Magoosh vs Kaplan SAT & ACT 2023: Which Course Provider Fits In?

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Welcome to the Magoosh vs Kaplan SAT & ACT comparison article. We have compared the Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE in the past. Now, it’s time to analyze which of these providers offer better SAT courses.

If you’re about to begin studying for the SAT or ACT and apply to colleges, one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make is which prep course to take.

Given that Kaplan is the largest prep organisation in the world, many students and parents instantly flock to them for help. However, after seeing Magoosh’s price tag and hearing wonderful things, deciding between these two prep behemoths can be difficult.

This comparison between Magoosh and Kaplan will help you choose the better course provider for SAT/ACT.

Magoosh vs Kaplan SAT: Course Quality

Magoosh sat vs Kaplan

Most individuals believe Kaplan offers a more comprehensive SAT and ACT education package, but they are mistaken.

While Kaplan’s integrated approach to learning with a curriculum constructed around dynamic learning modules is preferable, we prefer Magoosh’s prep materials. They have almost 4x the number of video lectures, nearly 2x the number of practise questions, plus a tonne of other useful materials.

Further, Magoosh has a large library of useful video courses as well as excellent video and text explanations as practise questions.

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Magoosh vs Kaplan for SAT: Video Lessons

Despite the fact that Magoosh has more video courses than Kaplan, the quality of Kaplan’s taped video lectures cannot be questioned. Unlike Magoosh, which uses a PowerPoint-style approach to its lessons, with a teacher speaking over slides and taking notes, Kaplan’s films are visually stunning.

Kaplan vs Magoosh SAT
Kaplan video lessons

They show your instructor onscreen in a studio setting, and while they deliver their lesson, the screen switches to a digital whiteboard or split-screen, which is filled with notes, graphics, and fascinating visuals.

Furthermore, these videos are highly informal and make you feel like a friend, with your instructor frequently sitting on a couch, working on sample problems with an iPad and stylus. In the end, Kaplan’s video classes are stylish, well-produced, and packed with useful information. Kaplan has the upper hand.

Kaplan vs Magoosh SAT: Prep Books

This is another easy win for Kaplan, much like the video lesson category. This is primarily due to the fact that Magoosh’s SAT and ACT prep courses do not include prep materials.

SAT prep books- Magoosh vs Kaplan

To be clear, Magoosh does have an ACT prep book, but it’s a separate study supplement that costs roughly $20 on Amazon. It’s good in its own right, but it doesn’t correspond to the entire course and isn’t included in the full ACT package.

On the other hand, Kaplan provides students with content-rich books that include outline-style notes, sample problems to show concepts, and test-taking tactics. They’re simply amazing.

Magoosh vs Kaplan SAT: Practice Exams

Taking practise exams under exam-like conditions is one of the most crucial components of exam preparation. In terms of the number of practise tests, Kaplan comes out on top.

In comparison to Magoosh’s 3 SAT and 4 ACT practice tests with 8 SAT and 5 ACT assessments. It’s not a great difference, but it’s significant enough to note. However, it’s difficult to pick a winner when it comes to the authenticity of practice problems and how well each organisation simulates real tests.

In terms of length, difficulty, and content, both Magoosh and Kaplan did a good job reproducing SAT and ACT exam problems.

Verdict: Who Wins? Magoosh vs Kaplan SAT

It’s a toss-up between these two SAT and ACT prep companies. You should prefer Magoosh’s overall course depth, practise resources, and an affordable price tag over Kaplan’s superior video lessons, somewhat better live classes, and helpful prep books. Choosing a winner is particularly difficult due to the back-and-forth wins in each category.

At the end of the day, if you only have time to take one prep course, Magoosh is the way to go. They not only provide you more bang for your money with their value price, but they also have a more comprehensive package.

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