Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip | Who Is The Winner In 2022

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In this article we have featured Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip in 2022. Making sure you use the right book arbitrage software is very important. Slight differences in the way software is made can seriously slow down your book arbitrage process.

You can’t get as many books if your book arbitrage process takes a long time. It means that there will be fewer books to source. It means that you earn less money.

This is why you need to use a book arbitrage software that was made with speed in mind.

When it comes to book arbitrage software, there aren’t a lot of options out there to choose from.

eFlip and Zen Arbitrage are the only two software programmes made just for book arbitrage, and they’re both free.

Note: A lot of the people who review book arbitrage software tools have never used them. To make money, they’ll say anything to get you to sign up for the software they want you to use.

For an honest and accurate comparison of eFlip and Zen Arbitrage, you need someone who knows what they are talking about.

Both eFlip and Zen Arbitrage have been very important to my online book arbitrage business for the past two or more years.

After a few months, I switched from eFlip to Zen.

As proof that I know what I’m talking about, here are a few of the many book arbitrage flips I have done over the years.

Each of the links will take you to a picture of a book that shows that I bought and sold these books for the prices I said I did. I used book arbitrage software to find all of these books.

And if you want to learn more about the main differences between Zen Arbitrage and eFlip, keep on reading this text. Before diving into the rticle you can also, check out our indept zen arbitrage review

1. Zen can help you find books that don’t have Amazon trade-in values.


This is why Zen is better than eFlip.

If you didn’t know, Amazon has a trade-in programme for textbooks. They buy used textbooks from students and sell them again under the “Amazon Warehouse” vendor name, so they can make money.

On Amazon’s textbook pages, there’s a box where you can trade in your old books.

Algorithms are used to figure out the green number in that box, so it is green. This algorithm looks at all of Amazon’s own data to figure out how much a book is worth. It then says it can buy it for a lot less than that.

Amazon’s algorithm is far better than us at figuring out how valuable a book is than we are. That’s why you need to use it when you buy things.

EFlip and Zen show you the trade-in values. Zen is only one of them that lets you narrow down your search results by books with a value you can sell.

If you search for something on eFlip, you’ll see a lot of books that have no value for trade-in. Zen users, on the other hand, won’t waste their time looking through untrustworthy books that don’t have trade-in values.

If the Zen user and the eFlip user both source the same number of books, the Zen user is likely to make more profitable flips because they can always use the most reliable way to figure out how much a book is worth when they buy it.

With one click of Zen, you can see if your textbook has any rules.

Some textbooks on Amazon have rules about selling them. If you’re a new seller, you won’t be able to sell every book you buy.

Zen Arbitrage has a “Check Restriction” button next to every listing so that it’s easy to find books that aren’t for sale. That book’s Amazon Seller Central listing will show you right away if your account can sell it or not. Clicking this button will take you right to the listing. eFlip doesn’t have a button like this. For eFlip, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way and click through from Amazon to see the book’s restrictions.

3. In the search results, Zen shows the lowest FBA price that can be found in the results.


To be able to see the lowest FBA price right away is huge. If you add this one feature, you’ll be able to source more than twice as quickly.

In order to put things into perspective, here’s a picture: Assume you have a page of 100 search results open on both of them. All of the Zen results show the lowest FBA price. They don’t show that.

Find a good deal on eFlip and follow these steps:

  • To see what Amazon has to offer, click here.
  • People should wait for the page to load.
  • Check the “Prime” box to get to the FBA offers. Zen doesn’t take you directly to the FBA offers, but eFlip does.
  • Take a look at the lowest FBA offer you can find.
  • Back to the eFlip page.
  • It’s time to close the FBA offer page.

4. Zen lets you keep track of books you read or buy.

When you look at a book’s product page for the first time, you should mark the book as seen in your arbitrage software. This way, you don’t have to waste time going back and looking at it again.

Because Zen lets you mark books you review or buy, Zen users can save time by not looking for books they’ve already checked out.

eFlip doesn’t have a way to mark things. Because eFlip users will spend time looking at books they’ve already looked at, Zen users can use that extra time to find new books and make more money.

Conclusion: Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip

If you’re doing online book arbitrage, you should be using Zen Arbitrage as your software tool to help you find cheap books.

While it has some basic similarities to the competition, it has a tonne of extra features that will speed up your sourcing process and let you source more books per hour, which means you’ll make more money in the end.

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