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Wait, magic? What do you mean magic? 

You probably think that I’ve run out of ideas already so I just decided to resort to the fanciful world of the mystic. Well, don’t worry. I haven’t gone full-on crazy pants yet. I won’t try to sell you the idea that your business’s biggest problem can be solved with a simple bippity-boppity-boo!

Really now, we’re too old to be believing in fanciful tales where heroes and heroines get everything they want when they wish hard enough for it. In real life, that kind of scenario just doesn’t fly.

So, is this just click-bait then? Why did I purposely use the word “magic” in the title?

Don’t worry; I’m definitely not scamming you for clicks. I may not be able to offer you a solution that only literally requires hocus pocus but I can offer you the next best thing: How would you like to own a 6-in-1 software that allows you to meet all your marketing needs in one place? Now, that’s magic.

If you move around the E-commerce world, you would understand how an app or program like this can possibly reshape your marketing campaign for the better. And trust me; this is so much better than a genie in a bottle.

Exploring The World Of Marketing

Now, it really is no secret but the way marketing works online is largely different from what you’re used to doing offline (read more). Here, no pamphlet or flyer is going to work. Although we do have virtual announcements sent through emails and newsfeeds, it’s not like people always notice them. Look at it this way:

In the real world, when you hand out flyers, a good 10 out of 15 people will actually glance at the paper ad. They’d probably go “Hmm, interesting” or something like that. In the online world, even if you do manage to send email advertisements to 100 people, you’d be lucky to get the same reaction from at least 10 of them. On the get-go you might think “Oh well, isn’t it the same?” But it’s really not. Ten people out of fifteen is equivalent to 33.33% response rate whereas ten out of a hundred is a measly 1%. Let’s not even begin to talk about who actually paid attention to the ads.

Spreading word about a new product or service or trying to grow your brand is a pretty tough challenge, indeed. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll end up being consumed by work for little or no return.

You’d be exerting more effort than needed and receive less than what you deserve – especially when you’re entering a market as big and vast as online. Read more about this here:

People seem to have this misconception about online businesses. They think digital or new age entrepreneurs have it easy. After all, they don’t have to do door-to-door selling or hand out brochures in the sidewalks under the infernal heat (or freezing cold). All they do is jibber jabber online and type-type-type on their laptops and they already call that “doing business.”

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but E-commerce isn’t the paradise you make it out to be. Sure, it’s more convenient. Sure, there’s a bigger market. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it doesn’t involve sacrifice. A lot of time, effort, and planning goes into every online campaign – much more than you’ll ever care to know.

You know why?

It’s because the E-commerce industry is a vicious place to be. It’s a world where you have competition left and right and it seems like you’re always up each other’s’ necks. It’s crazy, really. It’s like everyone’s your friend but then again, they’re not. After all, they’re all chasing after the same spotlight as you. They want to come out on top as well. This is why one should never underestimate the struggles of an online entrepreneur.

If you are one such entrepreneur, here’s something I suggest: Get to know Kevin David.

Who Is Kevin David & What Is Marketer Magic?

Well, I’m not really suggesting that you stalk Kevin David, find out where his address is, and make friends with him. Come on, now. This is not a good day for jail. However, you should really take a sec to check out his latest software: Marketer Magic.

If you’ve been a little stressed out lately trying to balance everything – email marketing, lead generation, social media advertising, social proof, your personal life (or whatever’s left of it) – then you should really check out this revolutionary software.

Marketing Magic may not make all your entrepreneurial dreams come true with a wave of a wand but it definitely comes close. It takes all your marketing responsibilities together and put them in an all-around 6-in-1 software that you can use anytime, anywhere. The software can help you gather leads, verify emails, create shortened links, manage your social proof, as well as other activities crucial to nurturing you and your business’s presence online.

I’m not a multiple tabs guy. I personally hate having to sign up for multiple tools and opening them all in individual tabs as I run my material through them one-by-one. If you ask me, this part is very troublesome which is why I always end up outsourcing work responsibilities like this.

But if you tell me that there is one software that can help me manage all of these responsibilities then I might as well do them myself. If you’re a clumsy and well, a little disorganized marketer like me, you would want an all-around software to help you manage all your work. If you want to learn more about Marketing Magic, just click the link.

Now, if this isn’t magic then tell me what is. For me, this is as good as real world magic can get. The world can’t get any easier than this – yet.



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