SocialCaptain Review 2020 Top Instagram Growth Tool?? Must Read

In this post, you will find the genuine review of the SocialCaptain software which is the best Instagram growth tool.

Introduction : SocialCaptain Review 2020 Top Instagram Growth Tool?? Must Read

With Instagram being one of, if not the top, social media platforms in terms of marketing your products or service online, it has created a high demand for tools and software to assist with account growth. In simple terms, every business and marketer wants more followers.

There are so many services out there that claim to help grow your Instagram account but all they do is send you fake bot followers that are useless. They don’t engage with your content and they don’t convert into sales.

I have tried all of the Instagram growth tools to hit the market, and most of them come and go very quickly. Why? Because they don’t do it right. They use spammy tactics that not only fail to deliver results, but also put your account in danger of being disabled.

Recently though, I came across SocialCaptain and decided to do a trial. They offer a free 3-day trial with all of its features enabled. After my trial ended I kept the service because I was blown away by the results. To this day, I use SocialCaptain for my Instagram growth across multiple accounts in several different niches.

Here is my review of the  SocialCaptain software and why it’s my go-to growth tool to get more followers on Instagram.

Automatic Instagram Follower Growth

I’m busy and while I would love to spend a lot of time on growing my Instagram accounts that just isn’t possible. I’m sure this applies to most business owners and marketers as well. SocialCaptain takes just minutes to get started and then it’s all automated, allowing you to reap the benefits of more followers while working on other parts of your business.

AI Growth Produces 150X Results of Manual Engagement

Most automated Instagram software doesn’t use AI, so the overall results are poor. This leads many people to attempt to do it manually. The trouble is this takes time. A lot of time. With SocialCaptain, the AI produces the same manual results in terms of quality, but at 150X the rate. This is impressive, and it also works 24/7 and never needs a day off.

Simple Dashboard & Data

Most people that are looking for Instagram growth aren’t going to be up to speed on analytics and tracking results. An online marketer or someone on the agency side that works with data daily wouldn’t care, but to a small business owner with little to no data experience will benefit from the dashboard SocialCaptain offers. It is simple to understand and navigate.

Real-Time Results & Live Analytics

Being able to watch your follower numbers in real-time is a great feature and the analytics are live within your dashboard. Many of the tools I have tried in the past left you out in the dark and it was impossible to know what they were doing. This leaves out all of the guess work. You see what is happening as it happens. I love this feature.

SmartGrowth Improves Results Over Time

This is one of the benefits of going with an Instagram tool that uses AI. This technology gets better over time, so the longer you allow SocialCaptain to run your campaign, the better the results are. The AI is able to help create interactions and engagement that results in attracting the exact kind of followers that are going to be beneficial to your growth.

Affordable Instagram Growth Software

Since Instagram is the most popular social media network right now there is a huge opportunity to take full advantage. SocialCaptain has three available plans. One at $39 a month, another at $15 a week, and then a “Turbo” plan at $99 a month. So, for just a little over $1 a day you can get started. This is very affordable. After seeing the results first-hand, I went with the $99 monthly option because it features 10X speed.

Instagram Follower Growth Free Trial

Honestly, this is why I gave SocialCaptain a try in the beginning. Every Instagram software is going to tell you they are the best and their technology is leaps better than the competition, but how do you know who to trust? The free 3-day trial allowed me to see for myself how this worked. I saw real results without paying a dime.

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Final Thoughts on SocialCaptain Review : You Can Try It

In my opinion, this is the best Instagram tool on the market to help you attract more followers and engagement on your posts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future and the way SocialCaptain gets smarter as it works on your account is fascinating. This results in highly-targeted followers that are actually interested in your content, which creates authentic engagement.

I highly recommend SocialCaptain and suggest you take full advantage of their 3-day free trial. There is no risk and you can see for yourself how this revolutionary AI-powered Instagram software can help you gain more followers.

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