How to take Screenshots in iPhone? Step-wise Guide 2023

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Screenshots are nowadays one of the best and easiest ways amongst other to share content and information or any kind of sharing the details. This post will deal with the steps on how to take screenshots in iPhone

Screenshots/snapshots are trending these days. Not only for sharing, they even help in getting assistance for various problems. They help in troubleshooting the issue in a way more understandable i.e., illustratively!

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Let’s read this post that will tell us the detail process of taking screenshots in iPhone. 

Unlike other mobile phones, Iphones have different features in taking a screenshot. Different it is not difficult!


Here is a step by step guide on how to take screenshots in iPhone.



Find out all the necessary buttons first in order to take screenshots in iPhone. The two important buttons for this purpose are Power Button & Home Button.

For different generations of Iphone, power button maybe located at different sides.

For example, the power button in iphone4 is located on the top whereas in iphone7 and subsequent generations it located at the very right hand side of the phone.


After locating the buttons now proceed to the next step.


Press and hold the top or the side button, as you have.



Now click on the home button quickly without the reaction time(at the exact time without delay) and then release the power button(side/top).

A thumbnail will appear in the left corner in case of IOS11 whereas in IOS10 it gets saved in camera roll. The screenshots in iPhone thus saved can be further viewed, edited and shared accordingly.

As we know in new generation of iphone i.e. iphoneX there is no Home Button. So, in that case what do we do?


Screenshots in iPhoneX

Let’s figure out…

Taking screenshots in iphone X involves these simple steps-

Since iphoneX doesn’t have a Home Button, you have to use the Side button and the volume button.



Open the screen to be captured.

Press and hold the Side Button on the right side of the phone.




Click on the VOLUME UP button at the exact time. This is same as using the home button, only difference is you use the volume button.


A thumbnail appears in the lower left corner which can be further edited and shared.



In case the buttons in your iphone doesn’t work, turn on the Assistive Touch from Settings and use it for capturing the screenshots in iPhone.

Hope you find this article helpful and got all the necessary info for taking the best screenshots in iPhone.

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