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In this post, you will get the latest Limestone Networks Coupon Codes for purchasing the plans at reasonable prices.


Computer hosting is the service that is provided by Limestone Networks. It is specialized in infrastructure as its leading service. It comes under the category of website hosting, which was founded in the year of 2007, which is not that old. This was set up with the number of 51-100 employees, but now if we see its position, it’s beyond our reach.

Let’s check out the Limestone Networks Coupons & Codes December 2022.

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Best Buy [Updated December 2022] Limestone Networks Coupon Codes- Get 50% Off

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 With 16GB RAM And 1TB Raptor for $99
  • 10% Off Hardware for Any Dedicated Server
  • Intel Core2Quad Q9300, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 10mbps, 3000GB BW for $88.00
  • $150 – Q9550, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, 10TB Bandwidth

  • $140 – Q9650, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 6TB Bandwidth

  • Get $100 per month in invoice credit for up to 3 months

  • Save 20% Off on Clearance Servers
  • Save 10% Off on Clearance Dedicated Servers
  • Get $21 Off on X3430, 4GB RAM server
  • Save $35 Off on E3-1270v2, 16GB RAM serve
  • Save 20% Off on Cloud Hosting plans
  • Get 40% Off on Cloud Hosting plans
  • Save 10% Off on Clearance Servers
  • Save 50% Off on WordPress Cloud Solution
  • Get 25% Off for Life on selected Dedicated Server
  • Save 50% Off on pre-built virtual appliances with Cloud Servers
  • Save 30% Off on Cloud Hosting plans
  • Get $80 Off and Get Get free Proactive Management with Dedicated Servers

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Why Limestone?

It is one of the leading brand IaaS providers which offers us the dedicated cloud and enterpriser hosting services. It has one of the advanced data centers, which comprises N+1 and 2N redundancy. It is covered under high security, which is precise of havoc cooling and has the premium level of bandwidth carriers.

Why Limestone?

How Is Limestone Networks Different From Others?

It serves with very dependable IaaS solutions which are profitable to the cloud hosting reseller or a prominent data analyst from any of the IT sector to the app developer. Limestone Network is the reliable one that serves with low latency as it utilizes the tier 1 fiber carrier, which ensures maximum reliability and smallest amount of lag.

There is also a protected power grid that is only designed for critical situations; Limestone Network advanced data center is located in the protected power grid. It serves with excellent support as they consider their customer time very important, so they respond within 10 minutes, whether it is a network or hardware related issues.

It provides its customers with 100% SSD storage. Limestone Networks support 100% SSD storage, and cloud servers are capable of up to 20 Gbps each. It is concerned about the security part, too, so the Limestone Network gives you multiple security and fail-over mechanisms to ensure the high presence of it.

They follow a straightforward motto-“ simple, solid, and superior.”

Their motto combines everything, their beliefs and ideas also. It is an excellent enterprise of hosting sites that keeps you in mind while implementing any new feature.

How Is Limestone Networks Different From Others

Features :

Let’s discuss some of the key points of Limestone Networks-

  • Reselling dedicated servers- There are several benefits related to it. The most significant profit lies in the hand of business owners as they can start their business at a little cost. There is a small investment in this as compared to start a new hosting company. This can, in turn, benefit to your customers too. You can gain control over the server and also maximize your profit at the same time.


How It Works?

Limestone Networks are designed in a way which will provide you numerous perks and benefits that can be gained by the newly started hosting company and will give profit to the resellers too.

And also, you need not have to pay any kind of monthly payment, and there is no requirement of a minimum number of sales that are required to be made by the customer to keep the membership plan lively. You can sell without any boundations.

And with that also enjoy the discount that it offers on your hosting when you are the part of the reseller program.

  • Limestone Networks refreshes the product line and also increases the massive bandwidth- It expects more demand for high-end offerings so that more and more customers may interact virtually and also cloud-enable their time of stay.

server and price plans

Recently, limestone announced that 100 TB of bandwidth is now part of regular stock dedicated server packages. It has changed the game by offering such an incredibly high offering on servers.

So, if you are a hosting manager and are looking for some good option – Limestone Network should be there on your list.

  • Local storage instances- Now, besides cloud computing, they have enrolled in some of the domestic sharing situations like-Dallas, texas.

Limestone Network consists of one portal, high speed, public cloud service. It now consists of low cost, locally shared files. It is more suitable to the customers as it requires less availability and faster IO for their project.

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Conclusion | Limestone Networks Coupons & Codes

Summoning up all its good points, it has a quick setup that has a provision of cloud servers in less than 5 hours and full dedicated servers in less than four hours.

It has costly tools of features, i.e., one portal which is designed in such a way that has a simple interface with some of the powerful features.

Certification of hardware is there, so there is no replacement policy problem. They easily replace any device you would like, too, with no delay.

Limestone Networks Coupons & Codes

It serves with the excellent management option, which includes both monthly and pre-ticket plans, which gives you support the way you would like too. That can be complete support or a little one; it relies on you.

There is excellent DDOS protection, essential protection that is needed by the software is free, rest you have to pay which is of a precise amount and for that various coupons are available that are given above in the content.

Twenty-four hours of monitoring is also there, and an immediate investigation can be made at any time.

So overall, it provides you the best cloud computing and hosting facilities, so you should go for it.

I hope you get the benefit of the Limestone Networks Coupon Codes.

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