MiniTool Power Data Recovery- Review 2020 October– Must Read Before Buying

About MiniTool

Effective and free data recovery isn’t something you can find easily in today’s world. This is why it is very important for you to have a software like MiniTool’s Power Data Recovery. The best part is that using it is free as long as your hard drive has suffered no physical damage and you don’t have to recover greater than 1 GB of data. If you have lost more data then, you will need to invest in the paid version instead.

But, Minitool software is good enough to compete with the more versatile, mature software’s on the market and in most cases, it does pretty well.

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery- Review 2020 October– Must Read Before Buying

minitool review

The interface of Minitool software is intuitive and clean. As long as you know what partitions are, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The program comes with a very simple file undeleter. It also has a damaged and lost partition-recovery option and an option that lets you recover files from various types of digital media like CD/DVD or SD cards.

It can also be used for recovering a large number of different types of files. But, it doesn’t come with a sector editor which can help you recover snippets or pull off raw data.

Even though this is not the best software for recovery out there, Minitool still manages to rank quite highly amongst the competition. Apart from its great performance when it comes to recovering files from SSD’s, it also has some terrific recovery capabilities when it comes to RAID.

How it works?

During the hands-on testing, the software performed just as good as any other with the most of the test media. But unlike other programs, this software provides no way in which you can designate the start or the end locations of scans in order to skip a bad sector. Bad sectors often force recovery programs to get stuck.

On a test disk, with bad sectors, the software worked throughout the night and was never able to move past the area that was damaged. It didn’t even offer any hints as to why. This can be a problem.

Some of the other recovery programs we tried hung on this drive too, but you could set the scan so that it goes around these damaged sectors. While the developers do intend on including a partial scanning option in the future, the fact remains they don’t have this feature right now.

minitool review

The software does save the results of the scans it completes, to be used for recovery later. This is a great feature; wouldn’t you say? One thing you should know, with every program, where a scan is stuck, you can stop the scan by simply disconnecting the drive which is being scanned.

One more small issue when it comes to this software is that, right now, you cannot minimize it when it is running. Scan operations tend to take a very long time and being forced to work around the software can get a little annoying at times.

Apart from these operational issues, Minitool was able to recover data from most test media. This is the most important thing; wouldn’t you agree? Since it’s free, there really is no reason for you to not give it a shot. As long as you don’t have to recover more than 1 GB of data, you should be just fine.

Lost File Recovery

The software was able to find all the files as far as our hard disk drive is concerned. But it wasn’t quite as good, as far as the solid state drive recovery was concerned. It failed to download 20% of the picture files. When the software was used for recovering data from a microSD card, it was only able to recover video files completely.

But, it recovered less than three-quarters of the pictures and hardly any music files from the card.MiniTool's Power Data Recovery Review

Reformatted Drive Recovery

The software performed pretty well as far as recovering from HDD’s in other areas was concerned. But it shined the brightest, when it came to recovering files from our reformatted SSD, where it was able to recover as much as 74% of the data. The rate fell to just 11% as far as the microSD card is concerned, though. It fell to zero as far as the hard disk drive is concerned.

The features and settings for this software are of no use when it comes to small devices, though. Minitool failed to recognize all the mobile devices which we tried scanning and would only scan a microSD card when it was connected to the computer directly.

Even in such a situation, the results for the recovery were way below the average.

The user manual is available online for this software. This can be quite troublesome when it comes to recovery situations in which you cannot access the internet. But, if you can get to their online support tools while you are working, the website has an amazing knowledge base and a number of active support options.minitool review


  • Can recover as much 1 GB of data without any payment
  • Minitool is very easy to use
  • Can be used to recover data from optical media and flash memory cards
  • Excellent at recovering files from reformatted SSD


  • Does not let you skip any scan halting sectors
  • Can’t recover damaged files from microSD card too well

Summary: You Should Buy Minitool Data Recovery Software

Minitool works the best when it is trying to recover data from a solid state drive. Otherwise, the software’s performance in terms of extra features and recovery rates isn’t that impressive.

In terms of effective data recovery and ease of use, this software is able to handle most of its tasks pretty well. But Minitool doesn’t let you skip sectors, which can be quite a problem for some. Being free, as long as you are trying to recover less than 1 GB of data, is a great benefit. But even if you are spending money on buying the full version, it is a lot cheaper than most other software on the market.

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