360Training Real Estate Education Review 2020: Is It Legit or Scam? Read..

360Training real estate discount

In this post, we have shared the 360Training Real Estate Education Review 2020 here!! Is It Legit or Scam?? Read the Truth Here…

360training is a global leader in a variety of online vocational training courses with a network that has reached more than 3 million students worldwide.

The company was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, as an online traffic course provider. Today, 360training offers licensed online real estate courses to students from eleven states (Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington).

360training offers courses for real estate pre-licensing, as well as courses to prepare real estate license exams, re-licensing and training requirements for real estate, valuations and mortgage training.



360Training real estate discount

The real estate industry is just one of many industries where 360training operates. It offers more than 6,000 courses for students and employees in the areas of insurance, health and environmental protection. Food safety and others.

360 Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

The relatively low enrollment rate, the structure of group discounts and occasional promotions make it a popular option for students who want to save money on signing up prior to licensing, and some employers are buying wholesale courses.

Save money Help them get certified for their new roles. Depending on the state, 360training also offers additional functions in the pre-authorized real estate packages.

360Training Real Estate Education Review 2020: Is It Worth?


360training review

How does It work?

360Training.com’s goal is to use an “integrated technology, content and service strategy” that helps professionals manage and track their career goals by attending classes that certify and meet the company’s needs can. Certification.

Currently, the site indicates that they collaborate with more than 1,500 e-learning partners who have trained more than three million users worldwide and use the most comprehensive e-learning technology used by universities. , Schools and businesses. ,

Potential students can visit their website and view their courses to see if they are taking the specific course they need, but list some of their most popular options, such as Medical Transcription, Ethics & Fraud, OSHA 10 Dissemination and 30, Responsible Food Safety Training with exams, real estate courses and more.


Key Features:

Exam Preparation: The simulated exams provided by 360training consist of questions on national and national questions. They are divided into sections and explanations of the characteristics of the correct answers so that you can remember them more easily.

Certified Instructors and Professional Study Guides: The 360 ​​classes provide access to experienced instructors and study guides written by real estate professionals. With this kind of support, it is much easier to learn with understanding.

Real Estate Training Courses

Mathematics Course: Some mathematical formulas are specific to real estate, especially for financing systems, privatization, and investigation. The 360 ​​classes show you how to use these formulas so you do not have to fight them later.

360 Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

Communication Class with the Customer: Among the most advanced courses offered by 360training are courses designed exclusively to communicate with their clients. These can help you meet your customers’ expectations, save time by communicating clearly and avoiding possible misunderstandings with your customers and potential customers.

24×7 Phone and Chat Support: If you have questions about course material, exam questions, or the course itself, you can respond to both questions. Train 360º or participate in your online discussion, depending on what suits you best. 

360training Review-Real-Estate - Support

Quality of the course

The company is committed to providing students with the information they need in a simple and straightforward way so they can focus on understanding and gathering information before they can review their real estate license.

Some comments from students who feel frustrated about accessing their courses and getting help with completing their training point to technical issues and slow customer support.

Why do almost all online licensing courses for real estate have low valuations?

The reason I chose this article is that I know how you feel. It is likely that you have researched these real estate license courses online and are a little disappointed. 360 Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

They thought you could find the largest real estate schools online, get ratings for each and select the one that is considered the best. But no, life has to do some interesting things. Apparently, all the courses you’ve been looking for are awful. How could that be?

360training Review for Real Estate

Many complaints are valid and many others, not so much, but the combination of both creates an absolutely terrible qualification for almost all existing online real estate licensing courses. Let’s review the main complaints about these courses:


Outdated Equipment: I was surprised to learn that most of these courses contain outdated training material, so people are wrong about passing the real estate appraisal exam.

I just can not understand how this is allowed if these courses are to be certified by any state in which they operate, but they do either way. The main problem is that online licenses for real estate licenses were introduced about 10 or 15 years ago. 360 Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

Most of these courses have been created at this time, and although their courses are updated from time to time, much has been lost over the years.

For now, I’m telling you that this is something you should expect, no matter what course you take. While studying the course on Real Estate Express I found some things here and there, but it was not as bad as any negative reviews.

Bad Lesson: Let’s be honest: Learning the laws, rules and regulations around real estate is not fun and exciting. The material that needs to be learned to pass and pass the Real Estate License Exam is very dry and an important reminder is needed.

For these online real estate licensing courses, it would be very useful to offer the material in different ways: video, interactive features, graphics, animations, etc. These courses certainly have not used the advances in e-learning technology over the years.

360training Review-Real-Estate-Training-and-License-Courses

Lack of live training: I only trained live on Real Estate Express and was not very impressed. You only have one live session per week and this is mainly a question and answer session. Kaplan is a place that offers live online courses, Kaplan, but most of us still do not exactly look for that. Live training taught by an instructor is quite rare.


Bad customer service: Immediately after registering with Real Estate Express, I received a welcome message from a “personal trainer” who could answer all my questions.

Honestly, I did not need to communicate with him all the time I spent during the class, but I heard that personal trainers sometimes had difficulty contacting very slow response times.

Real Estate Express is one of the only places where you can call your personal trainer. Most of them do not allow or charge extra fees. This is another reason why these schools are so poorly qualified.

360training Review-Real-Estate-Training-and-License-Courses

Lack of compatible devices: Believe it or not, many online real estate license courses are not yet compatible with mobile devices or work very poorly.

Only the crazy Real Estate Express worked well on my iPhone. Nothing special and could be better optimized, but at least it worked. For many other courses, there is no compatibility, which is just ridiculous.

Low approval rates: The approval rate of individuals participating in online real estate courses is not very different. However, getting a real estate license is difficult! It’s not easy and many people want to blame someone or something else for giving up or leaving their exams.

A good success rate is around 65%, so many angry students did not succeed. Are online real estate education sometimes the culprits? Yes, I think so, but I also believe that they are wrongly blamed for those who could not attend classes.

These are the main topics that I found during my research in almost all online licenses for real estate licenses. Practically, there were no positive comments and the negative comments seemed the same for all the courses I researched.


What are the advantages of registering for your exam preparation courses?

Your exam preparation courses can help you in a number of ways:

  • Students enrolled in the preparatory courses for real estate examinations can practice and apply what they have learned.
  • The tests and simulation activities serve to assess the students’ understanding of the information.
  • The exam preparation is interactive and helps students to solve their problems, analyze their answers and answer their most difficult questions.
  • The program helps real estate students prepare for the national real estate appraisal and offers them not only the best chance of success but also an impressive result that helps them to start a new career as an agent.


Why pursue the revision course with agentcampus.com?

Your team of real estate professionals strives to help you find the right course. Your online home exam preparation courses are affordable, convenient and comprehensive, focused on you and your career.

You can access our exam preparation courses anytime and anywhere with internet access. You can evaluate your preparation along the way with tests based on National Real Estate Agency reviews. 

You build trust and self-esteem as you develop your knowledge and experience in the industry.


What makes 360training.com a Better Company?

Users who rate 360training.com positively, such as their online courses, are informative, easy to follow, and clearly taught. Others added that their website is easy to use and instructors are very helpful.

A user who commented positively on 360training.com on Trustpilot said his training was long and his case studies relevant. He added that his assessments are helpful in determining whether the user can understand the lessons or not.

360training Review-Real-Estate-Training-and-License-Courses

Highest Performance Rating: Of all the online licenses for real estate licenses I’ve searched for, 360 Training has reached the highest rating.

It is not uncommon for licenses for online real estate licenses to have an approval rate of 50% or less. Real Estate Course provided by 360 Training has a student release of 68%, which is very good for the industry.

Mobile Usability: I’m sure things will change (well), but when I signed up, Real Estate Course provided by 360 Training was the only option that would work on my iPhone. The other courses had no functionality. For me, learning without a computer was very important, so it was a very important factor for me.

Price: While most prices for online real estate license courses are about the same, I decided for a higher 360 Training Real Estate plan, including manual formats for all the online documents. Sometimes I like to learn with a good old book in which I can really emphasize and take notes. I usually use books for my online training. After all, 360Training Real Estate Training is the cheapest option, even if student approval is higher. I was pretty sold then.

Interactive education in the real estate sector

Many people who are looking for a career in real estate do not have much time to attend classes and meet the licensing requirements. They are limited by their daily tasks and then exhausted.

With the existence of online real estate schools, it has never been easier and more convenient to acquire a real estate license.


This pre-licensing program includes coursework and electives that the state must complete prior to submitting a certification and licensing evidence.

It introduces you to the world of marketing, sales, negotiation and real estate transactions, legal regulations and codes of conduct, principles and more. All have been effectively put together in different course formats where students will feel more comfortable.

In addition to pre-licensing, continuing education and license renewals are available at these online schools, allowing students to complete their CE and renewal credits with their own computers or laptops.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, this website does not provide any legal or general refund or cancellation policy. Customers who wish to receive full refund information prior to enrolling for a course should contact their customer service and request information on the course they are seeking, as policies may vary by course.

360training Review-Real-Estate-Training-and-License-Courses

Customer service

Customers who have questions, concerns or complaints about customer service can do so by calling 888-318-3558 or by clicking on the Customer Service link on the contact page.



Unfortunately, many former 360Training.com customers seem to say that they are not satisfied with what they have received or experienced during their lessons.

One of the most common complaints was actually about technology issues so well addressed on the website: customers who had a deadline to renew their certification and select courses from this company complained about technical issues. the part of the test that almost led them not to fulfil their requirements in time.

360training Review-Real-Estate

Other customers complained that lessons in some areas were outdated and did not meet the requirements they really needed to develop their skills.

Customers considering this site for online training may receive better feedback on a specific course, so they know they are getting the most relevant information. 360 Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

How to pass the PSI Real Estate exam?

PSI real estate valuations are used by many states to verify the qualifications of applicants for real estate broker or vendor licenses. Read on to find out where to find exams and hands-on courses that will help you pass National and National Real Estate Examinations at PSI.

Understand the content of your state exam

As the property laws and regulations of your state are assessed in addition to the more general topics that are discussed in the national part of the property valuation, you need to know which laws your state requires. This information is available in the candidate information guides in each state, which can be downloaded from the PSI website (www.PSIexams.com).

360training Review-Real-Estate-Training-and-License-Courses

Check the course material

Many states have training requirements that prospective brokers and sales agents must meet before they can take their certification exams. These can be real estate contracts online or on campus, as well as financial and business courses offered by universities and state-approved real estate schools.

As these courses are required by the state, you can take the time to review the grades and course materials of your studies as well as the information contained in the information handbook of the applicant. This can help you to develop a program based on the material covered by the license exams.

Do a practice test

Since PSI offers the exam, you can take one or more exercise tests managed by the PSI Learning Academy. You can buy these practical exams individually and take them online completely.

After completing the practical exam, you will receive a qualifying report with the right answers and an analysis of your answer options. Therefore, you can use these tests to determine your strengths and weaknesses for future studies.

360training Review-Real-Estate-Training-and-License-Courses

Although not approved by PSI, you can also find sites with free practice questions or exams to assess your general knowledge and practice of answering questions.

Find out about available study resources

Exam preparation resources are available from multiple vendors. The same university or school that met the requirements for teaching could also offer exam preparation courses for candidates for state and state entrance examinations. You can also view some of the self-learning resources below to determine which one works best for you.

360 Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

PSI training program

PSI works with third-party training providers, such as 360 Training, to provide online test preparation for the multi-state property. You can complete this training at your own pace and at your own pace.

360 training course

360 Training offers a real estate exam preparation course that gives you access to the Internet from anywhere. Available resources include short video lessons that cover the material included in the national part of the test. You can also do practice tests and self-assessments. Teaching topics are:

Real estate courses

  • Owner of the property
  • links
  • Land use and regulation
  • Description of countries and surveys
  • Transfer of a real estate
  • Fair living and consumer protection
  • contracts
  • agencies
  • Property valuation and valuation
  • Investment and analysis
  • disclosure rules
  • financing
  • Closing and settlement procedures.
  • Leasing and property management.
  • Real estate company
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Print resources


Register for the 360 ​​training:

Registration for the 360training is very easy and takes about 2 minutes. There is no form for sending by mail, signature or the like. Just enter your basic information, agree to your terms and conditions, enter your money and leave it. I almost expected a bureaucratic process with forms and contracts, but it was pretty easy.

360training Review forms

The day after I registered, I received an email from my assigned instructor, who introduced me. He told me what I was looking for, how I could contact him, if he would expect me to reply after sending an e-mail, etc. I could log in and start the course right away.


“Live Training” may require some improvement

One of the benefits of 360Training is the ability to attend weekly live training sessions. The problem with these sessions is that they happen at the same time on the same day of the week. If it does not work with your schedule, it’s too bad.

There are no recorded versions of these live sessions, and you will not be able to access them later. It seems so stupid! These live pieces of training are more like question and answer sessions with students than anything else. This is not a crucial factor for me, but it was a bit disappointing.


  • It offers regular discounts that can cut costs. Students who do not follow a tight schedule can expect special treatment.
  • Printed books do not incur additional costs as all course materials are online
  • The free trial helps to ensure that you enjoy the lesson style of the class before determining the time and cost of the entire course prior to purchasing the license.
  • Exams and practice exams can be done multiple times, but each time new questions are generated you gain a thorough understanding of each test topic.
  • Students can contact Customer Service seven days a week through multiple channels. For example, weekend or weekend issues should not hinder a scheduled learning session.
  • Some former students have said that the CE Shop exams are actually more difficult than the state exams, meaning that students are prepared for their license exams.

More About Real Estate Course Provided By The 360Training

With 360Training’s diverse teaching methods, students with different learning styles can find a real estate course that fits their needs, schedule and budget.

For example, if you want flexibility, you can opt for an online video or text-based course, depending on what type of content delivery is most appealing to you.

360Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

People who personally learn best can take physics lessons if they live near a 360-degree campus. There are more than 50 training locations (360 courses) throughout the country.

With the 360​​training exam preparation tools, students can easily access their state license exams if they feel well prepared and safe. All courses are accompanied by an interactive bank of hundreds of practical questions that help students see what they already know and what they need for further learning.

Real Estate 360Training Review

The exam preparation option, which is included in larger packages, adds lectures, tests and diagnostics to the practical exams.

In addition, all pre-licensing programs have tests that allow students to see how well they have understood the concepts so that they can understand any new concept before proceeding.

360Training Real Estate Education Review Read More…

Class lessons allow people to ask questions in real time and get answers to instructions. Students who study at home or on the Internet are entitled to have lesson topics with their classmates and classmates when they have questions.

On the 360Training website, students can find the required courses and course packages, as well as other important information, such as how to become certified agents. In some states, such as California and Texas,

where 360Training offers many course options, the school offers downloadable PDF catalogs of all courses so that students can navigate offline, in addition to the lesson plans. Website.

Pricing Policy:

Pricing starts at $ 99 for the 75-hour Pre License Real Estate base package in New York.

360 pre-licensing tuition varies from state to state, with each state having its own curriculum and the number of hours varying from state to state. For example, Texas requires 180 hours of pre-licensing, while Alabama requires 60 hours, and most other states are somewhere in between.

Online Course Categories Package Fees


Individual Course Fees


Real Estate Pre-License $99 to $559 $30 to $199
Real Estate Pre-License Exam Prep N/A $30 to $79
Real Estate Post-License $49.99 to $289 $69 to $99
Real Estate Designation $295 $30
TREC-Approved SAE $405 to $450 $25 to $128





For pre-licensed students in some states, 360training offers a discount on the lesson if three or more students buy their packages at the same time. This can be a cost-effective option for students enrolling at the same time and for employers looking to train potential new agents.


Additions to additional packages, such as Conditional and field tests are available at an additional cost, which varies according to the type and type of class. For example, the Texas 360 training test prep class costs $ 79.


Quick Links:


Conclusion: Is 360Training Real Estate Education Worth?? 

360Training Real Estate Education seems to be a viable option for students who are completing their training in real estate with a limited budget.

These are strong independent students who can better absorb information through reading and have the time and flexibility to be patient. possibly long answer when contacting customer service.

Course prices are competitive in many countries. This can be a deciding factor for students who do not have much money for their education.

On the other hand, it helps to think about the assessments that describe the difficulties in signing up for classes, providing customer service, and solving problems.

Based on this information, students who can spend more for their convenience, those with limited time to study and students who have difficulty completing their course, want to compare 360 ​​training opportunities. with other previous licenses. Course options before you make a decision.

For these students, it may be wiser to spend more in another class to avoid potential problems or to choose a course with a higher average success rate.

People who are mainly visual/auditory learners who prefer reading videos, as well as students who want to finish most of their studies on a smartphone, may consider options other than 360 training.

The school program is provided. largely in the form of printable PDF files. , Students who prefer to learn by reading and those who want to print and present their course material may prefer the 360 ​​formats.

Now you Get the full information about this amazing Website, I hope you Like our 360Training Real Estate Education Review, Have you Ever Use This  Product Before Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts in the comment Section Below.

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