-commerce site.

Here are some things that HumCommerce can help you with:

Tracking User Activity

HumCommerce helps you track the actions of anyone who visits your website. With the information that it provides, you can redesign your website and lead your visitors to the content that you wish for them to see.

  1. Heatmaps

This feature visually tells you which part of your website gets the most interactions. It shows you visitor clicks, scrolls, and even finger taps on mobile devices! You would be able to tell which parts of your website are interesting, and which parts require more attention.

  1. Visitor session recordings

This feature shows you actual recordings of visitors using your website. You’ll be able to observe which parts of your website visitors may find confusing or distracting,then optimise as needed.

  1. User’s flow

This feature shows you the path visitors take when checking out your website. It will show you the navigational trends used, like how many visitors chose a certain path, and how many chose another. The data it gives can help you pinpoint flaws in your website design.

Locating and Correcting Errors

HumCommerce has features which can help you locate all forms of errors on your website. It also suggests fixes for those errors to ensure that your site is visible and optimised.

  1. Search Engine Keywords

This feature analyses your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) usage. It also shows your website ranking for both Google and Bing. What’s more, it provides suggestions of which keywords to use. Choose the best ones to increase the likelihood of your website showing up on search engines.

  1. Form Analytics

This feature will analyse and record the online forms that your visitors take, and show you which fields visitors answer and which ones they don’t. You can then edit the fields to boost your form completion rate.

  1. A/B Testing

This feature will give you the option to experiment upon your site. For example, you can create two landing pages and compare their results. This way you can optimize the aesthetic design of your website to suit your visitors.

Getting Marketing Reports

HumCommerce also provides marketing insights for you to use. It tells you how customers behave when trying to buy your products, analyses your sales, and shows you reports of just about anything that you need marketing-wise.

  1. Conversion Funnels

Visitors go through steps when ordering a product from your website. This feature shows you data about these steps. It can tell you which steps visitors tend to take before they abandon your website.

  1. Conversion Attribution

This feature can tell you how visitors end up in your website. This can be through search engines, emails, referrals, or social media. It also indicates the revenue that you get from each source. Find out which source gives you the most profit to optimise it.

  1. Custom Reports

HumCommerce can give you a lot of different reports, depending on what you need. You can find out which devices your visitors mainly use, how many visits you get in a day, or your revenue for the month. It has all the analytics that you’ll need to boost your website sales.

Pricing [excluding HumCommerce Discount]

HumCommerce comes with four (4) price plans: LITE, BEGINNER, PRO, and BUSINESS. All of the price plans have the features listed above. The main differences among the price plans are the number page views that gets analysed and the number of live recordings that you get for per month. Apply the HumCommerce Discount to get the best price.

Here’s a list of the plans, and their differences:


1000 page views per month, 50 recordings per month, 6 months data retention

  • BEGINNER – 9USD per month

10000 page views per month, 100 recordings per month, 12 months data retention

  • PRO – 49USD per month

30000 page views per month, 500 recordings per month, 12 months data retention

  • BUSINESS – 99USD per month

100000 page views per month, 1000 recordings per month, 12 months data retention

Is it worth it- HumCommerce Discount

E-commerce is an industry which requires simplicity, visibility, and clarity to gain good revenue. Information is an incredibly huge factor in this business.A lot of data needs processing to get the trends that you need to boost your sales. You need the right design, and to know which part of your website can potentially hinder your sales. Optimizing a website to get maximum sales potential can be very daunting to the inexperienced and very tasking even to the seasoned.

HumCommerce serves as a cure-all to these issues. It’s full of features that can help you with all your e-commerce needs.It’s automatic, it monitors your website traffic, it analyses trends, and it gives suggestions for optimization. It does all the hard work for you,saving you time and effort. It also provides very reasonable pricing.

If you’re a new entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry, then you can choose their LITE plan to start out. As you progress, you can increase your plan depending on the need. It’s intuitive and very cost-effective. Having said all this, we can say that HumCommerce is definitely worth it.

Hope you will get the full benefit of the HumCommerce Discount. Do share the HumCommerce Discount with your friends and social media channels.

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