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In this post, I am going to share Media Temple Coupon Codes 2023.

Media Temple is a US-based web hosting company that was founded back in the year 1998 and it has now completed 17 years of its service.

The company has got more than 1,25,000 satisfied customers who are running more than 1.5 million websites! Huge companies like StarBucks, Adidas, and even Toyota are using the hosting services of Media Temple.

Also, check the Media Temple review here. In this post, we are also going to share Media Temple Coupon Codes 2023 that will let you save a few dollars right to your pocket.

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FAQs On Media Temple Hosting Coupon: More Media Temple Discount Codes

🪝 What do you mean by shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a common form of website hosting. The internet provider runs several domains on one physical domain server. Since most websites do not use a large amount of domain capacity, shared hosting enables you to obtain a reliable infrastructure at a reduced rate. Media Temple's Shared Hosting service operates precisely this manner, with Linux as the operating system and cPanel as the server GUI. By buying a Shared Hosting service, you are renting a limited portion of room and storage on one of our servers, on which you can install various websites that are accessible through the internet.

🚀 Can I use SSH to access my shared hosting services?

Absolutely yes. After enabling SSH protocol in your Shared Hosting account's Dashboard, you may link SSH using a client. Shared Hosting supports only one SSH account.

💫 What sort of email service does Media Temple come with?

cPanel email service is offered by shared hosting,

✨ What does it mean when they say they have unlimited sites?

Your service does not have a cap on the number of websites you will host. Bear in mind, though, that both of the pages share the same part of the server. As a result, the more traffic accumulates, the slower the pages can function.

💥 What does it mean with unlimited storage?

There are no restrictions on the amount of media, documents, or other content you may store on your service. This is meant for regular personal and company websites that adhere to the portal’s terms of service.

🪵 Which version of cPanel is used by Media Temple?

They use cPanel 78.0.38.

🌿 Do Media Temple provide backups?

Yes, they do. Managed WordPress from Media Temple provides automatic regular backups that are retained for 30 days. This enables you to rebuild your site using our one-click fast restore tool quickly.

🩸 Does Media Temple upgrade your plugins and themes?

Not at the moment. With quite a diverse selection of third-party plugins accessible, they want to minimize the chance of a plugin or theme change breaking your site.

👀 9. What type of performance tuning is used by Media Temple?

They endorse HTTP/2 queries, Varnish full-page caching, and PHP 7 opcode caching.

🙏 Is it possible to install some third-party hosting tools or applications that I desire?

Yes, it is. While Media Temple cannot assist you with third-party program installation, you are free to install and use any program you wish.

🙌 Will they migrate my services?

Yes, their premium migration plan is offered as an add-on to your Media Temple account and is supported by our in-house team of CloudTech engineers. CloudTech migration specialists will migrate your websites, domains, and apps to Media Temple for you; the process is painless and straightforward, and they handle anything. Additional premium cloud administration resources could be required, such as on-demand server tuning and on-call hosting assistance. For additional detail and purchasing orders, please visit their Advanced Support site. Additionally, such papers written in our Knowledge Base will assist you in making choices before initiating a migration and serve as a guide before and after the migration.

👉 How can I get help from Media Temple?

If you've become a client, you can instantly and conveniently submit help tickets from your Account Center dashboard. Their service engineers are actively tracking and responding to support inquiries. Not a client yet, or have difficulty logging into your Account Center dashboard? They accept help requests via email, talk, phone, and even Twitter. Additionally, you will find a wealth of valuable resources in their Knowledge Base.

😍 Are there any extra support options offered by Media Temple?

They provide the CloudTech service line to customers who need or need additional assistance with server management. CloudTech is a comprehensive range of server administration and care services that offers a la carte, on-demand solutions, and an exclusive monthly payment package available exclusively to DV customers. For additional information, please visit their CloudTech website.

🤑 How much will they charge me if I exceed my bandwidth?

If you use more bandwidth than the amount included in your hosting contract, you will be automatically paid an overage fee of $ 0.15 per GB. They'll notify you by email in advance if their tracking framework predicts that you're about to hit your bandwidth allowance. Additionally, you may access a report detailing the actual and expected bandwidth used straight from the Account Center during each payment period.

👍 Which payment methods does Media Temple accept?

They support PayPal, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and wire transfer as payment types. If you are a resident of the United States of America, you can pay by money order or check. Kindly notify them if you wish to pay via wire transfer, check, money order, or PayPal so that they can send you special instructions via email. Any payment system that requires particular directions would include a one-year prepayment.

🎼 What is Media Temple’s Grid?

Grid is Media Temple's cutting-edge cloud hosting platform. It's a clustered environment meant to provide a more stable, scalable, and speedier hosting service.

🧩 What is the cheapest Media Temple plan?

The cheapest Media Temple package is $20 and allows you to host up to 100 websites. This subscription includes 1TB of bandwidth and 20GB of storage.

🎗 Is WordPress hosting available at Media Temple?

Yes, Media Temple provides managed WordPress hosting with exceptional performance and scalability.

🤩 Is Windows hosting available at Media Temple?

At the moment, Media Temple does not provide Windows hosting. You'll have to look for alternative choices for that.

👍 How to Configure a Dedicated IP Address in Media Temple Hosting for WordPress?

There is no dedicated IP for WordPress hosting, but you can get one for $75 per year by adding an SSL to your site. Every SSL certificate includes a dedicated IP address. SSL certificates must be purchased from Media Temple or Godaddy; certificates from other providers will not operate with Media Temple Premium WordPress Hosting.

✔️ What is the maximum number of visitors Media Temple WordPress Hosting can handle?

There are no specific bandwidth or CPU resource constraints defined for Media Temple WordPress hosting solutions from the beta version to the officially launched version. Your sites can handle as many visitors as they can before Media Temple updates their WordPress hosting packages limits. A personal plan is also suited if you have a WordPress site with more than 1,000,000 monthly visitors. Don't worry about the limitations; start producing more high-quality material for your viewers, and Media Temple will take care of the rest.

➰ Do they provide unlimited email addresses and bandwidth?

The bandwidth and email addresses provided by Media Temple is not infinite.

🟡 What is the level of security for their services?

With hosting servers and data centers on both the East and West coasts, Media Temples has complete control. Both data centers are Tier 3+ certified and are linked by a redundant, low-latency private fiber link. All sites are staffed by HP-certified personnel and armed security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Get Best Media Temple Coupon Codes & Promo Codes 2023

Here are the best coupons on Media Temple.

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Bottom Line Up Front | Media Temple is a website hosting and cloud hosting provider, which focuses on web designers, developers and creative agencies. The company was founded in 1998 by former CEO Demian Sellfors and John Carey. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. I highly recommended, Media Temple check out now


How to Use Media Temple Coupon codes?


1. Click on the Media Temple coupon code:-

First, click on Click for Discount and then you will be redirected to a page where you get the coupon, copy it, and head on to the website.

2. Select your plan:-

There are many plans available, kindly check the plan which you require and then proceed.

3. Order Summary:-

Now at the place of Coupon Code, enter your coupon and get awesome discounts, enjoy!


Different Media Temple Hosting Plans With Media Temple Promo Codes:


1. WordPress Hosting With Media Temple Coupons:-

WordPress hosting is specially made for those people who use the WordPress platform, it is designed and developed by WordPress designers and developers.

The hosting is really fast, and their customer support is the best part! They work round the clock to provide you with the best experience possible. The best part is they also give you free premium Themes.

WordPress hosting starts from only $20 per month which also provides you with 30Gb of SSD storage along with 2 sites that can handle up to 400,000 monthly visitors!


Media Temples gives defined and flexible managed WordPress hosting to its customers.

  • Creating a Site here is a breeze. Media temple WP Easy does the entire task for you. All you need to do is enter some basic information for your site and it will suggest you some themes and designs related to it.
  • If you wish to migrate your WordPress site from your host to Media Temples, sit back and relax!! Media temple uses its migrating tool to migrate your entire site with a click.
  • Regular Updates of your site with improved security and updated plugins and databases keep your site optimized and fast.
  • Keep your site secured with DDoS and intrusion protection with malware and bot scanning.
  • You would get a number of customizable themes and stock photos with the WP Easy plan.

Media Temple WordPress pricing comes with two parts: Personal and Pro.


2. Shared Hosting With Media Temple Coupons:-

Media Temple Coupon has only one policy, that you shouldn’t slow down or shut down! In this plan, you can easily host up to 100 websites, and you also get 1,000 email accounts.

You’ll get a bandwidth of monthly 1TB and also 100Gb storage! You also get the features of a one-click app installer by using which, you can install any platform such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.,.

You also get advanced security and protection along with this hosting!


The Grid includes:

  • 100 GBs of premium storage
  • 1 TB of short-path bandwidth
  • 100 unique sites/alternate domains
  • 2,000 GPUs
  • 100 databases
  • 1,000 email addresses
  • Account Center custom control panel
  • Pre-installed software:
  • PHP 5.5 with FastCGI
  • Perl v5.10.1
  • Python v2.6.6
  • Apache 2.2.22
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Git
  • SVN 1.7.4

This plan starts from as low as $20 per month!


Media Temple is a website hosting and cloud hosting provider, which focuses on web designers, developers and creative agencies. The company was founded in 1998 by former CEO Demian Sellfors and John Carey. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

💰  Price

$ 20

😍  Pros

Great Pricing: like any other web service provider Media Temple Hosting will also give you a great pricing list.

😩  Cons

Windows-based servers: Media Temple Hosting does not have any windows based servers like other web service providers do.


Media Temple is an underdog in the web host industry with all the features similar to their counterparts. The only problem that persists with Media temple is its expensive price.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

3. VPS Hosting With Media Temple Coupons:-

They have got the capacity to provide you with a VPS plan no matter what size and capacity you’re in need of. They guarantee you 99.999% uptime and also High power SSD servers!

Real, live engineers are waiting to solve your problems by chat, tweet, or phone call. VPS plans start from as low as $30 per month!

VPS plans start from as low as $30 per month with Media temples discount promo code!


Features of Media Temples Hosting With Promo Coupons Codes

  • SSD servers make it one of the fastest VPS providers in the industry.
  • Instant Scalability due to faster servers
  • 1-click installation of scripts
  • 30GB – 600GB SSD
  • 99.99% Uptime guaranteed

Media Temple VPS hosting costs you as low as $30 per month going as high as $254 per month. There is a choice between self-managed and managed VPS hosting. They differ broadly in their features.

Features of Self- Managed VPS hosting

You can choose between Level 1 to Level 6. Level 1 is the cheapest starting with $30 per month to Level 6 costing $1,000 per month.

In this pack, you have the flexibility to choose between three Linux OS (Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS). You can look for the coupons of Media temple to get at a cheaper price.

Mediatemple Revi

With self-managed VPS hosting, you can get your VPS hosting with a number of features:

  • Instant provision of your server
  • Efficient and premium hardware with the SSD storage
  • Guaranteed Uptime of 99.99%
  • Instant Scalability and upgrade of servers and RAM with just one click.
  • Power panel which improves your site performance and creates a backup, reboot, or repairs your site with 10x faster speed

Features of Managed VPS Hosting

In managed VPS hosting, highly efficient DV servers come up with every features that you need. It includes pre-installed software with the flexibility of choosing between the different CentOS

  • 99% uptime guarantee of its hardware, performance, servers makes it the reliable VPS hosting. In case of downtime, you will get the money back.
  • A highly optimized LAMP stack is assigned for the task of automatic backups, improved performance and faster servers, top-notch security, and automatic malware removal
  • You can install over 100’s of applications right from the image, galleries, e-commerce store, or anything.
  • Pre-installed versions of PHP, MYSQL, Ruby, Python, and rail with the option to customize your server with Linux-based applications.
  • Managed VPS hosting gives you the best web managers in the industry; Plesk and cPanel. With both of them, you can easily manage files, install scripts and applications, view stats or emails.

Mediatemple Revi

You can also profit from your VPS by starting your own hosting company with the option to resell your server. You can ease your reselling by using the Cpanel and Plesk. Besides the sere, you can also make a profit by selling other resources.

Features of Fully Managed VPS hosting

If you wish t make a profit while the entire task is done by the experts, go for the fully managed VPS. Though it costs you $254 per month it will be worth your cost.

However, you can use the media temple coupons to avail discount Everything right from setting up the site to migrating site or content from any host is a breeze and will be handled by the team of experts.

  • Easy Server setup
  • 2GB-128 GB RAM
  • 30GB – 1TB of Premium Storage
  • 2TB-10TB of Bandwidth
  • Automatic Cloud Backups
  • 99% Uptime guarantee


Media Temple Features: Overview

The following are the highlights of Media Temple’s web hosting plans:

  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Premium assistance (for a fee).
  • Every plan includes high-performance solid-state drives (SSD) for improved reliability and performance (perfect for small enterprises that can’t afford downtime!)
  • Sites from other providers are being migrated (for a fee due to their custom control panel).
  • Free front-end site audit to identify any issues.
  • Only for Drupal, WordPress, and Zen Cart is a free one-click script installer available. Manual installs, on the other hand, are possible on almost anything.
  • Assistance with disaster recovery and repair (for a fee).

How Secured is Media Temple Coupons?

With a plethora of choices in the web host industry, Media Temple has one of the most secured and reliable services in the world.

Media temple works in association with CloudTech Security. Cloudtech Security has a number of security features in addition to encryption.

It scans your site regularly with SQL injections and any SEO spam. It further scans your databases as well as any scripts for malware. You can be notified of any threats or view the latest scan.

An automated web application firewall blocks all the corrupted files and differentiates easily between the human and bots.

Moreover, global CDN (Content Delivery Network) makes your site secured as well as faster. It caches your site containing any content.


Your site gets free SSL certificates installed with every pack. You can purchase either of the two security packs; Security and Premium Security pack.

What I liked most about the media temple is that’s you will get the Media Temple security pack coupon for a heavy discount.

Hosting Packages for Media Temple Coupon Code

Almost all of the hosting packages accept the Media Temple promo code. In this part, we’ve gone through the specifics of all Media Temple hosting options.

You can select the most appropriate package based on your website’s needs.

1. Managed Cloud Hosting by Media Temple

Media Temple’s Managed Cloud Hosting package assists you in creating a cloud environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This implies that you will have on-demand access to all of the resources that your website demands.

You are not required to manage all of the intricate and technical aspects of your website. All of these things are well taken care of by Media Temple.

Media Temple will assist you in moving all of your files and databases when you migrate using this bundle. You also benefit from a faster load speed because to the infinite pool of resources and services.

After thoroughly reviewing your issue, Media Temple recommends an AWS solution. They want to tailor their solution before launching a general service. Furthermore, when you encounter a problem, you will receive extraordinary response times.

To obtain an estimate for the Managed Cloud Hosting plan, you must contact the Media Temple staff.

2. Temple Media DV-VPS Hosting

Media Temple’s DV-VPS Hosting bundle includes powerful web servers, cutting-edge data centers, and more. You may host your website on Virtual Private Networks, which give quicker speeds, improved security, and increased availability.

Your website is always up and operating. With this bundle, Media Temple guarantees 99.99 percent uptime. If the DV server fails for even 20 minutes, they will reimburse you 20% of your monthly hosting fee.

Furthermore, all of your website’s data and databases are saved on SSD discs. This is a significantly more powerful storage device, with more consistent and quicker performance. You may also pick between DV-Managed and DV-Developer hosting options.

3. Grid-Sharing Hosting at Media Temple

Media Temple’s Grid-Shared Hosting bundle provides excellent hosting services at a reasonable cost. With this package, you may easily create and administer a variety of websites.

You also receive SSD storage devices to preserve all of your website’s data. Many actions on your site are also handled by the Shared Hosting plan. During such operations, your databases are moved to a separate container in order to keep the site operational.

Media Temple Hosting Alternatives



Pantheon is one of the quickest and the most dependable Website operating platforms for WordPress and Drupal. It has hosted 300k+ websites successfully.

It provides customer support for 24*7, high-grade security, and 99.9% uptime. Pantheon has almost ten billion monthly users.


It has a serverless content management system, Management of website portfolio, and structured, flexible workflows.

Pantheon also offers scalable infrastructure and a very fast content delivery system. Pantheon with such advanced components is sure a good alternative to Media temple hosting.


Pantheon offers four major plans. The first one is the Silver plan which is promising for developers and is free of any cost.

The second plan is the Gold plan which is great for small teams, the third one is a Platinum plan which is for larger teams, and the last one is a diamond plan which is great for enterprise teams.

To know the gold, platinum, and diamond plan pricing, you need to contact sales on Pantheon’s website. 



Kinsta is an amazing website hosting platform for WordPress. It operates on groundbreaking technology and takes care of all the necessities of clients regarding the website.

Kinsta provides a well-managed website operation, free migration from other websites, daily backups, high speed, and high security.


The control center for your website will be Mykinsta, and from there, you can perform a wide array of operations like creating an SSL certificate, tracking bandwidth, etc.

Kinsta takes the safety of your website very seriously, and its best feature is the speed-obsessed architecture.

Kinsta can be a great competitor to Media temple hosting because of its speed and security advancements.

Kinsta has taken the responsibility to handle your site by monitoring, scanning, and running it. This helps you focus entirely on your own business without being stressed about any other factor.

WordPress experts will always support you in any of your tasks. Moreover, this platform is developed so that it is easily get operated by beginners.

Mediatemple Revi

It also offers advanced features that developers will surely like and use. What you need to do is to install Kinsta and then let yourself explore and use everything which it offers.


Kinsta offers ten options in its plans for you to choose from, and those are a starter, pro, business 1, business 2, business 3, business 4, enterprise 1, enterprise 2, enterprise 3, and enterprise four, and their

respective prices are $30/mo, $60/mo, $100/mo, $200/mo, $300/mo, $400/mo, $600/mo, $900/mo, $1200/mo, and $1500/mo. All of Kinsta’s plans offer a hack fix guarantee and free migration.

3.WP Engine:-


WP Engine offers hassle-free and properly managed website hosting features. Currently, It is hosting more than 1.2M websites.

WP provides a rapid and reliable digital experience and is designed to be suitable for businesses of different sizes.

Its platform has cooperation with award-winning services, substantial technology, and distinct partners and innovators for making your website more impactful.


To provide services at a higher rate, WP Engine leverages more than thirty open source technologies and has the best CMS that you can customize for your business.

With such unique tools and features, WP Engine can be a great choice if you are looking for Media Temple Hosting alternatives.

It is one of the most famous platforms for WordPress. It is beneficial in increasing the number of visitors to the website.

Moreover, it helps in growing more revenue as it improves performance. WP Engine decreases the risk of losing website security because it constantly monitors it.

It controls daily backup, automatic updates, and managed upgrades, and therefore, you can concentrate on your business accurately.

Mediatemple Revi

This platform offers you ease to operate the system online and cooperates with people as much as possible, thus giving you shortcuts and efficiencies. It will always support you in achieving each path; let it be your journey or beyond that.


WP Engine offers five major plans, named Managed Hosting Startup, Managed Hosting Professional, Managed Hosting Growth, and Dedicated Hosting Custom. 

The first four plans’ respective prices are $25/mo, $49.17/mo, $95.83/mo, and $241.67/mo. To know the price of Dedicated Hosting Custom, you need to contact WP Engine.



Hostwinds provides web hosting to businesses of different sizes as well as individuals. They have fast and reliable services for hosting a website. 

It guarantees 99.9999% of uptime and friendliness. It can be operated on both Windows and Linux and customizable cloud servers that provide many applications which need only one click to get installed.

Customer-Centric-Web-Hosting-Solutions-Hostwinds (1)

Hostwinds provides 24/7/365 customer support and has groundbreaking technologies for better functioning and providing a well-managed platform.

Hostwinds is surely a good alternative to Media temple hosting.


Hostwinds offers four major plans, and those are Shared, Business, Reseller, White Label.

Shared hosting has three proposals named Basic, Advanced, Ultimate, and their respective prices are $5.24/mo, $6.74/mo, and $8.24/mo. 

The business plan also has three Basic,  Advanced, and Ultimate proposals, and their respective prices are $8.99/mo, $10.49/mo, and $12.74/mo. 

Again, three Reseller plan proposals are Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate, which has the same expenditure as the Shared plan. The white label will cause an expense of $10/mo.

5. WebOps:

WebOps is a collection of those practices which offer collaboration. Moreover, it operates automatic processes to enhance the entire team’s efficiency, starting from designers and developers to stakeholders, content editors, and many more.

media temple hosting

The consequence is that the cross-functional web teams are entitled to test, develop and bring out the changes in the website quicker and more dependable.

WebOps merges the lessons of DevOps and Agile groups to assign a priority to repetitive work, which is evident to every member of the team.

When the deployment measure rises, the risk factor reduces, and smaller wins create more significant wins.

6. SiteGround:

This platform quickly adopts the best in-house build solutions and technologies.

It greatly customizes the Linux containers to ensure it matches the reliability and security standards.

Moreover, this platform trusts that managed and standardized hosting is a route that can empower its customers to be

Web Hosting Serv

concentrated on their primary business and take their maintenance of hosting off in the list of tasks.

This platform provides WordPress updates automatically, enabling you to leave it on schedule or auto-pilot.

Also, there is a great team behind all the security systems, and therefore it is trustworthy and safe.

7. CloudWays:

This is yet again a great hosting platform where you can concentrate on your own business and ignore all the hassles of hosting.

This platform ensures you experience outstanding performance, choice, and reliability with a support of 24*7 hours.

This support performs as your extended team, making it a preferable option for growing eCommerce businesses and agencies.

Cloudways_ Manag

Moreover, Cloudways provides you with automated backup and manages the website’s security appropriately.

Moreover, it monitors the website 24/7 with accuracy and assurance.

It has PHP 7.3 Ready Servers and an auto-healing server as well. It offers you unlimited applications, and you can make their use without any complications.

Also, read- How to Use Cloudways API here.

How Does Media Temple Keep Your Site Secure?

Media Temple collaborates with Sucuri to protect your sites with an easy-to-use, all-encompassing security tool and team. Among their security services are:

Malware removal is limitless.

When trouble arises, you can be confident that the Sucuri team has your back. They will go to any length to repair your website.

Continuous scans

Malware, cross-site scripting, SQL injections, SEO spam, and other issues are constantly monitored on your site.

Alerts in real-time

You will be notified as soon as a problem is identified. You can set up alerts via email, SMS, Slack, and other channels.

The dashboard is quite extensive.

Stop by for a quick status check or use your security dashboard to manually adjust dozens of security settings.

About Media Temple Support

Media Temple’s customer support staff is friendly and is available 24/7/365. They give assistance via phone, live chat, and social media or through a support request.

The average response time of customer support in live chat was 5-10 seconds which is quite decent.

Moreover, you can get help from various articles such as the blogging community and articles for assistance.

In the statement of the support section, you can read about the services which are supported and the list of services that aren’t.  The best part about it is the Media Temple web hosting coupons.

You can also check your system status. to check for errors.

Media Temple Phone Number and Contact Support

Phone no. of Media Temple: 310.841.5500

 The customer service support service provided here is reliable and trustworthy.

Also, besides making a call, you can submit a request to them to connect them.

You can also find it via Twitter – @mediatemplehelp. To get more information on contact support, visit here.


Media Temple Money-back Guarantee

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee, VPS plans are also referred to as DV products.

On these plans, Media Temple guarantees 99.999 percent uptime, and if you experience downtime, you’ll receive a 20 percent refund on your hosting for that month. Calculated for each 20-minute period of downtime during the month.

How is Media Temple’s Solution Different From Others?

It differs from other companies in that they check what percentage of your CPU resources you’re using. They’ll shut down your site if you use more than a particular amount for a certain amount of time. That’s the worst thing that could happen while you’re gaining traction, and it might cost you a lot of money.

Not CPUs, but GPUs

Instead, Media Temple uses GPUs to calculate. These are referred to as “Graphics Processing Units.”

To begin, you’re handed 2000 GPUs.

It doesn’t matter if you have spiked as long as you stay within the GPU limit. (This is more than enough for most company websites.) If you use more, you’ll be charged, but your site will remain online.

Pros & Cons Of Media Temple Coupon, Promo Codes


  • Great Pricing: like any other web service provider Media Temple Hosting will also give you a great pricing list. For Media Temple, Hosting pricing varies from most other hosting services. Here it basically depends on which plan you are going with. Media Temple Hosting has three plans according to the needs of the customers. That comprises Pro, the basic one that will allow a user to use 10 sites, which will have 20 GB of SSD storage. Pro package comes with 1 TB of bandwidth and just for $30 per month. Similarly, if we see the next pricing that is for Agency and agency plus, includes storage up to 100 GB and 5 TB per month. This will cost approximately, $150 and $350 respectively.

  • 99.99% Uptime: as many other web hosting services give you 99% uptime. But Media Temple Hosting guarantees you this. From guarantee, it really means that if you face any problem, during running your website, It will return your money. This is one of the main benefits as it makes the speed of the website very good and also it will never fall short. And if it does Media Temple Hosting returns your money. This benefit is only with Media Temple Hosting and other web service provider that cannot guarantee its uptime.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Media Temple Hosting is very interactive, and its user interface is very easy to use. Even a non-technical person can understand its working. The user interface comes with many pre-installed tools. Not only user-friendly but its pre-installed tools can also give you speed, security, and reliability. These three are very important qualities when it comes to run your business online and Media Temple Hosting offers you all these with a guarantee, which other web service providers do not.

  • Expert panels: similar to other service providers Media Temple Hosting do consists of the responsive expert panel. Instead of the automated one, it gives you assurance to assist you with any difficulties you face. You can get in touch with customer service through calls, texts, emails, or live chats. Your queries will never be unattended here, and it promises the best solution.

  • Knowledge full service: Media Temple Hosting has an interactive knowledge full service. It does not need any high knowledge of technical information, to lead a website. Media Temple Hosting has an extensive knowledge database to be pursued through. Media Temple Hosting can give you the hosting knowledge by video and voice assistant. This help is automated and can be taken over again and again. For example- If there is a WordPress user then, he can use the preinstalled sidekick plugin. Where he will get a video assistant or voice assistant, for help. it helps newbies like no other web service provider, apart from an expert panel, Media Temple Hosting does have its automated version.

  • Ease of Use: Media Temple excels at offering simple and easy-to-use hosting services. With fully automated scaling built into almost every plan and a focus is on customer support, Media Temple is a hosting provider you won’t regret choosing. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of visitors, you can be confident in your decision to host with Media Temple.



  • Windows-based servers: Media Temple Hosting does not have any windows based servers as other web service providers do. But they are having their VPS and dedicated servers. the only problem with this is that this can be more expensive when it is compared to other web service providers.

  • Very less free things: Media Temple Hosting costs for almost everything it does not have any free Google AdWords credits. Media Temple Hosting also costs for domain names and up-gradation of software. So this becomes a mess. Also, there is no free and automatic malware scanning to protect your database from viruses like any other web service provider.

  • Less space and Bandwidth: If you are having a small website, then it is good for you to choose Media Temple Hosting, but the problem arises if you are having a large database, as it offers limited storage. Other service providers, probably come up with unlimited storage disk space. But this one comes with 30 GB to 3 TB of bandwidth.

Why Choose Media Temple Coupon Code & Media Temple Promo Code?

Right since Media Temple  Inception in 1998 in Los Angeles, they are indulging in helping web developers, web designers digital entrepreneurs, and innovators in order to bring their ideas online and grab the opportunity of showcasing their work in an extraordinary way.

Media Temple has seen a lot of technology trends come and go but still, they are occupied with the latest technology and innovations, and also one thing has never changed their commitment towards their customer success.

And that is why they are offering the best and most reliable web hosting service anytime and anywhere.

Currently,  Media Temple is one of the premium web hosting and Cloud services that mainly power 1.5 million websites in more than a hundred different countries.  


Basically, more than 100,000 people and businesses mainly rely on their simple tools for web hosting.

The tools basically provide a one-click WordPress installation,  virtual servers, domain name registration along with the business application, and also many other cloud services.

As we have already told almost everything about this reliable web hosting provider. And I think we should also tell you the reasons why you should this amazing web hosting provider.

Media Temple is for web designers, developers, and also digital entrepreneurs and the best part is that the service is reliable and provides high-performance and scalable servers right at a competitive price.

You will also get 24/7 customer support who is eager to help you in numerous friendly ways. So here are the reasons why you should choose.

The best part is that it is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands basically trusts their sites to Media Temple.


  • Customer Service:

The best of all Media Temple also provides stellar and end-to-end service and support. As they are having US-based support teams that will be there for your 24/7/365.

You can reach out to them by chat, Twitter, and also via phone, and also the support request. Their staffs mainly spend 90% of their time by answering your queries.

  • Products:

As they are having the simplest and the personal project right to the biggest business site and they are having the best and the most reliable web hosting solution that will fit you perfectly.

Few of the web hosting provider basically provides world-class shared hosting right with the 1 click WordPress install and also the Linux-based VPS Hostings and the Private-cloud service.

  • Value For Money:

Here when you will compare the hidden cost you will find out that Media Temple will provide you with services more than your money.

Media Temple is having faster hardware, smarter software, and also top-notch support that basically costs a few dollars.


  • Innovation:

Media Temple has really acquired and new ideas and technology since its inception.

Basically, they are providing the free infrastructure right for the open-source products and also the events along with investing in creative innovators from all over the world.

The Media Temple team puts their and money and hearts into getting updated with the latest technology. That is why they have developed their own products and also they are having the world’s original public clouds.

  • Technology:

Here your data is basically secured with Media Temple and all of the hosting servers are right under their direct control all the time as they are having East and West Coast data centers.

And the best part is that both of the data centers are basically certified with Tier 3+ which truly indicates that they are having 99.99% of network uptime.

They are also connected with each one directly by redundant and also the low-latency private fiber connection.

They have 24/7/365 customer support and also HP-certified technicians along with armed security. At, last you will never find web hosting like Media Temple in order to keep your valuable data safe.


Does MediaTemple Handle Site Backups?

Media Temple provides Snapshot Backup, which saves the entire state of your server, from the core configuration files to the emails.

It maintains an off-server backup in Media Temple’s secure Data Center in case your machine is hacked or corrupted, and it creates a new backup weekly or monthly to keep your data up to date.

This includes server configuration changes, Plesk data, domains, emails, databases, and every file on the server.

It allows you to revert to a previous server state if you don’t have any other backups of critical data. Their Snapshot Backup lets you choose which files to restore.

Alternatively, you can restore the entire server to its exact state at the time of the backup. The disadvantage of this feature is that you must manually click it to make a backup, and there is no option for scheduling automated backups.

These backups cannot be sent to you due to their large size (ranging from 4 GB to 60 GB). They can only be recovered using Plesk and cannot be downloaded directly.

It comes at an additional cost. By purchasing additional slots, you can store up to five backups. Each monthly slot costs $20.

Is Media Temple Hosting reliable & Use Promo Code To Avail Discount?

When it comes to reliability about the speed of the website, Media Temple Hosting is reliable. It has never gone through a bad phase, also it can guarantee 99.99% uptime. It’s verified, tried, and tested. In the case of speed, it can guarantee the user with the money back. If a user does not find anything correct the money will be refunded.

Since 18 years of the Media Temple Hosting services, they have always been one of the trusted, fast, and reliable web hosting platforms. It is also versatile.


Now it has become easier to use Media Temple Hosting services, with their full-time supportive and responsive expert panel.

So it can be a great experience to use Media Temple Hosting as a web service provider for its speed reliability and ease of use. Media Temple Hosting will help your business to grow up hazel-free.

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Conclusion: Media Temple Coupon Codes, Discount Codes 2023

Media Temple is an underdog in the web host industry with all the features similar to their counterparts. The only problem that persists with Media temple is its expensive price.

We have resolved that problem for you by giving away the Media Temple discounts. Besides this, I loved its VPS hosting the most with secured and highly optimized servers that give excellent uptime.

I hope you like these Media Temple hosting coupons, Media Temple hosting promo codes for your hosting plans. Use Media Temple coupons and save your money while buying from Media Temple.

 Do bookmark this page as we will keep updating Media Temple coupons.

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User friendly

Media Temple is an underdog in the web host industry with all the features similar to their counterparts. The only problem that persists with Media temple is its expensive price. We have resolved that problem for you by giving away the Media Temple discounts. Besides this, I loved its VPS hosting the most with secured and highly optimized servers that gives excellent uptime.

Price:$ 20
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  10. You’ve never heard of Media Temple? You’re not alone. One-third of the Fortune 500 use this company’s cloud hosting, and they want to share their success with you! They offer premium support 24/7, 99% server uptime guarantee, and they keep your data safe: vulnerable web hackers still can’t crack their fortress security. Don’t take it from us: 100% satisfaction is guaranteed— just ask the people we work for!

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  15. Media Temple takes care of everything and removes all possible barriers to an online experience that is unmatched. You’ll never need to worry about anything again, because we take good hosting seriously. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  16. Organizations are hesitant to invest in new technology – the benefits are often intangible or hard to document. Thats why Media Temple is committed to helping companies improve security, scalability, communicate better with employees and customers, reduce IT support needs for servers and workstations, increase productivity of their workforce through better use of information technology investments. With Media Temples broad range of scalable access plans including bare-bones freelancers all the way up to enterprise grade teams that have demanding standards for security can confidently rely on us today.

  17. We at Media Temple offer the ultimate reliability, enterprise-class email, and advanced technology with every plan. Our one-click apps allow you to host your website on any domain, run WordPress blogs effortlessly, plus one of the easiest-to-use user interfaces in the shared hosting space.

  18. The Media Temple team (and developers) painstakingly listen to feedback from existing and prospective customers alike, developing their products to accommodate the needs of the customer. They employ experts in various fields such as email expertise or hosting functionality; they don’t rely on beginners for this type of work. You can feel confident that your website is secure, fast loading, and reliable because their level of IT knowledge surpasses any other shared hosting company out there.

  19. Media Temple is powerful and reliable, with features any business needs. They provide the best customer service in the industry — we’re not kidding.

  20. Your invincible home for your site.
    Media Temple’s Dedicated Servers are built with the world class software the company has spent the past decade perfecting, making them an unbeatable selection for mission critical web projects. With enterprise-class email, one of the best remote management interfaces in the industry and 24/7 security monitoring backed by decades of experience, our dedicated servers deliver rock solid performance to meet your needs. Whether you need a simple hosting solution or a high performance server cluster, Media Temple is ready for you today! With all that power behind us, Media Temple’s Dedicated Server plans have protection against potentially disastrous events like hackers and attacks without restricting access to unfettered bandwidth or installing arbitrary restrictions on what can be run. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  21. You’ve been a customer for years but have yet to find an adequate cloud hosting provider. While you’re more than happy with Media Temple’s infrastructure, the features of a competitive product might just be what you need. Whether it’s about improving site performance or increasing security, this is where your next web host should come from! Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  22. Media Temple has long been the standard to which web hosting is set. As an innovator in cloud hosting, this company always seems ahead of the curve with high-touch managed services. Media Temple keeps customers happy with a focus on high-performance technology and easy-to-use features.

  23. Media Temple cloud hosting has always made technology easier to implement, providing services that are just for the user. With high-touch managed services, Media Temple is ahead of the curve in options available to customers – making this provider your best choice in the marketplace with ease and efficacy at their core. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  24. You can rely on Media Temple’s managed hosting and high-touch customer service for your business benefits:
    – Unrivaled uptime with a 99.99% guaranteed stability record
    – A scalable, cloud powerhouse that lets you scale up without the cost of setting up more data centers or hiring IT staff so it fits as your company grows. It’s perfect if you need to move thousands of databases in seconds, upload hundreds of gigabytes in minutes, or deploy new websites and applications with ease. That means no downtime waiting for big updates to complete – all while keeping day-to-day maintenance low.
    Lightning fast search speeds and industry leading security keeps customers coming back for more: You don’t have time to wait around

  25. With Media Temple, you’ll be able to create a website that is uniquely customized and tailored specifically for your needs. The company’s support team is there to make sure that everything goes as planned and you end up with the perfect site.

  26. Your site is your online business, so why trust it to just anyone? Live in the cloud with Media Temple. You’ll enjoy the freedom of having blazing-fast speeds thanks to Amazon Web Services. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  27. Media Temple Standard Web Hosting is the world’s most popular pod hosting for WordPress, Drupal and ExpressionEngine. Plan includes SSD storage up to 3TB, 5X faster RAID-10 on SSDs; intelligent caching; full disk encryption; Automatic detection of exploits; automatic patches & updates on WordPress, PHP 7.0+, Apache2 & MySQL 5.7+ server software with best in class support teams backed by Media Temple’s 99% uptime guarantee, including high performance free data transfers for life (up to 10 GB/month).

  28. Media Temple can meet the needs of every type of customer—a one-stop shop for all web hosting, cloud computing, and management services. Media Temple is an experienced innovator that has long been the standard to which Web hosts are set; as high touch managed service providers, their focus on performance technology makes your website load fast with minimal footprint. The company’s easy-to use features will show you its care for customers by making them happy so they never think about another option again. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  29. Media Temple prides itself on providing high-touch managed services and lightning-fast technology that gives customers peace of mind, security, and industry leadership. As an innovator in the cloud hosting arena, MT is always ahead of the curve with their unmatched customer service and unmatched responsiveness to any issue. With exceptional operational efficiencies under its belt (including things such as laser cutting steel at twice the speed of a conventional machine), Media Temple can securely host your website on some of the smartest data centers you’ll find anywhere.

  30. Media Temple is on top of cloud hosting. The company has long been hailed as the standard to which web hosts are set, and it always seems one step ahead of the curve with its innovative services that keep customers coming back for more. With everything from high-touch managed services to technologies that will make any website perform seamlessly, there’s only one destination where you’ll find unparalleled excellence—Media Temple. Calling all entrepreneurs—join Media Temple today! Thanks for providing media temple coupon

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  33. Media Temple’s got your back. Their scalable hosting solutions are designed to simplify the process of turning a great website into an awesome one. Plus, you’ll get up-to-date encryption and 99.9% uptime, all with the goal of satisfying a wide range of customer needs.” Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  34. Media Temple is a web host that provides professional services that are unmatched by any competitor. Their scalable features allow you to grow with them as your site expands, and their solid customer service can have you up and running in minutes. Simply put, Media Temple is the logical choice for all of your hosting needs. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  35. Media Temple is a fantastic option for any website that needs a solid, easy-to-manage hosting plan. With automatic scaling built into every plan and customer service representatives practically running after you to make sure your experience is perfect, signing up with Media Temple will not ruin your day – it’ll only blow your mind.

  36. Starting your site with Media Temple is just like giving it a point at the beginning of its race. With Customer Support available to answer any question you have, and automated scaling for every server or plan type, Media Temple adapts easily to suit your needs. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  37. They say there’s honor among thieves. They lie, but it comes to the same thing in the end. If you’re looking for a reliable place to turn your online traffic into something more tangible then Media Temple is that place. The last ten years have seen them identify themselves as one of the most dependable hosting structures in the industry by striving to be accessible at every step of their process, refusing to dance with outside vendors when they can complete work internally, and treating customers like family rather than wallets waiting to be emptied. With old traditions dying off in this digital era they provide an experience where you can feel confident about what you are getting out of service providers who are dedicated towards customer satisfaction instead of trying too hard for money hungry shareholders chasing quarterly earnings

  38. What’s better than Media Temple hosting? Our product FAQs are superb, boasting in-depth how-tos and enough links for you to never spend more than 2 minutes finding the answer to anything. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  39. Don’t let hosting woes get in the way of your next big project. Media Temple excels at providing simple-to-use hosts, with automation that supports today’s needs. You can automate some or all aspects of scaling to match any need you might have – including unlimited content creation and storage options. We’re committed to innovation, affordability, ease-of-use, customer success and heaps more; specially tweaked packages for troupes so they don’t miss out on anything special their group has planned! Showcase your work by giving away treats at a party or meeting new friends on social media sites – it’s never been easier than now to find an affordable hosting service with enough features to keep up with any pipeline! Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  40. Media Temple offers hosting with a steady hand. You won’t have to worry about not being able to support your site, as most plans automatically scale to handle visitors and traffic spikes. Add on Media Temple’s top-notch customer support team and you’ll wonder why anyone ever leaves home without it! Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  41. Media Temple is a Data Centers+, Web Hosting+ and Cloud Storage Specialist. MediaTemple’s datacenter has been engineered from the ground up to provide an ideal environment for hosting web-based applications, with unparalleled uptime and reliability. With options ranging from simple Shared Hosting to sophisticated Managed & Automated Datacenters, choosing Media Temple guarantees that your website or app will say online without interruption, whatever the type of traffic it attracts. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  42. Media Temple is a web hosting and cloud computing company that has been around since 1998. Customizable for creativity’s sake, Media Temple offers unmetered storage, solid state drives and high availability features, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow. Outfitted with SSL certificates to safeguard security and power protection systems for peace of mind, Media Temple fuels our clients’ dreams into reality.

  43. Media Temple, for web designers and developers who need reliable website hosting or cloud hosting, Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  44. With Media Temple, your team can worry less about IT and focus more on design. With our easy to use interface, you’ll be up and running in minutes (and offer clients an interactive web experience).

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  46. If your site is really important, you’re probably paying more to keep it up. Media Temple’s robust hosting platform will keep your work studio up and running without slowing down or crashing because of our high-performance servers. Built by designers, developers and creative agencies for designers, developers and creative agencies (among other folks) the products are straightforward, user-friendly with a streamlined UI to make managing things like databases or email easier for builders. Our service includes SSL certificates free of charge so you can be confident in using it with customers who place consumption limits on websites they visit; all data transfer between servers encrypted too (you know that red notification that pops up when somebody logs into an account? That’s encryption). Thanks for providing media temple coupon

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  48. Using the web every day often feels like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be. You shouldn’t be totally alone in this tough gaming environment, and that’s where Media Temple shines. There way too many complicated hosting providers out there competing for your money but we don’t want you to regret “haunting a new host,” as they say on Ghost Hunters . Media Temple can help you handle whatever comes up on any given day from simple websites—maybe with WordPress, or Magento—to fully customized CMSes and more-complex projects with very high availabilities requirements. So please let us know if you’re ready for someone to take care of your online presence!

  49. Media Temple is a website hosting and cloud hosting provider, which focuses on web designers, developers, and creative agencies. With over 7 years in the business it has distinguished itself as a top tier service by combining excellent uptime with cutting-edge features related to security and innovation. Not only does Media Temple host thousands of customer websites around the world including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., The Geo Group, GoPro Inc., Jeffrey Beall MD FACP Northwest Healthcare Corporation Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Global Offices. We all know you’ve been hearing about this new site called! It’s one of those things that we’re not actually supposed to talk about but there are so many good things going on behind

  50. For 20 years, Media Temple has helped businesses get online. We power over 40 million websites and more than 1 billion page views per month for clients who include 3M, Cisco Systems, Major League Soccer and Electronic Arts. The team at Media Temple is made up of some of the best web designers in the industry.

  51. When your ideas are powered by Media Temple. You’re the driving force behind what happens on the web, and you want to do it with an always-on team right there with you. A team that’s trained for more than just media relations or call center skills–a team of technology specialists who understand how to test so they can ensure their service is up all day, every day. Because what if the live event goes live before schedule? What if your site needs a little tlc? Online marketing deserves innovation matched with cost efficiency and speed—from concept through completion. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  52. You can now bring your idea to life with Media Temple. Media Temple works with you during every phase of the development process, from helping you settle on a web host and domain name to designing a custom website just for you.

  53. Let Media Temple hold your hand all the way through your journey into building,website design. With innovative hosting packages that are tailored for specific projects, you’ll have the right tool in place to build online with high-performance web hosting optimized for speed and security. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  54. Media Temple is a leading innovator in the web hosting industry. They offer a variety of services including their flagship product, Website Builder which is an easy-to-use website builder that doesn’t require video editing or coding skills to make beautiful and creative websites. Media Temple is the best company for hosting your needs from setting up your domain all the way down to handling your email with ease.

  55. Media Temple creates lasting relationships with people of all backgrounds. As a partner to businesses across the world, we provide the tools necessary for entrepreneurs, digital innovators and organizations that are online to connect more readily with their audience. Whether you require high-performance web hosting or reliable backend infrastructure, Media Temple services offer everything your business needs at an affordable price—expect service orientation beyond compare! Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  56. Media Temple is the best website hosting on the planet. The company has mastered how to create high-performance web hosting using some of today’s newest technologies like Docker containers and Zen Grid.

  57. “Media Temple is optimized for results. We work hard to be the best small-business hosting provider in the game, and that effort shows in the power of responsive websites, streamlined analytics tools, email support, performance bonus funds, 24/7 phone service. Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  58. Media Temple strives to bring you the latest innovations, stability and speed into our web hosting. We’ll keep your website up and running with continuous data backups, site monitoring alerts 24/7, fast search engine crawling indexing for Google engines as well as virus scanning protection against spambots and malware attacks. All this packaged in a high-security encrypted format that won’t make you worry about unauthorized access compromised websites or leaked client information to hackers. With Media Temple we’ll wake you up like never before: all year round! Thanks for providing media temple coupon

  59. As the recognized leader in the multi-tenant cloud hosting space, Media Temple has deployed best practices to power over 170,000 global websites, domains and apps with lightning speed. The company invests heavily in creating tools that increase awareness of security vulnerabilities while speeding website creation – each customer’s site is safeguarded without ever compromising edge loading times on new content or data updates.

  60. Media Temple makes it easy to overcome the technical difficulties of successfully building and running websites. We provide our customers with high-performance web hosting using latest technologies optimized for speed and security so you don’t have to worry about crashes, slow speeds, or intrusive traffic that can potentially suffocate your online businesses. Media Temple – If anything ever did go wrong, we’re here to answer your call around all times of day/night.

  61. Nestled in the California Redwoods, Media Temple is one of the world’s best known web hosting providers. With innovative solutions that span everything from unmanaged shared hosting up to powerful dedicated servers, they’ve ensured that anyone can find what they need.

  62. Media Temple’s premier web hosting service offers the latest in server technology for your website. With shared services, VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress Hosting etc., you are sure to find the perfect fit for your project with Media Temple.

  63. Media Temple is a premium web hosting company, with both managed and self-managed solutions. A team of experts will handle your server for you, or you can maintain it yourself to save even more money.

  64. Mediatemple was founded in 1998 by a group of brainy brainiacs who knew they could make web hosting great again. They were frustrated with the lack of one-click installs and round-the-clock phone support prevalent at the time, so they set out to create something that would avoid these pitfalls. Today Media Temple leads in all things web hosting: from WordPress development services to its our newest cloud hosting solution. With us, you’re never limited – we have multiple solutions for every need so you can dive right in without having to do any heavy lifting yourself!

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