How to Prepare for the End of Financial Year

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In this article, we have featured How to Prepare for the End of Financial Year? Another financial year is almost here, which just goes to show how rapidly these things come around, doesn’t it?! It is time to get your financial house in order in preparation for tax season. This will make things simpler for you, your accountant (if you have one), and the people who handle your taxes. What exactly do they mean by that? Does a good life equal a pleasant tax office? Just roll with it.

Get your deductions straight in your head.

Examine each and every one of your transactions as thoroughly as possible to be certain that you have not overlooked any possible deductions.

Depending on what you do for a living or if you have a side hustle, you could be eligible to deduct expenditures that you’ve already incurred, such as the cost of uniforms or trips taken via ridesharing services.

When you are reviewing your transactions in PocketSmith, you can keep tabs on your deductions by marking them with the appropriate category.

You still get the category visibility of the full expense, but the label allows you to keep track of the amount that you’re filing on your tax return.

This is especially helpful if you’re only labeling a portion of an expense as a work-related cost, as it ensures that you don’t forget how much you’re reporting.

How to Prepare for the End of Financial Year

Compute the number of hours you spend working from home. Many of us are now working from home more frequently than ever before, and if you do so, you may be eligible to take a tax deduction for the expenses you incur as a result of maintaining a home office.

\Investigate the provisions of the tax legislation in your nation to determine what may and cannot be deducted from your income. Then, make sure you have a clear understanding of the hours and items that you are claiming for so that you are prepared to go forward when the time comes to file your taxes.

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Find any invoices or receipts that have gone missing.

In a perfect world, we would make sure to preserve a record of the receipts for all of our purchases as we go. On the other hand, we are all aware that unexpected things might occur.

Start looking for any receipts or invoices that you need to find in order to back up your deductions as soon as possible to lessen the amount of stress you experience when it comes time to file your taxes. If you want to prevent missing out on significant claims, you should look through your emails or get in touch with shops or suppliers to obtain those all-important receipts.

Using the Attachments function of PocketSmith, you will be able to link receipts and invoices to specific transactions in the app after you have located them. In order to make this process simpler the next year, make it a practice to post receipts as soon as possible after making a purchase.

Donations need to be caught upon.

Have you been neglecting to make contributions to the causes that are important to you? If you make gifts that are eligible for a tax deduction, the end of the fiscal year is an excellent opportunity to give back and claim back the money you gave.

If you want to make a claim for your charitable contributions, don’t forget to confirm that the organizations you give qualify for tax deductions and to maintain accurate records of all of your transactions in preparation for filing your taxes.

Plan for retirement contributions

Making additional contributions to your retirement savings can qualify you for a tax break in certain circumstances. It is in your best interest to get in touch with your provider as soon as possible and discuss the possibility of making additional payments before the end of the fiscal year.

In addition, several nations and retirement savings plans demand you inform them that you will be claiming a tax deduction; therefore, it is in your best interest to take care of this matter as quickly as you possibly can.

Get in touch with your financial advisor.

If you use an accountant for your personal and/or company taxes, you should get in touch with them well in advance of tax season to discuss what information and documents they want from you.

You may also choose to share your PocketSmith dashboard with them so that they can see all of your transactions as well as the deductions you’ve made.

If you are not currently a user of PocketSmith, the beginning of a new fiscal year is an excellent moment to give your system for financial management an upgrade. Give PocketSmith a try right now to see how it can simplify your accounting needs for the coming fiscal year.

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