Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review 2022– How Helpful Is It?

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This post is about Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review 2022. It will surely answer your question, how helpful is it to use?

When I browsed to learn a language online, there were a number of suggestions. I decided to search for Rosetta Stone as it is popular. 

However, some of the reviews were positive while a few of them were negative which left me addled about whether I should go for it or not.

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So to decide whether it is really persuasive or not, I decided to go ahead with Rosetta Stone. I am here to give you a balanced discernment about the application that you can decide your choice instead of leaving you addled (like I was).

As you continue reading you will get a clear idea from this blog.

Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review 2022– How Helpful Is It?

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Overview | Rosetta Stone Review

Rosetta Stone has years of experience and claims to have changed people’s lives by its immerse language learning program. It inspires learners through its digital solutions.

They offer over 30 languages and help learners write, speak, and read in certain languages including extinct languages. With its ‘TruAccent’, the world’s best speech recognition, they highly focus on your speaking skills so that it is easy for you to have a conversation with people confidently. 

What makes them Award-Winning and Unique?

Rosetta Stone thrives in achieving success by being committed to help people learn a language. When you go to their website you can see a number of successful learners who changed their lives from learning through Rosetta Stone.

It might sound weird but it is really impeccable. Rosetta Stone promises to help you with your learning irrespective of your reason to learn the language and commits to building your skills.

Rosetta Stone Award Winning App

Following a dynamic immersion method,  really makes it unique. If you are traveling, Rosetta Stone is your best friend because you can easily learn a language without an internet connection and learn on the go.

By this, you can brush up the language that you previously learned. From the first lesson itself, it focuses on your pronunciation so that you can thrive in real-world conversations.

It allows you to take a break from your screen and listen to your lessons in audio format. 

What are the Languages Offered?

What I personally like about Rosetta Stone is the number of languages it offers. The diversity in languages from commonly used languages to extinct languages makes them really prodigious. There are over 30 languages that you can learn through Rosetta Stone.

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Out of thousands of languages, around 50-90% are being extinct. With the coming important languages, we are often leaving behind the language of our ancestors therefore to protect these languages Rosetta Stone has partnered with many NGOs in order to keep the language alive.

Yeah, this is perplexing, isn’t it? I personally love this approach. They throw spotlight to their ancestors and their culture which is really something I admire about Rosetta Stone personally. 

Teaching Approach: What do they follow?

Rosetta Stone follows a dynamic immersion approach which makes you feel as if you are thrown into a new place where you have to observe, learn, and speak the language.

This method is really different from the other language application available online. They rely on pictures to teach you a language which can be difficult if you are a novice.

Rosetta Stone Review Quote

Their approach is outstanding for some people while it is a huge nuisance for someone who does not like relying too much on images and looking for something that makes them learn a language with translation.

I have come across certain reviews where they have praised Rosetta Stone for adding a translation feature which was absent previously because they believed language should be immensely learned without using native language.

With huge criticism it received, they added this feature that makes learning now easier and flexible than before. 

Lessons and Content

As mentioned above, Rosetta Stone uses pictures to teach therefore the success level depends on how well you understand the pictures. In the lessons, you are introduced to various pictures with words or phrases spoken by a native speaker.

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The course is divided into units starting from basics and complexity increases as you reach further.

One thing that I did not find appropriate about Rosetta Stone is their context. The words are taught separately which makes it difficult to speak and form a sentence with those words.

If I teach you the meaning of ‘how’, ‘are’, and ‘you’ separately then how will you be able to put it in a sentence by making it look meaningful? It was difficult for me to form sentences by learning words separately.

Rosetta Stone lacks content. It is exciting with pictures and it keeps you uptight but also at a certain point, the exercises get too repetitive.

For me, it got boring after a certain time and I lost my interest in learning the language because of the same content again and again.

If you are someone who likes new content to keep you encouraged then you will be disappointed. What surprised me is that they have a bunch of professionals working for their software yet the content is repetitive.

Lessons are divided into writing, read, and speaking so you can focus on your skills without having any trouble. The duration starts from 5 minutes to 30 minutes along with different patterns varying from language to language.

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A picture appears on your screen and you have to guess the word or phrase, for me, it was very hectic at first because I had no knowledge about words and to start suddenly made me a bit worried about the course.

Initially, I was enjoying doing exercises and I wanted to do more of it but as I proceed further I realized there is nothing different about it, it follows the same pattern as previous lessons which made me think of any alternative option.

Coming to the positive part, Live tutoring is something that you should definitely give a try.

No matter how much we rely on an online course, we still need a tutor to guide us through everything and clear our doubts which software cannot, therefore, live tutoring allows you to book your slot according to your preference and seek help from a professional.

You can also chat and get your doubts cleared in a second. This is something that I carry a torch for!

Features | Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review

Millions of users have already used Rosetta stone and learned a new language. Their approach has been awarded. From mobile application to physical bundle, Rosetta Stone claims to have the fastest way of teaching.

Features of every product are what make them outstand others so let me tell you the features and my experience with these features below.

‘Seek and Speak’

One of the features that I did not find anywhere else was ‘Seek and speak.’ With these features, you get a chance to practice Scavenger hunt-style challenges by turning objects around you into a conversation practice.

But this feature is available for only selective language and also only for iOS users. This unique feature can be very useful to make learning fun for the users.

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Rosetta Stone focuses highly on your pronunciation of words. To ensure utterly correct pronunciation, their patent voice recognition engine is added in their software.

One of the drawbacks of this feature is that it sometimes asks you to repeat sentences even if you are saying it is correct but if you look at the positive perspective, it only makes your pronunciation better every time you speak a sentence.

I found this really helpful because it not only does help you shape your pronunciation but also makes sure you are saying each word perfectly. 


One of the features I like the most about Rosetta Stone is their phrasebook which comes very handy when you are learning the language.

It acts as your companion when you are offline. With a phrasebook, you can learn how to pronounce words, their greetings, phrases, expressions, and much more.

Phrasebooks are limited to a certain language. You can get access to phrasebooks for English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian only.


Are you tired of only completing multiple exercises again and again and want to test your ability to read? Well, then Rosetta Stone would be your best buddy if you are someone who loves to read. You can jump into the pool of literature and learn new words by reading stories in their original language.

This key feature helps you understand you are able to read the new language and if you are into literature then this is the perfect corner for you to indulge in. 

Multiple Devices

It is as attractive as it sounds. You forgot to carry your laptop but you have enough spare time in the metro to go through a lesson?

Say Hello to this feature because you can get access to multiple devices with Rosetta Stone and it automatically syncs your progress so you do not need to start all over again. You can carry your teacher in your pocket just a click away!

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Grammar and Dictionary

There is a controversial statement that grammar is not significant for learning a language. There are been many against and for arguments and reviews related to this, but for me, grammar really matters.

It helps me frame sentences and understands the structure of the sentences and without grammar, it would be hard to even frame a normal sentence. Rosetta’s grammar is not to be complained about.

With Barron’s grammar guide you can learn significant grammar tips to understand basic structure. No one is stopping you to become an expert in that language, say that grammar confidently grammar king/queen! 

An additional feature is a dictionary that holds a valuable position for someone who is fond of seeing translation again and again. You can look at important definitions from their trusted source.

A few months back my friends purchased Rosetta Stone’s online course and from his experience, he did not find the grammar adequate enough but for me, it was enough to learn if you are new. However, it completely depends on your preferences and what you are looking for. 

Audio Lessons

With the downloadable audio lessons, you can easily listen anytime and learn anytime offline. After having a long day at school or work, you can lay down and listen to the audio lessons to utilize your time to the fullest. It always pushes you to be productive right?

Explanation of the content

I really believe one cannot be professional with online courses but we can reach a certain level. It is next to impossible to understand a new language on your own.

Now imagine if someone hands you a textbook in a completely new language and asks you to learn on your own, will you be able to understand fully? I bet you cannot unless there is an explanation of the words and sentences.

Rosetta Stone lacks explanations. As someone who constantly needs an explanation of the words I am learning, it was difficult due to a lack of explanation. Sometimes I had to take the help of Google to find the meaning of certain things or to understand grammar portions.

I think they can focus a lot on this part because it holds a significant value for the learners. Giving a detailed and elaborated explanation of grammar can do wonders for this course.

Cultural knowledge

Cultural knowledge has a very significant impact on learners. It makes the language easier and learning faster. Along with that it also makes it interesting for learners to know facts and culture of the language they are learning.

For example, if you are learning Hindi, you know where it is from (India), but if I use cultural references to help you learn Hindi then you will be even more excited to learn it and this approach is really helpful to keep the words in mind for a long period. 

Rosetta Stone lacks cultural knowledge as well as the pictures as irrelevant to the culture. It would be more appealing if they used relevant photos of the same culture for guessing the words of phrases, it would leave a different impact on people.

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They could also use traditional food, clothing, etc in their images and phrases. This will help learners to use these words and phrases practically when they visit that country in person.

As mentioned in this Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review, using the reference to traditional things for the language the learner opted for would make Rosetta Stone even better.

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Price at Rosetta Stone: Affordable or Expensive?

For me, the first thing that matters is the price. It is crucial to see what I am getting in return for the amount that I pay and honestly with Rosetta Stone I must say it is quite expensive.

With increasing competitors, Rosetta has worked on reducing the price but somehow it is still more expensive than what other software offers. Let me give you a brief idea about the price.

For their online course, the price varies according to the duration of your subscription. To mention, it also depends on whether you are including live tutoring or not. For $299 Rosetta Stone 9 current price provides lifetime access to multiple languages

  • $11.99/month which gives you access to only one language.
  • $14.92/month for a year which gives you unlimited language learning access (without tutor)

With a tutor, the pricing starts at $43/month to $21/month for 24 months. Meanwhile, the physical package starts at $185/month.

Rosetta Stone Pricing

The price is very high because you can get a physical package for which you will have access to live for the same amount as what you will pay for an online course for a limited time period.

Price is really a concern for me and I would not invest a huge price for a language whereas I can get the same in not even half of the price. There is even some software that offers teaching for free so it left me questionable to pay so much.

Pros and Cons of Rosetta Stone

As important as it is for you to understand the positive side, the negative side holds an equal weight for you to make a decision. These are some of the pros and cons that I personally found from my experience.

These may not be applicable for you depending on what you are searching for in your learning software. Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review brings you to the pros and cons of Rosetta Learning.


  • Adequate grammar content for someone who is more into grammar.
  • It is very easy to use. There is nothing complicated about the software that can leave you confusing.
  • It brings out the confidence ‘You’ with the TruAccent by enabling you to perfect your speaking skills
  • The lessons are carved up in a decent pattern which makes it understandable for the users.
  • Its ingenuity keeps you entertained and interested in learning.
  • Focuses on perfecting all your adroitness like reading, speaking, and writing.
  • Phrasebook and dictionary feature as a perfect sidekick for your learning.
  • If you are an iOS user then Seek and Speak will enable you to take your language skills to even on a higher level.


  • There are plenty of exercises in the course but after a certain level, you will observe that it is repeating every time. It gets boring after seeing the same thing repeating again and again. 
  • Image representation is not for everyone. If you are a novice then this feature might get on your nerves and make you quit at the beginning itself. 
  • The price becomes a stumbling block for someone who is looking for a cheaper and better option for learning.
  • Lack of explanation. You might need the help of a tutor because it is highly impossible to understand certain things on your own especially when the language is new for you. 

So above I shortlisted the important pros and cons which you should know before you decide to buy it. Be careful in where you invest because you definitely do not want to waste your time and money by choosing the wrong option.

That is why to save your time and money I am here to give you an honest review about Rosetta Stone.


Changes that Rosetta Stone Needs to Make

To say software is perfect because it fulfills each and every single person’s preferences is like herding cats.

There is always room for improvement from human to computer software. Some of the changes are listed below that Rosetta can make to be more appealing and beneficial for learners in general.

  • Reducing the price will gain even more new learners for them. They should set the price according to what their competitors are charging.
  • Adding cultural references.
  • Adding new exercises in order to keep the interest of the learners alive.
  • Proper explanation of words and phrases to make learners understand things very clearly.
  • Adding features of iOS for Android users too. The price is the same for android users too so why are some of the features snatched from android users?
  • Phrasebook for more languages rather than for selective.

Final Thoughts on Rosetta Stone

Here is my personal opinion on Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review.

To be able to hold accountable Rosetta for things it is not would be unfair rather than neglecting the positive impact of it. After seeing my friends using Rosetta Stone I decided to give it a try too for learning German, I could easily recognize that our experiences were different from Rosetta.

Some enjoyed it while some thought their money was completely squandered. My journey with Rosetta could be better if they focused on more explanation and a better approach than using a lot of pictures.

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FAQs | Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review 2022

👍 Can you become fluent with Rosetta Stone?

The answer to this question is debatable but it is not possible to become 100% fluent with Rosetta stone. It will give you an idea about basics and whereabouts but you cannot be fluent completely.

🤙 How long does it take to learn a language through Rosetta Stone?

It depends on how much time you are ready to give to learning but the duration of the lessons varies from 5 minutes to 30 and for completing levels 1 to 3 it approximately takes you 120-150 hours.

🤙 Does Rosetta Stonework?

Learning a new language is totally on your willingness and desire to learn irrespective of the application that you use but Rosetta stone works well if you want to learn a new language. It will quickly make you learn the basics and help you have real-world conversations with their dynamic teaching approach.

Conclusion | Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review 2022

By using Rosetta Stone you can learn through classes and ask your doubts without hesitation so that you get a better idea about what you are learning.

This feature is personally one of the best features of Rosetta Stone. If you are able to pay for a tutor you should absolutely go for it.

But for the entire course, It made my entire budget a little unbalanced because the price is too high for the course which I can even do it in half of the price with other software because the return on investment is very scanty.

It left me a bit disappointed in the end. I would not say it’s a cut above the rest. If you need more discounts, try LingQ coupons and discounts on this language learning platform.

I hope you found this Rosetta Stone Ultimate Review useful. Have a great time learning!

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