ClickMagick Detailed Review & Discount Coupon Code 2020

ClickMagick Review & Discount Coupons

This post will give you an in-depth knowledge about the ClickMagick marketing tool along with ClickMagick discount coupon 2020. But first lets discuss the importance of such tools in today’s world. 

World of Marketing

The world of Internet marketing including affiliate marketing, digital marketing and content marketing has taken a wild turn for the good over the past decade with the rapid development of Internet technology and IT. Every single form of business, whether small, medium or big is today totally incomplete without any of the above mentioned forms of marketing.

The simple and logical reason behind this is that internet marketing and advertising, the 2 mantras to make a business successful go hand in hand. So it’s well understood that you need to track and manage all your marketing to keep your business sustainable for the long run.

Doing so is not possible manually, thus you will need a powerful and reliable software system to do it effectively. So in this post I will brief you about an amazing marketing management software called ClickMagick.

What is ClickMagick?: ClickMagick Detailed Review & Discount Coupon Code

ClickMagick is an online marketing management and link tracking software that offers powerful next-generation tools like link manager, click tracker, rotator and more. The advanced tools guarantee to make every click more profitable. It is one of the few tools in the market that works everywhere you advertise online, including Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and Bing.

ClickMagick is globally considered as the best click tracking and conversion optimization tool for small online business owners and entrepreneurs. Using their tools, you will know exactly what kind of traffic you’re getting as it automatically assigns a unique Traffic Quality Score for all your tracking links.

Technical details

Here is a quick list down of the technical details you need to know about ClickMagick.

Preferred by

  • Personal
  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprise

Supported platforms

  • Windows
  • MacIntosh
  • Web Platform

Mobile Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry


Highlight features & specialties of ClickMagic

Key features like Link cloaking, Custom Tracking Domains and integration with Google Analytics makes marketing management even more powerful. Here is a list of the top features that make ClickMagick one of the best tools in its class.

  • Works Everywhere You Advertise
  • Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  • Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators
  • Geo-targeting/Mobile Optimization
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Add Retargeting To Any Link
  • Advanced Postback URL Tracking
  • 24/7 Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring
  • Superior Speed & Accuracy
  • Fanatical One-On-One Support

How does it work?

ClickMagick boasts of one of the easiest and most intuitive interfaces which is very user friendly.

You have to place a conversion pixel in order to track various crucial parameters like track your opt-ins, conversions, up-sells and so on.

ClickMagick also gives you the ability to adjust the rotator you can use to split test different links by placing them in it. This works best to favor a certain URL and send more traffic to it.

You can also set it to 50-50 so that you can do some basic A/B split testing.

Why should you use ClickMagick?

clickmagick Other Trackers features 30 days trial discount coupons clickmagick Other Trackers features 30 days trial discount coupons

ClickMagick makes it extremely easy to track your data. Every single tool the serve your purpose the best and that too flawlessly. The system will even notify you if your click quality is suspiciously low.

Ideally you would always want to make sure you track where the traffic is coming from, especially when buying traffic for Solo Ads. ClickMagick tracking tool will tell you the actual story when some solo ads sellers 100% US traffic or Unique visitors and so on.

ClickMagick further allows you to further increase your marketing experience with the help of their in-built pop feature. These pop ups are designed to execute the following operations.

  • Increase click through rates
  • Increase opt ins
  • Apply scarcity through a countdown timer and more

clickmagick Other Trackers features 30 days trial discount coupons

Plans & Pricing

ClickMagick offers customers to choose from 3 different plans according to their requirements. Each of these plans is priced differently on the basis of the features and services they offer.

Starter Plan

Price: $12 per month

  • Up to 10,000 clicks per month
  • FunnelMagick™ – 1 Funnel
  • Organic Tracking – 1 Website
  • 2 custom tracking domains
  • 6 month data retention
  • Fanatical 1-hour support

Standard Plan

Price: $33 per month

  • Up to 100,000 clicks per month
  • FunnelMagick™ – 5 Funnel
  • Organic Tracking – 5 Website
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • 1 year data retention
  • Fanatical 1-hour support

Pro Plan

Price: $66 per month

  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • FunnelMagick™ – Unlimited
  • Organic Tracking – Unlimited
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Unlimited custom tracking domains
  • 2 year data retention
  • Fanatical 1-hour support


ClickMagick testimonials ClickMagick testimonials

ClickMagick offers a 14 day free trial for all of the products and services they offer and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. Visit the ClickMagick official website for more information regarding their software, features, plans, pricing and more.

clickmagick Other Trackers features 30 days trial discount coupons

Best Buy ClickMagick Discount Coupons May 2020: 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL EXCLUSIVE



Feature CLICKMAGICK Other Trackers
Link Cloaking image description image description
24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring image description image description
Automatic Bot Filtering image description image description
Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis image description image description
Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited) image description Limited
Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization image description Limited
Effortless Conversion Tracking (Of ANY Action Or Sale) image description Limited
A/B Split Testing w/ Automated Winner Alerts image description Limited
Multi-Mode Link Rotators image description Limited
Add 4 Types Of Pop Ups To ANY Link image description image description
Add Content & Notification Bars To ANY Link image description image description
Add A Countdown Timer To ANY Link Or Page image description image description
Add Retargeting Pixels To ANY Link image description image description
Dynamic Affiliate Links image description Limited
Advanced Postback URL Tracking image description Limited
Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing image description Limited
Facebook Sharing – Custom Title, Description & Image image description image description
True Real-Time Stats image description Limited
Google Analytics Compatible image description image description
Lightning-Fast Link Redirects image description Limited
Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats image description Limited
Public Stats Sharing image description image description
Import & Export Your Data & Stats image description Limited
New Features Monthly Based On User Feedback image description image description
Growing Tutorial & Training Video Library image description Limited
Fanatical US-Based Support Team image description Limited

Conclusion: ClickMagick Review & Discount Coupons May 2020


clickmagick Other Trackers features 30 days trial discount coupons clickmagick Other Trackers features 30 days trial discount coupons

I began testing ClickMagick and its tools for my side projects, but eventually I was so impressed with the services that I migrated all my traffic sources over to ClickMagick and cancelled all the other tracking tools I previously used.

ClickMagick tools and services are so easy to operate that it makes it so much easier for newbies to get started. Their excellent and prompt customer support makes sure that none of your doubts and queries are left unattended.

However, perhaps the only downfall of this tool that I came across is its ability to pass multiple tokens and parameters. So if you’re doing CPA marketing, I would recommend you to use other advanced tracking tools like CPVLab or Prosper202. Apart from that, ClickMagick is the best service I would recommend for managing your marketing operations!

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