SocialCaptain Review 2023: Is It the Best Instagram Bot For Increasing Followers?

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Increase in Followers
Reporting & Analytics
Ease of Use


  • Quick & Detailed Reporting
  • Filtering Options
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Amazing Templates
  • 30-Day trial
  • 35% Discount
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Flexible Payment Methods
  • Detailed Knowledgebase and FAQ section


  • Turbo Plans are high
  • Steep Learning Curve

SocialCaptain is the best Instagram automation tool which changes the life of many Instagram brands and influencers by promoting their account, giving automatic likes, by providing organic growth and live analytics to your performance. Read this SocialCaptain Review further..

Price:$ 15

In this SocialCaptain Review, we have shared the detailed features on this Instagram automation tool for gaining real Instagram audiences. We have covered the pros, cons and pricing as well here. 

Growing on Instagram is quite tricky, and time taking for every business. Instagram growth is an analysis of specific key performance Indicators, including no. of followers, likes, comments, no. of saves, optimize the use of hashtags etc. 

There are some Instagram automation tools that can take care of your brand on Instagram and results in increased sales and brand awareness. 

When looking for Instagram likes and followers, you should look at the speedy delivery, organic engagement and cheap rates. 

They help thousands of users to grow on Instagram and grow organically. Some people gain sponsorships and customers and increase their brand recognition. Today, we are going to discuss the most popular Instagram tool- SocialCaptain. 

Bottom Line Up Front | SocialCaptain Review: In our opinion,  SocialCaptain is one of the best automation tools for Instagram. This automation tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. We also love that this tool can track followers & growth in real-time. Take SocialCaptain Test Drive Here For Free.

In this review, we will discuss how SocialCaptain works and how it is beneficial for you. And then you decide that SocialCaptain is a perfect option for your Instagram growth or not. 

SocialCaptain Review 2023: Overview

SocialCaptain review- Best Instagram automation tool

SocialCaptain is an Instagram automation tool which provides you with real followers, likes through their marketing methods. 

It even helps you to create the most trending content of your niche and attract your targeted audience by providing valuable information. Instagram is all about getting more likes, comments and increasing followers. 

And obviously, Instagram algorithm promotes that account which has more engagement and interaction with its followers. 

Users have to enter their Instagram username and password to get started on SocialCaptain. It helps them to analyse their performance and relies on organic followers and likes rather than unethical followers and spam likes and comments on your posts. 

The question of how to get followers on Instagram is not clear to anyone. But SocialCaptain helps you to gain real followers and increase your likes on Instagram.  Most of the SocialCaptain reviews that I have read online were quite mixed. 

So, I decided to try SocialCaptain and this is what I found in my review.

Is SocialCaptain Real or Scam?

Most of the people claim that SocialCaptain is selling fake followers, fake likes to grow your Instagram account. But the SocialCaptain Company director said we are selling those services which other companies also sell. 

The company who is selling fake services can earn a good amount of money for a short duration, but not for a longer time period. That growth is not sustainable. 

But SocialCaptain is a totally safe and secure tool, and it follows all the Instagram Terms and Conditions. You can grow your Instagram organically by using the SocialCaptain tool. 

It is a tool which always works on its maximum capacity and helps you to perform better than your competitors to improve your brand recognition. 

It is the most exclusive platform for all the budding Instagram influencers waiting to thrive. 

Will SocialCaptain Give Me Free Instagram Followers?

SocialCaptain doesn’t offer or sell any free Instagram follower. It gives a platform to boost the followers organically and help increase the social media following.

It is really to start with SocialCaptain for boosting the organic reach. You can start with a free trial and see how Instagram automation works.  So, it is not the platform if you are looking for a few free Instagram audience on your account.

SocialCaptain’s Key Features:

social captain review with features

  • Brand Awareness

SocialCaptain helps you to increase your brand awareness and uses all its features in possible ways. By interacting with your audience, liking posts on Instagram, comments, saves, and speeding up your work will help you to increase brand recognition. It is an amazing Instagram growth service for new and emerging brands. 

  • Analytics

It allows its users to analyze their performance and where to make changes in your growth strategy. 

Users can quickly identify their strengths and what all mistakes they have made in their approach. They can analyse the performance of their marketing campaigns. 

  • User Interface

SocialCaptain’s user interface is very easy and straightforward. Users have to enter their Instagram username and password to start working on SocialCaptain. 

SocialCaptain itself promotes your account and brings followers and likes on your posts. 

  • Engage with your followers as well as with Competitors’ followers

SocialCaptain automatically engages with your competitors’ followers and attracts them as well. 

It will promote your account in their feed to gain more likes, followers and comments. 

SocialCaptain majorly emphasizes gaining followers and likes ethically. 

  • Mobile and Desktop Optimized

You can easily use the SocialCaptain tool on your desktop and on mobile phones. It is compatible with all the devices and browsers. This tool is optimized for all devices with real-time tracking of audience and followers. 

  • Technical Support

SocialCaptain has a technical support team which solves all the issues faced by users. 

I must say it has an outstanding support team which gives you answers in a brief period. 

Users do not have to wait for long for getting their queries solved.  The help desk of SocialCaptain is active for 24/7 hours and supports chat.

  • Relevant Hashtags

It provides all relevant hashtags which are trendy and used by most of the competitors to grow organically. 

Hashtags are used for increasing your target audience and increasing your reach and profile visits on your Instagram account.

It follows new accounts of the same niche and gives automatic likes to all your posts. 

Who Should Use SocialCaptain?

Social Captain dashboard and design- SocialCaptain Review

SocialCaptain is designed primarily for businesses, brands, influencers, and individuals looking to increase their Instagram account followers.

But because they provide an ability to make money, if you are trying to gain any additional cash, they might also be a good choice.

When you choose to extend your following on Instagram, SocialCaptain will assist with that. This tool uses automated target marketing and artificial intelligence.

This means your Instagram audience will evolve automatically organically on the web. You only have to pay for that a monthly bill.

But it isn’t the only thing SocicalCaptain offers to grow your Instagram follower. Its method may even be used to earn money for recruiting men. Whenever someone purchases through your affiliate link, you get commissions to earn.

SocialCaptain Payment Plans & Pricing:

Social Captain Pricing- SocialCaptain Review for instagram growth

SocialCaptain can save you up to 35% on a yearly subscription.

SocialCaptain yearly pricing- Review of SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain has a flexible pricing option. It has a free trial for 30 days. The trial doesn’t require any credit card. You can cancel this trial anytime and doesn’t charge anything extra.

SocialCaptain offers two different pricing plans to its users with additional features and benefits. Listed below are the pricing plans of SocialCaptain:

SocialCaptain 30-Day Plan

  • It costs $39 per month.
  • It provides you with real people and organic growth by real followers and targets your audience. 
  • In this plan, you will get analytics of your performance. 
  • Provides safety and security
  • High-quality, engaging content
  • Best customer service.
  • Cancel subscription anytime.
  • Thirty days of a free trial.

Turbo Pricing Package

  • It costs $99 per month.
  • Thirty days of trial.
  • Dedicated customer support team.
  • Create qualitative content. 
  • Smart and real growth service of organic followers.
  • Target competitors’ followers. 
  • Provides 1005 safety and security. 
  • Smart filters.
  • Hashtags optimization.

They offer one plan for $15 for seven days. Their annual programs start from $349 per year. 

If you want to get more discounts on SocialCaptain, you can try some best SocialCaptain Discount Coupons & Promo codes.

Based on two different pricing plans, You can choose one plan which suits your budget, and you can maximize your efficiency by using this tool. Both the pricing plans offer 30 days free trial. 

Is SocialCaptain Free?

No. SocialCaptain doesn’t have a free version or free plan. However, it offers a free trial of 30 days in both the plans. The free trial gives a basic understanding of all the advanced features provided by SocialCaptain in both the pricing packages. 

Users can choose different plans according to their requirements. 

SocialCaptain Review: The Pros

Every tool has some pros and cons of using, and I never get any device which has only pros and does not have any cons. So we will discuss the pros and cons of using SocialCaptain. 

Listed below are some pros:

  • Users can get live analytics
  • Chat support system.
  • Economical pricing plans with all the exact details.
  • Reliable customer support system which is 24/7 active, top-notch customer service. 
  • Thirty days of free trial in both projects 
  • Provide monthly as well as yearly plans. 
  • Users can claim a refund in 24 hours.
  • You will observe Organic growth on your Instagram account. 

SocialCaptain Review: The Cons

Listed below are some cons:

  • Turbo Plan is highly-priced.
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • SocialCaptain only emphasizes on increasing followers and likes. It doesn’t engage with other accounts of the same niche. 

Best SocialCaptain Alternative

There are some alternatives of SocialCaptain which provide the same services at cheaper rates or better services at higher speeds. We have read several Socia Captain Reviews where customers were really dissatisfied. So, here are some of the best SociaCaptain alternatives for such customers. 

We can discuss what the other options and any free choices of SocialCaptain are.


Nitreo- SocialCaptain Review

Nitreo is the very first alternative to SocialCaptain. It does not have any negative customer reviews and provides organic Instagram growth to all the users. 

Setting up an Instagram account and working is very easy and straightforward. Users do not face any complexity while using it. 

It has excellent customer service, and you will not get any fake engagement on your account. It is safe to use because it uses all Instagram terms and conditions. 


Stellation-Media best alternative to SocialCaptain

Stellation Media is another alternative to SocialCaptain. If you have used all tools for Instagram Marketing and organic growth on Instagram and do not get any positive results, then you must try Stellation Media. 

I am sure it will be your last search for Instagram organic tools. Stellation Media will never disappoint you ever in its working. 

They have a complete set of unique features for increasing your real engagement on Instagram and provide you with real followers, live analytics. Its growth service is unpredictable. 


Ingramer- SocialCaptain review alternatives

Ingramer isn’t related to Instagram? Yes, you read it right. Ingramer is an Instagram automation tool, which is used by businesses to increase their Instagram followers, likes and comments, shares, story reshares, and many more. 

Ingramer provides some coupon codes to its users for availing the benefit of discounts. Sometimes, Ingramer works slowly and does not respond. 

Still, we all know all the tools either they are Instagram, Kicksta, SocialCaptain works slow because this technology is created by human beings, not created by God. 

It helps you in scheduling your posts and videos in bulk, and optimize the use of hashtags. 


SidesMedia- Social captain reviews

Sides Media has a fantastic benefit to its users, that it tracks where you upload your new posts or videos, and provides real people likes, and provides accurate analytics of your performance. 

It offers high-quality real followers and likes on all your posts. It will boost your old posts and new posts by increasing your reach and impressions. 

It will provide a lot of easy ways to find your target audience and analyze competitors’ strategy. 



Upleap is considered as a great alternative to SocialCaptain because it is undertaken by the Instagram real person and not any bot. Thus, the real person assigned takes care of your Instagram activity to keep your campaign updated. However, it is not a cheap alternative as the real person is assigned here.

Upleap has somewhat similar features to the SocialCaptain. This AI-based tool identifies the users, locations and the relevant hashtags to target only the real followers. When it comes to pricing, Upleap is a flexible option. The basic plan costs $39/month with features such as hashtag and real human account manager.

Thus, Upleap is a better alternative to SocialCaptain when it comes to pricing.


Kenji Instagram automation tool- Social captain alternative & review

Unlike Other Instagram automation tool, Kenji is an Instagram automation tool loaded with AI-based technology. It is the only tool that uses Artificial Intelligence in its basic plan. This tool will only give you real accounts and followers in real-time. With Kenji, you will get the unlimited hashtag targeting, quick automation and location-based filtering.

With the premium plan of Kenji, you can get more features like negative keywords and hyper-targeting for just $29/month. Overall, it is a cheaper alternative to the SocialCaptain

FAQs: SocialCaptain Review

✅ What does SocialCaptain do?

SocialCaptain can assist you with growing your Instagram following ”amazingly”. This device promises you with increasing genuine adherents and commitment. It achieves this through automated focused marketing and computerized reasoning. This app interfaces you with an individual Instagram partner who will assist you with growing your following naturally. They will begin when you join it.

⚡ Is SocialCaptain Safe To Use?

The site protects the data of the user very well. Sometimes the followers get banned or blocked by Instagram but new followers are added anytime this happens. So your profile is all safe and free from any fake account.

🎉 What automation services are provided by SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain gives you the option between 4 types of automation services which are Follow, Unfollow, Comment and Like. An amazing thing about SocialCaptain is that you can drag a slider for setting limits for each aspect and change the output and also effectively flip the administrations you need from inside the dashboard thus having every one of the four running simultaneously.

👉 Does SocialCaptain automatically post comments?

Yes, once you activate this option in the dashboard, SocialCaptain can automatically post comments. However, In the event that you decide to utilize this element, make a point to compose more than one remark, else you'll be posting similar remarks on various pages, which makes it look clear that it's a bot posting comments.

💥 Does SocialCaptain provide an auto direct message?

Yes, SocialCaptain provides this service. This element is still being developed, however, it permits you to send programmed direct messages to your new followers. You can likewise send focused messages to a particular rundown of usernames.

🏆 Is there a SocialCaptain free trial period?

SocialCaptain does give a 30-day trial period. You can use this trial period to understand the site and how it works. You can also use the features it provides on the site Once you understand how it works and decide if you want to purchase it, you are free to buy the subscription plans.

😲 Are there any plans available on SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain offers adaptable estimating plans for its Instagram mechanization administration. After you are done with your free trial it offers you a wide rage of plans. i.e browse for week after week, month to month, and yearly plans. However, buying a yearly arrangement gives you a 35% markdown.

💲 Are there coupons available for the SocialCaptain website?

Yes, we offer you to save some extra bucks from your pocket by giving you an assortment of coupons that offers you limit running from 25%-40%. Simply visit our site and do the further procedure to profit the limits and enjoy your discount.

🔥 What are the features that SocialCaptain offers?

SocialCaptain offers many features which make the application interesting and easy to use. Auto-Direct Message service, but it’s in BETA at the moment. The cool thing about SocialCaptain is you can drag a slider to set limits for each service, as well as change the activity speed. You can also easily toggle the services you want from inside the dashboard. Other features include use of filters like gender, media, post etc. where they can be combined with the targets for the best results and creating targets.

👍 In what devices can I download an app for SocialCaptain?

SocialMedia is a versatile app and is available on various platforms like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. In other words, basically every operating system. To download it, go to the web or the store available on your device and press the download button. It is that easy!!

😲 What are the advantages of SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain makes everything easy for complete beginners, with help bubbles on every feature, optimized defaults buttons, and a very simple dashboard. With SocialCaptain, everything is basically done for you, which is a really nice feature. Basically, all that you need to do is connect your account, add targets and filters, and then let the bot get to work. It also sees the results of our work, and SocialCaptain does a great job at showing you the results.

⚡ Is there any help centre available for SocialCaptain?

Yes, SocialCaptain has an extensive library of tutorials in their help centre. You also don’t need to be a member to access the help centre, so you can learn more about the tool, and how it works, without buying a subscription. Thus, it makes it very easy to work with the software and use it.

🔥 How does SocialCaptain work?

Generally, automating actions of any kind i.e likes, comments, follow or unfollows, etc does not comply with Instagram’s ToS, therefore any form of automated account activity is no longer available on the platform. SocialCaptain helps users to achieve even faster, long-lasting growth by focusing on original quality content, personalized account management and powerful AI-optimized insights and suggestions, based on each business’ niche and intended audience.

🏆 Can I cancel my SocialCaptain account?

SocialCaptain is a flexible Instagram tool where you can cancel your subscription anytime. In the dashboard, you can cancel the account in the billing section. In our SocialCaptain review we have already mentioned that the company charges according to the client.

💥 Do We Recommend SocialCaptain?

In this review, we have shared everything that makes us SocialCaptain to our recommendation list. We would totally recommend this Instagram tool for its cheap pricing and awesome features.

⚡ What Happened To SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain started as an Instagram bot tool that empowers your Instagram following. Soon, they powered into one of the best tools for the Instagram organic boost. However, there are still some negative reviews about it but you can get this tool.

Conclusion: Is SocialCaptain Worth The Hype? Social Captain Review

Instagram growth is now one click away from your phone. SocialCaptain is the best Instagram automation tool which changes the life of many Instagram brands and influencers by promoting their account, giving automatic likes, by providing organic growth and live analytics to your performance.

It is an online tool that assures real people or real followers on Instagram. It provides 24 hours and seven days its customer service. 

SocialCaptain is an up to the marking tool, which provides the best benefits of Instagram marketing and artificial intelligence to all its users. For more information, the home page and Terms of Service page of SocialCaptain is a good place to check out.

It cultivates your follower base and converts your followers into your customers. It detects all your new posts automatically.  All growth services of SocialCaptain are fast and automatic. Go and get the SocialCaptain for growing your Instagram audience automatically. You can also follow SocialCaptain on Twitter.

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