ZonBase Review 2023: Is ZonBase The Best Software Suite For Amazon Sellers?

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Ease of Use
Sales Estimator


  • PPC AutoPilot
  • Uncover a winning niche in seconds
  • ZonBase has made keyword research easy
  • Free Amazon Training
  • Photo Enhancer is available


  • More pricing options needed

For Amazon sellers, Zonbase offers a complete set of capabilities, including: Product management tools (including editable product descriptions, options and stock). Tools for customer involvement (including autoresponders.) Tools for tracking and managing sales (includes live reporting of sales). Inventory control software (including Amazon FBA integration with Amazon fulfilment centers).

Price:$ 97

This article is based on ZonBase Review. Since the pandemic, a lot of online businesses have arisen due to the growth of the online community.

Amazon is one of the most popular platforms for online business. The success of Amazon FBA has led to significant revenue growth for the company.

You can use this program to create a business with Amazon taking care of the order fulfillment. The platform still faces the challenge of finding a lucrative product and tools that can increase its chances of success despite the reduction in tasks.

There are several options for finding those products, including taking a course or using software available on the Internet.

You will come across Zonbase software when looking for tools to help you maximize Amazon FBA’s potential. One of the few tools available to Amazon sellers is this tool.

You need to register for Amazon FBA before you can use this product. In this comprehensive ZonBase review, I will cover everything you need to know about Amazon FBA and how to get the most value from Zonbase.

ZonBase Review: What Is Zonbase?

In addition to researching products, finding profitable niches, estimating sales, doing keyword research, and tracking product rank, Zonbase makes it easier for Amazon sellers to find products and niches they can profit from.

ZonBase Review

Amazon sellers can use these tools to find their winning products on Amazon.

ZonBase Review: How Does It Work?

Zonbase gives you insights into sales and makes it easy for you to launch your products. With Zonbase, you find sales insights, discover what’s selling and launch new products with ease.

How ZonBase Works - ZonBase Review

With tools like the Zonbase Chrome extension, you can scale your business and make money. There is zonresearch, zontracker, zontracker reverse ASIN, zontracker hot product search, sales estimator, keywords, and listify search.

As explained below, these features are useful:

1. The Zonbase extension for Chrome & ZonResearch

 A search of over 16 million products will help you locate the perfect product for you. As a result, you can focus on your research for a profitable product.

ZonBase Chrome Extension

2. Zontracker & Sales Estimator

Sales estimators provide information about the sales of goods from particular sellers. Your company’s rank is tracked based on the keyword you address in the tracker

3. Keywords & Reverse ASIN

Using the right keywords can help your company rank higher in searches related to your industry. Additionally, you can see what keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic to their websites

  • Listing optimization. By convincing the A9 logarithm that your listing is worth buying, it helps you optimize your listing.
  • A professional will help you one-on-one as part of the subscription. During this training, Zonbase teaches their customers how to use these tools on their devices so they can use them more easily
  • Enhancer for photos. Using the tool, you can take photos of your product in natural settings that are appealing to consumers.

It is first important to understand Amazon FBA and how Zonbase can be useful to you within the system before you can appreciate the importance of Zonbase.

ZonBase Review: How much does Zonbse cost?

Zonbase offers two plans for their customers, according to their website. It is possible to pay them monthly or to pay all your money at once. They include:

ZonBase Pricing

1. Legendary Plan

This is the most useful plan for Zonbase subscribers.  This service is available for monthly or annual payments. Keep in mind, however, that if you are billed monthly, you will incur much more charges than if you are billed annually.

You will be charged $97 per month if you choose the monthly payment option. As a result, $1,164 is rounded up annually.

When you choose to pay annually for the Zonbase services, however, you will be charged $804. As a result, $67 per month is rounded up.

Zonbase customers who pay for services annually receive savings of $360. There is no contract with the legendary plan payment.

Therefore, you are free to cancel the subscription at any time. You can also get your money back on this plan within 30 days.

You receive the following benefits when you purchase this plan:

  • Daily searches for Zonbase chrome extensions
  • Every day, 250 ZonResearch searches are performed
  • A daily average of 250 hot product searches
  • Every day, 1000 sales estimator searches are performed
  • Every day, 250 keywords are searched
  • Every day, 250 reverse ASIN searches are performed
  • Every day, 1000 zontracker searches are conducted
  • Searches on listify every day are 250
  • Learning with Zonbase
  • Amazon training is free.

2. Standard Plan

You can select a second plan if you are a Zonbase subscriber. This service is also available as a monthly or annual plan, just like legendary.

In any event, remember that you’ll pay a lot more when you’re billed monthly than if you’re billed annually. You will be charged $47 per month for this plan if you choose the monthly payment option.

$564 rounded up to the nearest dollar. Zonbase charges $444 if you opt to pay annually. $37 per month rounds up to this amount. Zonbase users who pay annually can save $120 off their payment.

Business people, especially those who are cash flow optimizers, can benefit greatly from saving like this.

You get the following benefits when you purchase this plan:

  • Searches on ZonResearch every day: 10
  • Every day, 10 hot products are searched
  • Searches for sales estimators 40 times per day
  • Each day, 10 keywords are searched
  • Searches for reverse ASINs 10 times a day
  • Every day, Zontracker performs 40 searches
  • Every day, 10 listify searches are performed
  • Learning with Zonbase
  • Training on Amazon is free.

Note that standard plan payments do not constitute a legal contract. Therefore, you can cancel the agreement at any time.

Additionally, payments made through this plan are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is the owner of Zonbase?

Kevin David founded Zonbase, according to the website. Entrepreneur and Amazon seller Kevin David specializes in e-commerce and Amazon selling.

Building and scaling online businesses, including his Amazon store, has been his focus for over 10 years.

Is Zonbase a useful tool for an Amazon seller?

Buying and selling on Amazon are easier with ZonBase. If you don’t have any experience, you can still use Amazon FBA tools like price checking and competitor monitoring!

Taking advantage of hot products that are in high demand now will give you an advantage over your competition. ZonBase’s tools will help Amazon sellers reach more potential buyers, whether they are new or existing.

Using their interactive tutorials, they provide an easy way to understand how much inventory is needed at any time and find out which items are highly profitable based on what they’re marketing towards, and create PPC campaigns to drive traffic back to these listings so they’re able to figure out how much inventory is needed at any time.

Dashboards like ZonBase are lifesavers! The sales data is updated almost instantly every 10 minutes.

Additionally, it tells me which Amazon listings eat into my profits by their cost structures, so I can make more informed decisions about what products to sell on different marketplaces and where to spend advertising budget – all in an easy-to-use interface with easy-to-use tools like PPC optimization for optimizing ad spend across multiple sites at once or email automation campaigns asking people who’ve already bought something to recommend you to their friends.

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Conclusion: ZonBase Review 2023

All Amazon users should use this software. You may find that a website can provide the platform to walk you to the door of success.

With Zonbase, the dirty work is taken care of for you, so you can enjoy the full benefits of Amazon. The best way to proceed is to take this product based on the glowing five-star reviews.

Zonbase’s tools can be found online pretty much everywhere. All of these tools cannot be bundled into a single software package, however.

Taking advantage of their free trial is an excellent idea since you can use their tools for free for 7 days. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, the fee can be refunded if you are not satisfied with the software.

If you cancel your subscription within 30 days, a refund is guaranteed.

Please let us know what you think of my ZonBase review below. Have you used ZonBase in the past, and how did it work for you? If you want to try ZonBase services, they have solid case studies to back up their services.

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