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Here we wrote a full-length article about Wayback Machine Alternative.

There is a lot of information on the internet, and it can be confusing.

In most cases, web pages last around 100 days before they are edited or removed. Your website must constantly evolve to keep up with the times.

Studying successful pages that have come before you is a good way to get ahead.

There are more effective alternatives to Wayback Machine depending on your needs. It’s a platform that allows you to access archived web information.

Listed below are the advantages of alternative ways to access archived web content.

Wayback Machine Alternative: How Does The Wayback Machine Work?

Internet archiving is performed by Wayback Machine.

A user can access content that used to be on the web but is no longer available on it through this platform. Wayback Machine is typically accessed to research rival business strategies and techniques.

You can use the Wayback Machine to find inspiration for design, navigation, and aesthetics when creating a new website.

You can learn from what has worked for other companies.

Wayback Machine

Using Wayback Machine, you can learn how websites were created, how they function, and how they are archived.

In other words, it is an online archive of how websites were created. People can access content that has been deleted or changed from the original site via Wayback Machine.

It is a precarious decision to rely on a single website to provide access to internet history since 1996.

For crucial decision-making, you should have an alternative ready in case the Wayback Machine is down. On top of that, some options offer different capabilities that may benefit you differently.

The features, pricing, and advantages and disadvantages of each alternative will be examined.

10 Best WayBack Machine Alternative 2022

Here below we have mentioned 10 good alternatives of WayBack machine which will blow your mind for sure.

1. Time Travel :

It’s free and easy to use, so it’s a great alternative to WayBack Machine.

This tool lets you go back in time to view websites at a particular moment in time.

Archive today’s API is used to build this tool, which will be explored in more detail later.

Time Travel - Wayback Machine Alternative

This is advantageous because it gives the user the option of selecting from any archive, so their preferences are accommodated.

Time Travel and the WayBack Machine differ in important ways. In Time Travel, you can view complex visualizations on web pages.

Therefore, you can view archived sites with more than text, images, and stylesheets.

If you’re interested in browsing previous editions of websites, Time Travel is an alternative to WayBack Machine.

2. Archive.today :

Using a complex database and indexing system, Archive.today is similar to the WayBack Machine and Time Travel.

Due to its accessibility and ease of use, it has grown in popularity. Users can navigate to a page and take screenshots with ease using the bookmark feature.

In the case of archive.today, users can access one webpage at a time as long as it is under 50MB in size.

If the originals are removed, the duplicate pages remain online.

The URL finder on Archive.today is similar to WayBack Machine, however, it is powered by two services – Google and Yandex – so it will switch to Yandex if Google does not return any results.

One advantage of Archive.today over WayBack Machine is its ability to support sites that heavily rely on Visual Basic, JavaScript, and even social media applications like Twitter.

Users can access all the information they wish on nearly any website by using this platform. Besides storing two copies of every page, this platform also stores links to those pages.

With Archive.today, you do not have to worry about losing any data like with WayBack Machine.

3. Stillio :

One of the unique selling points of Stillio is the ability to take screenshots of websites regularly.

The program takes screenshots every hour, day, week, or whatever interval you feel is appropriate.

With Stillio, you can control web indicators such as search engine complexity and search engine ranking more than with WayBack Machine.

WayBack Machine has difficulty interpreting images and HTML in Stilio.

Stillio - Wayback Machine Alternative

This program captures web pages as PNG files, so you get images, graphs, text, and other components of the web page accurately displayed.

The two services differ significantly because WayBack Machine only records the CSS and images on a page. No Javascript is recorded.

This can cause links to become broken and graphics to become damaged. Since Stillio supports remote storage like Google Drive and other cloud services, PNG files can be stored remotely.

Stillio does not require you to visit your competitor’s site frequently; all the information you need can be found on your dashboard.

Depending on your plan, Stillio costs between $29 and $299 per month.

There is a 14-day trial period for each plan that allows you to test Stillio’s features.

4. Pagefreezer :

Pagefreezer is an online platform designed to create cloud-based, interactive videos.

This is one of the most noteworthy features. One of the most notable features is that it eases the process of archiving social media and web content.

A business or organization of any size is likely to find this to be an excellent choice when it comes to protecting content securely, and in the highest quality.

In industries such as education, finance, and retail, Pagefreezer is particularly well suited.

Pagefreezer - Wayback Machine Alternative

The Pagefreezer archiving tool is one of the easiest tools to use, as it is integrated into a single web portal, which makes it very easy to use.

With only one sign-in, it’s possible to archive content from multiple sites and social media accounts at the same time. This is the one-stop shop where you will be able to complete your entire archival needs.

As Pagefreezer uses crawling technology (like WayBack Machine), it is similar to WayBack Machine. In other words, you are undergoing the archiving process automatically without having to install any software on your computer.

When using this tool, one of the major advantages is that as it stores materials, it authenticates them within the platform by including a digital signature and a timestamp, thus ensuring that it is compliant with FRE and FRCP.

In other words, you can provide the auditor with your content if that is required of you.

Despite its price tag of $99 per month, Pagefreezer is unfortunately not the most affordable option, but if you’re looking for a reliable platform, it’s worth the investment.

5. Alexa :

Many people are already familiar with the name, as it’s part of the Amazon family. A website’s history of browsing and history of internet activity is recorded by Alexa.

It’s a very popular option among research tools for analyzing information about competitors. It’s a very convenient tool for researching keywords and assessing the performance of your site.

For example, it lets you know how many users visit your site each day, how often, and how they behave.

Alexa - Wayback Machine Alternative

WayBack Machine and Alexa differ in many ways. Alexa has more features, although both are somewhat outdated.

WayBack Machine does not provide traffic indices and rankings like Alexa. “Alexa Rank” is very important to many businesses.

Even though Alexa is not an archival site, it is an excellent resource for businesses that want to do keyword research or monitor the patterns of their competitors’ websites.

For $149 a month, Alexa is a subscription-based service.

6. WebCite :

WebCite is a website that preserves websites permanently and is free to use.

Compared to the previous sites, this one is used mainly by academia and authors, editors, and publishers.

WebCite serves as a repository for educational material.

As opposed to WayBack Machine, WebCite can store HTML, PDF files, images, and CSS-driven content.


Web crawling is not supported. It is typical for a WebCite reference to include the name of an author, the title of a work, and the original URL, as well as the WebCite URL.

This ensures that the reference remains accessible for the foreseeable future.

The URLs on WebCite make it easy to navigate the platform, and the materials are easily accessible.

The WebCite format comes in two forms: opaque and transparent.

A cited URL can be transformed into opaque, while a cited URL can be turned into transparent.

Manually including citations in documents can be done via the platform or content can be uploaded, which will allow WebCite software to examine the document and replace URLs, which will be archived permanently.

7. Perma.cc :

We have discussed several tools thus far but Perma.cc is quite different.

The library developed it as part of its faculty development program. The tool enables users to keep records of websites permanently.

As an alternative to WayBack Machine, it has several features that make it interesting.

Perma.cc - Wayback Machine Alternative

It is possible to insert URLs via blogs or paper articles, similar to WebCite. Deleted links can be removed within 24 hours after creation.

Adding users to any organization is as simple as entering their email addresses into the cloud-based program.

With this alternative, the primary objective is the same: creating a record of the content on websites. In case the preservation fails, users are also able to create a PDF or image file.

A subscription model is available for this service.

8. Actiance :

WayBack Machine is not the only great alternative to Alliance.

More than 80 channels can be supported by this app, which allows users to capture and archive communications.

Among Actiance’s benefits is its ability to capture relevant communications and store and view them on-demand.

It is easy to use because it is a cloud-based app.

Actiance - Wayback Machine Alternative

There is a dashboard that displays data visually. Identifying risk and managing the value of your data can be accomplished in this way. Actiance’s main advantage is the ability to customize reports.

Businesses who want their data to be easily understandable can use this option.

In addition to advanced and proximity searches, it is the best archival service available.

9. CachedView :

The unique feature of CacheView is that it also provides access to the Coral Content Distribution Network, the Internet Archive, and Google Cache.

It is the best resource for companies wanting to archive websites from a variety of sources.


There is a Google Chrome application called CacheView, which allows you to view the files in a Chrome browser’s cache by displaying those files.

The application gets its name from this feature. Content types, server names, server responses, and URLs are usually stored in cache files.

10. Resurrect Pages :

Resurrect Pages lives up to its name in much the same way as CacheView.

Using this tool, dead website pages can be brought to life using archive.org as well as other pages. Broken links and deleted pages can be brought to life using this tool.

It allows users to view old versions of competitors’ websites, along with content from Google cache, WebCite, and many other archives.

Resurrect Pages

Utilizing Resurrect Pages has the main disadvantage of being an add-on for Firefox, which means it is only compatible with the Firefox search engine.

The quality of Resurrect Pages depends on the archive through which you access it, even though it is free.

Though it may seem like an excellent resource for learning about a wide variety of materials, you can’t judge it as an individual since it is bound to the origins of those materials.

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Conclusion: Wayback Machine Alternative 2022

This article explores many alternative ways to use WayBack Machine.

By understanding the pros and cons of each platform, you can select the right one for your needs.

When it comes to WayBack Machine alternatives, they each have their unique features, reliability, price, and accessibility.

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