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In this post, you will find the latest ScreenFlow discount coupon codes 2020.

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About Screenflow

ScreenFlow from Telestream, Inc. is a screencasting and video 29altering programming for the OS X working framework.

It can catch the sound and video from the PC, alter the caught video, include features or annotation, and yield various distinctive document writes, for example, AIFF, GIF, M4V, MOV, and MP4.

ScreennFlow discounts Coupon Code

Form 5 included the help of video and sound catching from an associated iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Form 6 of ScreenFlow was discharged on June 1, 2016, as an immediate buy from Telestream, Inc and by means of the Mac App Store.

What is ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow is an intense and simple to-utilize video altering and screencasting answer for Mac. It is an instinctive program that empowers clients to catch the substance of the whole screen while likewise recording PC sound, camcorder, and receiver.

The application additionally empowers clients to alter the substance by trimming and straightening out the accounts or including explanations, callouts, and movements.

ScreenFlow is perfect for instructors, portable application designers, and advertisers hoping to make amazing instructional exercises, programming demos, preparing, application sneak peeks, introductions, and the sky is the limit from there.

It gives a rich arrangement of highlights which include: halfway screen catch, top-notch recording, and IOS recording, effective video altering instruments, proficient movement and activity illustrations, and streamlined media administration, shut inscription bolster, distributing choices, vivified GIF fare, and MP4 encoding.

ScreenFlow Discounted offers and deals

Overview of ScreenFlow Benefits

ScreenFlow has an easy to understand interface which functions admirably on Mac gadgets. The simple to-utilize interface offers three alternatives for exploring the program.

The “new chronicle” choice empowers you to catch a screen, mouthpiece, or both. Then again, there is a choice to make a clear report or open a spared archive.

Despite the fact that ScreenFlow is a lightweight, it offers the most noteworthy quality account accessible. It exceeds expectations at screen recording which one of its key highlights is.

The stage empowers you to catch your work area or ios gadgets associated with your work area through the lighting connector.

It gives you the opportunity to utilize the implicit camera and amplifier or utilize an outsider or outer recorder. One essential component is the capacity to catch your whole screen as well as each mouse’s development.

This makes it an amazing alternative for making attractive and simple to take after recordings for promoting and instructive purposes.

Its onboarding altering capacity makes altering as simple as screen recording. The capable video altering apparatuses are contained in a board that is anything but difficult to access and utilizes.

They empower you to alter your substance in indistinguishable programming from the catch.

This implies all expert level impacts including content, shut inscriptions, changes, comments, touch callouts, and more can be included with no similarity concern.

At the point when all you anticipate is finished, trading will be simple. ScreenFlow gives you an assortment of approaches to trading your records including the most fundamental FILE>EXPORT choice. Also, there are numerous customization alternatives with respect to sending out.

For example, the simple auto send out alternatives empower you to naturally set the best fare choices for your ventures. You can without much of a stretch select between speedier or brilliant fares.

Make your videos pop with Flowtility ScreenFlow

Outline of ScreenFlow Features

  • Partial screen catch
  • High-quality account
  • IOS recording
  • Powerful video altering devices
  • Professional movement and activity designs
  • Streamlined media administration
  • Closed subtitle bolster
  • Publishing alternatives
  • Animated GIF send out
  • MP4 encoding

What amount does ScreenFlow Cost?

Screenflow subscription- Edit , share or record

ScreenFlow Pricing Plans:

ScreenFlow offers three undertaking estimating plans for clients to look over. Screenflow subscription plans offer three different plans starting from $125. You can also grab the ScreenFlow discounts for a cheaper plan.

Give the subtle elements a look, and select the best arrangement for your business:

ScreenFlow – $125

  • Capture great screen chronicles
  • Easy to utilize altering interface
  • Create great recordings


ScreenFlow Super pack – $ 175

  • ScreenFlow
  • Flowtility Motion illustrations library
  • Flowtility Pro change pack


ScreenFlow Super Pack + premium help – $209


  • Everything in the super pack, in addition to
  • 1-year premium help


Specialized points of interest

Gadgets Supported

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac


Dialect Support

  • English
  • Germany


Valuing Model

  • One-time installment


Client Types



  • On-Premise

Testimonials-ScreenFlow Coupon Codes

Professional editing features

ScreenFlow Coupon Codes-Features

ScreenFlow has the best screen recording accessible – even on retina shows.

  • Partial Screen Capture

Record any piece of your screen or an open window independent from anyone else.


  • iOS Recording

Record your iPhone or iPad screen for top-notch application demos.


  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

ScreenFlow’s instinctive UI permits everybody to make the astonishing substance in minutes.


Add genius touches to your recordings with advances, content liveliness, video movements, chroma-key, multi-channel sound and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Professional Animations and Motions Graphics

Energize designs, titles, and logos worked in video and content activities.


  • Better Tools for Software Tutorials

Utilize mouse click impacts, keystroke shows, and mouse pointer customizations to guide thoughtfulness regarding your demos or instructional exercises.


  • Streamlined Media Management

Sort out your ventures with settled clasps, multi-track altering, markers, shading names and finish access to media documents put away on your PC.


  • Closed Caption Support

Utilize ScreenFlow’s inscription supervisor instrument to include, alter and distribute ADA agreeable delicate subtitles to your recordings.


  • More Publishing Options

Straightforwardly distribute your recordings to one of a modest bunch of mainstream content facilitating destinations like Imgur, Wistia, Youtube, Vimeo and that’s just the beginning!


  • Animated GIF Export

Make enlivened. GIFs from any video venture in ScreenFlow.


  • ProRes, MP4 Encoding and More

ScreenFlow accompanies various preset fare settings for ideal quality recordings.


Telestream ScreenFlow is the best software that helps and assists its users in producing high quality and exceptionally power edited videos. It offers a high-quality screen, video, audio, and IOS capture.

It is one of the most preferred software by its users. It is easy to use and has a great non-linear editing tool. The user can easily with least efforts import clips and photos into Screenflow.

Following are the pros of using Screenflow-
1. Captures multiple videos and audio– so this feature is the best and most prestigious for its users. It can capture more than one video and audio at a single Time. It helps the user in saving a lot of time. So can say it is a time-saving software.

2. Single file for each capture – so this feature is also very helpful for the users. ScreenFlow makes a single file of every capture or project that contains all the media used in the file. It helps the user in making back up and is also easy to move.

3. Editing– so this feature is very convenient and helps the user in saving a lot of time. In ScreenFlow, the user can start editing the files immediately after the capture. In the rest of the software, the user has to wait for some time even when the user is just willing to save the file and is not compressing. This feature helps the user in enhancing productivity.

4. Fun to use– the app is fun to use by its user. It is an A-1 and ace quality software.

5. Easy to use– the software is easy to use and understand. A little knowledge helps the user in working with this software.

6. Powerful editing- the software possesses powerful editing feature which is not provided by other software.

7. Stability– among all the video editing software, Screenflow is well known by its user as to stability.


  •  High pay- in order to use Screenflow, the user have to pay a high amount to have complete access to the tools of this software.
  • No free upgrade- this is this major set back of Screenflow. The updates available are not free. The user has to pay in order to get access to the updates available.
  • Template- the software does not have built-in templates. The user has to save the templates.
  • Asset library- it does not have an asset library feature which is usually available in all the software.
  • Only available for MAC-the window user can’t use this software this implies this software is useful only for Mac users
  • No annotations- the user can’t put annotations while recordings.


ScreenFlow was updated with one of the best upgrades to date. It is not less than a blessing for its user. It is mind-blowing and powerful. It is very helpful and has overcast various issues that Screenflow was facing since past time.

As we know, Screenflow is an award-winning video editor which is designed especially for mac uses. It helps in making any beginner an expert in the field of video editing. It is easy to use and can be easily understood.

ScreenFlow 8.0 was released in the month of 1 st day of August. This new upgrade added the new features to the app that also includes new styles and templates. Integrated stock media library was also updated.

ScreenFlow Discounts 2019
Following are the features of the new update:

1. Quick narrations– now the user can add on narrations or voiceovers to their project or video without leaving the timeline.

2. Track thumbnails– it helps the user in quickly and easily scanning the clips with the visual representation
3. Instagram projects and export presets- a specific project for Instagram can now be exported or the user can use other export presets as well.
4. Freehand annotations– the user can draw custom shapes and lines directly into the canvas of Screenflow
5. Detachable Editing timeline – it is a very helpful feature introduced in the latest upgrade. It allows the separation of editing timeline and canvas from multi-monitor editors to different monitors.
6. Frame for selected monitor– selected monitors are indicated with the red frame.
7. Burn in captions on export– it reviews the caption tracks if the caption track is not supported.
8. Additional timeline frame rates– new frame rates are added that include 24, 25, and 50.
9. Exporting and sharing– the new feature that allows the user to export and share the final video can also be done within the application.
10. Publishing the video– the user can publish the video directly on various websites like VIMEO, GOOGLE DRIVE, DROPBOX, etc.


Updates offered by ScreenFlow for Mac are always paid and so does this time. But this is the best and most exciting update ever. It is a big update. This time the update has made the Screenflow a more professional making video editing tool that works even when detached from the timeline.

It is faster and also has time-saving templates. Also, it comes with subscription-based royalty which is a free stock media library that consists of videos, audio tracks, etc,.

Screenflow discounts Coupon Codes


But the stock media lib is empty till the user pays 60 USD for the yearly subscription. Paying the amount is worthy if lib is good. Also, at the time of reviewing, there are 5 lac items in it. The investment is worth it only if lib grows at a fast rate.

But in case it does not grow fast than it is beneficial for lazy people or who don’t have money for investment.

These small updates or can be said improvements seem small bit our big time savers. ScreenFlow 8 has large no. Of other improvements as well that have made it more a professionally used editor. Every improvement has added on a new feature in the app and is also very useful.

ScreenFlow can be used for creating effective tutorials and videos and also for creating simple screencasts.

Why pick ScreenFlow?

With regards to recording your Mac’s screen, there are bunches of alternatives accessible for macOS. Actually, Apple incorporates an implicit screen recording alternative in QuickTime, and on the off chance that you just record your screen once in a blue moon at that point, it’s a delightful choice.

Assuming, in any case, you wind up recording your screen all the time, you should investigate an application that is all the more effective and spry.

ScreenFlow 6 is hands-down the best screen recording application accessible on any stage as I would like to think. It includes a solid blend of capable highlights, a wonderful UI, and an instinctive interface that is anything but difficult to utilize.

Achievements- ScreenFlow Discount Codes

ScreenFlow started life a couple of years back as a screen recording and catch the program in the days while doing those things was considered rather extraordinary.

It can catch from different types of video sources, for example, camcorders, camco*+rders, cell phones, and so on or stack existing video documents you may have. It is extremely appropriate to the cutting edge group of exceedingly packed video document writes like .mov, MP4, and records made utilizing the H.264 and H.265 codecs.

screenflow offers and deals Get Codes now

Screenflow accompanies a full scope of altering highlights, for example, broad changes, channels, and video impacts and in addition a recently refreshed sound module for more exact sound altering.

It has a to a great degree spotless and extremely easy to understand interface with all altering capacities effectively available improved even by the updates in the new ScreenFlow variant.

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🚫Is ScreenFlow available for Windows?

ScreenFlow doesn't have a Windows version now. But there are alternatives except for Windows.

➡️Does ScreenFlow work on iPad?

ScreenFlow solely captures Mac only earlier and then later iPhone or Ipad. Now it has full video editing capabilities with version 7.

👉Is ScreenFlow only for Mac?

ScreenFlow is a popular application used by Mac OS users. This program is only available for Mac.

Final Verdict- 2020 ScreenFlow Discount Coupon Codes

The genuine magnificence of the program is that it has been composed so well that when you need to accomplish something you should simply take a gander at the screen controls and by one means or another it appears glaringly evident how to do it.

With ScreenFlow the program does it naturally, which isn’t simply absolutely cool however brings about an extremely proficient outcome without hours of fiddling around with the sound levels.

Over that the new sound altering highlights have been expanded in this most recent rendition taking into account a more noteworthy number of tracks to be incorporated into the blending module.

Cutting and trimming are just an issue of choosing and dragging the finishes of clasps or utilizing the scissors to remove segments and the expansion of changes is dead straightforward.

Enjoy the ScreenFlow discount coupon codes and save money on the plans.


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