Online Life Coach Training 2023 – Is It Good Career Coaching?

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Wanna know what the easiest way to become an Online Life Coach and get Certified? Keeping in mind your jam-packed and busy schedule we have brought out to you a trouble-free way so that you can start your career as an online life coach.

Online Life Coach 2023– Is It Really Worth It?

Online Life Coach Introduction

We have constructed some programs just for you to kick-start as a professional Online Life Coach. Life coach training programs have brought out to you a variety of different techniques that can be used according to what suits your client best.

From the abundant methods provided in the course, you will learn and realize different possibilities in which your client can be shown the path towards life enrichment and progress.

Life Coaching Programs will teach you the way you are supposed to carve out a path for them and help them make better decisions in their life. 

Studies have shown that Life Coaching sessions become more productive when you have different operating procedures ready at any instant. If you are looking forward to becoming an Online Life Coach, we precisely have the sources that will make you one.


If you have always aspired to make a positive change in the world if you always wanted to showcase your ideas and help people change their lives, be assured that you have come to the right place.

If you have always kept an inclination towards being a Online Life Coaching but have always presumed this career option to be difficult, you are one the many people who are misinformed.

Consulting training program - online life coach

Whether to be gentle, whether to be strict; whether to have an authoritarian impression, or to have leniency in your conversation remain the most popular unanswered questions today.

If you are confused but still are willing to put in all that you’ve got, we just have the out-and-out solutions you need. 

Our Coach Training Alliance Review is the perfect catapult you need for your career to propel it right where it deserves to be.

Know Exactly What Life Coaching Is

Always been one of those people who wanted to bring about a change in the world? Then being an online Life Coach serves your purpose. You can be a Life Coach online and still make a difference.

But just in case you are worried about kick-starting your career as a life coach, I suggest you head towards my blog about Beginners’ guide to Becoming a Life Coach from the very basic step. Here’s the link to the same – Beginner’s Life Coaching Guide

A coach can be a mentor, an accelerator, a guide, and a teacher. There are a lot of possibilities of what a coach can be.

However, if you want to simplify it, a coach is a person who takes an initiative in their client’s life, to bring some changes in their current situation and persuade them to be a better version of themselves.

It’s a long and a draining process but it’s quite fulfilling. You feel happy and empowered. It also helps you set a goal in life and live in reality.

You can become a life coach by reading books, taking online courses, watching videos, or by having a proper coaching session. But the easiest and least expensive way to get a certificate in the field of becoming a life coach is by studying it online.

So if you’re looking for how to become a life coach online, do read this till the end. I am sure it will help you in the long run. People don’t realize how much a coach can impact somebody’s life. 

They encourage, counsel, and protect us in a way where we feel safeguarded and motivated to do things in life. From professional to personal issues, a life coach mentors us in every possible way.

Being a life coach is quite different from being a counselor or just giving advice. Anybody can give you advice but a life coach will make sure that you obtain the desired transition in your life. They help you find the true essence of life and make you feel cheerful about yourself.


Life coaches help you with many skills:

  1. Prepare you for the worst obstacles and challenges that you might encounter in your day to day life.
  2. Make you learn from your past so that you don’t make those mistakes again.
  3. Navigate a proper path for you.
  4. Help you acknowledge your dreams and passion.
  5. Push you to refocus on your goals
  6. Make you recognize your talents and skills.
  7. Make you Understand your unique abilities.
  8. Boost your confidence.
  9. Keep an alternate approach ready considering the worst-case scenario.

The part of a life coach in your pathway plays a very important role. To become a life coach you need to master the sense of awareness as well. Your intentions, your feelings, and your behavior matter a lot

There are many kinds of Life coaches. I am talking in terms of their nature and their method of helping. It depends on that particular individual as he is the one who has decided to transform you.

Online Life Coaching - make thing happen

The first type that we see is an Autocratic life coach-  This kind of life coaches have a little bossy conduct. They consider themselves to have authority over you.

That isn’t bad. It’s just their way of helping their subject. They believe that by being strict they can discipline their clients well and help bring about a change faster than others. They are also called – Authoritarian coaches.

The next type is a Democratic coach – they guide you in a way where they feel that it’ll be better if they go according to your way and be your guide. They like to be more personable and adjustable. They are also called as Guider coaches.

The last type is the casual one. Their approach is quite lenient. They are called – “Laissez Faire coaches” or even “Minder Coaches”. All of this depends on a personal nature and you too can be one of these types in your career as an online Life Coach.

Online Life Coach – What Do They Do?

Since you are not meeting your subjects in person, you have to try and make your clients feel more important and wanted.

So what should an online life coach do to connect to their clients? You are using an online platform to make a difference, and here’s how you connect to your clients in the best possible way.

An Online Life Coach can Blog, use Social Media, and send out Emails.

  • Blog

You can write about blogs on topics that you believe are important and are engaging for your target audience. Topics that are more relevant in today’s society and which can passively help anybody reading it.

Learning, training and coaching - Online life coach

You just can’t choose any random topic for your blog. Some research has to be done beforehand. And well, that is what’ll make you a good online life coach.

  • Social Media Platform

Social media contains many applications and various sites to connect. It is huge! Here you can connect with people in a more informal and friendly way.

It is predicted that nearly 90% of your lead generation can be done through social media as there are so many people lost and looking out for peace on social media platforms.

Write about your experiences in a story fashion and try to connect with people by showing them a ray of hope.

  • E-Mails

Emails play a very significant role in connecting with your clients. It’s quite personal and the only way of directly getting to your clients. You cannot hope that everybody will read it, but you are giving it out in a way that almost everybody might.

It’s also a great way to lead the younger generations and get people to sign up for your programs.

Quick Links

FAQs | Online life coach

👉What should you expect from a life coach?

  • Overcoming weakness.
  • Expanding your comfort zone.
  • Improve your thinking.
  • Clarify your goals and priorities.
  • Development of empowering habits and rituals.

👉How do you become a successful life coach?

  • Forget about local coaching and start using the internet.
  • Make a blog with high-quality content.
  • Stop trying to promote yourself and let them come to you.
  • Pull yourself together.
  • In your initial years help people for free.
  • Always work on improving yourself.

👉Where do life coaches work?

While most coaches will work in an office, some may even visit your place.

How Do You Become A Life Coach Online?

So before you start making any assumptions you should know that first, you need to know the basics of starting your coaching as a business. Once you are well versed in it, you should know how to acquire your lead generation online.

You need to start running it along with some online coaching sessions. Once you build the blocks of success to your coaching field, you can advance it to using multiple coaching techniques which will help your business to grow.

I know all of this might sound new and a little confusing to you at the moment but Tony Robbins has been helping numerous people build their career online for a very long time. You can take the assistant through Tony Robbins coaching for the same.

To kick start your career as a Life Coach online you can even refer to the courses offered by –Teachables They give you every course in detail and help you with every little information you need to know.

These courses will train you to become a life coach along with some certification programs as well. They’ll cover all your basics and make sure that you have everything that you need to get along with your career as a life coach, along with the ads and stepping stones.

You will also learn the secrets like how to transform your leads into customers and help people pursue their passion. Another amazing site that can help you become a Life Coach online is the Mentor Master Class.

Mentor masterclass - online life coach

They also have a course program of 7 Days where they teach you the practices which help you become a successful Life Coach.

As a Life coach, you need to self discover yourself too. The training programs will help you layout a protective shield around yourself so that you don’t get too involved and affected by your subject’s stories.

They help you find that energy within you and guide you to build the foundation of your dream business with ease. The mediocre ways of making people successful are defunct.

And this training program makes sure that you use the best and newest techniques and help your subjects in the coolest way possible.

To become a successful life coach, it sometimes takes up a lot of money, and many people try to dodge this career for the same reason.

But wait! You don’t need to go anywhere. Here’s what this Life Coach Training has got for you. Some free online sessions will give you a ray of hope for your career.

They are giving these live sessions and coaching for free because they believe in contributing to the community of life coaches.

They want to make it available and accessible to any person who is willing to become a life coach. There are a lot of myths about Life coaches and they aim to eliminate all of them.

In life coach training aims to equip more and more life coaches as possible and create a better and stress-free society.

They have a motto that, the more ethical and educated a life coach is, the more the credibility of progression increases.

If you are more of an active person and are interested in being a successful life coach, then Coach Training Alliance helps you to become an active coach.

Live the life you dream- Coaching

You become a life coach according to what you want to be.

By this, I mean, once you enter their website, you have to attend a quiz, which answers all the relevant questions. After that, it advances to a training which is best suitable for your personality.

It is said that we learn better and faster by doing things in which we are actively involved. We learn more and it makes us flourish in the real world. It also makes us think out of the box.

They follow these things and pitch the idea of “Coach people and be coached”. It expects you to use the theory you have been taught online to be applied when you enter the real world.

You also get to interact with real clients which will eventually make you more confident about your knowledge. Brian Tracy is another such website with helpful blogs and resources.


Well, we are in the 21st century and there is a lot of material available on the internet for everything you need. I have provided you with some of the best training programs.

However, you can refer to other sites too, if they are helping you with the overall development of your personality. Remember to be a life coach, you need to be a true coach to yourself first. And it’s always better to have a certification or degree for the same.

Being a Life Coach online is considered to be much time-saving. It is also very risky because you need to have complete knowledge and experience before applying anything to a person.

One more added advantage of being an online Life Coach is that you are not missing out on anything in life while making the lives of others. You can coach and help people from the place you find most convenient for yourself. May it be your office, your farmhouse, or your home. 

Like if you love traveling then you don’t need to sacrifice anything while also keep posting and staying connected from any part of the world. It’s like coaching without compromising.

I hope you find this useful and apply this to your practice.

Thank you. 

My Experience

Getting into being a life coach for a living was a bit of a bummer for me initially. I did not believe that it was possible to learn all of this online. Knew I had what it took to be in this career. I was putting in the time and effort that was supposed to, yet somehow flaked. 

Joining these life coaching programs, I was skeptical at first. I doubted if this would work and help me what I was looking for.

But when I started to go through it, it struck me how much I was unaware of the essentials. The sheer depth of the knowledge they provide, made me wonder why I didn’t come across this program much earlier in my life. 

As I had seen Brian Tracy on the television and the internet so I decided to go for his training sessions. Inspired by him over the years I promptly decided to click on his program. 

My expectations were followed by incredulity when I saw the material I never knew about. What I could have used over the years for my clients which could have brought colossal changes in them.

However, I feel grateful now that I am informed and enriched with the knowledge I missed out for so long. 

Conclusion | Online life coach

Online Life Coaching has become as swift and easy as never before. If a quick and a secured certification is what you require then this is the perfect deal for you. We all expect substantial outcomes when we make a living out of the things we feel passionate about.

Going in for life coach training programs I expected to be upskilled. And to my surprise, I got acquainted with some new-fashioned techniques. The various methods they have available for you. To take you a lot closer to becoming the life coach everyone would want to hire. 

The up to date variation they provide you, assuredly makes you great with your clients. It makes them believe that you are the Life Coach they were looking for.

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