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Do you have laptop/windows pc and you are interested in using ios apps on your pc ? Have you ever yearned for iPhone but you are running short of money to actually buy an iPhone ? Then you can completely put your hands on iPhone emulators to have an amazing experience of Apple ios apps instantly on your computer . Today In this post ,we will discuss the top ios emulators for PC to run ios apps on windows platform . You might be wondering what an emulator is exactly ? So first of all lets discuss what exactly an emulator is .

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What is an Emulator for iOS?  iOS EMULATORS FOR PC 2023 (TO RUN iOS APPS ON PC)

An emulator for ios is a kind of electronic program which enables one computer to act like an different system ,which can be referred as ‘guest’ and it can run the

so ware and apps of the guest system in it. Basically emulators are developed for purpose of testing apps and other programs. To sum up we can say emulators are virtual machines that supports operation of application which belongs to different operating system and run them efficiently .




What is an iOS emulator ?


Based on emulator, you can run any iphone apps or games on windows pc flawlessly as you run them on apple device .emulators also give us the privilege to test run the apps while developing them.


Use of iOS emulator


There are numerous benefit of ios emulators ,you can access the ios apps and games and various other features :


  • Run in multiple devices having same operating systems.
  • iOS apps made specifically for testing iOS during development process. It finds major issues in your app at early stage while testing and designing.


Learn more about Xcode development experience and ios development environment before becoming an actual member of iOS developer program .

Advantages and disadvantages of iOS emulator for pc:-


Advantages :


  • You can get it free of cost .
  • One can run on various platforms or operating systems like iOS ,LINUX,Android,windows,Mac
  • You can use it for testing purpose .
  • You can test any application without actually running on any operating system.


Disadvantage :


  • It consumes lots of ram
  • A high end game doesn’t work properly on iOS  emulator .


Top iOS emulators for pc:


I have collected a list of best iOS /iphone/ipad emulator for pc on user’s opinion .so you can easily find and choose according to your preference.


IPadian is currently the best ipad emulator for windows pc which allows to access all the iOS apps and games on pc with the help of an emulator. It is developed using Adobe Air . it can be used to play games and run apps .but one can’t expect all apps to run on it .sometimes even very high end games doesn’t run properly on it. This emulator is available free of cost .so ,only you need to download and install it on your pc/laptop to access iOS apps.

The interface is very similar to ipad or iphone . one can even feel the touch while using it . ipadian has two versions :

Free versions

Paid versions

The free version is sufficient for one who wants to use ios apps on pc .for be er and additional inbuilt features you can purchase paid version which cost $10.

It is compatible with windows,linux,Mac OS.





Mobione is said to be one of the best emulators for windows. It has amazing user-friendly and user-interface design which is very easy to understand and one can easily understand the emulator a er working on them .but ,the service was stopped few years ago . still ,it can be used for running beta apps on this emulator. Mobione is highly recommended to developers for testing purpose . It is compatible with windows,Mac ,iphone and ipad .

Rating : 3/5


One of another best ipad /iphone emulator for pc is smartface. It is said that smartface emulator works be er as compared to ipadian .it is specifically used for developing cross –platform apps. Smartface emulators are present in two versions :

Free versions and Paid versions

A person can choose any version according to their requirements . the paid versions have some be er features as compared to free service

.it gives us some special features which is more useful to the developers to test iOS apps instantly. The paid versions mostly starts

at $99.

It is most compatible with windows. Rating – 4/5

4. IO is another one of the best ios emulator for pc .it is very easy to use all you to do is to upload the the ios or android.apk file to continue to the next step. Well in this case the most robust process is uploading . it takes little longer time ,it may take more than 30 min to upload if your internet connection is slow. But that’s the task ,a er uploading the app its very easy to use and navigate. You don’t need any specific software to use this ,there is absolutely no special installation and it is available for free (7 days trail).

It is cloud based emulator .it can be access from several devices like windows ,Mac,android and many more .just sync your ios app with and you can enjoy the service . most of the users reported it to error and lag free .

It is compatible with google chrome ,safari browser, Mozilla firefox.

Rating : 3.5/5


Ipad simulator is said to be best cloud ios emulator for windows pc. Basically it works on google chrome .but ,due to some reasons it has been removed from the google chrome webstore. This extension is beneficial for users .it allows users to access all the apps and works same as ipad.

So there is no physical need of ipad as we are getting all the functionality from this extension .There is another benefit , this ipad simulator allows the user to send a message using iMessage and Siri enables on the long press .one can even drag and drop the ios aap from the windows computer to this ipad simulator and it will be saved permanently in the cloud storage .

But the worst thing ,it is not available right now. It is compatible with windows ,chrome .

Rang : 4.5/5

6. Appetize.IO

Another best emulator for pc is , it is also said to be best alternative to emulator .it provides users to develop and test ios and android apps from the cloud storage .you no need to install any additional so ware to run this emulator . this is completely online based emulator .you just need medium internet speed to integrate with the app. This is said to be best emulator for beta testers.

You can use this emulator for free for approx 100 minutes per month and a er exceeding this 100 minutes bandwidth , it cost $0.05 per min. so you can say it is one of the best online emulator for small term users.

How to use it :

  • Go to
  • Upload the android app or the ios
  • Then ,you need to give email ID to get the app link from the Appetize service.
  • Go to your mail and click on the link to run your uploaded app.
  • It is compatible with google chrome , safari browser , Mozilla firefox .

Rang : 3.5/5


Iphone simulator is one of the best alternative to ipad simulator . but iphone simulator needs installation and ipad simulator is extension so there is requirement of any installation on the pc. It is said to have one of the best user interface and it works similar to an iphone . those who are running out of money and still they are willing to have iphone can definitely try this iphone simulator to have the experience of real iphone .this emulator gives you the access to limited iOS apps or games .

And the best part is you can get it for free of cost and one can enjoy the real experience and UI of iphone using iphone simulator on your windows PC .

It is compatible with windows .

Rating : 4/5


I hope you loved this post and I really hope it is beneficial for you . I hope you have choosen any ios emulator according to your requirement which satisfies your need .do share this article and let me know which ios emulators for pc you have chosen .

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