4 reasons to take the CPA Exam after college and before job

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In this article, we have featured 4 reasons to take the CPA Exam after college and before job. You graduated college, so enjoy the beach, kayaking, or your summer ice cream parlor job.

Let’s skip one final summer before adulting. Now is the time to pass all four CPA parts. The CPA certificate is crucial to job progression.

Future-proof today. All four CPA Exam components must be passed within 18 months. The sooner applicants take the CPA Exam after graduation, the more likely they are to pass, according to NASBA and AICPA.

True. Consider these four reasons if you’re a recent or soon-to-be college graduate with an accounting degree. Before diving into the article check out surgent discount codes for the latest offer.

4 reasons to take the CPA Exam after college and before the job

reasons to take the CPA Exam

1: You’re at peak performance

Exam blueprints will bring back college memories. Audits. Tax. Basic accounting. Accountancy. The exam covers everything.

You don’t start over if you take the exam after graduation. You’ll still need to test study to review facts and subjects not highlighted in accounting, but it’s fresh in your memory and readily recalled.

Surgent’s CPA Review tools help make sense of four years of college coursework in a four-part test. Surgent CPA Review reviews ideas you’ve seen before.

You’ll get comments on places to improve if you were more interested in intramural volleyball than tax class one semester. Surgent CPA Review makes study time count with distinctive features:

Adaptive learning examines what you know and need to know to help you prepare for the CPA Exam faster than other exam review providers.

MyMCQTM: Surgent’s tailored multiple-choice practice questions push you to grasp more tough ideas with each round.

Surgent’s pass guarantee assures you don’t lose your prep course investment.

2: You’re already in study mode

You spent four or five years perfecting a study schedule that let you ace tests (well, most of the time, hopefully). You also know the hardships of resuming the routine after the summer break.

Imagine attempting to revive that habit after several years. You now juggle work, friends, family, and volunteer work. You’ve devised a work-life balance method, but the CPA is looming. Forgetting a study habit makes the task tougher and lengthier. Do you wish to study after a long day of work? Nope.

Your undergraduate study habits make CPA Exam prep easy after graduation. Keep the momentum continuing by using new information. No better time to use time management and study skills. Your overall time investment will be smaller today than in a few years because you’re still learning.

3: Earn more money earlier in your career

Let’s discuss dough. The sooner you acquire your CPA, the more money you’ll make. CPAs can make $1 million more than non-CPAs over their lifetimes. Early money accumulation helps you reach your financial objectives faster.

Many businesses provide incentives to CPA Exam applicants who pass on schedule. Before you start your profession, you’re likely taxed less, so you’ll keep more of your bonus. You’ll be more employable and rise faster than your contemporaries.

4: Gain a competitive advantage

Employers value initiative, self-motivation, and persistence. If you already work in an accounting firm, earning your CPA degree shows you’re serious about career progression and skill-building.

If you’re still job-hunting, find a CPA. This may be your only chance without other responsibilities. Plus, starting earlier boosts the drive to complete. You’ll be more competitive in job interviews and may even have time for a short beach or mountain vacation.

Conclusion: 4 reasons to take the CPA Exam after college and before the job

After graduation, preparing for the CPA Exam makes sense. You’ll succeed. You don’t cram studying into a busy schedule. You’ll be paid faster. You’ll be a job-market standout.

Prepared? Please. Surgent CPA Review is the greatest prep course. A.S.A.P. Technology’s adaptive learning “listens” to what you know and don’t know, giving personalized study tactics.

You won’t waste an hour studying with Surgent’s ReadySCORE.

ReadySCORE is unique in the exam prep industry since it removes any confusion about when to schedule the test and gives you the confidence to succeed.

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