Storm Proxies Pros & Cons 2022: Detailed Advantages & Disadvantages

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Read here the Storm Proxies Pros & Cons with detailed comparison.

What Is Storm Proxies?

Storm Proxies is one of the most noteworthy intermediary administrations established by SEO specialists. It comprises a large assortment of intermediary bunches that are powerful and provide excellent speed.

Tempest Proxies presents 40K pivoting private IP intermediaries that grandly turn after each 3 to 15 minutes.

Back-connect is mainly the household used IPs that are very much good for removing on various search engines or on some of the various SEO tools like- Storm Proxies SCRAPEBOX, GSA SEARCH, ENGINE RANKER, etc.

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Storm Proxies Pros

  • Cheapest Residential IP Provider

Storm Proxies has got to be the cheapest residential proxy provider compared to other performing proxies. The general belief is that because of the reliability and trust residential proxies have earned, they are naturally supposed to be expensive, and

this is popularized by premium providers. With Storm Proxies, you can get residential proxies without having to empty your wallet.

First, it is important you know their proxies are not metered and are not sold based on bandwidth as other providers do – this then means that you are provided an unlimited connection (limited to one device per package though but with Multithreaded support).

Their proxies are priced based on port (also known as proxy gateway). They have prepackaged plans ranging from 5 ports to 50 ports.

StormProxies pricing

  • Easy to Use

Unlike other big players in the industry that have sophisticated systems in place to make things easier for their clients, including browser extensions and APIs to be consumed by developers, Storm Proxies do not have such.

In fact, it has got to be one of the providers out there following the minimalistic approach. However, with simplicity comes ease of usage.

  • Acceptable Scraping Performance

When it comes to scraping and crawling the web, you are going to have mixed feelings about using Storm Proxies.

They work well for a good number of websites, and in some, you are going to be dealing with a lot of connection errors because of the website’s anti-spam systems and captchas. However, on a general basis, Their performance is acceptable. I am saying this because their proxies passed our scraping performance test. Below is the result.

  • Response Time

If you have tested residential proxies against data center proxies, you will know that their speed isn’t comparable. This is because there is a performance overhead in the form of a delay caused by the rerouting of requests to residential proxies.

Whilst not expecting Storm Proxies residential IPs to outperform data center proxies, they were fast enough for most use cases.

  • Responsive Customer Support Team

When it comes to customer support, you have to give it up to Storm Proxies. They have a flop in this regard, which is their lack of different communication channels for their customers.

While some providers provide live chat support and support tickets, the only way you can reach the Storm Proxies team quickly is via their email. However, they respond as swiftly as possible, with most customers getting a response within 24 hours and some getting in about an hour.

Storm Proxies Cons

  • Limited Geographical Coverage and Geo-targeting Options

Even though Storm Proxies is somehow new in the industry, I see no reason why its coverage should be as limiting as it is. Their servers are located in only two locations.

The United States and the European region. Unfortunately, because they do not have much presence in other areas, they do not publicly state the locations as other providers do. It will have been better if one knows the countries in the EU region they have a presence in before subscribing.

  • No Free Trial

Accepted, free trials have been abused by users a lot, and proxy providers are shying away from them. But Storm Proxies shouldn’t be one of them. This is because they have a good number of limitations that they need a trial to convince intending customers.

However, their own way of providing a free trial is offering a 24 hours money-back guarantee.

  • Has One of the Smallest IP Pools

If you are the type that has had experience with some premium providers, you are going to be disappointed with the size of Storm Proxies’ residential proxies. While other providers have over 10 million residential IPs in their pool, Storm Proxies have only a little over 70,000.

Even at that, regardless of the plan you subscribe to, you are only given access to a pool of 40,000 residential IPs.

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Conclusion: Storm Proxies Pros & Cons 2022

There’s no proxy in the market without flops. However, looking beyond the flops, what do they offer, and can you sacrifice the flops for the good aspects? That should be the question. No doubt, Storm Proxies does not meet the standard set by premium providers.

However, in its own way, because of its pricing, and scraping performance, it is usable. You can go ahead and buy their plan if the cons aren’t much of a concern to you.

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