Best Benefits of a Dedicated IP In 2022

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In this article, we have featured the Best Benefits of a Dedicated IP. As working from home grows more common, it will be to the advantage of remote teams to get dedicated IP addresses. Your level of security against hackers will rise when you have a dedicated IP address since you won’t be sharing your credentials with anyone else.

A dedicated IP offers a number of benefits, including increased performance and heightened levels of safety.

Continue reading to find out more about a dedicated IP address and the reasons why you should think about getting one.

Best Benefits of a Dedicated IP


Best Benefits of a Dedicated IPIP Address 101

An Internet protocol address, often known as an IP address, is a one-of-a-kind address that may be used to identify certain computers, servers, or other devices that are connected to the internet or a local area network. It is a string of four digits, with each number being separated by a dot (x.x.x.x), and its values can range anywhere from 0 to 255.

Devices are able to connect with one another through the usage of the IP address. For instance, whenever you visit a website, your computer uses its IP address to interact with the webserver so it can retrieve the page you requested.

You may think of an IP address as the address of a device; in order to transfer information between devices that are connected to the same network, each device needs its own unique IP address. before reading further check out rosehosting coupon code discount deals and offers

The Internet Protocol Addresses, as well as the Domain Name System (DNS)

Because IP addresses are composed of several digits, users found it difficult to recall which precise string of numbers belonged to which website. This led to the development of the domain name system (DNS), which was designed to solve this problem.

The Domain Name System (DNS) may be thought of as a massive address book that allows computers to search up domain names and get the IP addresses that correspond to those names.

IP Address Categories and Subtypes

There are many distinct varieties of IP addresses. The primary categories are classified as either private, public, static, or dynamic.

The first two explain the location of the network as follows:

Private Internet Protocol addresses are only usable on a single local network. Your network gives each device an IP address that allows it to connect with the router on a local level.
Access to the internet is achieved through the use of public IP addresses, which are provided by your internet service provider (ISP). The same public IP address is assigned to each and every piece of hardware that shares an internet connection.

Comparison between Shared IP vs Dedicated IP

Multiple domains will utilize the same IP address since it is shared. Shared IP addresses, which are used by shared hosting plans, are the starting point for the majority of websites.

It is possible to have a shared IP address even if the hosting server is not shared, despite the fact that shared IP addresses are most commonly associated with shared hosting. Your web hosting company, for instance, may provide a Managed WordPress hosting package that shares an IP address but does not share any of the server’s resources. On the other hand, a dedicated IP address is a permanent Internet Protocol address that is reserved exclusively for your use. It is not connected to any other domain names in any way.

Having dedicated hosting is not the same as having a dedicated IP address. You don’t need to have a dedicated server in order to receive a dedicated IP. However, if you select a hosting package that is devoted to your needs, you will instantly be assigned a dedicated IP address.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated IP Address

Best Benefits of a Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP has several advantages, including the enhancement of a website’s speed as well as its level of safety. Because you are the only one using the IP address, there is absolutely no risk that it will be blocked, unless you engage in some kind of nefarious activity like sending out spam emails, viruses, or malware. In that case, there is a potential that it will be blocked.

Let’s go into more depth about the advantages of having a dedicated IP:

1. Access Your Website Utilizing Your IP Address

Because no one else is using the dedicated IP address, you are the only one who can access your website by entering that address. This is one of the advantages of having a dedicated IP.

2. Decreases the Chance of Having an IP Address Blacklisted

While it is typically safe to share an IP address, doing so puts your website at danger of being blocked in some countries. It’s possible that another website hosted on your server is engaging in unlawful activities, such as spreading spam emails, viruses, or malware, which might result in search engines blocking your website.

If you have a dedicated IP, there is no possibility that your IP will be restricted, unless you engage in some kind of harmful activity.

3. More Rapid Emails

Speedier email deliverability is another advantage of having a dedicated IP.

Email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo place a higher level of trust in messages originating from dedicated IP addresses as opposed to shared IP addresses.

These email providers frequently do a second check on messages that originate from shared IP addresses. This is done because there is a larger possibility of receiving spam emails from email accounts that are housed on shared IP addresses.

Conclusions: Best Benefits of a Dedicated IP

You can decrease risks by acquiring a dedicated IP address, despite the fact that the number of security breaches related with remote work has grown.

It offers a safe and easy way to connect to the remote server you use, lowering the likelihood that your connection will be banned.

If you purchase a dedicated IP from Bluehost as an add-on, you will be able to take advantage of all of the perks that come along with having a dedicated IP. Or, if you sign up for a dedicated hosting plan with Bluehost, you can obtain one at no additional cost.

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